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UNICEF’s Agnes Chan to Diet: “Loli is a Dangerous Weapon!”


UNICEF Japan’s “ambassador” Agnes Chan has demanded the Japanese Diet fully ban all loli, calling it a “dangerous weapon.”

In a typical emotional appeal, she claimed in statements to Japan’s major legislative assembly that “[Internet loli porn] is a dangerous weapon which eternally scars the hearts of victims,” though equally typically, she failed to present any empirical evidence in support of her claims.

She went on to demand “simple possession” of all such material be outlawed, and claimed “people from the UN are saying Japan is irresponsible,” using the classic “foreigners say we are strange” argument, always highly effective at influencing the Japanese.


In response, worries of arbitrary and unjustified abuse of police search powers have been raised.

Agnes Chan, actually a Chinese pop star turned celebrity meddler and occasional cultist, has previously criticised otaku for being a pack of perverted child molesters, and is well known for her unceasing efforts to protect the children of Japan, whether real or imaginary…

Via 47news.

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  • Next we’ll be banning drawings of guns, drugs, and anything else considered illegal if it was real! Because these drawing’s have feelings! They are victims!

    You know what… When science goes too far, and turns drawings into living breathing thinking human beings then I will support this. But until then it’s fantasy, and most people who like loli just like how cute they are anyways. It’s not hurting anyone.

  • Hehe! she seems so innocent and really looks like she wants to help but she should really choose her words properly her arguement sounds like its been made by a middle schooler from what I’ve seen in this article

  • “[Internet loli porn] is a dangerous weapon which eternally scars the hearts of victims,”

    What victims? They’re fucking drawings. I don’t know what drug she’s taking, but she has to stop taking it.

  • I don’t see why there such attention towards such a harmless issue. This is just moral propaganda. Honestly… aren’t there other issues of greater importance than a few naughty pictures. Also, Loli ftw!

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Bitchy woman who hates all men! Where is her collar? Where is her brand?

    This is all this is; Women who hate men. They want to use men, that is the men willing to work for a living for food and shelter, but then let the “Outlaw” types rub their d-cks between their legs, often right in front of the ‘good guy’. So they have to militarize women to hate men, that any woman who “Settles” for less than the Millionaire / Outlaw is “Cheating herself” and anyone willing to be a woman is a “Cow”. They then go militantly after prostitution and sex-tourism to protect their own market. Why should men bother with “uppity” women if they can go to a cutie from Asia who faces either prostitution or starvation and get a cute, demure wife who’ll love a man who won’t punch her like a clock? They don’t care about people starving to death in poor countries, they like it for there’s no “Sexpatriate” to gratefully have some fun and find a cute, demure wife. Really, wish Americans were a tenth as millitant for Tariffs and ending tax breaks and subsidies, we’d be up to our ears in high paying jobs.

    But the women are such bitches, the men would rather masturbate to cartoons then beg and beg and beg them to let them f-ck them. So now they want to ban the kinky cartoons.

    I think we should go on jury duty and deliberately let off child molesters just to punish these withered bitches who want to take from man what is his. Well, no “violent rape/murder/mutilation” monsters, those deserve death and a trip “Downstairs” for at least an Aeon. But those who just went for some “Yung Pung Tang” over in “Bang Cock” or “Thigh land” or even browsed the wrong websites here at home… The cool thing is it’ll give you a “Revenge” card not just against the withered bitches who hate men, but against your employer. Anyone can lose their job for any or no reason, and so if by coincidence you are laid off/fired within about 5 years you can sue them since they “Retaliated” against you. The AmeriKKKan il-legal system is so parasitic, they’ll let the case go all the way since they get money and want power. Even if the Judge nearly had a stroke when you let “Chester M.” off since he only “Fondled” the cuties, he’ll still let your case stay in trial just to suck money from your ex-employer, bleed everyone till the system crashes he will.

  • What we need is a V for vendetta style war where governments should be afraid of their people since we make up for the economy i just find it annoying at how politics loves to step in on peoples interests because another yob complains of that paersons interest and finds it non likeable.

  • Anonymous says:

    Uh, yeah, they are. The fact is that most children today are sexually active by the age of 6, at least with other children.

    That is coming straight from questioning other children in front of their parents when their parents are NOT religious idiots who would get on their children’s case for being sexually active.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re no better than the anon you’re responding to.

      1. You seem to be taking sexual curiosity and normal early sexual development almost to mean that 6 year olds are ok to have sex with. You also seem to make no difference between physical and mental sexual development, both of which cannot be matured enough especially before the age of 13. I can almost imagine that if you had a daughter of an age like 6 and came to you and asked “daddy what’s a penis?” that you’d jump her the next second and break her vagina, thinking that what she said meant “fuck me daddy!”.

      2. You’re generalizing, hating on, and disrespecting religion. That’s fine, think that way, but don’t bring it in here. Way to quell the flames of hate with more hate! lol. Why don’t you just shoot the guy in the foot and then see where that get’s the argument? The person you are responding to may or may not be religious, I don’t know, but you’re a fool for taking that chance. Also, this is coming from someone who has no religion. Yes that’s right I don’t have a religion and I’m defending it, shocking??

      3. Maybe those guys are right, there are actual pedophiles on this site. At least, maybe just you. You bring shame to the rest of us. Get your head straight before you crack and do something terrible. It’s one thing to be a pedo and find actual children sexy (I’d be against it but such a person still might not want to harm anyone), but you sound like you’re trying to open a gate that shouldn’t be opened just to get your way.

      BTW, I’m on the side of the lolicon, if that wasn’t clear.

  • Anonymous says:

    The only persons who have been ‘tricked’ are people like you have been tricked by anti-sex conservatives and religious idiots into forgetting that nature MADE US WITH GENITALS FROM BIRTH, therefore we are supposed to be having sex from birth or soon afterward.

    You are also comparing sexual maturity with a totally different thing – want or ability to have sex.

    I’ll tell you BLUNTLY that I was having sex with other children from 3 (though I admittedly didn’t know that was what it was called until 4 when I read my mother’s college health book) and with teenagers/adults from the age of 7, which were relationships that, by and large, I STARTED MYSELF.

    The only thing that has changed is that as I got older, I have realized that I was always more attracted to people who were 16- than people over 16.

    It’s simply time to realize that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality, legalize it, bring it out into the open, and stop forcing it underground where, like homosexuality, it then looks like an ‘aberrant’ sexuality (of which there is really no such thing).


