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Japanese Women Crave More Sex


Japanese woman crave more sex, and increasingly despair of what the Japanese media has dubbed “sexless” men; surveys reveal these women to be desperate for more, with some 80% of women surveyed hankering after sex at least once a week, but with only 40% getting it.

The survey, conducted by woman’s keitai site “Super Body”, targeted the site’s 300,000 members, mostly women in their twenties and thirties, and received 2,768 responses.

90% of these were in their twenties and thirties, and 65% were OL (office ladies, the female equivalent of salarymen) and similar, with 20% students and 10% housewives; respondents were both married and unmarried.

The most interesting findings of course related to the sexual habits and aspirations of the women:

How often do you get any H?

None at all lately 16%
Once every 3 months 3.9%
Once a month 11.7%
2-3 times a month 27%
Once a week 21.5%
2-3 times a week 18%
Daily 2%

What is your ideal H frequency?

Once a month 3.6%
2-3 times a month 15.9%
Once a week 33.8%
2-3 times a week 38.7%
Daily 5.5%

Some 20% were effectively “sexless”, but some 24% reported they “felt like they were a sexless couple.”

Those responsible for the survey report that “Women of this generation are not sexually satisfied. They want men to take notice of this.”

Many women are apparently very ready to help their men take notice of this – we hear that a number of methods have been tried:

“I said I was starving whilst pulling off his trousers, and then I helped him with my mouth.”

“We researched his favourite sex by watching his AV collection together.”

“I started pursuing fellatio and paizuri more assertively…”

“I showed him some onanism to help him get in the mood.”

“I shave off my pubic hair.”

The list goes on…

Via ZakZak.

It seems a lack of virility on the part of Japanese men, coupled with unrealistic material expectations on the part of Japanese women, are just some of the major impediments to healthy relations between the sexes in Japan…

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