Equality Now’s Lies Exposed


Notorious pro-censorship group Equality Now has been exposed as the deceitful and manipulative group many long suspected it to be with the revelation that it is shamelessly cherry picking comments from Sankaku Complex and attempting to pass them off as the opinions of “game bloggers” and “online gamers” in order to justify its crusade against Japanese pornography.

The group is still attempting to organise a concerted campaign to bombard various Japanese political figures it feels might cave in to its demands with form letters, and it leads its latest update with a series of inflammatory quotes picked from Sankaku Complex’s all but unmoderated comments (visible here and here):


Of the many thousands of comments on their efforts to ban “hentai” across dozens of posts on this site, they highlight only the most deranged or trollish, whilst ignoring countless comments offering reasoned analysis of the falsehoods they misrepresent as research or grassroots opinion.

They have dismissed what they admit as an unprecedented online backlash as “hate mail,” and failed to address any of the concerns raised about the flawed “research” they present, most of which apparently stems from feminist anti-pornography campaign groups.

Now it seems they are reduced to outright fabrication and deceit, being unable even to truthfully source the less than representative comments they would like to dupe the world and their members into believing represents the corrupted misogynist users of such games, and of pornography in general.

Some are beginning to wonder if a group which appropriates donations on the pretence of trying to combat such abominable practices as female circumcision but in fact uses these donations to support its radical feminist anti-pornography agenda should even be representing itself as a group which “works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Aside all the criticism, feminism is important and a positive thing nonetheless, and just because there might be some crazy people (on both sides… honestly, whoever wrote those comments also don’t even deserve to be called “human beings”) doesn’t mean the ideal at hand is bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    What the fuck is this shit?

    You fucks have a problem with a group of primarily women, yeah they’re not all girls (!), talking about the problems girls and women experience in most of the world on a site that has nothing but images of naked girls?

    Can you seriously not see the problem with the incredibly high % of girls who are beaten, married as kids, raped, sold into prostitution, and honor killed every fucking year? Screw year, how about every fucking day of the week?

    I like a lot of stuff that comes out of Japan. Speaking as a gay woman I would probably enjoy a lot of it myself.

    And I can’t speak for everything that the site talks about being true or not. But a lot of it is. I’ve seen it myself.

    If you’re someone who thinks that all of what they say is a lie then you’re ignorant. Look it up, these things happen a lot more than most people realize.

  • I hate these feminists, not because they want to make things better for women, i have no problem with that, infact, i applaud those that fight for freedom, and truth.

    I hate them, simply because that in their “crusade” to obtain these things, they have forgone it.
    They ignore all forms of rational, reasoned, and legitimate forms of debate and questioning, and they make exagerrated and twisted claims towards the things they are attacking.

    It’s the same issue with religion and pseudo-sciences, all they do is cover their ears while screaming that they’re right, screaming that a small cut is a fatal wound, and that the whole world is just lying against them.

    This is why i can only put my trust, infact, my faith even, in science; self critisizing, self-evaluating, empirical and objective science.

  • Note to “Equality Now”:

    I have friends that play H-games.
    My old friends that play soccer/football.

    My friends that play H-games are sociable, friendly, trustworthy, and don’t harbor any negative feelings against women.
    My old friends that play soccer/football smoke pot, steal, are insanely vulgar and I know one guy has raped a girl and gotten away with it.

    I rather know someone who plays “Clannad”(H-game involving prego and loli but revolves around a touching story) than someone who doesn’t, never learns those leasons and actually rapes women instead.

  • As a woman, and one who considers herself something of a feminist (an admission that will undoubtedly make me something of a pariah for a considerable number of sancon posters -.-) I can understand how Equality Now would be disturbed by images of violence against women in certain hentai. However, the percentage numbers such images being translated into actuality by viewers are undoubtedly low. I wish Equality Now would use its energy to work for (real) women who are in more immediate danger (I’m LOOKING AT YOU AFGHANISTAN)

    • And yet such observations will have to come from ‘unbiased’ (ie; untraitor-like, pro-feminist dogmatic people) individuals. They’ve ignored male-offered ‘rational’ explanations…. the next step is for those in power AND women who can focus their efforts offline to hammer the point home that they CAN’T ignore their charter responsibilities without repercussion.

      They ARE accountable for their actions (or lack of), same as the rest of us. And btw…. the women of Afghanistan need their help more than the sexually-frustrated among us here at SanCom *ever* will. XD

  • Sigh.

    Basically feminists are fugly bitches who can’t get some and are jealous. Their one goal is actually to get someone to fuck them silly and cum inside and outside, but no one wants them. So they rage and bawww because they can’t get any. to them 2D girls doing better is an insult, but they don’t see the reason why they can’t get any. It must be their face, personality, everything. Bunch of disillusioned losers who are in denial that they never get anything.
    Oh and Equality Now, here’s another comment that you can use as “evidence” on the “harmfulness” of eroge, anime, manga,etc. But guess what? You have already been proven wrong by just about everyone on the Net and IRL except your own feminazi dogs.

    2D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3D by OVER 9001 TIMES.

  • Same shat as those pro commie booth passing out fliers during lunch time in front of the campus gates. I went to talk to them once and the impression I got was: they are f00king assholes ggkthxbye /igore them is the right choice. Just coz they are too impotent to get Love+, their $12.99 Earthlink 28.8k modem connection takes centuries to download Love+, doesn’t mean they can release their nonexistent angst on us trolls. f00king n00bs.

  • sure there are some games that definitely fall beyond the line. and I’m pretty liberal about what can be called a game. but!!! before anyone uses that as an admission of guilt you better start to look at any art over the last 8,000 years there will always be the shock factor/different from the norm art produced at every age and generation the same can be said of trends like piercings and tattoos which have become mainstream for the most part. Now comparing a Tattoo to a rape game may sound silly on the whole untill you look back a couple decades where people outside the military with tattoos were socially shunned yet date rape was nearly considered perfectly normal male behavior.I don’t condone rapists yet I don’t condemn games that portray it.
    for those who want to ban hentai in general what would you prefer? the thousands of people who enjoy hentai for their own pleasure getting an outlet for their sexuality or the same thousands of people out there with sexual frustrations looking to real people for releases? because only one in what every 10,000 might be too dumb to understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

  • Ugly women trying so hard for nothing. Porn is porn, it’s not real, so why bitch about it. They apparently haven’t heard of the word fetish. Everyone has them, even women themselves like SM, Bondage, and stuff like that.

  • Even the worse college student knows they need to back up their argument with concise, reliable, solid proof so they don’t like total morons.

    That’s great Equality Now, the unregulated comments found in the internet are the best proof to fight against the evils that is fictional pornography!

  • EN, ever hear of stopping abortion? You might actually gain more members/support if you stop that instead.

    Use your brains for once. You want support for morality? Well, instead of pigeonholing otaku as all child-molesters; why not actually save the children that have never been, yet, instead?

    Equality now? What about the unborn? I see no equality with them. Supporting abortion kinda knocks the whole equality thing off track BIG time. I mean, what about the men who have to suffer the loss of a child their woman freely lets get killed?

    I mean, my brother was absolutely broken when he learned his child that would’ve been, was no more. Men suffer too you know!!! But especially the unborn; they DIE!!! They’re neverborn.

    Freedom to kill the child before s/he has a chance to exist (see the horrendous FOCA bill for more details), instead of taking the plunge for once, and not taking the cowardly way out (which these days seems to be EN latest approach), kinda kills the concept like… an aborted child.

    Equality Now should be between all, not only old hags. It should work between both men and women, child and adult, baby and elder.

    It’s called equality for a damn reason you know! Now stop being the hypocrites you know you are!!!

    • (Same poster)

      …Yeah, reading that now. I already know they’re not going to either read it, or put it up.

      Oh well. Their loss. I mean, what’s over a million lives/future supporters anyhow? :shrugs: Meh…

  • Do you want to know who is sponsoring Equality Now, and even have a chance to do something about it? Google the following words and you’ll find the answer: shiranaihito sponsors campaign sword

  • Sooo… when are we going to war again?

    Oh, and i think they’re not much better. They select only the most hateful comments to be BAAAWWWed over. I’m sure the middle comment is from a much, much longer mail. Censorship much? I’m tempted to go all Inglorious Basterds on them.

