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Part of their culture is to be “normal”, to not stand out. They normally don’t stand up and voice their opinions as much as the US does. They would have to band together before they would say something against this because of the stigma of watching porn and what they would likely view as pedophilia. I see it in the group of Japanese I hang out with.

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  • Minori: “We’re Banning You For Your Own Good!”:
    Well I guess it is a good thing it was a joke because it was all fail. we are not saying rape is a joke but they are just computer games with imaginary people. Then again, we must save the imaginary lolis…

  • Minori: “We’re Banning You For Your Own Good!”:
    I make the pedophile =/= child molester argument to people and they look at me funny. News media says they are equal so most people think so, shame. I am a lolicon I can’t stand 3D kids

  • Minori: “We’re Banning You For Your Own Good!”:
    @ Kortaku Then the solution is simple, we need less humans. Seriously though, don’t let the loudmouth assholes in America be the example for the rest of us. The way I see it, as long as you are not an asshole you can be any color(except shit green that is just gross) or any race and I am ok with you. I know more people like that than not, people just focus on the haters.

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  • Miku Triumphs on Letterman:
    You will notice when he said computer generated character from Japan everyone laughed like it was some joke. She sang, poorly in comparison of what she can do,but whatever, and suddenly no one one laughed any more.

  • Miku Triumphs on Letterman:
    love is war was my first choice.

  • Miku Triumphs on Letterman:
    My thoughts exactly. That song just had her using one of her tinny voices making it seem like the programs need a lot of work still.

  • Kiseijuu: “Guro Has Never Been More Compelling…”:
    If you mean the first gif ya, otherwise no, there was only 1 human like that visible in the first EP.

  • No Game No Life’s Yuu Kamiya “Blatantly Traced”:
    Some only have a few lines overlap so the percentages are even less applicable. They still show the whole image for the dramatic effect. Like Tet and the book. There is little different between this and what we call confirmation bias. I am sure that if I looked hard enough I could make it look like CLAMP traced everything,


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