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Brick Thieves Die Horribly as Building Collapses


A pair of ladies who had been stealing bricks from a building were mortally surprised when the building fell on top of them, killing them and crushing a further 13 as it toppled into a neighbouring restaurant.

The thieves, apparently a group of five farmers who had migrated into the city of Liuzhou in China’s southern Guangxi province, had turned to stealing bricks from a derelict building nearby, digging into its walls to extract the bricks for sale.

However, it appears that they stole one too many bricks, for the entire building suddenly collapsed, toppling onto a neighbouring restaurant and crushing 13 of its patrons horribly, though they escaped death.

The brick thieves were not so lucky – firemen picking through the rubble discovered the crushed remains of two women in what was once the building. What happened to the rest of the group is not clear.


Via Heaven.

You may recall the tale of a Chinese bus company replacing its emergency glass breaking hammers with bricks to discourage theft – this would appear to be a futile expedient…

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