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Eroge Maker Minori: “Dirty Foreigners Get Off Our Site!”


Visual novel production company Minori, noted for producing hits such as Ef, Wind and Eden, has responded to the reprehensible decision by Japanese politicians and eroge publishers to ban “rape” eroge by issuing an indiscriminate and nonsensical ban of its own: they have banned all non-Japanese IPs from viewing their site.

By the esoteric wonders of mod_geoip the crafty company has excluded the foreign eroge banning devils from their site completely, with a terse Engrish reminder that the world would be better off if the Japanese were not so spineless in response to foreign pressure:

minori official website.
This website cannot be browsed excluding Japan.

Some foreigners seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE.
Therefore, We prohibited the access from foreign countries, to defend our culture.
Sorry for you of the fan that lives in a foreign country.

minori Inc.

The completely redundant screenshot of same:


Their normal site looks something like this, admittedly not much of an improvement:


It is questionable whether there is any point or practical effectiveness to any of this, as anyone can easily access the Japanese version of the site by way of a free proxy service, be they disappointed barbarian fans or Japan bashing feminists looking for a soft target.

More pointedly, the company in question seems to have forgotten that it was the Japanese mass media who publicised the story, Japanese politicians who pressed for a ban, and their own industry group who cravenly acceded to these demands

Blaming all non-Japanese for the actions of a minor American busybody feminist group seems more an exercise in xenophobia than a logical appraisal of just who is really at fault here.

It would appear that some in Japan do indeed need to “learn to say ‘no’” to both the world and their own wretched politicians and cowardly businessmen.

Thanks to ステク for the tip.

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  • Yes. mailing the Japanese DIET is a short-term solution. What the Japanese are frustrated about foreign Otaku is that they simply do not have a mindset of responsibility. Yes, there are feminist evils in Japan (brought in by foreigners, unwelcomed, including the feminists evil headquarters in Scandinavian countries) but Japanese Otakus have been fighting to save the industries producing artworks they love.

    When feminists evil try to shut down an industry, Japanese Otaku on 2ch co-operate to buy products, doing internet related attacks and such on feminists. It makes feminists in Japan think twice before meddling with Otakus.

    The same cannot be said for foreigners, be it Americans, Canadians, Europeans and such. To save face they play into feminists reasoning and refuse to protect artworks they love when it is under attack by feminism. So, you only want to play the game but doesn’t want to protect it?

    Being living in Japan for some time, I must said Japanese are more honest to the stuffs they love, and will not back down from any reasoning opposing it. If you want garbage out then you must treat it as such, playing soft and trying to “understand” feminists will not work, they did not try to understand us from the beginning neither.

    Generalization is bad but it is the only way to make ppl and groups self-regulate so their norm do not wander off, and to make foreigners realizing responsibility towards stuffs you love is important.

  • this is just Bull SHIT!!! fuck all them FEM groups someone need to give them all a good whip down if that dont help off them all. fuck i hae groups like that and all the bs thy give us now.. its wrong and they need to b destroyed.. this message will be destroyed in 5 secs beep beep beep

  • There are feminist in Japan you know…

    Anyway. I ran into this myself, and laughed. I was wondering if it was widespread.

    This website is able to be browsed by Japanese or people who lives in Japan.

    Some foreigners seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE. Therefore, We prohibited the access from foreign countries, to defend our culture.

    2009-06-27 Director of erogmap, NOG


  • Anonymous says:



  • xxx says:




    I’m sorry this comment is not English .

    • >I’m sorry this comment is not English .

      I’ll take the liberty of translating your post then.

      “I want you to realize that we are game makers, not organisations for creating opinion. The primary threat to us not having censorship laws imposed, but to run bankrupt – I hope you can understand this much.
      This is especially true to a small company such as ours – it is enough that the mere climate for our games worsen for us to collapse.

      This means that – while we are aware that we have fans overseas – we are having our hands full just trying to stay alive.
      The fact that our genre of eroge is seen as anti-social means that we feek we can’t protest or oppose the current climate in an effective manner.
      Are we supposed to march in the streets carrying signs saying “We can’t live without tentacles?”

      The reason for blocking access from overseas is so that we can have at least a minimum line of defense. It means that if the worst comes to worst, you can at least say “We don’t provide sales or access overseas – we got nothing to do with this fuss kicked up by foregin feminists”.

      Our company is also talking about blocking overseas access on our meetings. I want you to understand that we really want to do whatever we can to protect our company.
      You can consider this spineless or whatever, but we are simply too weak and can go out of buisness easily, that we cannot afford taking chances.”

      • All in all, I am shocked, disapointed and ashamed when I see what treatment this event has gotten of ota-gaijin blogs/news site, in particular this one.

        Equality Now is an organisation that exists for the purpose of creating opinion – and they did so with great efficiency and experience.

        However, creating opinion is also the responsibility of news media – which includes this site.

        But what did you do, Mr.Arefact?

        To begin with, you lie.
        Minori has not called anyone a “dirty foreginer, that is lie you made up for bigger impact in your headline. You want that advertizing money so badly you need to lie for it?
        You spread misinformation and finaly laugh and blame game companies (who spend thier time doing guess what? Making games!) for not standing up to the trio of hostile mass media, pro-censorship politicians and foregin feminist lobby organisations (who spend thier time, full time, doing what? Creating opinion).

        I don’t know where you learned japanese, but appearently you never picked up the significance of the word 外圧 – gaiatsu, or foregin pressure.
        While this is a factor in the political debate of almost every country on earth, it plays a very large role in Japan (De Mente 1994, 90-91).

        I understand you don’t seem to grasp this concept – well, too bad Equality Now did it, as is evident from the fact that they got this whole ball rolling with mearly with a article on thier webpage, mail adresses to japanese politicians and sample letters to be copypasted my thier readers.

        When pro-censorship politicians in Japan who have the backing of overseas NGOs start attacking the eroge industry, there is excellent chance to show solidarity and support for the industry that provides much of the topics for this news site.
        And you do what? Lie, and mock, and tell them to handle things for themselves.

        All I can say is that I am very, very dissapointed.

        • More feeble excuses from those within the industry and their apologists without it.

          The idiot supposedly in the industry needs to work out that his industry body is betraying him and completely clueless if it doesn’t have an effective lobbying strategy like every other industry in the same position. Why do you think nobody is attacking AV or similar, the content is the same?

          As for you, it seems the very simple fact that everyone clamouring for a ban is Japanese and in Japan has escaped your attention. “Gaiatsu” is just a convenient excuse in this case, there are enough examples of much more intense pressure being resolutely resisted for this to be apparent.

          When the only response of the Japanese eroge industry to such an attack is to scurry about seeking dark corners like cockroaches, you’ll have to excuse a lack of sympathy. Even more so when they then turn around and try to shift the blame on foreigners for their own complete lack of foresight and organisation.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Japanese doesn’t want your help and want you to just shut the fuck up and never bother them again.



    Above is taken from a Japanese site.
    Literally meaning “You don’t know shit, just shut the fuck up and leave”

  • japanese-f says:

    Please forgive poor English.

    There is a stalker in Japan though it is free whether to believe or not to believe.

    The stalker tries to come out whenever the topic of Japan comes out, to deteriorate a good story, and start to make a bad story worse.

