Comment on Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ “Fully Uncensored” Eroge by Simon Cowell of Eroge:

Well depends. There are ヤリゲー out there that are all about the sex and CG. If you take those away, there is nothing left of the game. On the other end you have games like 家族計画 which is story-driven. The plot and the cast really shines in those games that the CG are essentially added bonus.

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  • Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ “Fully Uncensored” Eroge:
    “A legal market with censorship is better than no market, and thus no product.” Fuck you and fuck off from gaming as a whole faggot. A market with censorship is a ship sinking to its doom, and bankruptcy, no one in their right mind will support them for that and also the changes made to their ages up to 18 is retarded, stop changing their ages and don’t remove their ages either. Artefact rightfully fuck off if you are for and or alright with censorship and that makes you are a deluded person …

  • Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ “Fully Uncensored” Eroge:
    Fuck the over the age of 18 crap, no! Fans or consumers or what have you don’t want a censored product at all

  • Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ “Fully Uncensored” Eroge:

  • Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ “Fully Uncensored” Eroge:
    No, there should be no reason to censor it just for that. People won’t bother buying because of that you know. smh

  • Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ “Fully Uncensored” Eroge:
    You know what, fuck the ages bump to 18 crap, this is downright censorship on its own right, no excuses. I will never buy an eroge game that’s been translated by the translators where they feel the need to change the ages just so either no one gets arrested (which is bullshit own its own to be arrested about) and justify the ero-scenes in the game. Fuck that man, keep the ages as they are in the original and stop bumping their ages, oh and fuck you JAST for what you did, now I have to be …

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  • Live-In Harem Life Full of Togetherness:
    Ignore him. He’s a brainwashed liberal.

  • Live-In Harem Life Full of Togetherness:
    “nah you are just racist is all” I hope that’s a joke. Because if it’s not, congratulations on helping to make racism mean nothing. Racism is considering one race better than another, nothing more. Someone can’t tell them people apart is stupid, but not a racist.

  • Gabriel Dropout BD Makes Its Heavenly Descent:
    Omake-3: Oh Vinge, you can corrupt my soul any time. I… I know you don’t want to, but you do need a bigger stipend and all… I know, I’ll corrupt you! That’ll count, right? Sorry, SC, I’ll go write my fanfic elsewhere.

  • Sleeping Chinese:
    There’s no rail ties on those rails, there’s no way that’s an active line.

  • Bayonetta 3 “Rumored”:
    Who cares about wich company fund the game, the players are the ones who wanted tha game. Nintendo users didnt give a crap about Bayo. If the game sold copies (probably a fifth of what it could have sell if it was developed for ps4/x1) is because there where ps/xbox users who already owned a wiiU for some reason. Im still salty about that game, and no, I wont spend that money on a garbage plastic box just to play one game.


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