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Kodomo no Jikan Loli Oppai Exposure Manga



The latest chapter of popular exploration of adolescence manga Kodomo no Jikan gave readers another much appreciated look at main character Rin’s deliciously flat chest, which now seems to becoming decidedly less flat, but still well within the bounds of pettanko.


Above image via Oo-Enjou.

Here are some other choice pages from the newest Ch. 52 of the series, printed in the September issue of Comic High! as seen above, which also includes a Drama CD furoku.






Those keen to learn more of Kojika might find the numerous past articles on the series most helpful.

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  • Would you rather them masturbate to this or harm REAL living breathing children that actually fucking EXIST? Really nothing in this world matters as long as no one gets hurt. Don’t know why I bother since I believe that if everyone else died as long as I live it doesn’t matter.

  • What’s the big deal of this?
    You all know that this scene will come sooner or later.
    Heck, I won’t be surprised if there will be a scene later involving Rin having sex.

    MOreover, there are many doujins out there featuring a loli with even more explicit content and nice art. For example is doujin by Inuboshi.

  • Same mindsets almost prevented lolita from being published (yes, i understand most “lolicons” here haven’t actually read the book…still…it’s a damn fine book…anyways) it’s funny that we’re more conservative now than we were 57 years ago.

    Maybe it’s the drawn art…maybe…I don’t know.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    According to the Pig ladies at the UN, we might as well be viewing some kind of REAL Child Pornography! Heck, we might as well be molesting little girls for real! The scary thing is, there are plenty of disturbed little girls in RL who behave in some ways like this little tart, and they probably are ruining some teachers (who likely are not part of this) with their flirt behavior! All because of moralist pigs and the laws they pass to pretend they are anything other than corrupt wastes of skin.

    Modern women who seek to destroy all men.

    • I see your point, but think you might have skirted around the issue slightly. Whether or not some ‘Pig Ladies’ in the UN think that looking and masturbating to this sort of thing may lead to further more serious crime I think is fairly irrelevant. What I want to know is why do YOU feel it’s ok to masturbate to drawings of children.

      Moralist pigs aside do you think your peers would respect you if they knew you did this?

      I’m not singling you out ‘Barbarian of Gor’ but so far you’re the only one who has replied.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:


        Sorry to be so verbose, here’s a more direct answer to your main question:

        It’s that I’m not into jacking off to this lil miss, I’m closest to the “Straight Dog” among the “Pedo Pals”… Look it up on Encyclopedia Dramatica if you don’t know what I’m talking about…

        Some of my friends are anti-pedo, they’d be PO’d and give me shit. Though they’d laugh at me “jerking off to lolicon” ’cause I’d need to switch to Spunky Knight or some good RL porn with adult women to get off.

        Others of my friends are likely pedo, and I’m sure that’s the reason for lots of drilling on IP masking and multiple layer encryption they’ve given me, and they’d be fine with it. But I’d get laughed at trying to come to one of these “Lolis” but switching to some big breast porn star.

        Now, in response to some other comments and replies I’ve gotten, I think the laws should be strongly loosened on the “Age of Consent” technicality. We should allow CP as long as there’s no penetration or injury, there’s parental consent -AND- there’s the “Child Actor” law applied so a trust fund the parent’s can’t get to is set up to take much of the money so the kid can use it for college or to draw from when they reach 18. Existing CP should be legal to sell or download, but again funds should be appropriately distributed so some goes to the “Model”.

