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anyway, I am bored.
>I don’t understand you guys…
you are a guy. there are no girls who read sankaku
>She’s a gloomy
no, she is just expressionless. She is gloomy only in EE.
wait, you are not?? news to me
>who never changes her expression.
then what are these long descriptions from Kyon’s side? Or this moment after they wake up in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody?
>Only reading books
what about programming?
>and non-talktative Living with her wouldn’t be fun at all
>and she isn’t even very cute.
90% of the internet disagrees
>In spite of all this, why?
In spite of what?

alt reading: read greentext as answer to blacktext

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  • Haruhi Fans Prize Fools After All?:
    Hah, thanks! Then, bonus round of optimistic thoughts! Japanese otaku buy the EE dvds simply to provide the finance for an epic The Disappearance. … Yeah, I know, this is dangerously close to Kafuka’s train of thought.

  • Hentai Kuroko Legends:
    We had A certain magical Index-tan. Now we will have A certain lesbian teleporter.

  • Haruhi Fans Prize Fools After All?:
    actually, considering that the next thing to be animated is The Disappearance, it’s not 1,2k vs 2,4k but more like 1,2k vs 4,8k+ But oh well. With every day I am more and more okay with that decision of theirs. Instead of watering down Endless Eight and airing a watered down The Disappearance, they made epic EE (terrible to the viewers, but nevertheless epic) and they will probably make an epic The Disappearance movie, which will get much more dvd sales.


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