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Yamakan Sorry for Endless Eight: “It Was Inexcusable!”


Yutaka Yamamoto, or Yamakan, famed for being the director of the original Haruhi series and formerly with Kyoto Animation, has apologised to fans over the direction the series has taken with the hated Endless Eight arc, calling it “inexcusable.”

His comments were made in a recent interview held at American convention Otakon, visible below:

Important quotes, immediately seized upon by 2ch:

“I knew from a year ago.”

“When I was with Kyoto Animation, this idea was already floating around, I was against to it. I thought 2 episodes was the limit.”

“I feel responsible for this. I’ll say it, I’m prepared to. As a representative of the SOS-Dan production committee, I want to apologise here – this was inexcusable.”

Of course, the validity of an apology on behalf of the makers of Haruhi from someone long since no longer with the company and who can now say whatever he likes is questionable, but it at least shows that at some point the production committee seems to have been taken over by people with a strange idea of how to properly take the series forward…

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  • haruhi started out great, it is still great mind you, but with the current higher ups in the production staff…

    ugh they’re even going to make us wait another few years for disapearence i bet…

  • TakeAGuess says:

    Even The Game says that the current G-Unot album blows.

    I thought Yamakan sucked for doing Kannagi. But then again he had been flung out by a SUCK company that doesn’t know how to perform blowjobs well. I’m not surprised at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe, just maybe… when episode 8 comes, I might get the urge to revisit the previous loops/episode and say “Genius piece of work! Why didn’t I notice that before.”

    When and if that day comes I’ll…

    ….eat the socks I worn that day!

  • Anonymous says:

    Endless Eight reminded me of John Cage’s 4’33”

    Looks like it try to show the concept of Endless (or Repetition) with Eight variations. While it may be good as experimental visual arts, it really piss people off.

    Nice try KyoAni…

  • I don’t even see why anyone would mega super very like this anime in the first place. I mean it is unique in its own way but there is no climax and problems arises out of nowhere. It is too random and it doesn’t make sense at all. I like anime only because it is a cross between reality and well not reality. But when things just appear out of nowhere then well … it is just like Yugioh or Teletubies because they are retarded. Anyone reading this could guess that anyone who likes this anime is without a a doubt a masochist for haruhi. It’s just

    • Anonymous says:

      MoHS is not random. It actually Due to the lack of a conclusion yet in the form of book 10 a lot of it seems random, but it makes sense. If you’re confused by it you’re just too stupid to follow the highly convoluted plotline.

    • cloner4000 says:

      well, in fact I mega super very like to the power of square like this anime. I liked the character the plot and what not. As a proud follower of Haruhiism…I shall never give in to crowd lynching mentality.

      How many of you had really sit through the five episode and read the novels in the first place.

      You can not like the way it’s presented or it’s repeated cycles. But saying the plot sucks without really understands it just means you just follow what the mobs says.

    • Also that each endless night you get more immerse into that day that loops. If you compare each one you can see that the art style and focus changes very so slightly and you get a different feel as for the plot it very even more slightly that you are fooled into believing that it is in fact the same, but its not it see he wants to get closer to Nagato than Haruhi as he gives up each day.

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    Endless Eight will be EIGHT episodes long. Probably. Seriously they tried to give us a hint with the eight in the title of the episodes.

    I may be a bit pissed and they better pray they have a third season being made right now to be released in the very near future or the haruhi franchise is over with.

    As far as the arc goes I kind of like it. Mind you eight episodes is a bit much they would have been better off with no more than 6. Still it isn’t like it is bad. It just shouldn’t be this long.

    As far as Yamakan’s apology goes…what apology? He isn’t even with the company.

  • I mean wow WHAT the hell is this supose to mean guys seriously i was addict to this one but now those last episode make me want to cry jesus its so fucking anoying i mean wow i know what i need to do next episode skip to 10min to see 1 new thing skip to 18:23 to saw another thing and boom switch back to 22.45 for last new thing of a whole episode!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    The only actual problem is that all this takes up episodes which could show something else. What would be really awesome is if they showed 16 episodes total (or more) to make up for that arc, keeping the number of “useful” episodes that of a normal season. Not doing that makes it seem they just don’t have a story.

    • Forlourned says:

      Your missing the point. Ever episode should of been “useful” because these shows have LIMITed runs. TWELVE being the norm.

