Comment on “I Ran Over & Killed an Old Woman, My Car is Ruined!” by Anonymous:

It’s horrible. Have any of you a heart at all?

Can you imagine how expensive it would be to repair that car? She might even *gasp* have to purchase a new one.

And to top it off, that license will be so difficult to get back.

Not to mention the agitation and distress undoubtedly affected her ability to apply nail polish. That poor woman.

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  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    > This is what piracy has done by the way, and pretending otherwise is just plain foolish. Wat? I wouldn’t even be interested in anime if it weren’t for piracy, and now probably about 80% of my entertainment spending goes into buying anime and anime related goods. I know I’m not the only one, as basically all my good friends are in the same boat. “Piracy is killing ” has always been a terrible argument, and it doesn’t work any better on anime than it does on any other medium. Now, if you …

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    I don’t think overtime works like that if you are on a salary. You’re scenario implies hourly wage.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    Have you checked the prices of anime? It’s totally mindnumbing how much they charge. It’s no wonder few people buy them… PS: As for ‘piracy’ – for westerners it’s nigh impossible to follow shows unless you pirate – with the exception of the US and a few other countries (FR, GE, UK?) where there are deals with ie Funimation who buy the license from the Japanese companies.

  • Gochuumon Usagi Total Moe Anime:
    Dude honestly, I find shows with Female MC’s to be pretty plain and boring for me, though there are some shows which I was perfectly fine with the the female MC such as Kill la Kill or whatever.. But Srsly. Some of those shows u mentioned have Male MC’s that act like an average person IRL, aren’t ‘useless’ and aren’t as much of a pussy compared to Real life. It’s as if you’re just naming a handful of animes with male MC’s which you randomly picked.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    This is what i expect from EA Games.


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