      Oh god, so many PSYCHOS on this site. It’s not the majority, but still too many and too loud. I’m not talking about “pedos” and lolicon, but just in general, all the people here who can’t make a reasonable argument and are just ACCUSING each other of being bad/stupid/dirty/evil/retarded/gay(as if a bad thing)/disgusting

      YOU people are disgusting! Can’t you guys have a proper argument or discussion or debate? Just come over here and yell at each other, eh? Don’t be so thick headed! I swear, actual pedorapists are better than such people, because it’s people like this, when given the right amount of voice and power, THAT CREATE THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO THE BAD THINGS, LIKE RAPE LITTLE GIRLS. Instead of realizing the reality and actually helping to make things better you break out the gasoline and torches! You kill Frankensteins the moment you see them!

      BETTER YOUR OWN SELVES AS HUMAN BEINGS BEFORE POINTING FINGERS AT WHAT OTHERS SHOULD OR SHOULDNT DO. At least TRY to, like I am. A lot of you are using methods that will get you NOWHERE. Bunch of vigilantes, would you hang a man before giving him a fair trial?

      This isn’t a dictation or even a request, this is a plea!

      • Well, this is the internet. Most people on a common board like this can’t debate. It doesn’t help that some people can’t spell or punctuate properly.

        I find loli’s kind of cute, myself. I know, however, that if I do something awful to an actual child, I’m scarring someone and robbing them of their pleasant childhood. A loli’s just a peice of paper. I think it should be just fine.

  • > people from the UN are saying Japan is irresponsible

    Not true here.

    This so-called “loli danger” has found *absolutely no echo* within the EU, and I highly doubt it raised even just an eyebrow within the UN.

    This alone should leave the argument unsubstantiated.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s nice of you to skip the part where she’s been a volunteer since she was a teenager, has studied psychology in Toronto and education at Stanford where she earned her Ph.D. Oh, but this is not relevant at all, right? After all it might have shown her to be more than an empty-headed hypocritical harpy set out to destroy the world as we know it.

    (Also, the Japan Committee for UNICEF is, in fact, not affiliated with UNICEF at all, but hey, this is yellow tape journalism, who needs actual facts when you can spew lies?)

    • Anonymous says:

      An education doesn’t make a person incapable of being an empty-headed hypocritical harpy set out to destroy the world as we know it. A lot of highly educated (supposedly) people have brought horrible things to the world.

  • Anonymous says:

    banning loli hentai may be doing more harm than good.

    Psychological studies show the inclusion of porn and masturbation in a person’s weekly routine reduces the likelihood of committing rape. If this correlation we’re substituted into “loli hentai” as the porn and “child abuse” as the rape, we can assume with the mere existance of the loli hentai, child abuse would drop. in this situation, child abuse is being held down by loli hentai, and the ban would bring rise to child abuse cases.

    But once its illegalized, members who enjoy loli hentai will have 3 options… 1. convert to the normal adult hentai… for those who can’t “break free” of this fetish, 2. maintain their illegal loli porn contraband and risk arrest, or 3. avoid illegal contraband, and possibly commit child abuse.

    some might argue that loli hentai is a “gateway porn” to a more taboo excitment as child abuse. however, members who develope the fetish are usually so as a result of their own upbringing, not from exposure to loli hentai. if anything, the loli hentai provides a harmless outlet for them to “express” their fetish.

    plus banning materials are reminiscent reminders of tryanic governments and leaders such as the catholic ban on scientific advancement, the nazi ban on artistic and literary material, the communist russia & china ban of negative propaganda, the north korean ban on pornography (and other materials)

  • Anonymous Japanese says:

    Just to make sure:

    UNICEF Japan (Committee for UNICEF) ≠ UNICEF

    They refer themselves as “UNICEF”, but they are just a private organization andd actually does not have any direct relationship with UNICEF.
    UNICEF Japan is known for its enthusiastic “campaign to raise charity funds” business where about 2 billion yen are takn as a rake off every year.

  • Anonymous says:

    If she and the other opressors of her ilk get away with this in Japan, the only satisfying revenge would be for a Japanese group to hound America and tell them to ban MTV and it’s artists like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Gangster Rappers, Britney Spears, and the like. The argument is that MTV is ruining the minds of the youth of the planet with their empty lyrics and are robbing the youth of their intelligence and money (or their parent’s money). It’s also causing children to literally fuck each other in school gymnasiums under the pretext of a “dance”. Rise up my fellow intellects, we must destroy the devils in America from raping the minds of your children! MTV must be censored to the extent that it’s music much contain the actual english language and that under 20% of it’s music should be related to sexual relationships and partying.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think all people who don’t research enough about something with an open mind before acting in any way about it aught to have their fingers broken and their tongues tied in a ribbon.

  • Stargazer says:

    Hallo,I’m Japanese. I got information that Agnes Chan was showing her swimsuit when she was 16 years old for money. What a contradiction!
    And,there are so many “FEMINATI” in Japan, but their arguments are groundless! (They’re just fuckin’bitch!)

  • Anonymous says:

    She should take care of children in in china instead where real girls underage are being sold, slaved …
    I am sure she will have much more to do, but criticize Japan is more safe if you do not want you and your family to be send to Jail.

  • Agnes Chan is a 40 year + aging feminist who cannot stand the thought of men even looking at CARTOONS of younger females.

    This has nothing to do with protecting children. Children are being slaughtered in Dafur and Unicef is more concerned about Japanese men looking at cartoon pictures. Japan has one of the lowest rates of crimes against children in the world, far lower than in places like the USA and the UK where these laws orginate and where the murder and rape of small infants is a daily occurance.

    This has everything to do with middle-aged women trying to cope with their insane psycho-sexual jealousies regarding younger females.

    Governments support these laws because :

    1/ ‘Protecting’ children is always a vote winner.
    2/ It will gives states and their police forces huge power over a massive segment of their population.

    FIGHT BACK NOW! Join the growing Mens Rights and Anti-Feminist movement on the internet. Create a YouTube channel and start watching (and making your own) Anti-Feminist and Men’s Rights videos.

    Feminism is a psycho-sexual cancer that is damagaing men, children, young people, and society itself.

    Let Japan be the place where the resistance begins!

