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It’s not that it’s a lack of acceptance, it’s that this country tends to villainize sex. You can buy a game where you blow people to bits, but the second it has a nipple in it, it’s like the world ends and angry mothers start bitching. Look at what happened with the Hot Coffee mod for GTA San Andreas.

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  • Woman Gets 60 Years for Sex with 12-Year-Olds:
    @Darkrockslizer The courts didn’t site what the kids had to say about it because they don’t give a shit on the opinion of a person until they turn 18. They think people aren’t capable of formulating thoughts in this country till 18 and that we can’t handle our alcohol before the age of 21.

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  • Highschool of the NG:
    The sad thing is that most parent’s are afraid of responsibility so they leave it up to the censors to tell them what they and their children can or can’t watch.

  • Eroge Failure Legends:
    Ive seen #19 before, that’s how the guy actually draws. The others though, fucking hilarious.

  • Publishers Vow War on Scanlation “Piracy is Rampant”:
    Maybe if the American publishers got off their asses and did like what VIZ is doing with Kyoukai no Rinne and releasing the chapters parallel with the Japanese release of the chapters and not trying to Americanize things in the manga’s that are clearly not American and not trying to put their own little “creative spin” on things like attack or ability names then maybe, just maybe there wouldn’t be a need for scanlations. Also, run on sentence.

  • USA: No Trial Needed for Lolicon Life Imprisonment:
    “She is on record as having argued that the government should be able to restrict any speech it considers “harmful,” irrespective of the First Amendment” The country’s in no danger at all… after all who needs human rights.

  • Shonen Jump to Pirate Scum: “This is War!”:
    “Wound the souls of mangaka” I was under the impression that what mangaka wanted was for people to read their work. Scanning it onto the internet would probably triple the amount of readers and make the artist more popular, gain a bigger fanbase and probably make more money.


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