        It’s like the “Drug War”, legalization and dealing with the social consequences directly is a lot cheaper and more humane than funding entire mafias and the police force to fight them and the Jail Welfare system. Don’t get me wrong, a “Freddy Kruger” kidnapper, maimer, killer deserves some gruesome fate like being burned alive in his home. But there’s a big difference between the very, very rare true monster and a teenage girl who photographs her budding breasts for her boyfriend. Or, for that matter, most people’s grandparents…

        I suppose, saying something like that you’ll yell like I’ve opened the gates of Hell itself, a wave of scorching fire and brimstone and demons flooding out…

        But let’s have a “Reality Check”…

        Let’s say for nostalgia’s sake I go to a RL smut shop and start looking through the smut rags… And things have loosened up a bit like I suggested… So, in between the smut rags I run across “Jr. Playboy” or “Now Nothing is Barely Legal” or whatever. So the centerfold is this girl 9-12 who’s made up with designer clothes, makeup, hairdos and whatever like she’s “Dressing in Mommy’s clothes” but doing it like Calvin Klein is helping her… I’m just presuming a young girl prepared like a Playboy starlet… And you know how the Playboy/Hustler centerfolds write something sexy? (written for them to please the porn consumer, I think…) Well, her writing would be in Crayon and go “Mistah! Wanna be my lover? Most men my age are SUCH little boys!!!”

        I’d be laughing! I’d go “Maybe in 10 years, you little tramp!”… But I wouldn’t be outraged, because if this was legal in RL this lil girl might be making herself an opportunity to escape whatever trailer park her parents likely live in if she’s a good study. And, sick though it may be, this also gives her parents an escape from their poverty, maybe it lets them get ahead on the bills so they aren’t always weighed down by “Service Charges” and high “Predatory interest” charges and such. Furthermore, if her parents were just methheads with no hope of pulling themselves up, public services could intervene.

        But as it is now, with all these severe laws to “Protect the Children”… well I’d obviously scream and run if I saw such a magazine, fearing a police raid was being “Set Up” in what I thought was a legal smut shop. And I’d worry about the girl because even if she isn’t a “Kidnap Victim” she’s getting NONE of the money and her parents are probably sucking down meth, instead of doing a morally dubious action to get ahead or not be behind.

        • ‘Barbogor’ (long nick is long) really has some interesting views on the matter. Getting more and more afraid of the authorities, because they -might- catch you ‘consuming’ borderline material is worrying.

          I’m German, and while I didn’t hear of any convictions on this matter, last November, they technically put possession/consumption/creation of loli manga/written works (without pictures!)/otherwise drawn images on one level with ‘youth pornography’. (Age range… uh… 14-17, I think, technically. Younger is ‘child pornography’ with harder punishments.)

          This sort of development really worries me. Not long ago, I kept being told I’d lose touch with reality if I kept playing computer games, or whatever, and yet it’s those very people clamoring about how the youth of today confuses the virtual with the real are the ones who think the protection of the ‘human rights’ of virtual children and/or women is just as important as the real children themselves. In my opinion, that is rather sickening. This is nonsense. If inflicting crimes on children/women in computer games equates to a real crime, you’d have to, by extension, outlaw any and all crimes in computer games. This includes murder, pickpocketing, I dunno what. Otherwise, there’s clearly double standards being applied.

          I’ve personally just been campaigning for the de-criminalization of virtual crimes, since I think the current state of affairs is ridiculous. And while I enjoy loli artwork, which I openly admit to, I’d still rather shoot myself in the head than even think about getting off to a real child being raped. Shudder. So I’ve never really thought about legalizing content with real minors.

          But Barbogor raises a valid point, which I’ve actually been thinking about myself. If something happens with the consent of all the people involved, where’s the crime?

          This is something that has been annoying me about laws for quite a while now. Quite often, people get punished for things that produce no victims. The breastfeeding case is one of those. The young girls taking photographs of themselves for their boyfriends and being prosecuted for the production of child porn is another. The poor sod being arrested for shopping with his young daughter is the result of the ‘child protection’ bullshit being taken to the extreme.

          Who is in the wrong here? Where’s the crime? In my opinion, the only crimes I see in these cases are the ones that turn those unlucky people into victims of the law.

        • It seems like you have this explanation all set up and ready to roll out. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks to the bloke (MeidoNiac) who told me I was on the wrong website if I didn’t like this sort of thing. Personally I think I am on the correct website to get some sort of perspective on this.