    Perhaps, when it might be man in the country, the Japanese who is criticizing the foreigner here in a cruel word also is getting into the news on the site in Japan.

    They have received the education like hating Japan.

    And, because it pretends the Japanese and the impression not only is deteriorated but also it pretends the foreigner, the Japanese might be blamed.

    In a word, we are looking there is a possibility that they have mixed with you.

    The stalker is very pleased with the quarrel of us.

    Please take care not to be cheated easily.

    The Japanese is wishing that I do not want to criticize the foreigner but the regulatory problem is solved by some means.
    I want you not to misunderstand the way unskilled.

    This is a TV program in stalker’s country.

    It should be able to be understood that there is a country that thinks that it is a pleasurable pastime to pretend the Japanese if this is seen and to do it bad.

  • I am free Otaku in Japan.
    The following messages can be translated into English.
    Please send assembly members mail after it translates into English.




    細川律夫 (Hosokawa Ritsuo)

    小宮山洋子 (Komiyama Yoko)

    千葉景子 (Chiba Keiko)








  • I am free Otaku in Japan.
    The following messages can be translated into English.
    Please send assembly members mail after it translates into English.




    細��夫 �Hosokawa Ritsuo�

    �宮山�� �Komiyama Yoko�

    ���� �Chiba Keiko�














    520 ���派���2009/07/02(�) 19:43:50 ID:QSEc+lHC

    589 �520�2009/07/02(�) 20:31:02 ID:XbKND6CB



    598 ���520 �2009/07/02(�) 20:38:44 ID:XbKND6CB

    604 ���520 �2009/07/02(�) 20:42:12 ID:XbKND6CB

  • iti-nippon-jin says:

    The cause about minori’action is the protest against Japanese government by“Equality Now”.
    The content of the protest is that ero-game is offense against human rights, because ero-game increases rape.
    Minori thinks that if the cause about increasing rape is in eroge, minori have to stop showing eroge to the foreigner to decrease the sex crime.
    Therefore, the access from other countries except Japan is limited.

    You may send e-mail.
    If your country doesn’t restrict eroge, you may send e-mail to minori,”My country is not restricting eroge. I want you to be able to access the site of minori from my country.”

    If your country is restricting eroge, you may send e-mail to the minister in your country, “Stop the restriction of eroge”.

  • Anonymous says:

    The English version is machine translation

    Because there is the site where process of Japanese law revision becoming the cause of this problem was gathered up, I carry URL.

    Because it is a Japanese site, I translate it, and please read.

  • DuoMaxwell says:


    After what those “Equality Now” feminazis have done in the past, the Japanese did the right thing in doing what they did here, and their fighting back shows that they’re not so spineless after all.


  • Current Japanese situation

    To our regret, an English version of the summary of the regulatory problem was not able to be made.
    This sentence is made by using the translation website.
    Therefore, please agree that there is a possibility to give a false impression to you who are reading, too.

    Game restriction details summary

    Lie “Japan is a child pornography large country”.

    The Diet relay

    There are two problems about the bill of the restriction of the child pornography of this Japan.
    1.The investigation is not made visible like being quite vague the standard of a pertinent restriction,
    and the problem of the government party bill that can be done in the crime in simple maintenance.
    2.The creation of two dimensions (game and cartoon, etc.) that is the product of the delusion where
    the direct harm person doesn’t exist is problems of the opinion that it is necessary to put it in the object of this restriction.

    Regretting personally : the simple maintenance problem of one.
    It is what TV and the press report organization in Japan do not try to tell Japanese citizen strangely.
    Whether a virtual press restriction is being put by the government party is guessed.
    It would be greatly appreciated if it could cooperate because of the freedom of wholesome democracy and the expression.


  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think you read the explanation at all. It’s an invitation for foreigners to help change Japanese legislation for the better and you turned it completely around against them.

    Please stop making shit up.

  • its pretty funny thing
    foreigners (LOL) gets pissed because they cannot access to the site
    and they think that its unfair that they dont get any support
    hey..wait a second, does these games get sold in us or eu or any other countries then japan?
    ur….no? its only for japan, and the people who gets them
    yeah, just use your p2p software, its nothin
    and because of this + translation, mods….
    thanks, all the feminists just got what they wanted
    and yeah, thanks again because of that
    hentai games got strict, there will be mostly none new games coming out
    thank you foreigners, thank you feminist, thank you amazon england.

    • > and they think that its unfair that they dont get any support

      You must’ve read the mistranslation of the entry posted on The original English reads “and minori certainly can support itself with Japan-only sales.” In this sentence, “support” does not mean in the sense of technical support, obviously.

  • Anonymous says:

    Please understand that the company did what they could to survive. At this point they’re required overbearingly to show off their sincere attitude toward reactions from radical feminist groups.(even though they strongly belive that it is so much excessive)
    I’m pretty sure that the Minori knows you oversea fans know how to use proxy.
    Just give the Eroge makers some help, if you still want them. Speak up in your own country.

    • Like I said in the last two post: It would be just better to ask us from the start.

      There were no need to send out a weird signal, making people wonder why they were the ones to be punished. There are many of us that don’t follow american or japanese news.

      • Anonymous says:

        What the wierd signal? I could only see a simple, explict message there.
        Who thinks they’re punished? Do you? by the Eroge maker? by Japan? oh hell no.
        This is nothing like a sanction, but merely self-defense.
        The Eroge maker never had a great intention to open up the new markets outside of Japan.
        Nevertheless all of a sudden they got criticized severely for getting people to buy dirty, obscene products in the world.
        It freaks them out so much.
        I still think that the Minori rushed into extremes. But is there any alternative plan that is more suitable and capable for continuation of the company?

        • I could only see a simple, explict message there. <— and since you are so simple….what did it make to you?

          Who thinks they’re punished? Do you? by the Eroge maker? by Japan? oh hell no.
          This is nothing like a sanction, but merely self-defense <—- yep I'm being punished, and try looking up selfdefense. I never did Japan (I enjoy my eroges)anything for being "selfdefense"-ed on.

          Nevertheless all of a sudden they got criticized severely for getting people to buy dirty, obscene products in the world. <— and dude you are still missing the point. It was done by a little group in usa, not the rest o fhte world. USA != za warudo

          I still think that the Minori rushed into extremes. <—- yes thats teh weird signal I'm talking about. The first one signaled "fuck you", the second signaled "Help us please"

          But is there any alternative plan that is more suitable and capable for continuation of the company? <— always, it's all about sticking heads together and find one instead of giving the blame to others.

          Now we got a black dude on the seat in america, people did critisize and offend him, should he do this kind of "selfdefense " too? Wouldn't it be great if he started banning everyone who thought something else XD

  • Let’s me explain for you in foreign contryies.
    I am a fan of EROGE in Japan.

    Please understand Minori’s meaning is not “Dirty Foreigners Get Off Our Site!” but “We can not show our site because some radical foreigners say some Japanese pop caltures bring sex-related offense without any reasonable investigation or reseach of low crime late of sexual violence in Japan compared with other countries.”

    I have to say that “this headline is malicious”.
    I want to say that “please say NO to the radical person who attack EROGE in your country,especially in England”.