  • Lol another idiotic opinion?) It`s sounds like “GTA force people to kill each other” It`s all USA fault xD Nobody will say: ” Hey people, those guys from Russia said we are strange and our loli manga make they children mad” “Really? Those guys who drink vodka and ride on bears all day long?” xD

  • Dangerous Weapon? So Loli’s are on par with guns, swords, nukes and Gundams? I think she be watching too much Strike Witches, Gunslinger Girl and Nanoha’s. Like most sane people are asking, who on earth does this eternally scar? It’s one thing if it’s 3D, but 2D? She’d best be arguing that the victims of the videogames world are also scarred…or at best blown to pieces. Don’t you think Princess Peach is scarred? Being kidnapped in almost every Mario game must have left some traumatic psychological disorder I’m sure. What about Aerith from FFVII? She took a bloody sword through the chest, with Phoenix Downs to no avail. Now that’s being scarred. Or how about Fallout 3 where you can kill kid’s parents? GTA…

    Oh just to point out to the ignorant retarded commenters, Agnes is from Hong Kong. She actually lived most of her life in Japan. China is not involved in this. Then again, Weeaboo’s and Japanophiles aren’t even on human intellgince scale. Her mind frame is closer to that of the West if you look at her education and what do you know she was in the USA before she became UNICEF’s ‘Barker’.

    She pretty much dug her own grave by saying ‘foreigners think we’re strange’. That is the point of cultural differences dumbass. Every foreigner thinks most other countries are strange. This is nothing short of UNICEF and the West trying to instill it’s belief and moral systems into another country. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Especially if the kitchen isn’t yours.

    UNICEF are no different than those Christian crusaders planting a church in the middle of nowhere and enforcing their view upon the local. Unfortunately some locals fall into it and are manipulated by a change of beliefs. The West has been doing this for ages. It’s just a change of tactics/method to the Colonial Days. Instead of jumping into a foreign land and kill natives, steal land, make them slaves and force them to believe Western ideals. It’s plant some organization under pretense to ‘protect’ or in the name of ‘justice’. Slowly change the behaviour of locals to their ideals, spread the word, hold protests saying ‘In our country we don’t *blah blah blah*’, make blatant accusations using emotive words but zero empirical data and evidence and then finally usurp anothers culture. Though this takes longer, it goes unoticed more as this changes the thinking of the locals to spread. Then bam! When protest or issue is raised you have more supporters.

    However Artefact is right. Whenever ‘foreigners view’ is at play Politicians will do whatever is neccessary to rid that stigma. Even if it’s a stupid arguement it works most of the time. Japan is one that falls much quicker to the pressure. Asians usually see image as very important. Japan is very strict in that sense compared to other Asian nations. At times like these I wish Japan would take a lesson in their neighbours and just say ‘STFU we don’t care’ to foreigners. UNICEF took this chance to add salt and hydrochloric acid into an opened wound. If Japan keeps keeling over to Western ideals it won’t be long till most of it’s culture goes poof. ‘You give them inch, they take a mile’.

    • Lazydabear says:

      She study social child psychology.Here something that surpise me In 1972 she recorded her first Japanese pop hit, “Poppy Flower.” and In 1973, Chan’s third single, “Splendor in the Gras,” which something tells me she was been using marijuana back in the 70’s.

  • The Chinese woman perpetrating this is a hypocrate of the very worst type.Instead of taking out what sounds to me like a personal vendetta against the Japanese manga/anime/pc-video game industry.It’s pretty evident this woman has a personal problem caused by something that likely happened to her when she was younger.

    If she were truely interested in “protecting young, innocent children”, then she would be fighting tooth and nail against the widespread and VERY real child labor/slavery in China.Unfortunately,hypocrates rarely pick targets that require any real effort or may require real sacrifice and only target things they feal they can easily persecute without much personal risk and/or cost, and this is preceisely what Agnes Chan is perpetrating in Japan and the Japanese government ought to hang it’s head in shame
    because t should be defending it’s citizen’s and enforcing their right to free speech and press.

    God help us all if Ms. Chan should REALLY decide to do something meaningful and worthwhile about child welfare in this world(maybe in Africa or her beloved China, where there are REAL and very serious problems for children…Aids and Child labor in that order, for the clueless)

  • moondoggiebuiscuit says:

    I really can’t fathom why do the Chinese waging a war in the internet for a ban for porn? Is there something we don’t know like a fatal virus that will be released in one of ’em porn sites? Or are they trying to invade the internet too and spread Communism and anti-freedom ideas instead? If we want loli-porn to satisfy our closet hungers to prevent ourselves from lashing out and raping a random little girl kidnapped from a nearby kindergarten schools, then we should have no restrictions and they should just shut up, right?

  • Metalbunny says:

    A pop star becomes a FREAKING AMBASSADOR???
    who the hell votes for these kind of people..
    Oh yeah i remember..JAPAN DOES

  • Anonymous says:

    I think she means that WE are the victims, of the loli porn. o_O So it’s not like she’s refering to imaginary children and paper. Still, it’s stupid. Lolis do no bad to lolicons. C’mon guys, act sane for some time, just until we can prove her wrong! 😀

  • a lolicon says:

    “Child pornography” and “terrorism” are undoubtedly the most dangerous weapons in any politicians arsenal. Add either of these nouns to a motion and it’s almost guaranteed to get passed simpy for having it/them in there.

    “[Internet loli porn] is a dangerous weapon which eternally scars the hearts of victims”

    I’m sure 九重りん is devastated by the fact that she’s serving as fapping material for some lolicons.

    Japan is setting itself up for a fail of epic proportions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Has Agnes ever been to a park and watched kids play? That fucking child molester. D:

    No one should listen to celebrities anyways. 9 times out of 10 they’re off their rockers in some way.

      • Anonymous says:

        No. Learn the definition of the word you are using.

        rac·ism (rszm)
        1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
        2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

        racism or racialism
        1. hostile or oppressive behaviour towards people because they belong to a different race
        2. the belief that some races are innately superior to others because of hereditary characteristics
        racialist nadj

        They aren’t insulting their race. Or attacking them because of their race. Etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Agnes Chan is a dangerous weapon which eternally scars the hearts of victims! There, that should get rid of her.

    And this is the first time I’ve seen Agnes Chan. I always thought she’d look like one of the old ladies the the old folks home from The Simpsons… I’m pretty sure they had a character named Agnes actually. Seriously, Agnes? Am I the only one that thinks that sounds old fashioned and totally appropriate for her old fashioned views?

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    “She went on to demand “simple possession” of all such material be outlawed, and claimed “people from the UN are saying Japan is irresponsible,” using the classic “foreigners say we are strange” argument”

    Funny how she fails to mention “foreigners” say she’s pulling things out of her @ss with no evidence in supporting her statements…

  • Hahhahahaha this woman is a retard. What victims? I’m guessing she’s talking about the trees that suffer from all the paper wasted on drawing lolis?

