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Infinite win for you for Rena’s Higurashi reference

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  • “Make This Image Sexy” Futaba Challenge:
    These image challenges are by far my favorite types of articles on Sankaku, each one of them are so damn hilarious but i have to admit the trap one is legendary. Well done Gentlemen, I salute the creativity of you geniuses. o/

  • French TV Pans Miku: “She’s Atrocious!”:
    Well yeah France is indeed the 2nd anime consumer after Japan but i now i feel kinda ashamed to live there for the time of my studies… But thank god i’m not French ! :D From time to time you hear some really retarded shows about anime on TV just like this one, it’s about time they’d do some research on the subject before spouting nonsense like that… -_-‘

  • Strippable Marikawa Shizuka Ero-Figure:
    Heh nice fig there with the things you can change but nothing beats the Saya one and that damn lucky shotgun she had… :D

  • Rie Tanaka: “I’ll Sleep With My Fans – For a Fee”:
    If only you spent so much energy to properly spell dakimakura instead of making a first post. Son i am disappoint… On topic, i find this new fashion of otaku prostitution or whatever you want to call it kinda creepy, like anyone would think this to be normal i don’t know… At least some would get to win of that, i have to admit i wouldn’t mind “sleeping” with her with that body she got…

  • Yoko Hikasa 2D vs 3D:
    well i have to say that she looks quite pretty indeed in the two images at the top and the one with glasses. A cute voice actress for a cute character.


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