    • Dear Hiro

      The title on the topic are just to get our attention, we all know that.

      We also know that writing two lines (in their old update) was enough to make us go; This is unfair? Whats the reason of this? Why?

      Then when we had japanese otaku telling us that they(Minori)did right and it’s also sad for us but it’s our fault for this happening, we got angry. (Well I did)

      Now after reading Minori’s update, we get the reason and understand why Minori did that. Though they could just have written it at the start and we would be happy to help them, the japanese and us out.^^

      You are the first japanese that I’ve noticed who wanted to explain the reason for taking this action. You have my thanks for being this much reasonable and trying to explain it to us. I appreciate it, thank you. 🙂

  • 吹けば飛ぶような弱小メーカーばかりだからねえ、エロゲメーカーは。


    • まぁしかしそこで海外からのアクセスをすべて遮断してもロクな効果なんてないだろうしむしろ海外ファンの反感を買うだけでマイナス要素の方が多いんじゃなかろうかとも思う。


      • Anonymous says:





    • もしあなたがエロゲ規制反対派なら「最寄りの日本大使館に抗議してくれ」とか例えwikiを紹介した上でも言わないでくれよ・・・。wiki読まないで機械翻訳して誤解した人が大使館へ意見を殺到させたらどんな事になるか・・・

  • As some anons have pointed out, Minori has updated their message. I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to go there, and follow their instructions.

    “Please help us.”
    I think they’re being very honest there.



      There would be no need for the japanese otakus saying stuff like that. There would be no need for us to feel insulted by it all. There would be no need to call eachother nicknames.

      We could have used all our energy on sending the administration of Japan letters on how unfair we find this.

      Anyways, I would want everyone, japanese and western…every otaku in the world to write a letter or mail to AoJ and tell them how we all feel abouit this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even though they still blocked our IP, at least they listened to what we had to say. This is NOT about minori being racist. It is just a desperate measure of self-preservation. I am gonna write to the Japanese government and give them a piece of my mind. If enough people join the cause we might be able to accomplish something. Show some support to Japanese entertainment industry. Let them know the importance of freedom of speech, and that there hasn’t been a an established correlation between eroge and sexual crimes. Please help the eroge industry.

      – Simon Cowell of Eroge

    • I do too.

      “minori’s games are always so harmless. I don’t know what they’re trying to hide, but they’re certainly making themselves look like idiots in the process.”

      Most of their games feature high school students which are out of bounds. If this passes they would have looked like idiots for not trying since all their games would have to be pulled. Please look at their site and the list of banned items before or you make yourself look like idiot in the process.

      • Eden* – has high school characters.
        ef – all show high school students
        Bittersweet fools – high school characters
        Wind – high school characters
        はるのあしおと – loli-like characters

        Even 1 nude scene in each of these breaks the now laws they are trying to pass. They all have explicit scenes and their ad for Eden* shows a blowjob making their current site as is soon to be illegal.

  • from japan says:






  • Anonymous says:

    同じ OTAKU 同士 だろうが。




  • Racist Japan says:

    Do when the foreigner like excrement and Japan of this Japan-bashing are the discrimination principles?Do not laugh. Though only you might be genuine discrimination ideologists. Others are measured by a foolish arbitrary decision and the prejudice, and it encroaches upon another’s right for my egoism and delusion.
    You are Hitler and the excrement fellows below Nazis Germany.
    Being maltreated in Auschwitz and being killed like the pig are well matched.

    The purpose of the Japanese is not you foreigners to begin with [eroge] etc. are basically made for the Japanese. It is what Japan sent it off to the last by mercy and the extra that flows to the foreign country.
    It not to interfere in Japan this and that by the position to enjoy it illegal one-sidedly at time, not to restrict it not be nor who when it is a way other than arrogance.
    Know shame.

    No correspondence of this monori is wrong.
    It is a story only that the foreign country cannot be associating ridiculously any further.
    You Anglo-Saxons are the highest and worst for self-importance and foolishness.

  • I should note it is also the to a part the fault of the japanese feminist group APP (Anti-Pornography and Prostitution research group) who says “all forms of sex is rape”. The most feminist groups are made out of forbidden religions though.

  • Anonymous says:

    i didn’t know that eroge is considered as culture.. >.>

    well, i kind of understand how minori felt. it’s actually the normal reaction coming from the ones who are mainly affected with whats happening.

    and to the non-japanese who speaks and talks in japanese but knows english: speak in english, goddammit! it’s not like everyone here can read kanji. if you can’t stop, then just keep your shit comments to yourself, they’re not being helpful. and this isn’t the place to show off.

  • In truth I believe this all started with the h game rapelay was put in the newspaper (forgot about why) a while back, then feminists that have alot of time saw this banded together and went to the politician an so the politicians don’t lose the support of the people they went again all these themes getting banned, but really why was nekkomimi getting banned?

  • Anonymous says:

    because feminists know the name of japanese eroge manufactures or even their web adresses…?

    id really like to know if there were even any non-japanese people browsing on that site. i think this hits mostly japanese people living outside japan.
    but well… i dont care, if your games arent meant to be bought by us, you wont mind us pirating them… most do so anyway.

  • Them blaming foreigners makes about as much sense as us blaming EVERY single one of these recent bans on the feminists and this Equality Now group as representative of all feminists.

    Lovely to see that’s it’s not only this site suffering from wrong finger pointing and baseless grouping of a diverse group of people.

    I honestly don’t blame this Minori group for being angry enough to call us “dirty foreigners”.

    But I believe both the mistrust of feminists and foreigners is equally uncalled for, though.

    • Nothing will happen. 4chan has no power in Japan. Well, they could do something about the feminists in the U S of A (doubtful), but it’s too late for that to have any impact on the situation in Japan by now.

      • I think we’re better off letting the members of 2chan try and sort out this mess at their end. Although, considering that they aren’t as affected by this ban against selling eroge to foreign consumers, I’m not too sure any of them’ll be bothered enough to protest….

      • Anonymous says:

        Like 4chan was a powerful netjustice “entity”, anyway.

        We, Sankaku users, having the right mindset and uniting ourselves, are much more powerful than any bored 4chan users would ever be.

  • Reading all the comment here so basically some foreign otaku against against some japanese otaku now?

    Hmm I need some enlightment here since I’m always skeptic about this ban thing. In the short period will it be effective? -yes- then how about long one? is it really possible to keep an eye on each one of them?

    How do you do that? just reading the description? or by actively playing each one of them? if that’s the case then I’m joining this whatever group checking them since I could played for free and as many as I could (^_^)

    • Lazydabear says:

      Its more like Foreign Otaku 1 vs Foreign Otaku 2 one likes Ero-games the other likes Massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

      If you combine a Ero-game with a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game whats going to happen next?

  • I feel I would’ve done the same thing as them, if I didn’t stop and think about it. I mean, my first impression about eroge being restricted was that some group of middle aged women in the U.S. complained about it, causing the bans. But yea it can’t possibly be that simple….but I guess they’re mostly expressing themselves by responding like this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Really. Feminists really has nothing better to do that’s why they try to deal with the little insignificant things like this? Can feminists stop the the economic downfall? No. Can feminists cure AH1N1? No. Can feminists stop North Korea’s nuclear powered stupidity… Let me guess… NO! With all the crazy things that’s happening to the world right now, they believe starting with the small things that don’t really matter thinking that they made a non existent difference making them feel better about themselves. They’re just a bunch of egotistic narcissists that are only filled with foolish ideals. Women’s rights? Sure go ahead for all I care. Rights of two dimensional non existent beings brought out by imagination? You make me laugh.

  • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Japanese are weird fuckers.

        They constantly steal english words (katakana) but at the same time they’re xenophobic and have a piss poor attitude towards foreigners.

        japan has a 99% japanese population, one of the most racist in the world.

        Seriously japan, if you’re gonna be racist too us then kindly fuck off stealing our words, or better yet learn to pronounce them properly. You know, the fucking L word, learn it.

        Hiroshima, get over it already.

        • Anonymous says:

          I hate how only ignorant Debito readers who have never really LIVED in Japan got to voice their opinion to the Japanese…

          Also, don’t be that fucking ignorant. Languages adapt foreign words into their languages all the time. How “West-Germanic” English really is? Look at all the Romance, Latin, Greek, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Celtic words adapted. Ultimately, that’s how languages have arisen. And it was the most common thing in the world, during human expansion towards the whole planet.

          The words are Japanese now. It’s not different than “Blecaute” in Portuguese, a word derived from the English word “Blackout”. Just because they use another alphabet, and one specifically for words of foreign origin, it does not mean these words are not Japanese.

        • Anonymous says:


        • Well it started with that but then some japanese dude went: “You are stupid, you are ruining the japanese otaku commiunity, damn you western otakus.”
          Whereafter we went” people should support us cuz we are both otakus”
          then it went “No they did the right thing you are wrong”
          and then we went “no U, yes U” pointing out that it’s stupid to not be able see it since we have done nothing wrong and punishing the whole world for what someone women on the other side of the world did.(Yes we are not all from USA)
          The japanese can’t see that Minori just went and said “This is part of our culture, you are not allowed to know it!” which is totally discriminating since there are others way to get your message forth. I’m just sad and disappointed that the japanese people(yes not the firm but every japanese thats been talking in this thread) can’t see other options than banning every non-japanese IP in his case.

        • Is it me or are you guys really into the “who’s most racist” contest ?
          As pissed off as some people here may be, I hope you understand the topic is not about Japan being this or that, but rather Eroge companies acting crazy.
          Eroge companies = Japan ???

        • 大和魂 says:


  • ehem and now to make my input.

    “Where was that website now people told me about to used on a certain irani president? Something about the website going down cuz of too many hits”

    ehem well all I can say is; I hope it’s just something temp. and will be gone soon.

    Otherwise…well even if they are few western otakus are otakus and if japanese otakus can get angry about Nagi from Kannagi not being a virgin and Hinata dying in Naruto, well then western otakus can get angry too when something like this happens.^^

    So my japanese otaku friends and eroge companies; Lets not make this a trend, okay? ^^

    (Now lets see how many of my comments gets lost in translation :P)

  • Anonymous says:

    This website cannot be browsed excluding Japan.

    Some pigs seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE.
    Therefore, We prohibited the access for Pigs, Beaners, Flips, Chinks, Katsaps, Sand niggers, Great Shitains, kangaroo humpers, etc. To defend our culture.
    Sorry for you of the pervert that lives in a moralfag country.

    minori Inc.

  • Anonymous says:

    I lived in japan for 2 years and I can say hand on heart that japan is a xenophobic, borderline racist country that doesn’t want foreigners there.

    You can’t even pay for a fucking blowjob in japan without being told that you’re a dirty disease carrying gaijin and are not allowed to enter.

    It’s time you japophiles wake up to the racist country that japan is and develop better hobbies than masturbating to lolicon porn

    • D4RK-PH0ENiX says:

      I’d get xenophobic and racist too if there were people who want to teach me how to live, tell me what to do and force me their ideas and beliefs like US and other nations try to do to Japan. of course, that’s the minority which holds the power that threatens the japanes. “but hey – the commoners who come to Japan are not involved” you’d say. here’s the problem – the commoners let their politicians to bash and blame the japanese for their culture, habits, way of being and try to teach them “how is the right way to be”.

      it’s a rage message – but you get my idea, I hope.

      P.S. minority was always the terrorizing part and the majority the suffering from this terror.

      • errrr…wtf???
        You are saying it like there’s no foreigners in any other countries, lol.
        Come to Denmark and I’ll show you how many there are. Sticking to your ways of life isn’t stupid even if it looks stupid in the ignorants eyes. You keep it from you just as you do with the flies trying to stick to you.
        If they can’t get pass that they got some serius issues, just like the racists you meet outside who keeps blaming the foreigners for taking their jobs and their girls. Today foreigners, tomorrw the msuic, movies, clothes….oh someone said nazigermany or taliban?

        PS: and I agree with you, it’s always the majority that suffers but only because we allow them to affect us to make the majority suffer.

    • lol true but the best thing about it is that they see themself as a country being totally open to the foreigners, get pissed off this quick and start justifying how this move is total justice while they in their heads and hearts knows it’s wrong.

      DID GUNDAM SEED TEACH YOU NOTHING???!!! Atleast understand the messages in your manga and anime, dammit.

      /me facepalms

      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          After all, a couple of underground Japanese otaku — probably angry 2ch hikikomori fags — represents perfectly most of the Japanese people. A perfectly logical supposition.

          Minori did wrong, but that’s beside the point. Two wrongs don’t make a right. One wrong doesn’t justify commiting another. Etc.

        • LOL yeah asia but japan isn’t the whole asia (thank god).

          You are saying that we should not insult the japanese people if we don’t live there? What’s with that? Doesn’t that go for us too or are the japanese the only special ones?

          When you get the sentence “It’s sad for you but it’s also sad for Minori, so you just deal with it and stop ruining the otaku community”…don’t you find that insulting? I mean it was Minori who took the action, it was some japanese otakus who wrote that shit…what is there not to get?

          You can keep telling me that they aren’t xenophobic but when you get one dude saying they aren’t and 3-4 other only talking in japanese and insulting…I prefer to listen to the majority and decide how they are. Though it may be different how japan sees the world: A few feminists screaming a little bit, the wholwe world is against us, lets ban their IP and then get our people to tell them that they deserve it.

          I don’t care about the americans but when someone insult me and tell me I deserve it cuz of some americans then I’m part of the world, then I sure as hell call it xenophobic or being totally simpleminded, you decide.

          You can keep coming back and tell us how they aren’t xenophobic but notice this: Not one japanese has said the truth: Minori did wrong. They should not punish you for that. It’s unfair towards you and we support you so hang in there.

          WHY? cuz they fucking don’t believe in it! for them it’s right to do actions like that. If we do the same then the japanese would be screaming words like “racist” at us.

          (To can lege den leg, yes I know other languages too..but you are still the only japanese writing in english while the rest wrote in japanese)

        • Anonymous says:

          Japanese people are not xenophobic. There is even little prejudice (at least against Westerners). Maybe the Japanese government (LDP – Liberal Democratic Party/自由民主党) and the conservative media is, but not the people. Most of the prejudice Westerners face in Japan is near American bases, and no one can say it is undeserved.

