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>Love is being helpful to someone. Love is sharing someone else’s needs with your own. Love is accepting someone for their faults, even if you don’t agree with them. Love is encouragement and sacrifice. Love is honesty. Love is being in harmony with someone else.
In practice, most of the time you need money for all those things. Sad, but there it is.

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  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    every1 dies, kawaiko-chan-tachi are not exeption, moreover theyll die first because of their weakness)) Im not fan of gruesome women’s deaths, but im fukn tired of pinky-winky moe-moe anime where every weakling fights vs monstersalienssoldiersetc. and no fukn weakling dead. Let it be more deaths and guro-realism in anime, amen.

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    It would be a good anime if it was a good anime.

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    dammit, what’s with these newer dark anime and killing cute girls everywhere? I understand Japan needs fanservice to make money, but seriously, cute girls shouldn’t be brutally massacred

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    i feel sad that anime is becoming more and more violent, more like smut-films with gore and torture :( whats happened to all the happy anime full of happiness and joy found in the 2003-2006 days :( i miss the old days of anime.

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    What’s edgy about it? It’s not like it’s actually shocking.


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