    How pathetic it is that people will jump at the opportunity to be a moralist hypocrite when things like sex and children cause controversy. Instead of worrying about fiction, how about making society a less stressful place so your own damn citizens don’t snap and go around randomly killing people? or how about fixing up the orphanage system that fucks up kids for just being part of it, never mind if they ever get some foster parents?

    Please, this woman needs to stop being a moral fag and shut up.

  • Anonymous says:



    • Pedo Killer says:

      You lolicons are just as bad as the feminists.
      Thinking mannish flat chest bulldyke women are okay to look at.

      I want to kill the feminists, the homosexuals, and the pedophiles!

      Your little pretend doesn’t have me fooled. You think it’s okay for women to be manly and be flat chested. YOU FUCKING FEMINIST MANLY WOMAN LOVING CUNT.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like someone has a lot of unresolved issues. Care to tell us what’s really bothering you? Perhaps you’re sad because you don’t get enough? Tell us about it. Maybe we can help.

      • Anonymous says:

        you theres different types of lolis , Lolis with big breast, lolis with medium breasts , lolis with flat chests or small breast , “mature” looking lolis , in between aged , and over the line too young lolis. So you shouldnt be judgeing someone because they like loli , loli is a good thing.

        • … Wait wut? So you mean to tell me that humans should only love women with big chests eh? Well go fuck your mother then. Oh wait I forgot you already did when you were five. Even though I hate feminists I still hate it when there is no equality. I mean sure women do tend to go over the board some times but you can’t tell me that women can’t work and don’t need love. Sure I am dedicated to 2D girls but still life is life. No matter what size of the breasts the woman has wether small or large she still needs her fair and square share of love. Lolis are no exception and btw are you that same fucking idiot called slayer545-sama in MAL cuz now I’d really laugh my ass of if you were and I’d just love it if you crawl in a hole and die.

        • Meidoganekko says:

          “Because men really tend to have THIN HIPS and TINY TITS.”

          Oh, so you approve a person as a female or not based on the physical traits,huh? So you’re fine and would love to have sex with ugly transexual men who did breast implants and plastic hips, eh?

          And your definition of Alpha male doesn’t make sense.. oh wait-, you weren’t even trying to define it at all nor used your brain to explain how’s a boober-fag deserves to be call an Alpha male.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, I don’t like killers, which you say you are, because they harm people. I don’t like people that harm people. Pedophiles and especially lolicon don’t harm anyone. What’s that? NO, they don’t, because just because someone is one or the other or both doesn’t automatically make them rapists, predators, or molesters. If a pedophile is automatically a potential child rapist, then someone who likes legal women is automatically a potential rapist of legal women and should be treated the same way as the former. BTW, Pedo Killer, how do you feel about Ephebos? Do you want to kill them too? Or just the Pedos?

        • Pedo Killer says:

          Because men really tend to have THIN HIPS and TINY TITS. Boy you lolicon pedo fucks sure are delusional.

          Yeah, alpha male. I guess some beta male failure at life WOULD try to laugh at the superior male. But you know you cry yourself to sleep over being a beta male.

          The feminists sure have done a number on you, huh?

        • Meidoganekko says:

          Who the fuck made those shitty human law crap where men can only love and have interest on women with big breast? Oh yes, Normies like you PK. And since when does Loli=Manly?

          Now go throw yourself into a pit of fire.

          Lol, Alpha male..?

        • Pedo Killer says:

          Lolis are not a good thing, you sick fucking freak. And don’t give me that nonsensical crap about “lolis having boobs” you know is not true. You’re a pedophile and loli art is meant to look like flat chested little kids.

          Go be an alpha male and get a REAL woman. Oh wait, you’re a failure homo of a man because of the feminists and WIDE HIPPED and BIG BREASTED women are too womanly for you. I forgot. Just die. Just fucking die now.

    • Pedo Killer says:

      Men everywhere suffer from changing aesthetics!
      Flat chested women have no worth at all.

      Anyone who doesn’t think flat chested, masculine, or feminist bulldyke bitches are anything other that worthless, make humanity suffer as a whole!

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s you big breast lovers that make all the woman suffer – first due to evolution that caused them to grow breasts ten times as big as it is needed, than by that horrible breast enlargement operations. Things like lower back problems are all your fault!

  • Professional Troll says:

    I’m the Professional Troll and I support the following message:

    Fuck that Agnes the bitch I say we show her just how a bunch of “perverted whatever the hell she said” can be dangerous I say this is a call to arms against her track her net hack her comp we’ll do to her what the bastard koreans did to that anime!!!

    The following has been a message from your friendly neighborhood Professional Troll just remember I could troll you next -wink-

  • Pedo Killer says:

    There is a terrible growing problem in society of people who are still accepting pedophilia. Even a growing filthy Japanese drawn child porn industry

    brainwashing countless thousands into becoming pedophiles.

    First off, children are being sexualized at a rapid rate. Children think it is okay to have sexual feelings before turning 18 years of age.
    Young boys are girls are looking at internet pornography well before the age of eighteen. If it was my child looking at such material, I would beat their

    spinal cord out of line with a baseball bat.

    Children must not be allowed to think that sexuality is okay! Sex is wrong and evil, and the innocence of children should be protected.

    In Japan these filthy artists draw women . This teaches women that it is okay
    We must outlaw all sexual representations of female flat chests whether drawn or photographed.
    And once turning 18 years of age, if a woman does not have a C cup or higher she will be forced to pay for breast enlargement surgery.
    If such a woman cannot afford the surgery, she will immediately be killed. It’s better to rid the gene pool of such inferior,
    Women are already inferior enough, we don’t need some butch flat chested bitches who resemble men to exist.

    Homo and pedo is basically the same thing. Pedo men turn away from the luscious mammaries of fully developed women to more manly and underage flat ones.
    Any man showing signs of being attracted to flatter chests over larger ones is a homo and a pedo, and must be killed. Kill the homos! Kill the pedos! Protect

    the children!

    People have the concept of a “tomboy” to describe young girls who act in a masculine manner. This is okay because they are children and are not to be looked

    at in a sexual manner. But when they get older they are expected to grow up and mature to be a subserviant, womanly woman who is reading to enguage in having

    and raising the children of superior, dominant men. And woman who continue to act in a childish, tomboyish manner, and not a subserviant, inferior woman, or

    have a masculine physique such as not having large breasts, is promoting homosexuality and pedophile, and MUST be killed! Feminine men are also promoting

    homosexuality and pedophilia, and must be killed as well!