          Don’t insult the Japanese people if you have never lived there…

          That all said, I’m not trying to make it sound like Japan is the perfect place, with everyone acting perfectly to immigrants and foreigners. But let’s give what its rightfully theirs: The PEOPLE, the ones you see, talk everyday are hardly xenophobic. They are one of the friendliest in Asia.

          (すみません, 日本人. 私の日本語は下手です. Or I else I would have written the whole post in Japanese too).

        • Sorry, I don’t speak japanese well enough to read kanjis. Give me two years if no one translates this.^^

          I’m going to learn japanese this august though but I know english, german, french, danish, swedish, norwaigen, hindi, punjabi, urdu, a little bit of arabic and turkey so if you know any of those langauges be welcome to write in that. (I’m danish by the way, we learn more than one language to know how to communicate with the world. I bet you learn more than one language in japan too but you don’t want to use it^^ Thats also an example of being a closed country)

          Ehem… after getting a cute nice japanese girl (no not a japanese traitor mind you)translate for me, I got this:
          “You’re calling Japan an advocate of discrimination, and
          Why are you watching Japanese anime if you don’t like Japan?Is your head strange? is it?
          Your country must be really amazing”

          First my head is fine, why thank you. I will not go down to your level and start calling you names.^^

          Funny thing is that you get all defensive when someone start saying how your country is. Have you ever thought about how we feel when you do the same? Have you ever thought how offensive we think you(and Minori and your hostility when we visit japan) are when you blame us forsomething thats totally random?
          This case is just one of many, if you want me to start on it trust me I can keep going the whole night while you will end up going; Then don’t watch it (oh wait you did that already).

          I watch anime because I find them interesting. They do what you don’t do; stop giving others the blame and take it themself when they are wrong. Learn from it!
          I find them giving me ideas and learn a bit more about japanese culture. I like the songs sung by the artists cuz they are good even some of the lyrics. I like the plots, the humour and the char development in some of them. I like it how someone got the fantasy to makethem and the mangakas/producers messages to the world.

          My country isn’t the best in the world and we pay like 48.7% tax as being the ones who pay most in the world. BUT we get free education, free medical help and social help. Oh, and we do not get stupidity that makes us ban the whole worlds IP except our own.^^ and then try to justify if that some women from USA made fun of us and we are now hurt and that is why we are taking revenge on the whole world.

          I hope you do know that this is a perfect step to go back to the old japan, the new north korea, iran or any other closed countries. PLUS at the moment it’s a little deal but the more you do stuff like this the more you will get famous in the whole world for the censoring you are starting to do from now on.

          By the way, since you ppl don’t like USA and the rest of the world; stop buying our CDs, movies, branded clothes, computers with our chips, etcetc. Lets be fair

          /me facepalms again

          Oh and next time you tell me I’m an weird/strange/idiot/stupid I’ll go totally at you, not being this nice. Kind of like how you people are in 2ch.^^

          PS: Stop using babelfish to translate it sux, start talking english, like the rest of the world. Heck engrish is okay too.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think the Japanese are racist. Any time you’re in a foreign country, you will get some people who are curious, some who are friendly, some who avoid you, and some who stare and kids who point (if you look conspicuously foreign), and some who make comments based on stereotypes they heard. These are little things, and nothing to worry about.

        I wonder if the people who say they find Japan racist are white people who have only ever previously lived in a white-majority country where they speak the native language?

        • Anonymous says:


          But besides the Chinese, Russians and Koreans, we can say the media and government play a big part in the creation of discrimination. There was virtually no discrimination against Brazilians in the 80’s. Exaggerating foreign crime is the worse thing that can be done to help the gaikokujin image…

          Chinese and Koreans are a more complicated issue, as I’m sure you know. Besides thousands of years of common history, conflicts, etc, Zainichi Koreans generally choose not to integrate within Japanese society, as do most Chinese. Few consider themselves Japanese for having being born there. The parents are to blame, in this case (too). Of course, this is not an excuse for discrimination. But for the common ignorant masses, it will be enough (plus the thousand of years of stereotypes, diplomatic conflicts, relations, etc).

          Discrimination against those of S.E. Asian origin is another case of cultural Imperialism, and then again, the media, common stereotypes about these countries, and these countries situations play a big role in the creation of this form of discrimination. But this type is common all around the world.

        • Japanese attitudes to white westerners are quite different to the general attitudes to Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Russians, S.E. Asians, Brazilians, etc. In these cases it is fair to say the attitude is generally one of unqualified racism and suspicion.

  • Anonymous says:

    and i’m sure the reason they’re doing this is because (as the feminists claim) japan is the country with the most rapes per year. of course, if you exclude canada, australia, the u.s., sweden, the u.k., france, south korea, germany, russia, and taiwan.

  • I think they should be banning access to Japan instead of foreigners. Most “barbarian” first-world countries (especially the US) have this thing called “Freedom of Speech”, a concept that seems to be unheard of in Nippon. Nobody in America forces porn-makers to blur or pixelate their work.

    If the Japanese ero industry prides itself of its “culture”, it shouldn’t give a fuck about what other countries think of them; they should get rid of outdated moralist ideas influenced on them by Westerners, and stick it to Japanese authorities if they don’t like it. If all of that gets sanctioned, they should produce all uncensored pornography there underground or via internet websites not monitored by their government. Let’s see if Japan likes to lose a huge chunk of its revenue for being a meticulous bitch regarding genitalia.

    I’m fucking tired of all this political incongruence.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Nobody in America forces porn-makers to blur or pixelate their work.”

      No, the people in America try to force Japan to ban all of the work entirety.

      There are laws in the US designed to (unconstitutionally in my opinion) get around the First Amendment by banning ‘obscene’ material. Of course, what’s “obscene” for one person isn’t always for another, so you get publishers censoring a lot of stuff to cover their asses. And you have readers/watchers having to guess what the local ‘community standards’ might be when they decide to read or watch something. Because, for some reason, the ‘community’ has a right to control what an adult reads or watches in the privacy of their own homes. That’s one reason US adult movies are so tame and bland in comparison to Japanese adult movies.

      Besides the direct laws that get things censored in the US (either by direct laws or by overcautious companies afraid of the vague laws), you also have people pressuring companies who might produce various kinds of adult material into not publishing it by terrorizing them with public harassment and going after related companies in efforts to get things banned.

      They also try to discourage people reading/watching adult material by demonizing it and the people who read it.

      For a long time the US also made adult material harder to buy by restricting where it could be sold usually under the lie “We must protect the children!” Having to go to some sleazy store or a bad part of town to get adult material helps minimize sales.

      The internet has changed all that and that’s why the prudish immoral minority is running around trying to terrorize anyone who dares produce or consume anything their tiny little minds can’t tolerate others reading/watching.

      While I hate the genital blurring/censoring imposed in Japan (and also feel it is against the Japanese constitution, as well), don’t think that the US is some safe haven for uncensored material. Censorship is alive and well in the US, they’re just more sneaky about how they do it.

      They don’t want to look like hypocrites by doing something like China/Australia does with large internet filters, so they try to get the material banned at the source.

