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Isn’t she pretty much a Yamato Nadeshiko… quiet, listens to Kyon, has crazy powers she is willing to use at his command… guess Japanese women and standards aren’t like that anymore though

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  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    my cousin who lives next door works twelve hours each day and when he comes back home he does housekeeping chores for his stay at home wife since she doesn’t want to and is always angry,he never spends any time and with their kids and always looks dead tired,we both live in france.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    They didn’t need to destroy anything. When your boss tells you “Stay here and work overtime until this project is finished” it’s their way or highway. And what evidence do you expect from a conversation unless you are actually planing at that moment to sue them?

  • Nanana Fetishes Abound:
    Not exactly. Shinji didn’t exactly have a normal childhood compared to most other teenagers. While it is technically realistic, it’s not really as often as you might think. Besides, no one wants to imagine that they are a sniveling broken mess who causes the end of the world.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    i was fired from my job when i used that 10 day holiday. the next day they told me that theyre not gonna renew my contract. fuck japan.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    The NEET goes on an adventure!


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