Comment on Japan’s Sex Gap: 25% Now “Middle-Aged Virgins” by Anonymous:

True, it is better to be a lonely virgin than to create another tragic attempt at making a happy family… but if those are the only two possible paths then ppl are screwed. That lonely sadness never goes away until it’s fixed. It can and does lead to depression and suicide unless the void is constantly filled with something. Many of these people desire to be loved and to start families. If there’s anything a human being should at least accomplish in life, it’s to start a family and pass on your blood to a new generation, raise a healthy and happy kid. A healthy happy kid requires happy healthy parents. It’s not that I’m saying whither this is necessary in life or not, but it’s the bare minimum, I mean you’ve gotta do something in your life so at least do this much if you can, right?

Human beings all require love just like they require water. Any one who says they don’t is absolutely disillusioned. It’s too bad that more relationships don’t start with it as the foundation… ALL relationships should have love as its foundation.

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