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The difference is that you aren’t expected to spend 20 hours running down a corridor.

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    We’ve been running these skins for years now…

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    The original source I came across was worded to suggest she died, but some double-checking against other sources does suggest this was in error – I’ve updated the article, although unfortunately it is still not clear whether she actually “rescued” her as such. Thanks for the correction!

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    There’s a note announcing it has been released on the PSV the official site as of today: The trailer, cards and other materials were intended to be illustrative of the game’s original version, sorry if that was not clear.

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    Your browser cached the redirect image, you’ll probably need to refresh or wait a little while.

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    429 is a warning from the server to throttle back a little, not an error as such. You can also trigger it with sustained periods of high activity, which might be what you are seeing.


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