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you have to be retarded for attempting to slam this game by talking about real world physics and her body mass.

it’s a FANTASY game. Why the fuck do you guys insist on having ugly main characters? Is it so you can relate better to it?

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  • Black Bullet Bloody Loli Anime:
    So yeah the mask guy has a force field thing that repels their special metal (maybe normal metal too) – But he’s sitting in the middle of a room full of little girls that could beat the shit out of him. It was already shown that physical attacks effect him and even if his daughter is there the two of them wouldn’t be able to take all of them. So the explanation for this is they just didn’t think of that / know this?

  • Black Bullet Bloody Loli Anime:
    am i the only one who thought he should have kneecapped the two cops and then beat the ever loving shite out of them

  • Black Bullet Bloody Loli Anime:
    My loli is better than your loli.

  • Black Bullet Bloody Loli Anime:
    Yeah, it’s pretty cruel. Enju is awesome thou :)

  • Hollywood’s All You Need Is Kill “May Not Be Bad”:
    “From the Director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith” they forgot to add “Rip off of slant eyes queer Otaku keyboard Fighter that need Kill”


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