  • Scanner Boy says:

    all the people here commenting about ignoring EN. this is not about EN bitching around – this is about Japans way of reacting to things like this:

    with a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction like “DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING!!”

    hopefully it wont happen, but if it happesn were fucked!

    so ignoring it might lead to a worst case scenario! keep that in mind!

    already other countries are coming up with their own versions of protecting society from “filth”.

    • You pretty much right, Japan seem to be fucked up a lot nowadays, first their woman turn to prostitute and gold digger, then their men turn to Otaku, no-wonder their government act like spineless loser, but I still love Japan, good looking samurai armor, impressed ancient weapons, hi-tech products, good mangas, not too bad video games AND MOST OF ALL is it wonderful HENTAI INDUSTRY.

  • This basically turning into a real life version of South Park: Bigger, Longer and uncut.

    For example.

    Kyle,Stan,Kenny,Cartman and the other kids of South Park: The Anime fans and Otakus

    Terrence and Phillip and their movie asses of fire: Amine, Hentai, Rapelay and lolis.

    La Resistance: Sankaku Complex

    Japan: Canada

    Kyle’s mom and Mothers Against Canada: Equality Now

    That’s all I can think of.

  • Ha! The tactics of the defeated amuses me. Lol. Democrat Japan should ally with China and Korea, get the other Asians to join them and go for world domination to destroy the UN…. Heh! EA Co-prosperity Sphere all over again!

  • These people give true feminists (people who are about making sure that women have the same rights and opportunities as men) a bad name.

    They aren’t really ‘feminists’….. they deserve the title of ‘fem-nazi’ as defined by yours truly: a woman or group of women who think that sexuality is bad, that pornography leads to rape when it actually leads to LESS rape in society, and who think that men are ‘lesser’ than women.

  • I don’t understand why they would attempt to go near a site like this. First of all, if they did enter the site, would they have expected to find something that could fuel their fight, or what?

    If someone was viewing this site, it’s probably just for faps.

  • Seriously, I believe in women’s rights, but this is going too far. I believe women should be allowed to not only have rights but to protect themselves and their kin, so as long as it doesn’t violate freedom of speech. Seriously, if Equality Now gets a band on hentai and eroge games, you can pretty much bet conservatives evangelicals can try and via for a ban on saying the word fuck. Can you imagine television or games without the word fuck?

  • OH NO! Those poor simulated girls are getting raped and abused by those dangerous otaku! That is awful and should not be tolerated because anime girls are not toys! Men are evil creatures who think women aren’t people and only like them for their bodies! This should be illegal because it is not fair to us girls!

    In case it wasn’t completely obvious from the first 2 words, I was being sarcastic. I really am a girl though and I have nothing against hentai, because ANIME/MANGA/GAME CHARACTERS ARE NOT FUCKING REAL. No one should give a shit if they get abused, it’s better than actually raping real girls and women. If they get rid of hentai anyway, rape rates will undoubtedly go up because of the many horny otaku not wanting go go without sex or a masturbatory aid.

    The only reason anyone posts “sexist” comments like that anyway is because they’re pissed at the feminazis for trying to call them evil just cuz they wanna jack off to some loli or whatever. Equality Now is retarded for thinking they actually think like that about all women, when they’re just talking about the whiny ones that try to ban their porn for “normalization of sexual violence”.

    What they’re campaigning for in developing countries is understandable, but making a country like Japan, with an already very low rape rate, ban games because of sexual violence is completely unnecessary.

    • You miss the point that the ‘end game’ for these radical fem-nazis is to make men the slaves of women. I am quite serious with that…. listen to the comments of the fem-nazis and you realize that they wish at some point in the future to use sex as a weapon against men in order to enslave them, and therefore have to get rid of every woman who give men sexual encounters without the stupidity of thinking of using it as a weapon and anything else that can be used to ‘jack off’ on.

  • You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Equality Now members fraudulently posted some of those comments themselves so they could use it on their site as evidence for their twisted agenda.

  • lmao @ using sankaku complex comments. Here, let me add more ridiculous shit for them to use.

    Thanks to hentai, I’ve been desensitized to rape. I’m currently considering coaxing women (with their tiny, tiny brains) into my backyard and chaining them to a pipe like a leash and keeping them as sexual slaves, China style. I was wondering if any home depot employees here could give me a discount on the materials and equipment.

  • Wow, Artefact featured my article. ^_^ Also, I’m not surprised as to why these nincompoops would pick the ignorant comments rather than the intelligent ones that actually have more deeper meaning. These fools are very biased and now want to randomly choose comments from random people who they don’t know, on the internet, and use it as evidence? How ignorant and childish. So this is your proof, equality now? Wow, contradict some more. This is getting ridiculous.

  • I want to see some success on equality so I can punch and beat the crap out of any women like if they were men… oh! wait a minute! is this equality? or is this just wrong regardless the equality involved? I think equality is just fucking impossible… but what’s possible is to give women more rights and opportunities on men’s action fields.

  • I think all the chan boards in existence should summon all its power together to go crayze! and defend all this UN and feminist nonsense, ever since video games where created ppl have been trying to blame them for everything that occurs bc of their neglect to raise children/ enforce laws.

    I just think its all a load of crap.

  • Huzzah for cherry picking!
    …All that really proves though is that they don’t really have much to back themselves up and have to rely on troll comments picked from here and there to justify themselves.
    Anyone with an ounce of sense reading those commments on their website and actually knows something of the internet know that anonymous trolls are always going to post objectional responses. Anyone that takes a troll seriously needs to get their mental faculties checked.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    That group and the others are all in all Cowards. Any actual act to stop any form of Actual REAL life atrocities is beyond their small minded capabilities.

    So they, like TERRORISTs, go after “soft” targets. And what’s more softer than the fleshly overweight flab of the Otaku? Believing that their hill upon where they rant and preach is untouchable and more likely attainable.

    I think they still believe they’re living in the CRT generation where the only way anyone could get information would be thru the t.v. or newspaper.

    Let me even the field of their tiny little minds since we now know that they troll this site too and bring them into the LED/PLASMA and INTERNET generation. You bitches can whine and screech all the fuck over, twisting what we write and presenting it as “true facts” all the fucking day long.

    But be warned, you’ve now entered OUR territory and the price of pulling our tail is far, Far greater than you’d ever imagine.

  • Lawls, These people are just crying about it because they have nothing else that’s SERIOUS to worry about. I mean, us harmless otaku are not to blame, it’s a market think of the business anime and hentai makes. Why do you think there are jails for people that take these things too far (no matter how much we cheer for them ^w^)

  • Sankaku complex has joined the Death note list of agnes chan? Well I’ll be damned!

    However, the fact that they pose comments from this website just validates our opinions even more. Which is good since it brings about the loli for everyone revolution me and the rest of Sancon are waiting for.

  • Shows us how low they are really willing to go to get power. In the end it proves they are not fighting for equailty at all, but power. Funny how they always bitch and complain about equal right, but when a man hits a woman through self defence its “not right” yet your allowed to hit another guy for self defence? If you going to fight for equalty it should be illegal to pick and choose which ones out of the catagory you want, your either have it all or you dont.

  • How about you guys work on insulting Equality Now and not women in general?

    Some of these comments make me sad since they seem to be directed towards ALL women…

    Sexism is not a cure for sexism.

  • Wow.. so equality now comes to sites like this, just to gather up material for their bitching and whining.. and yet fail to see it’s not hentai games.. manga or anime.. toys and accessories..

    ATTENTION EQUALITY NOW, long before there were hentai games and the like.. there was smut, porn and erotic art. Give me a break.. it’s not the product, it’s the people. If you come here.. READ the topics some time. Learn that men AND WOMEN are sex offenders EQUALLY.

    So please fuck off and let us all enjoy our hentai anime, out hentai games, our hentai toys.. hell enjoy them yourselves and get off! Maybe then you’ll feel better about life.

  • It’s idiotic feminist groups like this who give females the image they have today. I feel ashamed that people such as them are the same gender as I am. Such an “organisation” can only be composed of women with no pride, dignity or intelligence, and should not be publicly proclaiming themselves as the “spokesmen” of females in general, ever. Disgusting, they should just die and save the rest of us women from anymore humiliation.

