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There’s a thing called “Suspension of Disbelief” guy, whenever you write stuff. Enough fantastic elements and a person needs the SoD of a Fursuit Lifestyler to get into it.

And I’ll probably buy the game and play it later anyways;-)

Not even going to watch EITHER “Transformers” movie, for the record.

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  • Bayonetta Gets One-Handed Onanism Mode:
    Yeah, I’ll definitely buy it!!! The sheer “Over the Top” makes up for it. Just finished watching the trailers, I’d based most of my text on magazine pictures I saw. I like “Vampire hunter D” even though the premise; “Monster is a monster hunter” was done to death long ago.

  • Bayonetta Gets One-Handed Onanism Mode:
    Yeah, I thought— “Whoa! Boy! Someone’s got a masturbation fantasy fetish they are inflicting on the world that causes them pain!” This imagery makes me wince. Although a “Leftist” (what I’m usually called) I’m no stranger to guns or their use, though I’d only use them in self defense. Her fetishist walking on guns scares me. 1. Jamming. Even if she’s a bulimic lady, she still weighs plenty to pack the barrels with dust and dirt. If the gun is fired with those blocked, it can blow up, probably …

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  • Microsoft: $100 Xbox Cut “Nothing To Do With” PS3 Slim:
    Why deny? I mean, they can’t expect everyone in a recession to own all three game systems when they are new, can they? Therefore, for their own sakes (and all the employees down to the sweatshops in China’s) they have to compete… I’ll probably really like both systems… When I buy them used… That’s assuming any 360s survive that long! Right now I still love my PS2. My Xbox crashes and once in a while can’t read a disk, but when I get it to work it is great. The PS2 works and works and …

  • Ero-Figures Too Hot for Comiket!:
    -Nice little bit of distraction from my joke. At least I wasn’t called racist for my Non-PC but not meant to be racist “Engrish is vely hard to spik” talk. “Ameri(swastika)a” would work, but there’s no easy to reach ASCII derivative symbol. I’d actually be more inclined to use “Annexia” but people wouldn’t get it. America (I’ll keep it polite for this response) is failing. More or less the same way ancient Rome did. Certain groups (the rich elite) figured out they could vote themselves money, …

  • Ero-Figures Too Hot for Comiket!:
    Hahaha… Like I remembered earlier, I am truly fascinated with the “Alternative Romance” film; “Tubgirl” where a woman gets orange juice enemas and sprays it all over herself in a bathtub, including into her open mouth. And of course the juice brings out chunks of feces with it… BUT-even during this the videos and photos are edited to be in compliance with Japan’s censorship laws. Her vagina and asshole are very lightly pixelated out when they can be seen between her legs and the geysers of …

  • DPJ’s Election Pledge: “We’ll Raise Taxes 15%!”:
    I’d be “Smarter” and use “Annexia” but nobody gets it…

  • DPJ’s Election Pledge: “We’ll Raise Taxes 15%!”:
    And that, exactly, is why there will be a catastrophic collapse soon in most major governments. This man is willing to do the necessary actions to keep their government stable and he’s met with bitter opposition. In AmeriKKKa, Social Security is in jeapordy because it was raided by one administration after another, massive funds taken and replaced with IOU’s. Social Security, despite their blatant lies, was never “Insoluble”, since it was by definition a “Bad Investment”. You would need to live …


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