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  • Mass Effect 2 Sells 8,864 Copies in Japan:
    People read any more? or you just like reading half the bullshit thats being fed without even trying to comprehend? (The “>translated<" version was finally released on the 13th of January 2011)

  • Dragon Age 2 Announced:
    HAHAHAHA! It’s Funny Cause It’s True! ^^

  • Dragon Age 2 Announced:
    “Dark ugly western rpg and every guy has muscles lmao. ………………………….and people hate on jrpgs cliches.” Last time I checked a human biology book, every guy has muscles.

  • Highschool of the Dead “Greatest Masterpiece”:
    Cantido said: This manga was in publication before the concept of the game was even conceived. Not a good comparison regardless. That's not entirely true, Do not think valve, think the company, they purchased the game from. "Turtle Rock Studios" L4D was conceived in Nov. 2006 – HS of the dead Sept. 2006 not too far off from each other. On November 20 2006, Turtle Rock Studios announced Left 4 Dead, a co-operative multiplayer action game.

  • Jienotsu Crushes Brazil “Otaku Will Conquer the World”:
    Would love to see him switch to MMA and fight in europe and america.


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