  • This takes me back to Jack Thompson’s days. Ah, good old Jacko…

    I don’t think he’s even allowed to practice law anymore. Guess that happens when you can’t handle yourself, can’t defend yourself, can’t support yourself, and generally make an ass of yourself. Lots of noise, bad ideas for public events, constant attempts at rabble-rousing.

    Gotta be careful. When their support crumbles and walks off, they start getting crazy. Silly Jacko.

  • this is something interesting… after going to visit their site, thanks to the link in the post here, I have this feeling that the site… isn’t real… like there actually isn’t a group at all… like some scam to make money perhaps? I’ve seen better ones out there on the net in my day, and this one doesn’t seem as sophisticated as many others…

    it could be that EN doesn’t have time to make their site believable, in favour making the posts it makes…

    just ignore me… it was a gut feeling anyways… I just watched too much NCIS recently… lol

  • For real though…


    So, i say if they wanna take our loli and rape away, we create a group to bring censorship to femdom and male torture films!

    Damn bitches don’t know their “equality” from their “feminism”, that’s how they lose the battle.

    And actually, if you think about it, they wanting to protect themselves from men only serves to confirm their status as the “weak sex” and thus, kinda defeats the whole “equality” question… AGAIN!

  • I took a introductory sociology course at school and there was this article in the reading package that showed how as long as the institution of family exists, prostitution will continue to exist. Eroge and related media are just extensions of the argument. Thus it isn’t really all that surprising to me.

    Of course the average layman does not think scientifically (sociology is a social science), and if a group of sociologists campaigned for eroge it’ll have political consequences on them. Therefore, sociologists have to rely on policy makers to implement suitable policies according to the sentiment on the ground according to their recommendations. i.e. the truth does not matter that much, only what works matters.

    This is why even if you throw statistics in the face of the Japanese politicians (the policy makers), they might still cave in to the demands of equality now. Humans usually do “what feels right” rather than work with “what is fair and true”. Political clout is ultimately more powerful than the truth and nothing but the truth.

  • I seriously laughed my ass off at this, it’s as if Sancon and EN were an odd couple of room-mates, just sitting across the table leering angrily at eachother,until sexual tension builds up to the point where one of them knocks the plates off the table and they both get freacky on it.

  • Sankaku Complex saved the day…. or something….. Why were they checking Sankaku to begin with? Their best weapon was quoting trolls? How low are they gonna go? I wanna believe that not all members of Equality are aware of this, cus if they are, how dare they work for a organisation that works like this?
    And i cant believe they try to use the internet on their side after what they have been doing.

  • considering that porn in one form or another has existed for THOUSANDS of years and this croup has been around for what 20 years at most

    what do you think there actual odds of getting Anything done are

  • So back when you guys were all whipping each other into a rabid fury in the comments section I mentioned that you were only hurting your own cause because Equality Now would just use your comments and hate mail as ammunition. What’s this, they’re doing exactly that? Well I never.

    This article serves only to fuel the fire, so carry on giving them material I guess! The absolute best way to deal with EN would be to ignore them until they go away, but of course that wouldn’t result in anywhere near as many hits for the site. 🙂

    • Oh shut the fuck up, who will take seriously a group that nitpicks unregulated troll comments from the internet as solid proof for such a campaign as women’s rights? So now what, 4chan must be the primordial soup of truth, right? and if you were really keeping up with the comments in previous posts you’d have seen a good significant amount were logical, mature comments, ironically those didn’t get pick by this educated women huh?

      You fail so fucking hard, anon.

      • MusicalNote says:

        Actually, you more or less said a part of what anon seemed to be saying.

        As I understood it, he was saying that all the batshit insane posts (like the ones used on their site) were simply giving them ammo. We’ve all seen they ignore honest, logical comments, and simply look for things to further their goals.

        While I don’t condone ignoring them (ignoring a problem doesn’t always make it go away) being dumb asses and calling them “ugly ho-bags who should be impaled!” or saying that ‘women don’t deserve rights and are nothing but live stock’, even in jest, does nothing for our cause and simply allows them to cherry pick the comments they show to their naive followers.

        Remember, they’re operating under the guise of an equal rights organization, unless you’re ‘genre savvy’ to the way the world works you’re not likely to think that an organization that claims to fight for good is actually working on an unrelated agenda. Sad fact is, the majority of their followers have no idea that they’re a two faced organization and will take anything they’re given as a fact.

    • We can ignore them all we want, the UN and the Japanese government won’t. EN is exactly the type of foreign “fuel” Japan’s own moralists and feminazis have been waiting for.

      The comments might be detrimental to our cause, but I don’t see how this article is.

  • Yeah, I sent EN an email a few months ago about how, as a woman, I was extremely disappointed in what they were doing. It was totally levelheaded and rational.

    Funny how I didn’t hear back, or how that didn’t end up in their blog post.

  • Equality Now is stupid, but people really should make less idiotic, inflammatory comments. They really just strengthen EN’s cause and help them get donations and support that just might get your precious eroge banned. Think, people!

  • This is awesome…Damn, I should start making more offensive comments to get public recognition. If they were a real feminist group they go after Middle Eastern custom of loli marriage and Africa’s all around craziness concerning women. But they don’t…They’re motto should be, “If it’s a develop nation, we’ll be prepare; if it’s in the third world, we don’t care.”

  • they still waste their time rallying against such causes when in reality life is worse…they fight against fiction when in this harsh reality people real people need help. i pity the people that support their cause…i wonder where they get their donations from.

  • What idiots, I hate feminists so fucking much. They’re like women that menstruate 24/7 and make me angry to be the same gender as them.
    I like to watch pornography because I’m a healthy human being that doesn’t have some inferiority complex about what gender I am.
    Besides, why not just watch porn where the woman is being a dom? Huh, Equality Now? Then you don’t even have to think about the poor woman being paid tons of money to sit there and moan and instead can watch some power tripping half-dyke ‘objectifying’ some pansy pussy-whipped product of the males you want to see!
    I guarantee 90% (if not more) of the active members of sites like that were raped and now have some kind of ‘revenge against all men’ complex.

  • Whenever you’re ready to mature, Equality Now, actual concerns still await you.

    Relying on subversion like this will only pile guilt upon further guilt. Have some self-respect. Nothing is forcing you into a path of radicalism and lies.

    You’re better than that.

    Balance your Karma. Respond civilly and sincerely. Think about why your actions have generated only negativity.

    People can always forgive and forget. As the aggressor against weaponless opponents, it is your call whether or not you will resume the cycle of violence.

    In the meantime this drama is as static as ever, so my position hasn’t changed.

      • What a clever Anon!

        You’ve caught me in my game of cat and mouse, and I’m feeling my comeuppance as we speak.

        LunarSD will trouble you no longer, so you are free to defend yourselves as much as you are capable.

        The wisdom in your posts, Anon, bespeaks an indomitable passion that I cannot equal.

        As a true-blooded feminazi, it frightens me to think that you may be capable of utilizing that same passion productively by tackling one of these To-Do Tasks from that evil organization calling themselves “Yes to Freedom”.

        I fear that if any of you here at Sankaku Complex were to work on completing these tasks, it may help expose us at Equality Now as intolerant fraudsters leeching our donors’ money (given in good faith by fools who think we actually work towards stopping female genital mutilation or other legitimate concerns) to support our radical book-burning agendas!

        Don’t do it!

        Don’t click that link!


        • From Moondoggie to Lunar SD:

          Um…. maybe we should just let EquNow troll about. i mean it’s not like DPJ takes the seriously. Maybe they’re just a bunch of women with no men trying to get men off anime and into real ones…. (Yeah, like that would happen….) And please some people here are also bashing Morals and Christians along with EquNow. It’s actually Morals that separates how otakus treat real girls from 3D 2D ones actually.

          @ the pragmatist:

          Well if your in with them, tell them to get more efficient….

          @ Lillith:

          Please don’t comment like that. Feminist are good people. It’s EquNow that’s to blame. they’re just a group of frauds who like to troll about.

          @ SankakuComplex

          You are officially on mainstream if you got EquNow’s eyes on you. Good for you! XD

        • LunarSD, you can’t reason with feminists just like you can’t reason with terrorists.

