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What’s the difference between the molestation of females or males? Uh, difference is when a woman molests a boy she’s taking the dick! The kid isn’t physically harmed as much as becoming possibly traumatised depending on the boy. When a man molests a young girl he is waaaay more likely to inflict harsher trauma upon the girl physically and emotionally.

Simply put, as a guy I can tell you, I’d rather be penetrating than being penetrated. That’s why there’s such a major difference between a man molesting a girl and a woman molesting a boy. Different physical attributes.

As for the sentence it is completely riddiculous to sentence any person to a 60 year sentence when if she would have rather murdered the boys she would only be sentenced to 20 years for murder. What kind of message does that send? Given the choice to molest or murder a criminal would much rather kill rather than spend practically a life sentence for rape.

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