          You seem more concerned about self-preservation than whether or not anybody is ultimately hurt by images such as these. I can understand that as you are more than aware that the average man in the street would only assume paedophilia is but a step away from these images.

          Honestly, I’m not convinced by anything that has been said by you or any of the other comments I have received so far (scrolling down I see I’ve been called a ‘chicken shit Westerner’… I quite like that.) Ultimately we have to be accountable for the actions we take and have to try to understand the thoughts we think. Sex and violence often get paired together in the sort of context we see here. I don’t think your reality check brought much to help clarify your argument. I think having a real life reality check might do some people some good. Ask yourself how this will affect you. Ask yourself why you do this. Ask yourself where is this going to end.

          I await your response.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Simple, it’s the “Thought” that counts, the issue of it, rather.

        I fear we are facing what George Orwell predicted in 1984. That’s a novel I didn’t care for until recently, because I saw it as nothing but “Anti-Communist” propaganda and since my parents (and I, later) were “Hippies” with strong “Socialist” beliefs…

        However, it is happening. Essentially, aside from the surface: Monitoring. Increased police and political and social control. Big corporations running the world, wars being started to profit from both sides.

        And, “Thought Crime”. The very idea that a crime begins with it’s thought, not it’s actions. Jacking off to Lolicon (or non-photographed 3DCG lil ladies) is essentially a “Thought Crime” if it is illegal, along with creating or possessing such material. The laws being put in place, if you play a “Littlewitch” game you might as well go around raping young girls. But no one wants to speak publicly about it; “He opposes our witch hunt!? Witch! Witch! Witch!” and besides they don’t arrest you for playing GTA…yet….

        Even calling this stuff “1984 and Big Brother” is flattering though quite accurate. Case in point, the 9/11 toy. Some “Cheap” stores in florida got a box of toys depicting the attacks. They freaked out but the media missed the real outrage. The same multinational corporations ordered, shall we say “GI Joe” for this “Economic Theater” and “GI Jihad” for the other “Economic Theater”. Both made by the same sweatshops in China, but a computer glitch/human error and one box gets dropped off a thousand miles short. This has been going on a century, starting at least with the sinking of the lusitania which WAS a legitimate target since (Proven) it was an arms ship that was pretending to be a passenger ship (with real passengers!) and the route was leaked openly to the German navy.

        So, people must resist this, even up to the cost of their own lives. This worldwide control system has no other purpose than the short-term comfort of the rich elite. To keep and maintain this control they will leech all intelligence, all spirit all good in man to keep him a slave. There must be a backlash, there must be both escape and resistance.

        In a way, the SeaSteading fantasy I project is creating “Oceana”, the third huge nation-state. But that one might not be controlled. Oceana, a confederation of “SeaSteading” collectives could be a “Free” nation that stands between Eurasia and EastAsia. The seasteaders could start small now, then as the world shakes in wars and depressions that are engineered to happen 20-30 years from now, assert themselves as the third major nation state. A combination of high technology to do precision strikes, the remoteness of the oceans (made more remote by blinding satellites and disrupting traffic) and the “Final” solution of a slew of bioweapons and salvaged Nukes as ‘deterrant’ would keep the others at bay.

        BUT-to have any chance at all of truly being “Free”, Oceana would have to have a different culture that’s in opposition to the PC, bland and tamed “European lite” and I guess “Tamed Asian” ones. It would have to be Tribal and Male to be in constant opposition, or otherwise it’d just quickly be bought and trademarked and both “Elites” would buy it out and co-opt it. We’d be shaggy, we’d smell, we’d run around naked and hollering. We’d be largely peaceful and spend our days in a combination of work, sex, science, philosophy, ritual and leisure. But mess with us and we’d be among the most deadly persons on the planet, backed up by deadlier weapons we’d make. And there’d be nothing wrong with buying or kidnapping a bride (like saying “Hello” among tribal cultures) and conditioning her to submit or marrying a younger one, but it’d be balanced by commitment being expected.