          They realize that their actions are wrong, but their wish to change reality into some naive and deranged fantasy has already surpassed every reason or common sense in their minds.

  • I still think that all of equality now should head over to the middle east for a rally/protest. ALL of them. EVERY LAST ONE should head there and not come back til they’ve accomplished “equality” there.

    • MusicalNote says:

      I think they should focus their efforts there, too, albeit, not so they can get shot like I think you’re insinuating…

      If they didn’t go on crusades against the fictional and actually focused their efforts on things that mattered I’d have some respect for them.

  • I wouldn’t mind equality now if they had a valid argument

    looking at porn makes me go out and abuse women??
    so watching James Bond movies makes me go out and be a spy?

    In reality, people who watch porn don’t do stuff with real women (Japan is an example with its very low birth rate)

    Restricting porn increases abuse of women.

    They are silly emotional women, they don’t have the ability to reason.

  • I still think it’s funny that yes the world these days is very unequal but it’s leaning in the opposite direction. White males this day and age have it the hardest in my opinion. It’s much easier for a woman to get a job because:

    1) employers are much more likely to hire female employees to represent their company at the POS because it looks good.

    2) If they don’t get hired for some reason they can just yell “discrimination!” and they’re likely to get attention.

    • MusicalNote says:

      I don’t know about that. I don’t really see either side having a harder time getting hired. Most of my male friends were hired just as fast as my female friends.

      I will say that men have it hard. They get called perverts for having natural sexual desires and using porn as an outlet, it’s assumed a man is a jerk when there are actually a number of nice ones out there, if a man is attacked by a woman he can’t defend himself or he’s deemed a wife beater. The list goes on, of course. I dare say, as of late, men in some countries are having a worse time of it than women thanks to abusing things in the name of equality…

      This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • They should remove Women’s Studies from all colleges, since that abomination only multiplies the number of self-righteous crusaders.

    Instead prescribe the triple-awesome combo of Differential Equations, Vector Calculus, and Linear Algebra. These courses:

    1.) teach young women that you can’t always get an A in class (i.e. you can’t always have it your way; and that by golly there is a limit to one’s intelligence, no matter how smart you think you are)
    2.) makes them smarter by providing them real challenge.
    3.) makes them think more logically, which severely reduces their chances in enrolling in stupid organizations such as Equality Now.
    4.) makes them more qualified to engage in high level research and engineering, so they can finally stop complaining about the glass ceiling, instead realizing how tough it really is up there.

    • Scanner Boy says:

      but then everyone complains when Saudi Arabia doesnt allow their women anything.


      all those ragheads with AK-47s?? they dont cover their women cuz their gay and puke at naked womenz!

      they do it, cuz they know were all this leads too!

      men getting their dicks cut off and put on a leash!

  • Women are nothing but sex slaves. Krauser raped his mother just before killing her and raped her again after killing her. Well, guess what? I raped my twin sister and because she is an obedient little brainless bitch she kep quiet about it. Now shes just a sex slave for me. Hentai fucks the world man, especially tentacle rape and bondage, loved the part when the girls scream help and beg for mercy, really turns me on. I wonder if they are any hot gals in Equality Now? MILFs works just as nice.
    And did I mention that I recently rubbed my crotch against a 10-year old girl in the train and cumed all over her chest? Aww…yeah.

  • Hey, If women want to make their own H games then go ahead. We won’t complain(would we?)What’s that don’t know how to make a game? Don’t know how a real penis looks like? YOur loss EN…

  • one of my computers is at the head of my bed so first thing i do when i wake up is go through my routine sites and SC happens to be the fourth on the list.

    Artefact you just made my day with this, thank you. I swear this must be a record lol

    “Can’t help but wonder what these sex withdrawn bitches that in all likelyhood have been dumped for stupid reasons by men (probably passed up for rapelay or something of the sort) will do next”

    /me crosses his fingers and hopes it appears as “evidence” on Equality Now’s website for extra shits and giggles

  • As a concerned citizen, I think word needs to be spread about the truth of (in)Equality Now, NOW.

    I see that (in)Equality Now is on Facebook, if only there was a way to contact all their fans and let them know.

    Inevitably, some people will still be too ignorant to see what is right in front of their eyes.

    Sadly, something tells me that spreading the word isn’t going to be enough. There needs to be some other outside factor, something that truly destroys their credibility, something that even the dumbest human can understand…

  • RandomAnonGuy says:

    This is rather amusing, if anything this group are desperate to pick random qoutes which caters to their views, not bothering to look at meaningful ones. Will be funny to see what happens next

    • RAG you misconstue them entirely. They would definitely bother to look at meaningful comments, it’s just that they would choose to overlook them and not quote them since they bring up good questions, whereas the sexist troll comments would not.

  • I demand that every hentai manga will have at least three pages about puting on a condom and reassuring that girl is over 18 and really want to make love! And all the hentai mangas released up to date should get additional pages printed and sent to the people who bought them. The word rape should be banned and changed for a harmless “poppyseed”!

  • Aren’t the fine lady at Equality now such an honest upright and honorable organization?

    I mean they show us what the worst anons on a site have to say to show us how holy their organization is…

    It’s not like ANYONE can post anonymously…right?

    I mean we COULD post anonymously on their site and spout feminist extremist bull and talk about turning all men into lobotomized zombie hive workers then show everyone that one anonymous post to show how evil THEY are…

    On a second thought, that is a freaking beautiful idea.

    Who wants to help me pose as neo nazi’s on christian conservative governor, senator and congressman blogs then show every media source the those anonymous posts that are representative of the greater CC population?

  • so many comments on this isn’t it admirable of them to want to protect a drawings life because they have a bright future, i wonder if i could get arrested for rape and murder if i cum on a drawing of a 12yr old and then burn the drawing to get rid of the evidence, not like i’ve ever done that of course

  • Very well written. However, Equality Now, being the shameless swines they are, will probably not budge at this article. What needs to be done is to spread the word on what (in)Equality Now is doing, and letting the people correct the wrongs of this misshapened organization.

  • Not surprising from a group that uses lies as a way to defend itself from the truth and to manipulate those less knowledgeable in such areas. They just can’t handle it themselves so they want to keep everyone else in the dark. Just like any extremist group or corrupt politician or pro-censorship organization. The fact that they pick this site, and the troll comments as some representation of all peop-*ahem* men who like Hentai clearly shows that they are desperate for some retribution against all those they disagree with.

    What’s funny and ironic is for an organization that blatantly calls the Japanese pedophiles and rapists for allowing such materials and those who enjoy it misogynists, without ANY proof that such materials would lead to a person becoming such, is now crying about people telling them to go work in a kitchen and die. Is it me or do I see hypocrisy there? Equality Now poked the sleeping tiger with a stick, gets mauled and then blames the tiger. The human psyche sure is pretty amusing with people like these.

    On another article regarding Equality Now, I mentioned how by banning such material would affect Japan’s economy. Many countries have been hit with recession which also led to high unemployment rates. By eliminating an industry, you will be helping the unemployment rate for men AND women. Do you honestly believe that only men enjoy this material? Do you honestly believe that only men work in this industry? Do you honestly believe women are being forced to work in this industry? Why is it that you only pick out the imaginary female characters but not the imaginary male characters? Are men that much detested by you that you even ignore the imaginary ones who are abused, raped, and humiliated by imaginary females?

    Also to add, where on earth are your priorities? There are millions of real women and girls who are abused, suffering and lack any equal rights, or for that matter any human rights around the globe. In the Middle East there are many girls as young as 10 being made brides and are forced into sexual activities. What about the child brothels in Thailand? How about trafficking of women and girls in Ireland? What about South Africa? Where women and young girls are raped so much so on a daily basis. You’re telling me that those aren’t as serious or important as fictional 2D images portraying women or men being raped. You’re also telling me that fictional characters are harmed more (lol) than that of actual women? If you think as much as so, I suggest you undergo psychiatric treatments to differentiate fantasy and reality.

