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Finally made an account. (I am lazy)

To all of sankaku who are reading this. If you ever would were to list everything that is illogical and contradicting,you could sell a x amounts of books about it. It is, sadly enough, the truth.

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    Yo, anon. I work out and I am most likely going to be called creepy by you and most others :P

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    “The masses won’t react nicely, so why keep a TV presenter who makes bad publicity.” Because you believe that there is more in this world than money? TO NOT be an asshole? To create a more safe and good environment for your workers? “In the end she was the one who let such a photo be made despite knowing her status in the TV business” So she should have to give up on love, freedom, pleasure and safety, and replace it with fear, stress, illnesses and pain? If you are a robot, then yea, that …

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    I got wet when I read that comment. Fuck yea. DMC FTW.

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    Learn to write Englsih. Then comment. It is a pain to read.

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    Perfect for me!! yay


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