      For instance: In the US it’s legal to take/have nude photos of children as long as there is no sexual activity or poses (which, of course, is also a very vague notion that is open to wide interpretation). But the US has pressured Japan and other countries to ban simple artistic nudity that they haven’t (yet) been able to ban constitutionally in the US. In the US, they apply pressure on stores that might sell such legal material to try and limit where it can be sold.

      So no direct legal ban of simple nudity, but that doesn’t stop them from getting it ‘banned’ by applying pressure on the companies that produce art books and the stores that would want to sell them. And at the same time, applying pressure to other countries to ban stuff that the US constitution would (and SHOULD) protect in the US.

  • Lazydabear says:

    So they feel offend by the fact Sankaku was mistranslating the news but it seems to work in there favor it doesn’t stop them from what they do on thi website your only feeding there need to report as they see it.

  • To be honest I was really just watching all the ban nonsense and unicef fagottry from Sankaku, and somewhere in my mind I was still somewhat skeptical

    but I guess now I know it’s true. Man, now countries even get into the business of each others masturbatory habits. That just sucks. Let Japan masturbate in peace, so I can do it by extension over the internet!

  • Anonymous says:

    #translated the post from “Anonymous Japanese”.

    It’s a nonsense act, but I can see what eroge-makers feel.

    Although there are only small markets(5000 copies is enough to call hit), they are target of anti-sentiment, just like witch hunting. And criticism is from not even domestic. The Oversea Criticism is unreasonable, citing rape, crime, blah, blah.They can’t stand it.

    Nobody will keep a friendly sentiments towards overseas to see such treatment. Since nobody want to run the risk, we had no choice other than to shrink to main market.

    It is also too cruel to blame the act of eroge-makers.
    Even a major game maker struggle to deal with criticism over a racist dipiction in games.
    We can’t expect Eastern smallest eroge-makers to counter, “raise our voices to the oppression”. They are victims.

    It’s impossible to ignore the impact of oversea pressure. In homogeneous Japanese society, people tend to give alien “special treatment” which is sometimes favorable and sometimes not.
    So people take the foreign feminist pressure seriously, and react like banning foreign access.
    Personally I don’t think there are enough reason to call these tendencies “xenophobic”. “special treatment” contains not only negative aspects, but also positive “xenophilic” aspects.
    In Japan, translater blogs using oversea site(including Sankaku) are gaining popularities, and many Japanese melt to see foreigners.

    Finally we have to talk about Engrish. are Westerners insulting us?
    We are offended, simply by imagine how game makers feel about it. Westerners look down too much on us by English Linguistic Imperialism. Even sankaku has a lot of fatal mistranslation. They are not qualified to ridicule us.

    Sorry for lengthy sentence. I thought I should write in English but I’m too lazy to do so and I was afraid of a sneer.
    Recently there are too many 3d porn. It seems foreigners love this kind of photos. I feel it’s too voluptuous and blatantly erotic. Neat and clean, such as clear summer sky and sailor suit is no good in here?

    • so cuz of the few bastages you would punish everyone? Yep totally makes sense. Now should we start all japanese cuz of those non-japanese IP boards?

      We all know that the high quality pics don’t come from japanesse boards but from western boards 😉

  • To be fair to Minori, I guess that’s about all that can really be done as symbolic gestures.

    For the “cravenly acceded” charge, I’ll argue that the extent of that latest list of EOCS restrictions suggest that they are merely making one last attempt to save something of themselves. It hurts them so much that the only reason they’ll volunteer something like that is that they think it is between that and complete banning at the hands of the government, at least for now.

    You should think of EOCS as a hypothetical Jewish leader in Nazi Germany 1942 that promised to “volunteer” Jews as slave labor to the “Aryan race” in exchange for said Aryan race not sending them to the gas chambers. OK, I busted Godwin’s but you get my point.

    While all foreigners can hardly be guilty of this, it is not hard to see that foreign pressure, imposed by governments certain Westerners voted into power, is the primary cause of this censorship. The Japanese government is being harsh to appease the West. The EOCS is being suicidally harsh to appease the Japanese government. Clearly, Gaijin, especially those in certain powerful countries like the US and Britain, can hardly claim they didn’t have some part to play in this latest attack on freedom.

    Besides, with Minori’s measure, at least some stupid feminist group can’t complain about porn being easily accessible on the Internet even by accident as easily – sure you can break it easily with a proxy but then you meant to look for it, and can’t be so loud about it being “obscene” or “offending to you? That’s probably part of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really love the stereotypes…

      Gaijin = one single entity, culture and people. Hence how he used “overseas”.

      And we love 3D porn with mature women with big breasts being dirty because, you know, we gaijin (one single people and country) are bigger, louder, and like hot women, just as “our” (Gaijinland) women love musculous hot guys, instead the cute, slender “bishounen” Japanese girls like.

  • Hardly surprising,
    Amaterasu (天照), the sun goddess was Japan’s first and divine hikikomori.

    Japan is physically an island.

    Japan and China shut their doors to the world when news of the western barbarian’s misdeeds in other parts of Asia (the Portuguese in Goa and Malacca for example) reached the ears of the Imperial/Shogun courts.

    Japan remained (and still remains?) a highly clannish society well into modern times.

    • (Girly Kenshiro) says:

      “Amaterasu (天照), the sun goddess was Japan’s first and divine hikikomori.” LOLed! So true, shutting herself in a cave(her room ?) and causing darkness in Nihon at same time.

  • lets see what happens next shall we? what everyone says got their point.
    they banned foreigners to view the web but they didnt say u cant buy from thrid parties. so there is stil ways to get it, maybe just visit akiba n buy direct. thats simple.

    • Very roughly : he’s saying that he understand we’re upset to be treated like that, but that Japaneses can’t just ignore the international pressure and can’t stand being looked at like strange perverts, and they have to protect themselves. hence the ban of foreign IP, because not every foreigner like the Sankaku readers may be able to accept the cultural gap (= point of view toward that kind of industry).

      He also says he’s kind of pissed off about the way we foreigners tend to look down at Japaneses because of the use of Engrish, as if anyone was supposed to be proficient in English.
      To which I replied that we don’t blame Japanese individuals, but always bash at government and companies errors, which are unforgiveable (because they’re supposed to hire competent people and not do that half-assed work they do).


      • Anonymous says:

        I read his post but your summary is partly wrong.
        >can’t stand being looked at like strange perverts
        He didn’t say like that. Rather he say Japanese can’t “evaluate” the pressure (i.e. how large the organization is, how common such claims are).

  • Anonymous Japanese says:





    個人的には、こういった傾向を xenophobic と解釈するのは無理がある気がする。なぜなら「特別視」という行為は、否定的側面だけでなく xenophilic な肯定的側面も伴うからだ。
    日本では、海外サイト(Sankaku 含む)を翻訳するサイトなどが昨今盛況だ。外国人を見て心和ませる日本人も多い。

    最後に Engrish についてだが、バカにしているのだろうか?
    English Linguistic Imperialism じゃあないが、上から目線が過ぎる。このサイトだって、チラチラ見てる分でも致命的な誤訳がいくつもある。あまり人を笑えたもんじゃあない。

    長々と書いた、すまん。英語で書こうと思ったが、面倒なのと Engrish と笑われそうなのでやめたよ。近頃3次ポルノが多いが、こういうの海外で受けるのか。豊満で露骨にエロすぎる気がする。もっと清楚で清潔な夏の空とセーラー服みたいなのはダメなのか?