    If you believe that such material would reinforce the idea that it is ok to rape. I hope you jest, but frankly looking at your ongoing crusade you are not. If that was true then the very same assumption would fit with murder. I suppose movies like ‘Saw’ or even the show ‘Dexter’ is implicating it is ok to torture and kill people. What about games like GTA? If society was so easily influenced by media to such a degree you probably wouldn’t be alive today. Liking something does not mean you will commit the act in response. Such materials weren’t around a thousand years ago, yet such crimes were around. Explain that and the connection it has with materials today. Censorship and taking peoples freedoms are not going to lower crime nor will it stop it. The biggest reason why you sometime see some kind of decline in crime statistic after is because it has gone into the black market which makes it much harder to find or detect. People will always find a way around things. Those who don’t care for the law to begin with will carry out crimes regardless. Have you ever thought that giving harsh sentences to people involved with Hentai will only mean that possibly some of those who are using it to vent will just target real women and girls? If they are going to receive the same punishment you get from actual rape and child abuse for enjoying Hentai, then they might as well do the real thing. Surely you do understand cause and effect right?

    Face it Equality Now. You are not an organization for equal rights, you are not an organization of justice, you are not an organization that put forth any substantial evidence, and you are most definitely not an organization that protects and support those most needed. You are however a hypocrite, ignorant idealists, arrogant busybody, embodiment of red herrings and manipulative snake which has been wholly shown in strides as you continuously try and stigmatize and criminalize all those in favor of Hentai. It is nothing but childish prattle. I fear for any country being dictated by such people who seek out to punish and criminalize innocent people because they are associated with something you disagree with.

    By Infernal….(ye I’m still too lazy to become a member here lol)

  • They lose any sense of credibility once you realize they are :

    A) Interfering with another country that is totally different from the one they live in. My suggestion, stop trying to ram your morals down the throat of a place that doesn’t even fall under the laws of the US!

    B) Bitching and moaning about fictional characters, but then they do not complain about REAL 13 year olds that are being forced to marry 50 and 60 year olds in the Middle east every day.

    • Agreed. They dont look at anything, in japan I dont think that people would really give a flying fuck about the amount of pornography, lolicon, etc. Everybody’s happy. Except not at that foreigner thats only pissed everyone off by making a few people lose their livelyhoods.

      Yes equality to those fictional characters… very logical o_o. Now what happened to those kids who just got raped in Africa?

      Now if they did something about that I’d be rooting for them. But they arent. They are just scum.

  • Ha, figures; I thought that Equality Now had been trolling these comments for a while now, and now we have proof.

    But anyway, there is one thing that Politicians and Activists groups like Equality Now either fail to realize or refuse to acknowledge, and that is that Porn and Violent Video Games are an outlet not a catalyst. If you look at the stats places with ready access to porn (regular and Fetish, this includes hentai and lolicon) have lower sex crime rates than places without access to such media.

    The same holds true for violent Games like GTA and what not. If I have a bad day at work I can go jack some cars, shoot up a bunch of people on a side walk, and beat a hooker to get my money back in a virtual environment, and not have to beat up someone in real life. In fact the Violent Crime rate has dropped since the mid nineties since these kinda games became available.

    Now even given the facts you will always have those who can’t separate fantasy and reality, as well as those who will try to twist things to suit their needs. Well I guess I’m done standing on my soap box now it’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m tired as hell, so I’m goin to bed.

  • SankakuAnon says:

    I think I’ve figured out one of Equality Now’s hidden goals. It’s to make more men into criminals. Think about it. Let’s say, Mr. X likes rape hentai, and needs it to get off on. Ban hentai all together and what option is he left with? Either he goes with the flow and doesn’t view it anymore and watch disgusting mainstream rape porn, or chooses one of the other two that make him a criminal. It’s entirely possible that he will get pent up urges as a result from a Hentai ban, and acts this out in reality and actually rapes someone. Or, he chooses to ignore the ban all together, and continues to watch Hentai, which still makes him a criminal for disregarding a stupid law. When I look at it this way, it seems like Equality Now’s true objectives is to screw over guys in general.

  • So what exactly are we supposed to do? We email they delete them, we show proof and facts about these topics and they deny, lie or both.

    So what are we supposed to do? You can’t reason with these people, it’s like trying to reason with a spoiled child, perhaps someone should start some kind of site like Anti-Equality Now or True Equality Now and expose scum like them, sort of like Wikileaks or something.

    But am I not seeing some options? They have made it very clear they will not listen at all, they are hell-bent on pushing their agenda, or are these type of articles suppose to damage their reputation, because they don’t seem to be very phased by them.

    • EN are trolls. What is it that trolls hate most? Being ignored.

      So, ignore them. They do not exist. They are irrelevant and behind the times. They are misguided and pitiable attention seeking drama queens.

      Do not mail them, do not write about them, do not plead with them, do not threaten them. Do not even acknowledge their existence. Scrub them from our collective memory.

      Give them nothing to feed on and watch them grind their teeth in frustration as they are ignored into obscurity. Which is as it should be.

      • Didn’t someone already try that? They made some sort of campaign and made a professional letter for them and a bunch of people all sent them out.

        It didn’t seem to help at all, they just denied all the facts.

        • I was actually thinking this as well, it has a religious stink all over it, all we need is proof and that should lose them a few points, religious groups have been getting in a lot of fire lately.

          But I don’t plan on lying threw my teeth like they choose to, it shouldn’t be to difficult to prove it, if it’s true that is.

        • i think most people here have already attempted it. They’re not going to listen to anybody except those who completely support their views.

          Sure it might offend them, but nobody is asking them to even get near this content, yet they’re trying to take it down even though it doesn’t even affect them one bit.

          IF they really wanted to protect women, and if thats their honest agenda then yes i’d support them. But it sounds nothing like that, it sounds like profiteering, exploiting logical fallacies of the absent minded is what they do.

          Unfortunately most of the world is dominated by people who are conservative, people who don’t accept anything foreign. Ultimately if this is left to its own devices equality will be the last thing that we see.

          People really need to step up, in politics and actually speak out. As various articles on sankaku have pointed out, theres ALWAYS a gender bias with the law, instead of being even for both genders, it has went from being sexist for women to sexist for men; i.e. 15 years for possession of illicit material by a man, but only 1 year for a woman who raped somebody.

          I’d blame religion for this. So many of the moral values are only morally correct for those who employ it. What I am referring to is the christian, capitalist, conservative nature of most politicians who have the most power. Yes I understand that some of you may be christian here but thats not what I’m getting at.

          I’d bet that those EN women are all filthy rich and definately religious.

  • Ugly women like that should be removed from society. I propose we bring back slavery where the uglies are made into labour (and away from sight), and the nice looking ones become our whores. That’s how the world is meant to be. Men over women.

    ..I hope they feature my comment on their site.

  • Since women got rights the only thing that came out of it is bullshit like this.

    Fuck, I wish I was born when women were actual women, not stupid, childish men with breasts and a vagina.

  • This is what you get for giving women the same rights as men. Schopenhauer was completely right with “On women” from his work “Arthur Schopenhauer: Essays and Aphorisms”. If just more people were educated, women would have never been treated equally as men and humanity could focus on science and progress rather than trivial nonsense like this, which is only caused by women.

  • you know who these “women” remind me of? those stupid black activists running around trying to get movies to stop showing black people living in ghettos

    i mean seriously…. society does not reflect the media, the media reflects society

    i’ve personally known feminists, rape victims, and victimizers, the base problem is not in the porn, hentai, or anything else FICTIONAL

    the problems are within the people and society

    these f*cking lunatic activists need to get off their lazy letter writing bums and maybe do something useful

    like instead of punishing artists and creative people working out their kins through games and hentai, maybe they could lobby for mandatory death sentences for rapists, that’s something i’d vote for in a heartbeat

    would save us tax money, filter the population, and deter crime, all in one fell swoop and without crippling our god (or devil) given right of free expression

    if we weren’t meant to be creative, in both kosher and explicit ways, we wouldn’t have the mental capacity to do so

  • This is all sorts of sad. Demanding censorship even for the most well meaning goals puts you in the same team with all the other totalitarians – facists and communists had good intentions too, and look what became of them. There’s no sensible dialogue, no attempts at compromise, only festering hate. I’m glad that most feminists aren’t in this bandwagon.

