Comment on “As A Girl, I Can’t Comprehend Nagato’s Popularity!” by Anonymous:

I do believe that somebody is missing the point.

#1: Nagato has the mighty silvery hair colour that is associated with awesomeness, thanks to Sephiroth. It’s an unconcious connection which instantly makes her more popular.

#2: Nagato is a FUCKING BADASS. Did nobody else notice her powers of fucking pwnsauce when she saved Kyon? I do believe forcing everyone in her immediate area (observers[viewers]) to have a rainbow drug trip at the same time she gets pwned to checkmate an enemy in a calculated fashion constitutes perfect marks as well as bonus points.

#3: Nagato is DFC.

#4: Nagato has glasses.

#5: Nagato is the silent type. Some bitches don’t know how to shut up, Nagato doesn’t suffer from such problems.

#6: Nagato is like some kind of crazy techno wonder, she can hax IRL. Otaku <3 shit like that.

Is there really a need to question why Nagato is fucking awesome? I think this shit is blasphemy.

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