      If kyo-turd decides to waste EIGHT out of TWELVE, that leaves only FOUR episode being “useful”. Being that the second season had ONE “useful” first episode, that means there will only be THREE left out of the TWELVE in your posting as “useful”. Like many in the postings above said; This could of been done in THREE episodes.

      –Eight was kyu-tard trying to channel Ooshi’s ‘Kerebos’ in filming at dog’s eye level, a dog traveling thru a shanty town for (what felt like) TWENTY-FIVE minutes. Remember that the movie was about SEVENTY minutes long… Or his new anime “Sky Crawler” where you have Anime characters siting and talking for SIXTY minutes about nothing. It worked for ‘Seinfeld’ because that was truly about nothing, but it doesn’t work for “drama”. These examples are readly displayed by eurotrash directors filming non-scatagorical madness that film viewer crawl into for a good two hour naps.

      Instead, kyu-tard really should of mimicked the works of David Lean and truly made this story more epic in long static drifts and long,.. long shots of the gang as they trudged thru this cycle. It still would only be maxed at around THREE episodes, but would make the viewers fell like it stretched on forever WITHOUT having them wallow thru that ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY Minutes! Real cinematographers would do that, kyu-turd decides to go against type.

      Yamakan is not to be blamed, but he should not of apologized for this on-going blandness.

  • The possible best way to stall an anime story (without calling it filler content) IS… Drumroll, please! … “Introduce a time-loop”.
    It’s a time loop people! Be glad they didn’t decide to showcase the entire 15,000+ episodes with all of their endless variations of the same events OVER and OVER again.
    Hmmm, a better limit would’ve been no more than 3 episodes. We don’t really need to see Kyon screwing up at the last possible moment so many times, now do we?

  • I wish these queers would ask him more about his experiences as a young director and starting his own company instead of this stupid Haruhi shit that he has nothing to do with. I was at his first Q&A and his Kannagi focus Q&A and the dumbasses tried to ask the same crap except he declined to comment.

    Same screw you goes out to the jackasses asking Masao Maruyama about Trigun One Outs and Black Lagoon. This guy worked under Tezuka and you are asking him about Black Lagoon? Who the hell cares?

    • Lazydabear says:

      Masao Maruyama just a Producer for Madhouse Studios as what was said about his profile.I guess the reason why they ask those stupid Questions is because Mad House made those shows.

  • Lazydabear says:

    Well there are Disney Animators that hated the Company but oh well they screw disney over since that from all the Hidden stuff they pulled in the productions they made for Disney.

  • 1、「アニメ批評家はまだ生まれていない」 山本寛インタビュー

    2、アニメ監督 山本寛「真・アニメ新世紀宣言」







    >途轍もない人数で手分けしたからだけではなく、 庵野さんなりの模索なのかな、とも思ったり。



    • 2ch. I read your comment. You make so much sense. Sorry if I sounded rude. I respect Yukata Yamato a lot. (I’m not good enough to reply on 2ch in Jap though)

      Though from what I can take, the anime industry is in a fight with the novel industry?

      You’re right. But this method… I DON’T GET IT? WHY?!?

      (needs to work a bit more on his Japanese)

  • I liked the episodes at first, but after 4 times repeatance I’m starting to feel dizzy and think: ARGGHHH WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP!! >.<
    I think 3 episodes is the limit…. I dunno what's wrong with those Director's head…

    It's not I didn't like endless eight, I mean… come on!! We get the point already, just get the hell story move forward!! ^^*

  • As a North American otaku, I am very ashamed that one of us went against his wishes and posted this on the Internet. Please, folks, show some decency.

    Of course I think he’d be too naive to think that every one of the attendees is a decent human being and would respect his request. I think he understood the risks and just wanted to speak his mind in a more open-environment (i.e. a North American convention). I have very much enjoyed meeting this god of a director and I respect him even more now.

    • MusicalNote says:

      I think he was being sarcastic when he requested that… In today’s day and age expecting people to not upload something to the net is silly. I mean, come on, HOW many sites are devoted to co-eds being dumbasses?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with Artefact on this one. You can’t expect to speak as a former employee on something that’s currently so contentious and not have it all over the place within like, an hour.

      If he’d have been serious about it, then there would have been more monitoring for video equipment or even just people scribbling down notes. Or, here’s an amazingly advanced thought: he wouldn’t have commented on it to begin with.

  • I dunno. Something tells me this is part of the reason he’s no longer with KyoAni…creative differences.

