Comment on Japan’s Sex Gap: 25% Now “Middle-Aged Virgins” by Anonymous:

hey guys, the problem is not the girls, they are the same as in any other country, prefer a nice car than real love. But the main problem is that japanese men are a bunch of losers, who are conformed living in onanism and in a fantasy 2d world of perfection. But the truth is, they are cowards, they could not face the beautyful mean woman, and also they don’t accept uglier ones for pure social pressure.

So what is the solution?

I think the japanese governament should do somethin to encourage the whores to deflorate virgin mans, so they could lose their fear of womans, and embrace their nature of manhood.

Pay sex, better than no sex (at least for men)

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    I will never understand those who get excited for breasts… They’re literally just fat, nothing sexual about it. Unlike butts which can provide pleasure to a woman, you don’t exactly feel much from touching a breast, except maybe a ticklish feeling. The important bits are the nipples, the fat around them are unimportant.

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    I guess you never played FF11.

  • Her Bum is Amazing “No Butts About It”:

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    Figures. “The House Actors of Funimation” It goes without saying why the DUB fails: It’s FUNimation. (Most of their House Actors don’t even try to do a good job. They know they’re their job is guaranteed, therefore all they have to do is perform the same exact dubs that they’ve been doing for the last 15+ years. (I forget that Sentai Filmworks borrows 90% of their cast-members because they’re secretly still FUNimation. But that’s nothing new since they’re the reincarnation of ADV, which leached …

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    FF14 is rather a clone of ff11. And ff11 is older than WoW.


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