    • There is no international pressure and even if there was an international pressure you should not give a damn about it. It’s your culture meaning it’s up to you people to decide, not the world.

      Just look at my country; we got a party called danish people party wanting to throw out every muslim cuz they are bad if you ask them. The world has gotten them in the news but we still got them and they still get more votes. It’s our problem not any other countries. Have you seen us ban every internationel journalist because of that?

      Or look at USA; They had Bush. The world say “Oh No” but no one in the usa gave a damn and they still voted on him a second time.

      If you start going “The world is bad, we should punish them for talking bad about eroge” just because there was a news in USA…start fixing yourself. Stop listening to other countries and stop making usa = world. That is totally offending to the rest of us.

      I’m danish and I didn’t know anything about this before it was up in Sankaku but I’m banned too? How can this be justice of fair?

      I’m sorry for having offended anyone by writing this but I get sad to see people punishing everyone because of a few and then saying it’s everyone’s fault and not their own for taking unreasonable actions.

    • We don’t, and wouldn’t, publish half-baked Japanese. It wouldn’t be taken seriously, and for good reason. Only in a few countries do people labour under the misapprehension that it is professional behaviour to publish such broken utterances, and sadly Japan is one of the major offenders, having even taken to using such languages as purely aesthetic devices.

      Of course, when intended for domestic consumption there is hardly any issue with this (and western countries can frequently be seen abusing Chinese script in the same way), but when publishing directly to an international audience it is not the same…

      If you want to accuse us of flagrant mistranslations, you should cite them rather than merely spread doubtful calumnies. The articles here are each read by tens of thousands of people, many of whom have Japanese proficiency or are in fact Japanese, and are frequently linked to by other authoritative sites; I would expect any such alleged errors to be swiftly uncovered – or indeed, torn to pieces.

    • Anonymous says:

      # I’m translating….sorry for my poor english….

      It’s a nonsense act, but I can see what eroge-makers feel.

      Although there are only small markets(5000 copies is enough to call hit), they
      are target of anti-sentiment, just like witch hunting. And criticism is from not
      even domestic. The Oversea Criticism is unreasonable, citing rape, crime, blah, blah.
      They can’t stand it.

      Nobody will keep a friendly sentiments towards overseas to see such treatment.
      Since nobody want to run the risk, we had no choice other than to shrink to main

      It is also too cruel to blame the act of eroge-makers.
      Even a major game maker struggle to deal with criticism over a racist dipiction in games.
      We can’t expect Eastern smallest eroge-makers to counter, “raise our voices to the oppression”
      They are victims.

    • ひとつだけハッキリしたいんですが、大体、Sankakuの皆さん、(つまり、記者も読者も)日本を応援します。エロゲの作品も会社も応援します。

      Engrishのことなら、区別しなきゃならない:Engrishを使う人はしょうがないが、会社が使ったら、思う存分に笑っていい。Toyotaまで(”more than best”)、バカなEngrishを使うなんて、許すわけないでしょう。会社なら、責任を取るがいい。Engrishは中途半端なやり方の証に過ぎない。だから外国人がそれをバカにするのです。日本人が海外に行って、変な日本語の看板を見て笑うに決まっているでしょう?(たとえば、この間、パリのNotre-Dameに「よこうそう」って書いてあった。バカじゃねえの?って思ったんだ。政府か会社か、本格的な仕事なら、せめてちゃんとした翻訳者に任せるのが常識じゃないですか)。


    • Not a Russian says:

      Так вÑ� don’ t Ñ�мееÑ� как напиÑ�аÑ�Ñ� английÑ�кÑ�Ñ� Ñ�зÑ�к. Ð�лоÑ�ой Ñ�понеÑ�.

  • We have to spare a though for those ferminist.
    Since they can’t mustabate at home no matter what they do, they ban something that allows others to do.

    In short. Fcuk ferminist. Minori You did well.

  • We have to spare a though for those ferminist.
    Since they can’t mustabate at home no matter what they do, they ban something that allows others to do.

    In short. Fk ferminist. Minori You did well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Already sent an email to the site. People should voice their opinions and show some support. Hopefully they will reverse their decision.

    (The blocking of foreign IP is a minor nuisance but I am more afraid that they might make their future releases ONLY installable on Japanese Windows. That’s gonna be a mess.)

    – Simon Cowell of Eroge

  • Anonymous says:

    Well I couldn’t help it and sent an email to Minori, I doubt they will respond but at least I was able to give my support in their decision.

    Hopefully when things calm down they can open their site to the world again.

    • Dude, there’s a reason why it says; “Over 18″…or should. If the feminist got something against it Minori should make a joke of it and write;
      “Over 18 and not feminist” Just protesting in a wussy way is no better than those feminists.

  • Anonymous says:

    DIdn’t anyone see the apology at the end saying
    “Sorry for you of the fan that lives in a foreign country.”
    They are not happy about it, if they were they would have just left that out. Granted it is probably because they will lose sales but still…

    I back their decision since they believe, rightfully, that their culture is OK with it and that it was the outside that invaded their culture (which is true)

  • Anonymous says:

    I dunno, restricting content from foreigners is not anything new. You can see that almost everywhere these days, like even in youtube. I’ve always thought that it’s the wrong course of actions in general.

    This here is probably one of the only visible actions they can do to protest against those censorship regulations plied by feminazis that I’d blame for this, too. I can accept their apologies towards foreign fans, it just shows how desperate they must be feeling right now.

  • Well, I’m not really that big of fan of minori so I guess it doesn’t really matter to me. Like, Wind was okay, but it felt so…standard. Well, I just hope this won’t convince other companies that I ‘do’ like to do the same thing.

  • Just make your own eroge games/company its not really that hard. you can even use flash “flash” the easiest animation and programming shit out there, thats how about 30% eroge games are made anyway in flash or shockwave programs. all these guys started off as people who liked anime and sex – decide they wanted to put thier stuff out and did it. I mean this shit is like dope to most of yall. You could feed off that $$$$

    and they will never know it comes from westerners if you get a .jp

  • They’re allowing proxies to get through which is good, they just want to stop the free ranging destructiveness of the feminists browsers. They should probably put up another disclaimer saying by entering this site you do not object to the materials presented within.

    I wonder why equality now hasn’t gone after the KKK.

  • Anonymous says:

    the major problem with this move is that
    in the west, only western otaku will see it.
    that is… only their fans will reach this message.
    no one that they’re mad at will ever see it, and no one to blame will ever know.
    so it’s a meaningless statement on its own; a silent, frustrating cry. no less than posting in a private blog, or posting a comment on sankaku complex.

  • Anonymous says:

    for viewing pleasures , people , just used any proxy site. They’re still stupid / dumb / ignorant / imbecile to avoid that since THERE’S A LOT OF PROXY generating sites out there!.

  • Strategist says:

    I have a plan to neutralize femists organization.

    Someone should create an online feminist database, like the one there is on sex offenders. Names, faces, locations should be known to every butthurt anonymous.

    First we get to know our enemy, then we know where to strike.

