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“Big Breasted Women More Intelligent”


Research suggests that women with larger breasts are more intelligent than their less well endowed counterparts, with the larger breasted women studied having an I.Q. some 10 points in excess of those with smaller breasts.

The Chicago researcher (who confessed to herself being an A-cup), conducted a sociological study in which she took a sample of 1,200 women, divided by breast size into five categories: extra-large, large, medium, small, and extra-small.

She then administered an I.Q. test to the participants, finding that women in the large and extra-large categories scored an average of 10 points more than the women in the smaller categories, also beating medium sized women.

Since by its very nature the study yields only a correlation and not actual causation, it is far from certain what the actual causes of these results are, but there is some speculation that the amount of female hormones produced may be affecting both the development of the brain and of secondary sexual characteristics such as breasts.

Interestingly, most statistics relating to breast size show steady increases in average cup size over time in developed societies, thought to be based on improving nutrition. A positive correlation between improved nutrition, better growth and higher IQ seems far from improbable…

Update: it appears there are some very good reasons for doubting the veracity of this “research,” despite it recently cropping up in variety of evidently less than conscientious newspapers.

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