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Sexy Anime Stereograms


Stereograms, optical illusions tricking the eyes into perceiving depth where there is none, are well known, but rather less known are the spectacular effects which can be achieved by converting anime-styled erotic artworks into stereograms, allowing the illusion of 3D curves where there are none, an effect admittedly poorly illustrated by Konata’s high status body above.

You can see some rather more curvaceous illustrations given similar treatement below. Needless to say, the images should be enlarged to full size to get the proper effect:



A primer on how to view such images in case you have not encountered them before:

1. Hold the picture up to your nose and relax your focus.

2. Your eyes should be focused afar. Do not try to focus on the picture.

3. Slowly pull the picture away from your face, while still maintaining a distant focus.

4. Allow the picture to come into focus.

5. Repeat 1-4 until this works.

• To practice keeping your eyes focused far away, hold the picture in front of one eye while the other eye holds the focus on distant objects in the room.

• The key is to keep your eyes relaxed. Relaxed eyes will come into position such that

• You are not technically crossing your eyes to view the picture, but forcing them to view two different pictures, due to the spacing of the pattern in the stereogram.

• A small segment of the population does not have stereovision, and will not ever be able to view stereograms.

• It often takes several tries to get it (perhaps 30 minutes or more!), but once you see your first one, the others will come easier!

• If you get good enough, you don’t even have to move the picture or your face, you can just cross your eyes correctly and it will appear.

• If you feel your eyes manually focusing, start over at step 1.

Experienced viewers may find that simply looking at the image cross-eyed will deliver the requisite focus.

Finally, a bonus Haruhi autostereogram:


Should you have (or for that matter make) any more, feel free to upload them to the Channel.

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