    If a woman shows so much as even an incling of interest in having a job of getting out of the kitchen, she must be immediately violently raped and killed.

    If a girl has sex early in life, she will be stripped of her childhood innocence, and more importantly, her hymen. A woman without a hymen is WORTHLESS.
    A woman must stay virgin for her man. Nonvirgin women must be disregaurded like the sluts they are and enslaved or killed.
    They are of no use to a man who needs some virgin pussy.

    There are even children nowadays enagauging in sex with each other, disgusting, self degrading 17 year olds taking pictures of themselves naked, having sex,

    and caputuring footage of them having sex. They must have their genitals mutilated and shamed and oppressed by society until they properly punish themselves

    with suidide and rid out world of their filthy presence. That will teach a lesson to other children so that they never make the same mistake again.

    Brethren, we must do this! To save the children! To save their innocence!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tomboys are HOT!! It’s dykes that aren’t hot. Nothing wrong with being a dyke, I just don’t think they’re hot, and they probably don’t want me to find them hot anyways (if any of them do, then god, get with the program!).

      And by dyke I don’t mean lesbian, I’m not trying to use the word in a derogatory way, I’m talking about girls who try their best to look like guys (or don’t try to yet do it accidentally anyways), it doesn’t have much to do with how much they act like guys or not, in my definition.

      But tomboys are hot. They’re the girls who are usually up to breaking the repressing molds society puts on a females. Girls shouldn’t be interested in cars? Girls shouldn’t play games or sports? Girls shouldn’t like violence and martial arts? Girls shouldn’t work? Girls shouldn’t be smart? Girls shouldn’t be rough and tough? Those things are all for guys? Tomboys raise their fingers to such ideas, and they can be cool as well as hot.

    • Lazydabear says:

      I am going to disagree that “Tomboys” promote homosexuality, it promote Individuality of a female.The way your discribing how you want Females to be now, is more like your exploting what Pedophiles have done to children.

      You want a Flat Chested women to get Breast Implants because Flat Chested Women promote homosexuality and pedophilia which is stupid. Flate Chested women tend to do beter in the sack if you ever had sex.

    • I don’t want to be the one feeding the troll. She thinks 2d loli’s are made for underage kids!? Turning countless thousands to be 3d pedo? unless by countless thousand you mean christian priests.

      Talk about fantasy. I say witch hunt, war on ter-ror, neo-na-zism, fas-cism, femi-nism, and fear-monger.

      “There are even children nowadays enagauging in sex with each other, disgusting, self degrading 17 year olds taking pictures of themselves naked, having sex,” <- this existed longer than your blood line have been on this earth. Infact 100years ago people married/non-married younger. 100years before that they were even younger because people's life span were a lot shorter. What if your race only live up to 20's and your mid-life is like 10years of age. Same thing back then where people lived up to their 50's-40's.

      What a pom-pous a-ss, but seriously the only sheeps on this earth that would get education from fantasy Pandora's box would be Amer-icans and time has proven that.

      I wonder how they would feel about reviving the witch hunt. A witch hunt is a hysterical search for witches or evidence of witchcraft, often involving moral panic, mass hysteria and mob lynching, but in historical instances also legally sanctioned and involving official witchcraft trials. By witches I mean feminist. We, must do this! To save the children! to save our future!

      • What if the average life expectancy for another country or another race is as low as 20-30years old. Which their mid life would be 10-15 years old. In factor with these moral’s of other country they will be having loli sex. It is equivalent in a richer country saying you can’t have sex until you pass the mid life like in your 40s or 50s.

        Human historic era Average life mid-life
        Medieval Britain 20-30 10-15
        Bronze Age 18 9
        Early 20th Century 30-40 15-20

    • fatimmortal says:

      Are you Agnes?

      If you are, please read what I have to say about your filthy comments.

      NO child is innocent. Even if they are, one day or another, they’ll just get tainted or violated anyways.

      The governments set up laws to prevent children from having sex at an early age, is not to let them be protected from “disgusting thoughts”, but more to have them complete a certain degree of education, undisturbed.

      Loli or loli porn does not brainwash people. Neither does any other form of porn or art. These thoughts of wanting to touch real children does not arise from such images, but from their already tainted minds.

      Real otaku, have ethics. These include, being faithful only to their 2D idols but never touching real kids. Trust me, I find 2D images of children very arousing, but when I look at real kids, I turn my face in the other direction, looking for boobs.

      Being homosexual is similar to being a pedophile, in only one way; to stray beyond the human being’s natural instincts to go for an atractive being of the other gender. Although unnatural, it is not wrong. ALL humans have the right to choose what they want, albeit with consequences.

      What? Kill women who wish to get a job out of the kitchen? Are you mad? Tell that to the feminazis and even you won’t be spared a sliver of dignity.

      Kill the homos and pedos? Wtf? No one decides who deserves to die, only the government. And you my dear, aren’t even a part of the lower sections of the government.

      I have more to say, but I just can’t really type it yet.

      Trust me, right now, you’re the one person everyone here wants to kill.

      • Anonymous says:

        I find this one funny~ dude , you DO have a point as a real , what can i say , uh… self-proclaimed GENIUNE OTAKU ? well , you deserve it anyways. The only problem w/ your statement is that , this is your personal logic , but everyone’s different. So don’t say that what you are – as an individual belonging to the same brethren – means you all think alike. I do respect your ideals truly , what just pissed me off is that you easily claimed what the others think too as a brethen of yours (ie : Trust me, right now, you’re the one person everyone here wants to kill).

        Lastly , in regards to the topic , This is more of having a good look and an awareness with the issue , the alarming effect that might in time comes. Esp this is Japan , and it’s not whether you’re an otaku or not , it’s more of due to most male’s strong sexual nature that is alarming for this matter. Their urge to go beyond the boundary is what they are more capable of in regards to sexual lust and culture-related.

        • fatimmortal says:

          Ok, my apologies for generalizing everyone here.

          I’m not a genuine otaku, but I’m still one. Besides, otaku literally means an addict. It’s thanks to urbanization that it has become a word that sounds disgusting to some people.

      • Pedo Killer says:

        Go kill yourself. You big, fat, feminist, homosexual pedophile fuck.

        You people are scum. Just scum.
        It’s because of people like you women aren’t womanly and there are more homosexuals in this world!

        • fatimmortal says:

          I’ll admit that I’m fat, but I’m not that much of a couch potato. Hell, I don’t even have a couch, and I don’t watch TV.