        But, I’m more into Spunky Knight and stuff, not loli. I’m sadly a “Straight Dog” among the “Pals”. Even if I’m on my new SeaStead and I’ve just obtained two women for my pleasure, one’s a mature adult, the other’s a “Loli” meaning (9-12) I’d probably just F-ck the older one and wait for the younger one to mature a bit. Forget the BJ and “Thighing”, the full woman is available, why bother? Now, I’d let pedos join as long as they weren’t psycho murderers, I make NO apology. Most RL pedos are just lonely men frustrated with women and bored with regular pornography. Let them buy a “lil brown girl”, Haitian ones go for $50 but you need to feed ’em a lot at first, or so I’ve heard. No apologies, being a Pedo’s cherished pet for a while (and then wife and tribe member) and taking a few loads is better than starving to death in a gutter or being used as a prostitute and killed in a few years. But to my “Pedo Pal” actually having a woman and in a culture where men can be men, they’d change and go ‘normal’ rather quickly. Pederastry is a symptom of the larger disease of modern civilization which takes all our time and labor to feed rich elites and rewards us with barely any of the fruit and the false promise of some false ‘prosperity’, a carrot on a stick largely ahead of us. Inside the mind knows it is a slave, it is being cheated, so it seeks to rebel in any way it can. To be alive is not the same as to live.

  • Would anybody mind telling me why masturbating to this isn’t wrong? Abuse me all you want but I just want a bit of clarity on the issue. As far as I see it the girl depicted looks to be about the age of… twelve maybe, and she revealed a nipple. And some of you posted saying that you were masturbating to this… and this is ok?

    Have I got the gist of that correct. Is that’s what’s going on here?

    Because that seems a bit wrong to me.

    I await your response.

    • I dunno if “girl” is the word for a woman in her 40s, but oh well. While I have really nothing against Kodojika, it’s a little bit sad that over 20 years drawing manga, this was her frist major breaktrough…

      • yeah, im not familiar with her other works but this is by one of the best manga i have ever read. Its already close to taking me forever into its amazingnessnessness.

        Kodomo no jikan suughei desne.

      • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

        I don’t know about her other works but I remember 青春ビンタ!was quite fun to read. I really like her the fact that she is not shy about handing out fan services. And she is pretty open about ecchi things.

    • I think it’s awesome that despite extreme feminazi organizations ranting about lolicon material, the creator of the by far most popular loli manga is a woman.
      Kaworu Watashiya, you go girl! *snap, snap, snap*

  • Has the sensei actually show interest towards Rin up until now? I mean, is there any chance of romance between the two?

    I hope not…I would rather see a Kuro X Rin ending, but that won’t happen I guess since Rin doesn’t feel the same as Kuro…

    • It’s pretty obvious that Daisuke is confused about how he really feels about Rin.But Hounin needs to slap is ass with her I-cup oppai and tell him that her muchimuchiness is craving for him so he can wake the hell up.I doubt it would get that way though.I actually would be fine with him slipping up and actually having a relationship with Kokonoe after she graduates.

    • Can you honestly see any retailer in the U.S. allowing this on their shelves? I can’t. There would be boycotts, protests, and maybe lawsuits or even criminal charges* if they did. I don’t know what Seven Seas was even thinking when they licensed it. It’s probably for the best that they had second thoughts when they did, because there’s NO way the more recent volumes would have been published here without significant censorship. At least this way no one is stuck having bought earlier volumes without any prospect of completing the set.

      *Not that I’m implying that there’s anything illegal in KnJ, just that there’s always an overzealous prosecutor SOMEWHERE who will try to make a case (as we recently saw with the Texas breastfeeding case).

  • What would be crazy would be a ‘bad end’ where she gets stranger raped and loses her virginity to someone other than sensei, reflecting how most girls loss of innocence is quite sudden.

    What a tweest