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“Adapt for Western audiences” means that Section 9 is probably going to be a part of the NSA and the crap will probably happen in a US city -_-

This reminds me of Level 9 that damned show ripped off gits right down to a hot asian woman doing most of the ass kicking.

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    I saw this on a cable news show. The woman who’s prosecuting the man has a brother in the police force. So it’s cops out to get a guy.

  • Toyota Blames Video Games for Collapse in Car Sales:
    Remember what a car is. It can either be 1) An indication that you’re making up for a lack of size 2) A time travel machine so 60 year old people can delude themselves into thinking they’re young again. 3) A mobile middle finger to hippies.

  • Toyota Blames Video Games for Collapse in Car Sales:
    Xbox 360 is just a slightly less lethal vehicle than a pinto.

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    Dude, Americans don’t even follow the Geneva convention. Japan might as well rebuild it’s military and start bombing people “For Great Justice” and “To bring world peace!” Remember our countries foreign policy…”Peace treaties are for pussies and the French…eat a freedom fry motherf!cker!”

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    I believe we should bring light of the massacre of civilian orcs in warcraft 3. Hundreds and hundreds of orc civilians are murdered every few minutes on blizzards servers. This modern day high tech genocide cannot continue. Are you against prosecution of the mass murderers because the victims are green? You rascist motherf!cker! Yes I know Sudan is important. But Orcs are humanoid too!


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