          I respect women and their REAL rights, but I’m not a feminist or feminazi.

          I’m not a homosexual.

          I like loli, but not loli porn.

          I’m not a pedophile, because I’d rather go for a woman with an ass and tits.

          So what if women aren’t womanly? They’re still women, right down to the genes.

          So what if there are homosexuals in this world? Everyone has their own preferences.

        • Pedo killer (or whatever you call yourself)~

          Young boys are girls are looking at internet pornography well before the age of eighteen…


          …If it was my child looking at such material, I would beat their spinal cord out of line with a baseball bat."

          Sooo, what your saying is… we are bad? and so YOU preach to us about being who we are?



        • how “womanly” is womanly? big chest? fat ass? so i should look down on girls who naturally has smaller boobs like the asians? and look down on men who has small penis? cause they are not “manly”?

          i don’t mind YOU go save those innocent children, instead of talking crap here like the rest of us. and please kill some pedo. not just talk about killing. bring some of your innocent children to aid your killing, they are good at that, they are, dangerous weapons afterall.

          btw, who in the world, decided that, 18 is the age of maturity? so people below 18 is considered child and should not have any thought of sexuality? and those above 18 MUST have, since they are not children anymore?

          there are so many thing to say about your comments. but i hate to feed you. its not like anyone here would pay much attention to you.

          have a good day, sir. and good luck in your hunt for pedo n homo.

  • When i see KoHG comment i remembered “Cowboy gay sex” song from the TV series Family guy and an image of a shotacon so…i combine it “Shotacon gay sex”…it should be your nick name

  • Two things will happen:

    1. Revolution of otaku industry to shift from loli to gorilla-like super masculine men like Marcus Fenix.

    In other words, the object of affection will be super-masculinity.

    So manly, robots and cars will be piloted by eating steak, and Duke Nukem Forever will rise from the grave.

    2. Eroge Sakoku.

      • Musclebeds? you mean very ripped guys?

        We already have those.

        But seriously, it starts with loli and will extend to a censoring shitstorm of gigantic proportions. We need to cut this down before it grows. The problem I see is that “children are in danger” is a magical phrase. Whatever the crap these groups spout, as long as they use this phrase, people will automatically agree with them. Like a fucking switch.

  • PunchMyballs says:

    I have a solution, why don’t they ban children? i mean children ceased to exist as such a long time ago, nowdays we only have those midgets that think of themselves as adults when they don’t even know how to tie their shoes yet.

    • I’ll like to believe that it will lead to almost everything.

      Just when in anime/manga do you see materials are not rori-free ?

      Includes roris which are blessed with more growth than others.

  • Anonymous says:

    No doubt it’s some woman that can’t get fucked who likes to fuck with anime. I don’t say I fully support Loli, but I like some of it. If this happens to the U.S., then some motherfuckers are gonna die! That is restricting our freedom, and Japan should stand up again UNICEF. Row, Row, Fight the powah! They may win in the material however, but no one can defeat the Internet!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I AGREE WITH FISH! 1st we abolish sex. 2nd give every house hold a gun and tell everyone have at it. Because violence is the answer to everything right? The Puritans had it right and they were perfect people.

  • Fucking bitch, how the hell can someone “damage” fucking hentai? As horrible as I sound, hentai drawings are not alive. IN ANY WAY.

    I say we cap this bitch and do the world a favor.

    And this bitch is chinese? Wtf is she doing in Japan? She has no right to be near a japanese object UNLESS she is building it in a sweat shop!!

  • Anonymous says:

    A sado-masochistic sculpture of a naked, tortured figure was recently bought by the Italian government for 4 million dollars, because they believe it to be a Christ by Michelangelo. But similar milder imagery in cartoon style could soon be criminalized in UK, USA and even Japan? Who are governments to judge what is or not art? Maybe manga-anime should become a religion?! Fans would at least have some protection then.

  • Anonymous says:

    In Japan there are no men, they leave women dominate.
    The women are those that has the pants in the house, “men” prefer to lower the head before them.

    If I am wrong then “men” will give that bitch a beat so that she knows who is the one that has the balls.

  • Anonymous says:

    people should really mind their own business… if they dont like it, they should just stfu.

    she must been raeped as a loli once… and therefore declares it as a dangerous weapon

  • Anonymous says:

    This proposal discredits UNICEF. While real children are being hacked to bits in Darfur, dying of malaria every 5 minutes and being brainwashed by insane religious cults, UNICEF and this deluded woman wastes valuable energy trying to ban pictures in a peaceful countrylike Japan. It’s a disgrace.

  • You know by her doing this it should be considered murder seeing as lolis who should have been made are being snuffed out before they ever get the chance to make it out into the world…

  • Agnes doesn’t get that 2D loli lures p-bears away from 3D loli with their infinite superiority.

    I mean I don’t even care for 3D loli, yet, the Myon in the post image keeps them even safer from me than they already were.

    *busy* *busy* *busy*

  • I actually watched the live stream from the Diet when she made her speech and answered questions. Truly it was a passionate rant with no logical basis whatsoever. Basically just “think of the children”, “how long must the children suffer” over and over again.

  • Claymoredog says:

    Perhaps if this happens artists will start drawing more girls that look 18+.

    I look forward to that. Don’t find lolis attractive anyway.

    toot toot.

    Now I’m going to take cover before I get flamed to death. /._.\

    • I’ll give it a try then.

      “Perhaps if this happens artists will start drawing more girls that look 18+.”

      Not gonna happen. Despite being spineless, manga artists have pride. Should loli manga be banned for real, they will be replaced by anonymous, non-traceable online publications. Your reasoning makes no sense anyway. You can’t be serious that there are not enough 18+ looking girls for you to ogle at? What anime/manga/games have you been looking at anyway, and why don’t you just abandon Japanese culture entirely if it’s too youth-centered for you?

      • Claymoredog says:

        Despite having pride, manga artists have to eat. On that basis I imagine there’d be an increase in material that would still be legal if this ban went ahead.

        If that still doesn’t make sense perhaps I’m missing some information you could fill me in on.

        It’s not that I have particular difficulty finding anything, but I definitely don’t find girls that look 12-14 years old attractive, 2d or otherwise.

        That’s my opinion, and it’s just that, no need get your panties in a bunch.

        • They won’t be able to fill their stomachs by drawing manga alone anymore. You think otaku will suddenly spend their money on works that are 100% politically correct and 100% ecchi-free (if they contain minors) or alternatively solely feature 18+ characters? The resulting gap will not be filled with such works, simply because there’s no demand for it. Don’t forget that the original selling point was the loli content.

