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Aoi Nishimata: Perfection or Stagnation?


Prominent illustrator Aoi Nishimata is well known for a wide variety of high profile character design, including a wide array of ridiculous moe products, but amongst such artists she has an uncommonly large number of detractors, for reasons which are plain from looking at the comparisons reproduced here.

The extreme similiarity of her character designs has led to cruel Internet memes mocking her as being an artist who uses a stamp to create all her works; much like another esteemed artist, she seems to be constantly redrawing the same face ad nauseum:


Presented with these, it does indeed appear she actually retired in 2000 after “perfecting” her craft and has merely been palette swapping a single design ever since…

She may be safe from accusations of innovation, but she is not safe from doubts over her grasp of perspective and anatomy:


Even so, this has not stopped her being selected by none other than George Lucas as a representative illustrator for Japan. Possibly he does not know any better.

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