    And hell, while you can really find plenty of juvenile misogynism on the web, this blog included, attacking it as your primary target is only attacking a minor symptom of a much bigger issue, and even complete victory would cause nothing but a backlash of even worse bitterness, and certainly would do nothing to alleviate the misogynism of lonely nerds.

    Fighting porn won’t bring equality to women – fringe porn watched by a tiny minority with little or no power in politics or business world even less. This group has clearly lost its perspective of their true goal a long ago, and just lash at anything they find distasteful.

    And incidentally folks, try to get a little class in your comments. Showing how “right” they are is hardly a solution.

    • Unfortunately, ma’am, many of the anons out here probably cut class, so have little of it to share. yeah, bad joke… I know.

      Both sides are being short-sighted about this for the most part, sadly. There ARE good comments being made here, but it’s hard to read over the ones stating “BACK TO THE KITCHEN, BITCHES!!”.

      Thanks for interjecting your own views here. God knows we could always use more.

      See folks? There ARE sane people in the feminist ranks. ^^

      • Meme or not, Equality Now won’t know or care if it’s a joke. They can’t take a fucking joke…. they’ve proved it before, right?

        *I* know it’s a meme. It’s a pretty juvenile one, IMHO, but whatever.

      • the_pragmatist says:

        The “back to the kitchen” thing is a meme. People don’t say it because they mean it. They say it because it’s a meme and because these women have made them mad. Equality Now strips the meme nature out upon reading it because they probably don’t even know what a meme is.

    • MusicalNote says:

      You made me very happy. You’re one of the first people I’ve heard admit that most feminists aren’t as insane as EN in a long time.

      Yeah, something I find mind boggling is they take posts from random Joes on the net. While Grandma Muriel may not be able to tell that a post written by someone on a blog is not indicative of the general consensus on so said site, surely, someone with more experience on the web will understand that people say shit they don’t believe just because they CAN when they’re on the internet. Very few people would say the comments they quoted face to face with anyone, unless they were trying to get beaten to a barely recognizable pulp.

  • Oh, so they are reading here?


    You’re no different than sad moralists that thinks will save the world with your crap.

    You’re on the same level as Jack Thompson and other crooks.

    You feed of the same bag of turd.

    You’re even worse than anonymous trolls.

    Go find yourself a fucking job. ANY will do… cleaning public toilets for instance. At least this will you’ll be actually contributing to society.

    Or at least have the decency of admiting you are here because you like the content, and not some other lame ass excuse.

    If you want equality you better start practicing it, dumbfucks. Because it’s fucking easy to select posts on any random blog to use them as excuse to your censorship measures.

    I’m willing to bet some of them were posted by your people too.

    Dictatorships were made on the same principles. To have an “equal” society.

    Also, it’s so fucking easy to go after online and virtual content that’s harming no one right?
    Why don’t you and your people go work in real cases?
    There are plenty of countries out there, and Japan is the last on the list, were REAL children are kidnaped, abused and murdered every fucking day.

    And hear this: banning hentai will do NOTHING to solve those cases, and will also do NOTHING to make them stop.

    But you need to prove your stupid baseless theory that japanese H Games are the cause of it all, right? Even at the cost of other people’s rights and freedom of speech.

    Fucking get out of your little magical world and open your eyes, idiots. If you want equality you’re going the opposite direction.

  • As I said: “Modern women who seek to destroy all men.”
    Surprised none of MY comments were there, I feel a bit insulted… Then again, though perhaps some think otherwise, I’m not a “Troll” like their cherry picked comments. I do make some strong statements, but on topic and I argue the point and welcome debate.

    However, is there any way to get staff names and such? I wouldn’t be surprised if we could trace back to academia and find a “Tuna Melt – Man hating Sorority” of women with outspoken hatred of men who consider even consensual heterosexual sex to be a form of “Rape” that the “Brainwashed by the Man” woman submits to.

  • Sometimes I feel like children are more mature when it comes to bickering and arguing. At least they have the common decency to shut up and ignore each other when they can’t take it anymore. Equality Now’s immature use of some of the most asinine retorts the internet has ever seen is just a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. They’re just two groups of neanderthal cretins who really try the limits of free speech. Freedom of speech is nice and all, but I hate the freedom of idiocy that comes along with it.

  • My first reaction to seeing this, and knowing the unmoderated nature here, was to believe they had someone working for them post the messages so they could then “find” and quote them as things on another site.

    • MusicalNote says:

      If it weren’t for the nature of many of the people on the site, I’d agree with you. We all like a good troll at times. Even I will go out of my way to provoke drama if I’m too bored, rarely actually believing the opinion I present. I think that at least in one case, it was just trolling and someone decided to use it to their advantage.

      This isn’t to say it’s not possible, they’d say anything to promote their agenda after all, I think it’s just more likely that someone was trying to get a rise out of others, not expecting they’d add fuel to the fire.

  • Oh, Equality Nooooow. I seeeee youuuu…

    now proceed to insert some type of a vibrating contraption in your vagina, to get much needed release. maybe then you’ll stop feeling jealous of the 2D lolis that get all the action, you know you’ll never get.

  • I really, really wonder what they are trying to accomplish?

    They are not trying to:
    1) fix a problem because there is no factual evidence to support what they claim is the problem.
    2) enforce equality because they are using cheap propaganda to gain leverage.
    3) protect or help women because oppression and rape are still invariably prevalent everywhere.
    4) be moralistic because there is nothing ethical about harassing and forcing people to join a misguided cause.

    Honestly, is this some sort of prank or joke?

    • These are my hypothesis:

      * banning 2d pron is just a front in their scam to collect funds (like it says in the last link of the post).

      * They are actually backed by the 3d pron industry to destroy 2d pron industry so that well….. its business. Take note that they are doing NOTHING to real women abuse happening around the world (and no, don’t they dare give me that “somebody else is fighting it” crap).

  • Oooh now I get why I never got a reply nor was quoted. I wrote serious an stuff, while these fags were waiting for something more “representative” of what they think of us.

    These blind lyers

  • This is what you get for giving women rights. Women aren’t fit for thinking or making decisions, that’s how nature made them. Women are there to make children and support men, why is it so hard to accept?

    Anyone else noticed that only the ugly or/and fat women are radical feminists? All the good looking, pretty girls are happy with their natural roles of mothers and supporters.

    God, I hate feminists.

  • Really, this is to a point of being absolutely ridiculous. As a female myself, I find this sort of behavior not only downright terrible but idiotic. I’ve never commented here myself, but to ban creativity like this is absolutely devilish.

    True, female rights are valuable, but most hentai/rape/incest/ecchi/etc games are stemmed as an escape. It’s very much akin to the concept of a Death Note, and how kids are using it as an escape for their problems only for the media to blow it out of hand. There is no reason this should become another ‘Death Note’. Period.

    These type of games are creative, they tell a story that at times can just be porn, but other times be thought provoking and very meaningful. Many games are actually tasteful as the sexual part is only another part to the story itself. There’s a lot of emotion in the act of sex, so in a fictional sense it’s bringing more emotion into the story itself, which in turn pulls in readers/players of all kinds. The fact some group like this wants to limit this sort of development is just so sad.

    What if a female made one of these games? Is it then okay? Despite the fact that some women actually play or enjoy these games is not enough, they have to limit freedom to write and explore different story techniques. Sure, the ecchi stuff is a plus and people have their fetishes, but half of the argument here is that it is censoring a story along with the H.

    I would be lying if I said I didn’t agree with some sort of censoring in Japan, that made it a little bit easier for children not to walk into a 7-11 type of place to find porn right on the front shelf, but that also goes in turn with parents watching where their children go. Japan still has one of the lowest sexual crime rates in the world, that’s something to be proud of! Obviously there is an escape for this somewhere.

    I truly hope Japan does not give in, and I’m disappointed in this group for being as deceitful as they have been.

    • I love the post, thanks ms anon.

      I also attempt sometimes to bring non-hentai liking girls to see that there is more to some hentai manga than scenes of a sexual nature.

      nana to karou for example is currently being picked up by a friend of a friend.

      I never once had to make the argument to anyone I’ve talked to, that “if it didn’t have a good story, how then did it make it to publication at all?”

