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Burglar Dismembered with Katana in Samurai Self-Defence


A serial burglar was spectacularly slain with a katana after he broke into a man’s home; the man hacked off the burglar’s hand and slashed his neck, killing him.

Police have not charged the killer, as he was judged to be acting in self-defence.

The man whose home was invaded was a medical student at the esteemed John Hopkins University in Baltimore, living with several other students; he had recently reported a similar break-in in which laptops and a PlayStation were stolen.

Being confronted by another intruder, a 40-year-old career criminal just released from prison, with a long history of burglaries, he was in no mood to back down.

The burglar was discovered breaking in via their garage, and whilst police were summoned the burglar was confronted by the student, who was armed with a katana.

Police describe the burglar lunging at the student, who “then retaliated by striking him with a samurai sword, severed his left hand and gave severe lacerations to the upper torso,” fatally injuring him.

Police politely skirt about his unusual choice of weapon in a nation which prefers to commit homicides with firearms:

“I think everyone has the right to first of all defend themselves and defend their home and if this individual felt that a samurai sword was an appropriate tool to do so, I’m not in a position to say that’s good or bad.”

Self-defence and the right to bear arms, whether sword or otherwise, are of course highly cherished liberties in the USA.

Via SMH.

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