          If said artists have to make a living without producing art, they can as well just draw what they like for fun and to express their disapproval of the situation (which in this case means flooding the net with loli – at least that’s what I would do).

        • How much of the material left will be legal anyway ?

          Not many.

          Most of the mainstream materials are 12-14 years old ( or look like it, but with US we can always lie they are just 18 XD).

      • I dunno it seem like everyone that is not interested in loli is in the loli section?!?!?

        Closet lolis?!? Reverse. Its like a homophobia working, playing, and living at a gay bar/club/hometown.

      • Claymoredog says:

        Want Moaarrrr.

        Not that I particularly approve of this “CENSOR EVEERRRYYTTTHHHIINNGG” trend that seems to be all the rage in Japan right now.

        Someone needs to cockslap some sense these feminists before it gets silly.

        • Anonymous says:

          I love how the paranoia over loli makes people subconsciously think it is wrong to draw underage characters.

          There is no problem with drawing underage characters in non-sexual (aka fucking, buttfucking, rapeing, etc) acts, according to UNICEF.

  • JustPassHere says:

    Loli Dangerous ? Yes, only for inadequate public. It’s like Horror and erotic movies for the mind of too young public or adult with problems in her mind, ban all can’t be the good answer. For the rest, all things can be a weapon.

    • Pedo Killer says:

      It should be a MAN up there getting rid of the pedophiles. You if it was a man he’d get the job done right. Agnes is a worthless woman and can’t do shit to get rid of the lolicons. Fucking women.

      She needs to be raped and killed. That way we can get a descent man up there who will get down to business and get rid of the flat chest loving pedo fucks.

      • And we need a shovel to shut your mouth for good xD though me has to agree about the part about agnes getting raped xD and now shut your mouth you loli hating troll and go fap to old geezer porn xD

      • lol @ troll… anime crap wait wut? if anime is crap then what are u doing on Sankaku Complex. Just take your porn with you stfu and gtfo from here. We at Sankaku tell guys like you to fuck yourselves with sticks and gtfo

    • Anonymous says:

      Because if those totalistic scum are not stopped, they will ban even non-erotic loli. Our children or grandchildren will have to watch cartoons about adults doing boring adult stuff like bureaucracy. Their next generation will have to be ‘born’ as adults and children will be shot on sight, because people will start hating children, being unable to see their cuteness on TV. Things will go downhill from there.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a man and fully support the banning of all loli related material.

    As a father with a young daughter I just don’t enjoy seeing young girls (real or not) sexually exploited for sickos.

    Loli is just pedophilia. Perverts use it to exploit loop-holes in the law because you obviously can’t get away with fucking real kids but at the end of the day, its just child porn.

    It’s time this filth was outlawed once and for all.

    And to the pedos who disagree with me, get a life.

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand where you’re coming from, but you’re being a little ignorant on this subject, as most people tend to be. If you talk to a lot of lolicon like I do, you’d know that they do not find pictures of real little girls sexy. They’re not aroused by real girls. Loli is a total fantasy thing, and they (the majority of them at least) understand that. If their lolis were taken away, no unline people here are saying they wouldn’t harm your daughters or other daughters, but it’d be incredibly unfair to them. It’s only pictures, they’re not real, and their creators and viewers are not harming anyone in any way. You might as well ban all violent films in that case.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may not enjoy seeing young girls sexually exploited, however just because you find it sick and disturbing does not allow you to take away the interest of other people.

      Your words only states how much you dislike it, much like the feminists that are deeply hated on this site.

      If you hate loli, don’t read it, just keep your hands to yourself and all will be safe.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a man and also have a young daughter so I understand your love for daughter and want to keep her as safe as you could, but I care little about loli ban and stuff, rather than that I would prefer loli not being banned.
      Why? Because like you I hate children be put in harm way and if loli keep them away from the real thing then loli does have it good point.
      Due to my experience, most of the rape case I know being done by people who have heavily sexual unsatisfied and mostly attracted by real porn, with those rapist children or not doesn’t master,children become victim just because they are easy targets.
      Isn’t it better if all those perverts turn into otakus and imprison them self in the 2D world leave real people alone? They don’t care about “3D pigs” don’t they? They may seem sad and pathetic but at least they are safe.

    • Anon coward….2-d being banned would most likely result in more actual pedophiles and child molestors…I mean they should allow that, so anyone into loli can still be satisfied in a harmless way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stupid woman! Loli would only be a “dangerous weapon” if it’s made illegal. Then it could be used by cops to entrap and arrest people. Japan you are sleepwalking into a witch-hunt. Don’t fall for it!

      • Anonymous says:

        People here just like blaming feminists left and right. It’s because of a certain ‘equality now’ group that was somewhat successful in banning rape games. And the fact feminists are just annoying when they try to take away from men instead of giving to women.
        Still, Unicef is probably filled with the same evil kind of people as ‘equality now’.

  • Lazydabear says:

    She failed to present any empirical evidence in support of her claims. Which that means she didn’t prove anything?

    Other then the fact she wanted to make a political statement Loli should be band from Japan and Bla Bla Bla, She needs to talk to someone to prove her claims or suport her claims like a Dr.Phill or Jenna Jamason (Why Jenna Jamason because she has Intelligence to out wit Bill” O’Reilly in a debate.

  • Chronomaster says:

    Foreigners say you are strange, now? But that’s why we love you so much!

    Hell, you take the strange out of Japan, and you get another… er… I can’t think of a strangeless country out there. Any help?

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    Don’t worry plans for her demise are in the works…

    Seriously though come fucking on. This is all because of that one single solitary victory by Equality Now. Now everyone thinks they can defeat them. Do you know how unrealistically it is to be able to put this into effect? Hell loli (and all hentai for that matter) would become what alcohol was to the prohibition. Protecting children my ass where’s the protection of the shota then!? Oh yes loli is very dangerous.

    On guard! Take this and this! (attempting to harm you with something that does not exist)

    Fire! Fire! (shooting you with paper lolis)

    Boom! (Exploding loli figurine).

    Flash! (Scarring the minds of adults everywhere)

    Showing kids breasts and nipples that all people male or female have at such a young age is so bad (and then they’ll start asking why it is bad)

    …fuck this just ban kids from tv or better yet why not prevent them from existing…that’ll help the kids…wait where’d they all go!?).

