Comment on Japan’s Sex Gap: 25% Now “Middle-Aged Virgins” by Anonymous:

hey guys, the problem is not the girls, they are the same as in any other country, prefer a nice car than real love. But the main problem is that japanese men are a bunch of losers, who are conformed living in onanism and in a fantasy 2d world of perfection. But the truth is, they are cowards, they could not face the beautyful mean woman, and also they don’t accept uglier ones for pure social pressure.

So what is the solution?

I think the japanese governament should do somethin to encourage the whores to deflorate virgin mans, so they could lose their fear of womans, and embrace their nature of manhood.

Pay sex, better than no sex (at least for men)

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    Find a Big Black Cock and fuck yourself with it, you Nazi son of a whore.

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    For once, everybody agrees with the title: the fans (thanks to the naughty double-entendre), and the dislikers (thanks to the popular expression of disdain “it sucks”).

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    Lady Gaga opening for Hatsune Miku would be far more logical imho.

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    it’s funny becaues its the men who cheat on the women in japan, not the other way around. Why else do salarymen never go home? Their wives sit up waiting for them, often having had to make dinner for them anyway, but they dont come home because they’re with some younger floozy in a hotel.

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    Feminists dont want equal pay for unequal work, you shit. They want equal pay for equal work – jobs associated with women are paid less than jobs associated with men. Did you know that in the US, a teacher who has to look after a whole bunch of kids earns less than a dude who looks after cars in a car park? A job that just requires sitting on your ass and eating donuts and maybe looking at the security camera now and then, as opposed to wrangling a bunch of screaming miniature-people at the …


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