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Earliest chance of parole: 8 years. Each.

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  • Sukumizu – Now With Frontal Zipper:
    One word: Velcro.

  • $110 Haruhi Mahjong Game Total Otaku Exploitation:
    Angel Beats! got short-lived, concentrated attention. If they made such an “atrocity”/”masterpiece” as this, I can only imagine meagre gross profits. I also revel in the fact that this little game has no relevance to “Melancholy…”‘s plot… like quite the many others, but I guess that’s just a larger point I’m bringing up.

  • An American’s Response to Japanese Ero-Anime:
    Americans should do more of these “Anime Reaction” videos. It worked for 2G1C and everything else… now we have the Japs on our tail.

  • Beauty is a Matter of Perspective:
    It doesn’t even look like someone manipulated by remote, it looks as though the girl HAD ACTUALLY HAD TO HAVE INVISIBLE HANDS SCRUNCHING AND PULLING HER FACE. It looks like something I could do with my own two hands and without a mouse.

  • Chinese Babies “Developing Breasts”:
    Just think about it, though. They market this crap to female teenagers in vain who could care less about a cow suffering in pain. Priceless.


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