    Seriously what the hell are the feminists doing this for? To protect the eyes of the innocent? Seriously this about as stupid as the usual censorship in most anime. They’re kids for Christ (thou art holy) sake! Like they know anything! For the kids sake my ass! This is so you push your moralistic fucking douchebag attitude onto everyone. Oh yes because a kid is going to be scarred seeing a nude child? They are a fucking child! The only ones that care are adults. Like kids give a damn. Hell it might even be better for them. If they understand or at least know about it they can prevent them from making huge mistakes like marrying a feminist/male elitist (what is the name for male bigots?) in their future.

    I’m going to use a very dangerous weapon and assassinate this bitch…go Lolizilla!

    Hail Hentai!

    • Anonymous says:

      Male elitists are called chauvinists if i am not mistaken.
      And their main rhetoric seems along the lines of ‘it makes people pedophiles’. It is about as ridiculous as it sounds.
      By the way, i believe children should not be denied any information. they are smart enough to understand the whole sex thing, and you never know when they will need this info.

    • Unicef ad in year 2012.

      Please save my imaginary 2d stick child who is suffering from mil-nutrition. You can donate as little as $1 to save this stick child. Just think $1 a day can save many stick children in a poverty war torn country.

      / – \
      / \

      note: 0.00000001% of every dollar goes to the actual 2d stick children. While the other 99.99..% goes to over fed feminist pigs.

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess this is a result of modern beauty ideals as well.

    Many lolis aren’t any less mature mentally than other 2d girls, so it’s a question of your viewpoint whether or not you consider them as “children”. Lolis come in varying personalities, so all that basically makes a loli is a little body with small breasts. In short, slender but not extremely thin (soft curves from fat, no much bones showing: anorexic != loli) and usually short girls.

    And I don’t know what is wrong with these slender girls! Truth is, I know 18-year-olds, even women in their thirties who look like lolis from their physical structure. In real life. I’m serious.

    So they’re just complaining about people liking beautifully delicate (fictional) girls instead of fapping to porn tapes of those bone-showing-skinny real life sluts with their E-cup silicones. It seems that every woman with less massive curves is a kid these days and a person who shows any feelings other than utter disgust towards them is a paedophile, no exceptions.

    And then these people who “protect” imaginary children wonder why the women around them are ashamed of their petite bosoms…

    • “Many lolis aren’t any less mature mentally than other 2d girls, so it’s a question of your viewpoint whether or not you consider them as ‘children’.”

      Thank you for mentioning it. When evaluating 2D lolicon, most people completely disregard this.

      “Lolis come in varying personalities, so all that basically makes a loli is a little body with small breasts. In short, slender but not extremely thin (soft curves from fat, no much bones showing: anorexic != loli) and usually short girls.”

      Very true also, but it must be pointed out that “being attracted to minors” is still the core meaning of the term when you apply the Japanese definition. It just happens to be much more than it’s core meaning, and usually what you describe here is what it comes down to in practice. There is no denying that many (almost all?) lolis exhibit a mental maturity real children just don’t possess.

  • Toxicopath says:

    I still don’t understand…
    Japan has one of the lowest child molestation rates in the WHOLE WORLD and still the stupid asshat child “protecters” try and try to ban 2D loli material.

    If it were real children I would 200% ok it but pictures/anime/whatever Don’t suffer to be drawn as pornographic material…
    And the excuse that reading such material will push people to act… Well the statistics speak themselve…

    So much stupidity and intolerance will always amaze me.

    • Japan has one of the lowest child molestation rates in the WHOLE WORLD

      That’s only so far as official statistics tell us.

      If there are a lot of Japanese children getting molested but the victims are taught to remain silent, then the official statistics understate the problem.

      There are also a lot of sexual incidents that some adults wouldn’t consider “molestation” – such as an 11-year-old boy groping an 11-year-old girl – that other adults WOULD call molestation.

    • this is just a guess.. but maybe she thinks the problem is japan is supplying the whole wide world with child porn pictures (or loli, according to her), and it’s increasing the risk of child molestations in other countries. We all know japanese’ are too well behaved to act boorish like ‘other’ countries, except to some occasional gropings 😀

      • Meh haz to agreez with u. The otakus of the fucking 3d world must all unite and find teh gate to the 2d world. xD then instead of watching animes and hentai we will be watching real humans lives and laugh at teh fags for their stupidness xD.

  • maderlulz says:

    Oh spoke to soon, about attacking loli. great all this blame coming from countries with these issues but not Japan. Well we can just have loli over 18 and it’ll be ok unless they want to suck japan of its luster.

  • “In response, worries of arbitrary and unjustified abuse of police search powers have been raised.”

    What exactly does this mean in the context of this article? Did someone in the diet mention the recent searches and arrests in Akiba or something? Sorry, my reading comprehension skill seems to be somewhat impeded right now.

    • yeah… maybe it’s sumething like this:

      A chan: …suki da.

      ???: “gomen. i already have someone i like

      A chan: …its alright, i understand. but who’s the lucky girl? [force a smile while hold her tears]

      ???: its her [pulling out a Kodomo no Jikan manga, with Kokonoe Rin Paperchild

      A chan: …………………………….

      and thus, A chan’s journey to get revenge of 2d loli begun….

      maybe not so accurate, but i bet it was something in that terms. if not, maybe she was an ugly as a loli, and have to undergo surgery to make her look like celebrity.

      just cant believe someone who said they fight for other than themselves nowadays.

      “A chan, did u know? loi is a part of manga, and manga is a part of Japan’s prideful culture. look at Rozen aso a bit. he was clever to make something like Otaku Tourism. banning loli means you give path to banned a culture, you FAGGOT!”

      • Anonymous says:

        It shouldn’t have to be real. If she can make fake claims about loli then we can make fake claims about her. It’s only fair.

        Agnes is only doing this because she hates the Japanese and this is just a step in her plan for China to take over Japan. First she will get loli banned. Following the ban on loli, many Japanese will be arrested for possession of illegal material (because none of them will be willing to get rid of their cake). Japan will then be labeled as a nation of convicted sex offenders. Agnes will then convince other nations to let China take over Japan as the only thing that can cure Japan’s criminal pervertedness is China’s strict censorship.

  • Okay… I’m not exactly a loli fan, but still, I must say… WHAT victims? Do they mean the pixels? In that case… this is kinda stupid. Nobody is hurt by 2D stuffs…

    And if they say that it’s making people molest little girls, perhaps they’ve not studied the demographic that enjoys the stuff? What was the term again… ‘pig ugly 3D’?