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One day I’ll get around to playing the FF games. One day. Maybe when I’m bored.

Random — already saw FFXIII sword replicas being sold, at a Renaissance Festival of all places. They looked cool, for like ~$25, but then I saw the branding…

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  • Appleseed Anime Adaptation Announced (Again):
    I think I am the only one who liked (or at least didn’t mind) the two CG movies. So yeah, good news IMMHO.

  • Appleseed Anime Adaptation Announced (Again):
    Well, there was a planned anime called Appleseed Genesis that’s been caught up in afaik legal issues. This one’s a different project.

  • Katana vs Broadsword:
    1) Tamahagane was “on of the best steel alloy for swords available with the technology of the time” — in Japan. Europeans had far greater resources. The reason the Japanese smiths became so good at metalworking when compared to their western counterparts is because they had poorer materials to start with, thus a need to work them harder. 2) The Japanese did invent the folding method in Asia, IIRC. First, they imported Chinese swords, which were flimsy and bend when held out sideways. They then …

  • Kiss×sis Incest Fellatio Action:
    The Japanese are just kinda funny about censorship. I mean, the SanCom chan’ has a tag called ‘pointless_censoring’ for a reason.

  • Kiss×sis Incest Fellatio Action:
    No, that’d be Aki-Sora. The brother’s a spineless Makoto, and the twin sister’s a psycho. Do the math.


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