    As I recall the situation regarding his firing was a little murky, but it may just be that I’ve forgotten a bit over time.

  • Anonymous says:

    it will prob be 8 epsidoes, had 6 hence endless 8 so 2 more prob. either way def got 1 more to be subbed. they should increase amount of episodes to make up for this and make it better. first 14 episodes were brilliant. really first 2 of endless 8 were fine but then in third one should fix it and carry on but nothey acted like bloody idiots and gone on so long. i still love this series but if they do this throughout i will be bloody pissed off

    • Anon I had that theory right when endless eight started. Though, Endless Eight is a good arc just in really bad taste for it to be more than 2 arcs long. I would have settled with 3 but even I’m pissed off.

      Nothing we can do right? In the audience those who bought the season 1 box set probably deserve the biggest apology since they contributed money. Now if only it was Kadokawa and KyoAni themselves actually making the apology instead of some director that got fired.

    • Forlourned says:

      BAck off everybody! It expresses its likes for this travesty and that is its opinion. It also likes watching paint dry And peel as the epoc of art no doubt.

      It opined and ended its post, nothing to see here. Let Anonymous enjoy its gaze into the sun for I have no doubt blindness is on its agenda soon.

    • Arcane Azmadi says:

      “Real fans” in this case being morons who’d consider watching paint dry the pinnacle of anime art as long as the paint is a picture of a cute girl. Seriously, if you enjoy this or claim it’s “deep” and the rest of us “don’t get it” you’re so far up your own arse it’s a wonder your head doesn’t come out your mouth.

      Seriously, answer me this because I just don’t get it: What. Do. You. Like. About. This? What IS there to like? It’s the exact same fucking episode over and over. Minor tweaks in animation or imagery or very SLIGHTLY modified dialogue do not make this “art”. I’d accept it if there were genuine changes in each episode (like Yuki says there are) but there AREN’T.

      • Anonymous says:

        And seriously why the fuck are you still here trolling over the real “faggots”? You’re no different from them in your insolence. Please, do them “faggots who like to watch paint dry” a favour and go fuck off.

  • I don’t care bout his apologies

    1. This guy has nothing to do with the current Haruhi season 2 so who does he think he is to speak on behalf of KyoAni

    2. I like the Endless 8 arc. I would have made 3 or 4 episodes max. though but I still say that what KyoAni did was brilliant.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. He didn’t apologize on behalf of KyoAni, he apologized on behalf of the SOS-Dan Production Committee. His apology has more to do with how he feels the original series is being reflected and what fans are being made to endure (or enjoy, for some).

      2. I liked Endless Eight when it was just 3 episodes. 4 was pushing it. Now we’re at 6, going on 7. Yamamoto was probably thinking of the Japanese audience when he said “2 at most”, since that’s already 1 whole DVD for them. Someone’s milking this arc WAY too much.

    • Forlourned says:

      Asians in particular have this tendency to apologize for anything that they’re even in spirit alone involved with.

      Otakus apologizing for their favorite show FUBARs that they only watch is a more obvious proof in this regards.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think I know what happens next:
    Next episode is total Fail!
    Is this what they call “deja vu”?
    What is KyoAni trying to say?
    there must be a hint somewhere…
    Ah what do I care, I’ll watch the episode anyway

    • Forlourned says:

      Maybe there’s a fan of ‘Monty Python~’ in kyo-tard and thought the episode about deja vu was genius. Deciding that a paltry TEN minutes on the idea of repeating itself was not dramatic enough! Going for broke (in more than one way in regards to kyo-tards’ future) they went for over ONE HUNDRED and NINTY PLUS minutes to drive in the farce.. in more than one way.

      Look in the mirror kyo-tard, bankruptcy is in your future soon if you continue this tragedy again.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t give a dime about how many endless eight episodes are aired. What worries me is how many episodes of the novels we WON’T SEE!

    By now we’ll be lucky if Disappearance is shown at all 🙁 And no, I don’t want a 5-episode arc of The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru behind-the-scenes 🙁 Well, I did want it, but now we only have 7 episodes left.


  • I was pretty confused with the Endless arc and when the third part came I thought that this will be the end of the latest fucked up three episodes.

    But it didn’t conclude and now we have to wait like one month for something that might conclude this or make matters worse.