    There should be two websites, actually. The one that unite femists and agitate for their idias. And the one driven with anonymous power that agitate against.
    The first one encourages feminist to join in and work as the one. They should make our job themselves. So you would have one half less job to do.
    The other one utilizes frustrated bitards rage.

    We NEED to know every single feminist to produce counter measures.

  • Anonymous says:

    This all happened because of a bunch of AMERICAN feminists…

    Why dont you guys just man up and abolish feminism already…the world would be much happier without feminists. Or treat it like scientology.

  • KurenaiOokami says:

    As much as i’d like to be able to view their site (i’m a huge minori fan). Good on them! Take that you feminist and politically correct idiots! Oh, except we’re the ones suffering the consequences 😛

  • Palmtop Tiger says:

    While their ban is pointless, I standby their decision to speak out and act (if wrongly) against the eroge ban.

    As the the Beastie Boys would say,
    “you gotta fight, for your right… to hentai!”

    • Where the fuck is the Internet version of Commodore Perry when we need him/her?

      Japan’s economy was failing back before Japan was forced to open it’s doors to the outside world, and they quickly became much more advanced, although some things were lost along the way…

      I know this is just me raging over one niche market being blocked from their side, but doesn’t seem counterproductive to any of you that they’re doing the same thing the Tokugawa shogunate did back in the day?

  • Just another day in Japan. When you must blame some group for whatever kind of damage has been happening to something, you blame the non-Japanese.

    Pretty much like we do in the West with the jews, haha!

    I’m God, I would know that.

    (Yes, I live in the West.)

    • the way i see it:

      1) the japs create the magnificent eroge, and gracefully shared to the outside country

      2) some group of people, outside japan, complained about it

      3) the japs react: fine, you don’t want it? we don’t give you!

      just to be fair, nothing of this would have happen if number 2 didn’t commence. i’m not japanese, i blame non-japanese!

      i’m no god but i not stupid, i know at least something.

      • Anonymous says:

        Something is missing between 2) and 3).

        There are few Japanese governors who HAPPILY took in those crazy fems’ statements (some of which are, coincidently, crazy fems). Now they are shoving around EROGE industry to restrict and censor like crazy.

        Maybe the company HP has shut down the IP access as a part of responses to such terroristic threats.

      • so if we complained about you it would be totally okay to not let anyone in your country into ours? Thats the kind of logic you are using XD

        Stop blaming a few people for your faults. There will always be a few ppl who won’t like no matter how nice you make it to them. You shouldn’t punish everyone cuz of a few stupid people.

  • CanadaMann says:

    Soooooo Funny

    When there is a crisis between otaku and feminists,
    you western otaku choose to fight japanese otaku….

    And you western people’s logic is :
    “You block me?! You bastards” without thinking
    why do they block me? is there a misunderstanding between westerners and japanese otaku?

    no thing logical, nothing effective.

    Your idiocy will do well in destroying otaku from inside.

    I shall stop my support to otaku because the group is simply too stupid.
    The group splits itself when facing great enemy!
    The group never considers cause and effect, but simply blames!!


    • It’s just one company, and we can proxy our way into it, its not the end of the world, nor should we accuse japan of being xenophobic about it, since, once again it’s just one company.

      I also believe its a good move. Feminist pigs are to be blame.

      • No, they are just feeding the minds of Japanese otaku that somehow monsutaa Gaijin are to blame, and not really the media and the EOCS. It will probably stir up hate in 2ch and Nico Nico Douga against “gaijin”, while deviating whom they should really be blaming, fighting, etc.

        Just another sad tale of xenophobia stemming from Japan.

        (I’m God, I would know that, haha.)

  • Lol eroge is not gonna make japan isolate itself
    its so much emphasis on “eroge” runs japan that you forgot about the other things japan brings to the table, if it really ran japan, shit would be hitting the fan about the bans. dont think most people here care about japan as a whole, you just care for the 2d comming from it and feeding your penis, lotion. now thats about gone its like “Jap???? huh?”

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry My English is very poor,So Please forgive Japanese Post.

        • Anonymous says:

          『お前たち』か?確か、このサイトの住人たちはほとんどエロゲがサポートするでしょ?悪いのは俺たちじゃない、Equality Nowやソフ倫のせいだ。

  • Well, it’s true that the foreign feminists are to blame…

    It’s just right to ban non-locals from entering their site, since the feminists blame Japan for world corruption, then so be it, Japan should isolate herself again…

    but for us… let’s just trust our San Con and friends for sending out the good stuff…


      Sex-positive feminism centers on the idea that sexual freedom is an essential component of women’s freedom. As such, sex-positive feminists oppose legal or social efforts to control sexual activities between consenting adults, whether these efforts are initiated by the government, other feminists, opponents of feminism, or any other institution. They embrace sexual minority groups, endorsing the value of coalition-building with members of groups targeted by sex-negativity. Sex-positive feminism is connected with the sex-positive movement.

      The cause of sex-positive feminism brings together anti-censorship activists, LGBT activists, feminist scholars, sex radicals, producers of pornography and erotica, among others (though not all members of these groups are necessarily both feminists and sex-positive people). Sex-positive feminists reject the vilification of male sexuality that they attribute to many radical feminists, and instead embrace the entire range of human sexuality. They argue that the patriarchy limits sexual expression and are in favor of giving people of all genders more sexual opportunities, rather than restricting pornography (Queen, 1996). Sex-positive feminists generally reject sexual essentialism, defined by (Rubin, 1984) as “the idea that sex is a natural force that exists prior to social life and shapes institutions”. Rather, they see sexual orientation and gender as social constructs that are heavily influenced by society.

    • I personally find it a good thing. Although the material of the site may be liked by a good sum of people in other countrys, atleast it’s a way of keeping those skuzzy bitches away from their culture and how they choose to live their lives.

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      You don’t seem to understand how fragile eroge companies are and how easy are they to fold in Japan.

      With the stupid contents ban, for eroge will really struggle to continue to produce games that can satisfy their customers; I mean try imagine for McDonalds/Burger King etc…if the use of meat products was banned, how much revenue do you think they can make by selling vegeburger and salad alone? I myself would probably never set foot at the place again. The business probably won’t survive.

      And let’s face it. Foreign ‘customers’? What foreigh ‘customers’? I bet 99.5% of the foreign eroge players buy privite copies or download the games for free.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not that easy in the first place since getting a publisher to translate and bring something outside of Japan is easier said that done. Too much money involved in both licensing to the Japanese company as well as the other logistics like paying for the translation itself and distribution combined with a very small purchasing demographic. There are enough people in Japan who buy these in order to sustain a company along with supplemental items (figures and the like) which also rake in money. Overseas such a paying userbase does not exist.

      • Haywood Jablome says:

        agreed, the international market aint nothing, i would cut ties with the rest of the world so that people would stop bitching about it and destroy the culture any more than they have already done

        only a matter of time untill all the other circles catch up

  • “More pointedly, the company in question seems to have forgotten that it was the Japanese mass media who publicised the story, Japanese politicians who pressed for a ban, and their own industry group who cravenly acceded to these demands…”

    Now I shall sit and wait to see if this sinks in with ANYONE else who comments on the site, on the forums, or in IRC or just continues to give too much credit to some foreign ‘feminist’ groups.