      All the people I’ve spoken to in not-a-great length about hentai genre manga recommendations, have received great response, the girls amongst them are in fact, in my opinion, rather more open minded for talking to me about the manga, rather than flaming me, flagging me, or insulting me… heck I think they are great people.


      xinnie, noobzilla, sparkie, thantosx, are the people I was talking about, they show up in the chatango shout box on the oddsquadscans site daily. They all talked to me instead of shunned me for my manga reccs… two girls and two boys.

      noobzilla tells me not to make a habit out of influencing people to read h-manga, unless those people are already reading h-manga without my help… and that is about as serious a complaint I’ve ever gotten. I’ve taken to pm links to people that ask for them as well, even though I wasn’t told to.

      I’ve got to say though, I’ve never actually tried getting other people to read h-manga with good stories, before oddsquadscans was created.

      in other words I kept to myself, and never spoke about good reads, so if anything h-manga gave me the opportunity to communicate socially with others more so than if it didn’t exist… this makes it a benefit to society, if ever I tried to speculate some benefit from hentai to society I’d use this example of opening up to others about my pervertedness, and affection of 2d over 3d.

      I am an escapist… unemployed… poor education… medical disability allowing me 72 pounds a month for being disabled… (I’m in the UK, where it almost always rains..) and I’m told by my friends and family that I most likely have depression.

      2d hentai, 2d stories, 2d wraps me up in a nice warm blanket away from society, all of its influences, and from commuting acts of hostility or depravity on others. I’m not the best example, but thanks to 2d, I’m not one of the worst cases of people in the world…

      I used to play with a guy around my age, when I was younger… he… steals and hurts people.. blames it on addiction now… but I know he never liked 2d as much as me… he stole my last laptop.. his name was Jack Watson and I probably spelled that wrong….

      The police let him go, so I’m even more depressed, than I would be normally.. all thanks to reality…

    • You are right,girl!You are so right!I agree with you 1000 % totally.
      By the way the Japanese H game industry is fighting back intheir own way.Believe me when you got a Prime Minister that love ecchi stuff its natural to give EN the finger.
      I believe that Sankaku already cover the story of Japanese game industry fighting back the law.

    • Well said. I believe if Equality Now gets their way and wants to ban eroge in general, then not only are they banning a certain area of creative license/freedom, they’re also stemming the flow of creativity further down the line. Several of these games with good plot development have eventually become anime or manga, some of which are considered masterpieces of artwork. I can think of a few off the top of my head…AIR/Kanon both had H-scenes in their first visual novel release, as well as Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night…

      About the question “What if a female made one of these games?”, I have a great answer for you that should help the cause. There’s at least one female who illustrates for H-games…Noizi Ito (known as the chara designer for Shakugan no Shana and the Haruhi series) is also one of the illustrators for UnisonShift (they’re the studio behind Alice Parade and Nanatsuiro Drops, another game with H-elements that was adapted into an anime).

      • There are many females illustrating (or even writing) for h-games, but Noizi Ito is probably the most famous of them.

        However, EN doesn’t care about that. Rest assured that they know about female involvement in the industry. They either want to “free” them from “having to do that”, or simply regard them as traitors that decided to side with the enemy. Well, admittedly I don’t know if EN thinks that way, but many radical feminists do. The whole “traitor” idea was invented – and is still propagated – by German radical feminist Alice Schwarzer. And she enjoys a HUGE following…

    • Well said, Ms. Anon! ^^

      It’s always good to hear how it is on the other side of the Divide between Genders. This is not just about male gamers defending their freedom to enjoy a harmless pastime free of the meddling of certain groups who should’ve been concentrating their efforts on ACTUAL crimes against women worldwide rather than picking on a fringe element.

      Women, like men, are Sexual Creatures. Many might not agree, but deep down they also have the same needs to be fulfilled lest they harm themselves or others(and quite possibly an innocent person… a minor or adult) trying to fill those needs.

      That, plus your point about the games having more than just sex scenes is in desperate need of being pointed out. I’ve played eroge which made me think, or on rarer occasions made me shed manly tears for the pain of the protagonists.

      Equality Now bit off more than they could chew, and are now beginning to reap the harvest they’ve sown. 🙂

    • You, no matter what, deserve my respect for this one comment. Also, would you mind if I copied what you wrote and sent it into EN for them to think about? I know a lot of girls who dislike what EN is doing and think they should stay out of other countries affairs despite the fact that they themselves don’t like porn. Thank you Miss. Anon for your comments and I hope you post on this site again.

      • Feel free to send it to them, I’m actually writing a more lengthy post on it on my own personal anime blog. I really think more girls should speak up about this, it is rather alarming.

        • the_pragmatist says:

          Please be sure to mention Yes To Freedom (yestofreedom.org) in your post. It helps to get the word out that we’re doing something about these EN people who choose the wrong path. If you want to link-love equality-now.blogspot.com then that would help too; if nothing else, we want to googlebomb Equality Now so we come up above the actual charity in search results 😉

    • MusicalNote says:

      Miss, I think I love you. I forgot all about the fact that many games have stories that are awesome in their own right. The same goes for H Manga, as I’ve read a few that left me enthralled to the point I forgot I was reading porn.

      The thought of such things being outlawed makes me feel a bit empty. I like my smut, but I love a great story. They always leave me feeling inspired, and in many cases, evoke emotions that I can’t get in H-less media. Almost nothing makes you hate a villain nearly as much as him or her breaking your favorite character, and it’s much more charged if what he or she does is shown ‘on screen’.

  • Wow. Desperate much?

    God. This is so…typical.


    They need to be like tied to a chair and be forced to watch endless eight 15,689 times…

    That is the only suitable punishment…

  • Men are saying that being attracted to loli is normal for a man, but…

    Am I a normal woman for being attracted to shota? The thought of a little boy pumping in and out of me gets my juices flowin.

    • You’re northpole776? Well, you are a huge asshole that deserves to die for really thinking like that, but thank you for helping to provoke EN into making a huge mistake anyway.

      Ignore the above if you were merely exercising your trolling skills back then.

  • Is it so unusual that they highlight “only the most deranged or trollish”? This is one of the standard techniques of persuasion. This website does the exact same thing by focusing only on Equality Now’s assault on our much-loved porn industry. I’m sure that they do much more than rail away at Japan. (Actually, I’m too lazy to research properly, so if I’m wrong, lol, whoops.)
    Regardless, unless consumers obtain more clout politically or economically, we can’t beat them at the persuasion game. Enraged at such helplessness, half-witted fools post retarded crap, leading to a vicious cycle that constantly replenishes EN’s persuasive ammo.
    You have to remember that the average American is a politically unassuming idiot, and that this is the cashflow EN is thriving on. They can generate income just for making it look like something is getting done. While nothing is actually being accomplished toward worthwhile objectives, the average American woman with her less-than-average brain will think, “Oh, they’re fighting off internet terrorists, maybe I should donate a couple of my husband’s hard-earned bucks.”
    I don’t know if you realize this, but you’re screwing your own selves over, people. On the bright side, they will never be able to get onto doujin circles since they posses courage and ability beyond what we, behind our internet anonymity, could ever hope to achieve.

    • the_pragmatist says:

      They do good things, yes, but you’re not being fair when comparing what we’re doing to what Equality Now is doing. EN specifically and intentionally took remarks out of context or picked joke or troll posts to show their members “what they’re fighting against.” We are not taking EN out of context or picking obscure quotes from their members or staff. We’re directly, logically opposing them, and showing PROOF through STUDIES and STATS that indicate they are pursuing an avenue that goes against their stated goals to reduce rape and violence and rights violations against women.

      They choose to respond by ignoring the arguments. Not only that, they picked the most extreme comments available which most of us probably disagree with, and said that those comments were representative of all of us in this community and on the “other side” of the debate.

      And yes, most Americans are uneducated, ignorant, or even downright dumb on such topics, which doesn’t help. We counter that by educating.

  • Their aim is to curve the thought of the masses by removing eroge. Eroge and the like basically lets consumers know that this type of entertainment is socially acceptable, that you’re not alone and that it’s something enjoyable. By removing eroge they want to suggest that it doesn’t exist because it’s a bad thing, thus curving the not-so-bright from reenacting their favorite scenes.

    While not a terrible idea to make some change, since law enforcement are supposedly watching over real women, their execution is something that could see much improvement. It’s never a good thing to make the internet your enemy.

