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lol it is obviously Photoshop, as a graphic artist it’s easy to identify w/c is w/c since that’s what we do.

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  • Record Numbers at Comiket 76: 560,000 Attendees:
    They’re like Ants on an anthill

  • Record Numbers at Comiket 76: 560,000 Attendees:
    The line extended back a few blocks and had to be split up in several directions. Even though the comparison picture is a shop the angle wouldn’t have captured the full line of people anyway. That isn’t even mentioning the people lining up at the station for ages just to get there either, especially with the giant Gundam being in the same general direction. XD On the last day I think I got the prize of my collection: a crappy manga/info booklet about Xenu by Anonymous. Also, they had Cthulhu …

  • Record Numbers at Comiket 76: 560,000 Attendees:
    Well spotted. Train, cars and random pedestrian too (though I think one could have guessed anyways based on the fact that staff might have a problem with a giant group of people standing around on top of the awning over the door).

  • Record Numbers at Comiket 76: 560,000 Attendees:
    easy to sapot if it is photoshop’d look at the van ._.

  • Record Numbers at Comiket 76: 560,000 Attendees:
    Total amount of people visited for 3 days about 560,000 1st day 180,000 2nd day 180,000 3rd day over 200,000 previous year 550,000 this year 10,000 more

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  • Trinity Seven Overflows With Service & Action:
    I say the same about anime harem, the format has changed so much and made mc in just clowns and losers .. Until squeeze a breasts by mistake is the max you see .. Everything to please the false morality of certain countries ……. Especially one where sells porn for around the world .. and the concept of them anime is for little kids ..

  • Hidan no Aria AA Anime Announced:
    HAS voiced. Compared to the larger numbers from before, she hasn’t been voicing that many as of late.

  • Akuma no Riddle BD Bikini Bonus:
    A show about lesbian assassins trying to kill two people. No one dies, great job Elevent scum.

  • Hidan no Aria AA Anime Announced:
    Shame they didn’t want to make a Hidan No Aria Season 2. The material is there.

  • Final Fantasy XV English Dub “Totally Generic”:
    >Why is there only one female Thats really sexist, How do YOU KNOW that person is female? they might identify as a male or female or neither. Stop projecting YOUR views on others. In fact they might all identify as female and you’re saying everyone but the one who you deem female is right? Get over yourself you sexist prick.


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