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Bakemonogatari Sells 44,000, Beats K-ON!


Just when it seemed only generic moe and giant robot anime had any chance of attaining blockbuster status, the combined sales of the Bakemonogatari Blu-ray and DVD attained a staggering 44,000 in their first week, beating even K-ON!’s 41,000.

Oricon’s figures for 9/28 to 10/4 indicate Bakemonogatari 1 beat all comers and sold 29,000 copies in BD and a further 15,000 in DVD for a total of 44,000.

By comparison, K-ON!’s then record breaking first volume total sales came to 41,000, and those of Macross Frontier to 39,000. Haruhi managed a paltry 29,000, although non-late night anime (invariably involving giant robots) have managed as much as 57,000 in the first week.

Shaft finally appears to have struck gold, and it seems possible its shameless tactics of broadcasting an unfinished anime may not backfire after all…

The Blu-ray edition is on sale now.

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