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I LOL’d for real!

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  • Even More Sexy C76 Cosplay!:
    can somebody point out what’s with pic #97? something’s strange about lei fang’s pose…

  • Even More Sexy C76 Cosplay!:
    what? the faces were great mostly, and all of it was easy on the eyes, but i didnt find anything sexy. but as always, its nice to see girls dressing up as mai or the doa girls, even if they dont fit the costumes, lol…

  • Even More Sexy C76 Cosplay!:

  • Even More Sexy C76 Cosplay!: THAT looks like something drawn by junji ito…

  • Even More Sexy C76 Cosplay!:
    Yeah. I found my self as Saber (holiday Outfit). :)

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  • Marie Rose Bikini Cosplay By Lei Sakuragi Certainly Hot:
    Like your life.

  • Kefka Graces Dissidia Final Fantasy:
    By putting the best villain in all FF history? GTFO!

  • Re:Zero “Subaru Can’t Catch A Break!”:
    Yeah sure, first think: he is in a world he doesnt know, he has no power to do a shit, he is cursed and has to remember everyone who doesnt remember him, he died a lot of times, he forced himself to try and save everyone, the girl he loves cant see anything he did until now, ┬┐and what does he get? Nothing, everything goes shit for him and the ones he loves. Is true he fucked up a lot of things, but that is always because he doesnt know a lot of things or because he is powerless to help others. …

  • Re:Zero “Subaru Can’t Catch A Break!”:
    Remember, he cant tell them anything about whats happening to him

  • Re:Zero “Subaru Can’t Catch A Break!”:
    I don’t know why everyone put so much expectation on Subaru, a former (or still) NEET. I know he is suck and have many wrong behavior but he will get polished time to time along the story. That’s how the protagonist get stronger in both mind and physical. Instead I feel sorry for him that no one cannot understand what he had experienced til now (keep dying to save everyone) which stressed him so much and then, Emilia pissed him off by words, Everything he keep in mind til now exploded, Subaru …


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