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i love you too Rei :)

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  • “As A Girl, I Can’t Comprehend Nagato’s Popularity!”:
    The fact of the matter is that Yuki is not emotionless, she was designed to be “shy” but because her superiors do not fully understand humans, she is not fully capable of displaying emotions. But it is those few glimpses of her reacting to the world around her that make those moments and indeed every moment special just waiting to see her become closer to humanity. You claim she is unattractive but does every girl have to have ovacious curves and large breasts? No. Yuki has small features, she …

  • “As A Girl, I Can’t Comprehend Nagato’s Popularity!”:
    i love ya too rei

  • “As A Girl, I Can’t Comprehend Nagato’s Popularity!”:
    its because she hides her emotions when as supposed she shouldnt have had any,thus when at anytime she shows any little emotions , be it happy or sad , it is empified and leaves deep impressions. very unique setup. ps: i love nagato-chan rofl midori baloonn

  • “As A Girl, I Can’t Comprehend Nagato’s Popularity!”:

  • “As A Girl, I Can’t Comprehend Nagato’s Popularity!”:
    She makes ronery otakus go “MOE MOE!!” TD;DR of most answers here. She’s not a bad character, but I can’t comprehend how serious fanboys get. My God, what is it about moe. *shudder* She’s not a Rei clone; er, I thought Rei was better. No, I’m not flaming Yuki before someone starts getting all “OMG YOU TROLL” defensive, but for some reason, emotionless girls are just not that interesting to me, and Rei wasn’t completely “:|” But I she’s not bad. The Disappearance movie is probably going to give …

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    Kazuto is loyal to his Wifey~ But you can’t blame Sinon!!! Kazuto is one hot mother trucker and even as a chick he’s frigging hot..flat..but hot~ <3

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  • Sword Art Online 2: “Asuna = Old News”:
    That poor Klein, no one remembers him. Makes me sad watching him not even using to sofa and drinking alone watching Kirito go full powerplayer. I mean, seriously, I can see why muh harem and shit, but come on. I can see why Silica and Leafa aren’t good options (for the second one, don’t stick it the crazy brocon), but couldn’t he at least try to hit on Liz? If I remember correctly she’s 19 and he’s 24.


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