Record Numbers at Comiket 76: 560,000 Attendees


As expected, Comiket 76’s final Day 3 surpassed Day 1’s record-breaking number of attendees, bringing in over 200,000 pilgrims who braved the sweltering summer heat to come to the semiannual otaku Mecca for the event’s most ero-heavy day.

This means the reported figure for total C76 attendance over its three days is a whopping 560,000 (roughly 4.5% of the population of Tokyo, the world’s most populous metropolitan area), beating last year’s summer Comiket 74’s piddling 550,000.

Day 3, the event’s most attended and well-known, is often known as the “H” or “ero” day, being the date when the male-oriented 18+ ero doujinshi products are most concentrated.

Over 11,000 different doujinshi circles were in attendance on Day 3, not counting the many professional illustrators and company booths that normally remain open all three days.

Via Mainichi.

As an example of how much pull the lure of a near endless cornucopia of glorious ero had, here is a comparison image of the lines stretching around one remote corner of the large Big Sight complex:

(Day 1 on top)


A less enhanced photograph, this time of the interior:


The Fuyucon, this Winter’s Comiket 77, is scheduled for December 29 – 31 and will likely pull in a slightly smaller number of attendees, but at least will provide some comfort from the legendarily brutal summer heat of the Natsucon.


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