Dream C Club Xbox 360 Eroge Ita-Bus & Itasha


The new Xbox 360 release of erotic hostess love procurement game Dream C Club was heralded over the weekend by a promotional mini-caravan tour through Akihabara of an ita-bus (presumably the same seen before as the Chaos;Head ita-bus), itasha, and several maid-hostess cosplayers.

The game, a console hostess “eroge” somewhat akin to IdolM@ster (be sure to see the screencaps of the game’s delightful oppai grabbing scenes), is the latest in a long line of promotional Akiba ita-bus marketing stunts.

The ita-mobiles made rounds throughout the otaku metropolis over the whole weekend, but one particular event at a games store likely attracted the most attention with the vehicles parked and the cosplayers out and on full display.











Those fortunate enough to be walking by were handed these attractive business cards:


Via Akiba Souken and Dengeki Online.

The cards, not all shown here, each show one of the various hostesses, along with moe messages such as Reika’s “I’ll believe (in you) always. Your dream will come true.”

In addition to the many photos of the very visible vehicles, some videos were taken that show the ita-mobiles traveling around town:


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