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Indeed. Why? man, I’m glad I live in Norway. ^^ Oh,and I have no idea why my comment under this one ended up so far down.

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  • Japan Gender Gap “Worst” Amongst Top Nations:
    *used to be Vikings*

  • Japan Gender Gap “Worst” Amongst Top Nations:
    I take it you are refering to the Vikings when you talk about our tradition of rape and pillage? Bear in mind that Finland didn’t even have Vikings, and I don’t think there were many of them in Sweden either. It was mostly a Norwegian and Danish thing, and Iceland largely consists of decendants from Norwegian and Danish Vikings, so yeah. However, an important misinterpretation by the rest of the world that I’d like to clarify; Not all of us to be Vikings, and not all of the Vikings used to go …

  • Japan Gender Gap “Worst” Amongst Top Nations:
    like some people said above me, women pretty much have more rights than men here in Scandinavia…

  • Japan Gender Gap “Worst” Amongst Top Nations:
    What you said first. The countries at the top are the ones where women are treated most equally to men, ergo have the most rights, get good jobs, pay etc. So the Muslim countries are at the bottom because women there have no rights, and are treated like garbage. So in this regard the list is correct. But there are too many anamolies in between.

  • Japan Gender Gap “Worst” Amongst Top Nations:
    Tsk, you got lucky and beat us Norwegians by one place now, but that could change. However, Iceland has alot of roots from Norway, so we indirectly beat you. ;D Iceland and Norway unite! And we(Sweden and Denmark too) can understand each other alot too, so we’re like good nabours. None of these 4 countries understand Finnish though. Actually, it’s one of the most incomprehensible languages there is for us. Probably due to all the casuses (is that waht it’s called in english?) in your language, …

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    Watched this and Ongaku Shoujo (another of this year’s Anime Mirai OVA’s) yesterday. Ongaku Shoujo was ok I guess (one of the characters was a bit too hyper for my taste, though I did like the yuri service), but this one was good! ^^ The main character is voiced by the same voice actor who voices Misaka Mikoto in Railgun and Index (in her grown-up and teenage scenes that is). :D The two remaining OVA’s from this year’s Anime Mirai doesn’t appear to have been subbed by anyone yet, and in fact, I …

  • Kiss×sis OAD Naughty as Ever:
    This is the last and final one btw. Just for the record. After 6 years and a few months it’s finally over lol. I’m a little sad to see it go. It’s been a fun ride. :-) The OVA’s are so much better than the TV anime series.

  • Aki no Kanade Hardcore Drumming Anime:
    Ooh! A new season of Anime Mirai! I love Anime Mirai! Gonna watch this one and Ongaku Shoujo tonight. That drummer loli looks so adorable! ^^

  • Aki no Kanade Hardcore Drumming Anime:
    ಠ_ಠ What the actual fuck? Are you blind?

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou Westward Bound:
    So a voiced version actually exists…Dammit, why couldn’t they bring that over instead…


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