    Nope this arc was something I wasn’t expecting in the Haruhi franchise so let’s up they get their shit together and bring back the real drama.

      • Anonymous says:

        What’s truly hilarious is people not understanding that Yamamoto hasn’t worked for KyoAni in over a year – he no longer works for them, and he has nothing to do with the new Haruhi season. He’s apologizing to the audience for being fans having to put up with something he expressly told KyoAni was a bad idea.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah these people are way too butthurt about it.
      For those that claim to be big fans of Haruhi they sure are crying way too much about something they should’ve already have known was going to happen. Lame RAAGE is lame.

    • Anonymous says:

      precisely , and i’m loving new blogs that hates the latest season than the anime itself , there’s so much endless expectations from fans! and it’s obviously more than eight! haha!

    • He apologized because, as the director of the first season of the show, he feels some responsibility for what happens to it, even though he has to influence on what occurs with the second (and any ensuing) seasons.

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      You are right. He left KyoAni during the time of Lucky Star (not sure if he was fired, or if he freed up and left because of KyoAni openly declared that he not reach the standard of being a director on their website as part of the apologie for Lucky Star episode 1-4 being not interesting/directed poorly). He WAS part of the SOS-Dan production committee during series 1, but I don’t think he is anymore (since he long left KyoAni).

      I think in this interview, he is apologising ‘on behalf’ of the SOS-Dan production committee (rather than representing them) because he WAS a member and he felt that he is partly responsible because he failed to stop the idea of endless Endless Eight being put forward when he was still with KyoAni. The man tried, but not much he could have been done when he was not longer with the company.

      While Yamamoto was not skillful enough to direct an anime title that’s a adaptation of a 4 koma/panels manga (it ain’t easy, since it does not have a straight forward plot like most normal manga do), but he has proven his ability as a director with Kannagi.

      Reflectia and Kaze you guys are bashing the wrong guy.

      Regardless of what happened, I still think Yamamoto deserves applause for coming up with the Haruhi and Lucky Star dance.

      • I thought the first 4 Lucky Star episodes were really good, which is why I brought the Vol. 1 DVD release for him to sign at Otakon. I missed the Q&A panels but overall I found his work pretty awesome.

        • Forlourned says:

          Like sasae-san, it takes a particular individual to enjoy a show like ‘Lucky Star’ and seriously, as a watcher of all of it. I found it to be mostly dull and would skip thru the show till the end show with the prissy young bitch and the long suffering co-host. The pay off on that was when he finally blew and tore up the studio!

          The singing dude was also humorous, but again. Out of 24+ minutes, I could only enjoy 3~6 minutes? That was not a game winner in my book and bandai releasing it here is a sure fire loss on their side in my opinion.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          True. Lucky Star episode 1 to 4 wasn’t ‘bad’, but it wasn’t exactly giving any ‘wows!’ to the viewers…therefore it did not ‘qualify’ in KyoAni’s scale. I still remember back then on various anime forums, many people that were ‘taste-testing’ Lucky Star considering dropping (watching) the show. But after the director got switched from Yamamoto to Yasuhiro Takemoto (the guy that directed Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu and The Second Raid), the show really did improve and became much more entertaining.

          Putting that aside, I’m still amazed that KyoAni really thought the fans will silently open up their mouth and swallow the bxllshxt that are being thrown at them. Really…they should have taken a poll or survey from novel readers before deciding how many episode to do for the Endless Eight.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          I know. But that dance wasn’t popular to the level of Haruhi and Lucky Star dances which got hundreds to thousands of people imitating…which was why I didn’t mention it.

    • Forlourned says:

      HA! Maybe a possible Two DVDs worth here in America, but guess what’s in store for the Japanese.

      Two episodes in ONE DvD! That’s how they roll since the DVD came out, in fact I know that they tried just ONE in the beginning but even there, the Otakus where leery about that and stopped buying it. So to sooth their (already)ruffled slacks they started to release Two and everybody was happy again…

      Yah… they’re morons to their urges.

      • They’ll have to beat that to compete with streaming eps from other series. Haruhi 2 is weak enough in endless 8 that fans simply will not pay on that scale. And once you motivate an otaku to skip on a series, that sale is pretty much gone forever.

  • Urgh, I doubt that this will suppress the anger that the fans are going to shower over them.
    Espcially since this is Haruhi fans we’re talking about.
    Hopefully, they’ll edit remove the unnessesary episodes when they release the DVD versions.