    • HAHAHA!Are you born in the 40’s and lives through the 50’s?That era is what equality now wants back.An Era full of Cencorship while ignoring the segragation plus Racism,Sexism,Fundamentalism and other not so nice stuff.
      C’mon America I thought you were past those awful decades.Grow Up!!Please!!!!

    • But if that theory were true, in countries where extreme porn is seen as socially acceptable, wouldn’t they have higher rates of sexual crimes?

      Research says it’s actually the exact opposite. Prevalence of extreme porn like in Japan correlates to less sexual crime.

      • Original anon, replying.

        As mentioned, I believe their aim is focused on popular media victimizing women rather than the women who are or have been victimized. They’re latching onto anime, games and the like as its targeted toward a younger audience, and it’s a newer form of media compared to conventional pornography.

        I don’t think that their efforts to stomp out a relatively new form of pornography will see any success, but I can’t blame them for trying. There’s always going to be someone out there that doesn’t like something, even if you think that everyone loves it (e.g., some hate puppies and kittens).

        It’s only a matter of time before Equality Now switches focus to high-definition stereoscopic porn, so we’ll just have to ride this one out.

  • Palmtop Tiger says:

    So just how did they stumble upon Sankaku Complex?

    Be alert fellow anons, those females looming about under the guise of mothers of sisters may be one of these feminists. We are at war!

  • lobbyist groups all have extremist view regarding pornography and sexual content. Much like religion, a logical argument against these folks simply does not register, they only cherry pick what ever they feel they can prove to serve their own argument.

    Equality now only picks on the japanese ero scene since they know they can’t do jack shit to save real girls in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Thailand.

  • MusicalNote says:

    I hope someone hacks their sites, credits (with links) to the posts, and many of the backlash such comments they receive. THEN post pure win posts by the likes of Atma in the same articles. Maybe, just maybe, they’d lose support when their followers are educated to the fact that hentai isn’t evil, and that the people they’re supporting are, in fact, leading them by their own ignorance.

      • MusicalNote says:

        Hm, I’m not sure I’m reading MYOB correct. “Mind your own business”?

        There’s a difference between going to a site and defacing it and correcting their information, so I’m not sure how that’s ‘just as bad’.

        I will admit that after thinking over it a little longer, it might not be the best idea since they’d likely try to pass it off as an ‘internet terror attack’ and use it to get more donations. That, and there could be legal issues involved with it.

        I do think pointing out the sources to their members SOMEHOW would at least get some wheels turning. I know a few people who thought that EN was a group for justice, reading the information on their site, but when they saw things that made them suspicious on another site they did research and stopped supporting them.

      • So you’re saying having female members of this site do a bit of rational civilized nitpicking on our behalf wouldn’t be a good idea? I dunno… Silence never protected anyone.

        Although… because of all the hate mail sent to RN’s membership over this whole thing, you might have a point.

    • I haven’t seen Atma around in a while though. She may have RL issues to deal with, or she’s just browsing when she can and doesn’t have time to chime in.

      But yeah… leave it to a member of the same gender to fill that group’s logic ship full of more holes. XD

      • MusicalNote says:

        I miss reading Atma’s posts, and hope she’s alright wherever she is.

        It’s actually not surprising that a girl can poke so many holes in the logic, especially people like Atma who take the time to write coherent posts that use logic instead of pure emotion as the basis. EN claims to be trying to protect us, but they’re trying to take away freedoms from people in our name. Both genders can see the flaws, but men aren’t taken seriously on the issue because, well, they’re assumed to be misogynists for even holding an opinion on the matter, which is sad.

  • This means they must be aware of the negative correlation between loli media and child rape in Japan. So they’re continuing on this crusade knowing more girls are likely to be raped as a result.

    Can we get them de-listed as a charity for pursuing non-charitable goals?

      • the_pragmatist says:

        Nonprofit organizations under US 501(c)(3) classification are allowed to spend an “insubstantial” portion of their total donations on lobbying. They are also not prevented from having political views. They cannot endorse any political candidate in particular, but they can tell their members how they ought to vote to support their goals. If a nonprofit is operating in a for-profit manner, or if they are not working for the betterment of society or some aspect of it in general, they may lose their nonprofit status. Proving this may be very difficult for EN, however. I’ve explored the idea already and found that complaining to the Internal Revenue Service to have their 501c3 status pulled would likely fail. Still, we need to keep watch and see what they do.

  • Sadly, Sankaku Complex is an irony-free zone. I wonder if anyone here realises that you don’t have to “cherry-pick” responses from Sankaku to show a lot of fans are hateful, violent, sexist, disgusting pigs who don’t do ANYTHING to support their own position. The common response here is less “no we’re not all a bunch of perverts” than “yes, we’re all perverts, which is perfectly OK since you bitches only exist for us to rape anyway.” Fuck you.

    I don’t agree with EN, but frankly you’re bringing it on yourselves. You deserve this bullshit.

    • In a world where speech is protected it is no surprise that conflicting views come to surface. On this site there are a multitude of people with opinions that may at times contradict themselves. However, to cherry-pick comments and generalize about the whole would be a logical fallacy.

      The same holds true of feminists. Just because a significant portion of feminists hate men and another portion loves men does not mean that all feminists hate men or all feminists love men.

      I find it interesting that EN would rather focus on the opinions of a few members of Sankaku rather than focus on broad data. Surely, the inverse correlation between prevalence of pornography and sexual assault would hold greater weight when it comes to policy making.
      Could EN be using this ploy to appeal to emotion? I think so.

        • MusicalNote says:

          Uhg, I honestly hate PETA. It’s hard for me to decide who is worse between them and EN. I love animals, and their shenanigans are monstrous at best. I lost track of who forgot their ‘intended’ (intended being what they claim to be about) goals first. Peta may actually win that round after the whole “freezer full of dead animals” thing.

    • Because if fucktard feminazi groups like Equality Now didn’t bitch about Japan’s H anime and game industry, then the majority of the people here won’t have to give a bullshit about feminists.

      I couldn’t just blame the people here spitting out even the worst of demeaning words against radical feminazi groups like the EN.

      EN deserves to be badmouthed because it started all the BS which has been happening until now. What EN sows is what it reaps.

    • Are you really talking about SC? Yeah there were a lot of hateful comments but there were also a lot of comments which brought up logical arguments.
      Most noteworthy would be that Lunar guy who always have references to back up his arguments and even made a website with ready made letters!

  • foul play muthafuckers! If they think they are so damned powerful then why don’t they make us a sandwich?

    I think over 70% of the protesters are soccer moms and women that will not have a partner in their lives

        • kajunbowser says:

          “The people don’t want to hear the truth. All you need is a loud voice, and a noble cause, and the people will believe anything you tell them to be the truth.”

          ^Apparently, [In]Equality Now, as well as a certain party, believes in the words of Col. Dewey Novak. Now they’ve been exposed on their posts. All we need now are some effeminate men to dress as “convincing” traps and videotape their gatherings.

        • MusicalNote says:

          Hmm, it’s pretty similar to a cult, only I don’t think everyone is as fanatical as the leaders themselves, and you aren’t FORCED to stay with them.

          The people I’ve actually talked to about EN start to wise up pretty quick after a simple comment of “Do the research on them”.

          There’s no doubt that EN uses similar tactics and has a similar mindset, though.

  • I hope Japan already knows how small and extremist a group Equality Now is, and they do not in any way represent the opinion of the entire world.

    In short, Japan tell these bitches to fuck off! This ain’t gonna stop until you do.

  • silentcomet says:

    no wonder the world is distorted…its not al qaeda ruining the world..its a ragtag group called Equality Now making excuses that pornography ruined the world

    as quoted from Charles Di Britannia

    “The world is full of lies!, Thou shall not kill, Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not bear false witness, Thou shall not commit adultery, These are all lies, all deceptions.

    That is why they use lies like justice and morals to protect their weak selves. The original truth is the survival of the fittest, One must devour it all, whether be it humans,wealth,power,or the world itself! ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!”

  • As much as they want to do the right thing for women,they haven’t even done a damn thing about what happen to a Japanese women who was rape in College other then attacking a Blogger they don’t like.