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  • FOX: “Japan Will Become Extinct!”:
    “So if you do the mathematics, as they did, then the country will have no children within a millennium.” What the hell, it’s highly doubtful that after a millennium our civilisation will still exist. I’m pretty sure this is the least of our worries.

  • Top 25 Anime It Was A Waste To Broadcast Late At Night:
    Completely agree about T&B. And seriously? Chihayafuru’s a shoujo anime, I’m surprised it’s actually late-night.

  • Mio Seiyuu Yoko Hikasa Snubbed at Event:
    Considering the huge IMas fanbase and K-ON fanbase I would’ve thought they had some form of overlap at least. Looks like these Otaku are just shallow pretend fans that only google the seiyuu the night before the event to recognize them on stage…

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    The Hong Kong newspaper actually has “virtual song princess” in the header, and it’s high otaku population doesn’t make it such a surprise.

  • Top 10 Cosplay Costumes of 2010:
    Less of a cosplay popularity ranking and more of a “what otaku are wanking off into” ranking. Afterall, cosplayers aren’t the only ones who buy from cospa….


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