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This just in: Pregnant woman paid 100$ by middle-aged man to allow him to molest the fetus.

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  • Mother Sells 1-Year-Old Daughter for Sex:
    I agree, I’m glad that practically everyone here(cept a few stray anons) see’s this as utterly disgusting and wrong. I was worried Sankaku had fallen too low…..though I’m not saying 2D loli is bad(Ilya ftw)

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  • “I Want Jiggling Breasts in Every Scene”:
    Liek spitter?

  • Highschool of the Dead Massacred by Censors:
    Suddenly all of the girls cup-sizes shrink down, and their skirts grow longer, for no explained reason. Someone wanders up to the school gates. The P.E. teacher lightly taps him on the shoulder, then get’s tagged by the man. The teacher tags another, and all of a sudden the school is in a massive frenzy of playing tag. Luckily, Takashi is a pro at playing tag, and got his friends to hold it out on the roof until they win the grand prize of life time supplies of kid-friendly dvd’s with plushies.

  • Giant Gundam Dominates Shizuoka:
    Hehe, imagine the surprise of some ignorant sight-seer in Japan as he stumbles upon this Gundam.

  • Anime Expo 2010 Cosplay Not Winning Any Prizes…:
    Yeh, I was there and saw a few of those guys. They were by far the best compared to the majority….by the time I was getting on the train to leave, I’d had my fill of seeing fat-asses cosplaying as bishounen, fail crossplayers, and the obligatory horde of narutards. Oh, but I remember seeing a really good cosplay of a witch from L4D. The only thing she was missing was the witch music playing in the background, then we’d all have to skirt around her in the main hall.

  • Panty & Stocking: “My Name is Panty, & I Love Having S*x!”:
    Maybe the guy purposely get’s high before working on this series….hell, I’d watch it, something bizzare and different is always nice to watch.


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