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Mugi is so awesome. Glad the widescreen releases give her more screen time?

What can I say? I have a thing for developed, graceful ojou-samas.

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    Nothing wrong with the blu-ray data format. Technology that allows me to archive 20-odd GB of data on a single disc is good stuff. The corresponding media standard? Good if you can afford it, and you’d sooner want to invest in a good TV than BD players and media in the first place. I’ve seen some DVDs upscaled onto a nice 37″ television that actually still managed to look pretty clear, but on a small standard definition TV the added cost of a player and the media really isn’t worth it unless …

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    THEY ACTUALLY ANIMATE THE JAW LINES ALONG WITH THE MOUTHS. I mean, not in every scene, but still.

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    That was what it seemed to me as well. Incidentally the ones that are smiling are the ones that are less definitively lesbians. There’s a better Touka reaction shot out there though: There are also a couple from the one other girl too I’d have used instead:

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    For what it’s worth most of my favorite erotica is made by women. Not all of it mind you, but a lot of it.

  • “I Showed the Cast of Saki My Penis”:
    I expected Touka’s face to be the one where she’s laughing contemptuously.


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