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They give a whole new definition of otaku. Serious business here. BLAH.

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  • Tokyo Game Show 2009 Sexy Booth Babe Cosplay:
    I like to watch cosplay. Personally you’d have to pay me if you wanted to see me in a cosplay. If I had alot on I’ll be lenient. But skimpy outfits demand more mullah.

  • 100,000,000 Hits:
    All the lolicons, weirdos, fappers, tree huggers, 2d goers, anime fans, otakus, political science majors, psychology majors, wannabes, weeaboos, converted innocent passerby’s, and those rare chicks. Thank you all for coming.

  • Hot Sex AV Idol Gallery:
    Nope a test. I might go ask my friend to help me out.

  • Hot Sex AV Idol Gallery:
    Guys can cum but I heard chicks can too. Actually fingering myself to find out but to no avail.

  • Sukumizu Idol Gallery:
    Hmmm too young looking but whatever…. I’d still hit it like loli express.


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