Comment on Rei & Asuka Gothic Lolita Maid Cosplay by Daisuke:

dood someone understands!!

I think people need to see the anime again!!
Rei as a really pale skin color!!
Of course some do art of her with a more vivid look but her true color is really pale that’s a strong point of Rei!!

Okay now i really like this cosplay duo they really caught the caracters!! But in Asuka case if this is from the artwork she shoulda be a litle more sad but she is more then okay!!

This cosplay is a 90% win!!

They needed actualy 14 year old girls!! X3 oh well!!

Still i couldn’t help to save all the pics!!
(maybe for later fapping… dood i can’t believe i am writing this)!!

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  • Skirts High Fashion Amongst Japanese Men:
    OMFK!! No seriously most off yu are stupid!! The crossdressing movement as started a long time bit by bit it gets more and more known!! Like some man use girls skirt it’s a bit stupid to create a man´s skirt if they are all the same!! No really people stop being stupid and imagine if it was the opposite!! it would be laso stupid!!

  • Saki Breast Comparison:
    yeaaaaahh!!! Fill Koromo’s power yu mortals!! :3

  • Saki Breast Comparison:
    yeah Koromo wins!! And not Flone clone (or maybe it is if we think in the fallen angel mode) still she remembers me Flandre!! And Taco loli wins also!!

  • Rei Ayanami Nude Oppai Running:
    omg this really made my day a lot better!! This Ayanami chan was really cute!! what a great day this is!! Ps: i agree with 1 thing by some moments she reminded me saki… weird!! LONG LIVE TO THE THIRD IMPACT!! X3

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    AAAAAH AH AH AH HA HA AH AHA AH AH AH!! oMG!! no icant stop laughing cause of the last pic!! it was instant laugh!!


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