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Nekomimi & Pregnancy Banned in Eroge


One publisher of adult visual novels is reporting having to postpone store release of an apparently otherwise innocuous title involving animal ears and pregnancy, as “in future, it appears games featuring non-human heroines and pregnancy may not be allowed on sale in shops.”

They are apparently having to censor the game’s content in response to the recent “self-imposed” feminist-friendly censorship regime coming into effect.

The comments were made by publisher Norn in their email newsletter, and apologetically explain why the store release of their game “Inugami-sama” (Dog Goddess) has been postponed:

“We must regretfully inform customer awaiting ‘Inugami-sama’ that the package (DVD) version’s release has been postponed, due to the situation surrounding the recent censorship imposition.

In future, it seems there is a possibility that non-human heroines and themes of pregnancy and impregnation will be banned from sale in shops.”

The game itself involves the protagonist being sent to a deserted island, where he befriends a goddess with the aspect of a dog, and the game follows their relationship, which involves conception. It is not clear that there is any suggestion of rape in the game, and there seems to be a complete absence of any BDSM style trappings…

The game’s content looks innocuous enough:


The game was supposed to be in stores several days ago, but has been postponed indefinitely whilst being censored. However, the download version is being sold normally, clouding the situation further.

At this point, the actual content and packaging to be banned is completely unclear, but it seems unlikely Norn is cancelling its release for no reason. The lack of any clear guidelines and the language used by Norn suggests that there is a chance Norn is simply being overly cautious.

It does appear at least that the whole business of censoring feminist angering themes can be circumvented by moving to an online distribution model, which may not please shop owners but seems a relatively small price to pay to stop the mass media’s cameras traipsing through stores in search of scandal.

The cause of Norn’s troubles appears to be the inclusion of a “non-human” character (merely with animal ears), along with the inclusion of pregnancy.

It seems in the worst case, fans of nekomimi and normal human reproduction will have to find alternative means of satisfying their interest, for publishers are currently in flight from any theme potentially offensive to feminist politicians and the mass media, whether or not it is explicitly banned.

As expected, rolling over to the demands of censorship has immediately threatened genres with nothing much to do with “rape games”, illustrating the folly of acquiescing to restrictions on freedom of expression even when the expression is not to one’s liking.

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  • Okay then… let me get this straight… it’s okay to have nudity and sex in a game… but it’s NOT okay for any character to get pregnant or have animal ears and a tail? Yeah… that makes alot of sense… not. Seriously… what the hell? If you’re going to do that, why not just ban Hentai games altogether?

  • It is not “feminists” who are trying to push these bans. Ture feminism is about the choice ot make youre own decisions about your body and respecting others rights. The groups who are trying to controle the Eroge/erotic anime/AV industry seem to have more in common with militan womanists.

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    feminist agenda
    1. remove sexual content from all forms of media
    2. dominate practically everything
    3. enslave MAN-kind
    4. bring forth an era of bondage (saw style) to harvest sperm cells

  • Hossein Naji says:

    Tell me how I am supposed to live without loli! <:O Now that I'm been loving it so long! How am I supposed to live without loli? And how am I supposed to have it all? When all I've been living for is gone =(

  • It is time to make male groups (not sure what is the opposite of feminist). If this does not happen soon, there will not be equality on the world, but rather women will rule over us all. Just look at many of the laws, they protect women from bad men, but none protect men from facist women. Sure we can try using the same laws, but sadly it does not work like it works for women mainly because its clauses are written in a way that benefit more to women than to men. Sure , many women still suffer from male abuse, but this does not mean we should change places and men have to start to suffer from female abuse.

  • Phantom Mirage says:

    no point keep on complaining over this fucking feminist action if nobody willing to to take any action and directly confront them.

    I mean directly by frontal confrontation, not protest or demonstration. It is time to show them who is the boss really is… 😛

  • Sadly the problems are in Japan and not the west.

    Freedom of Artistic Expression and Speech probably mean something totally different.


  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get why so many people are against the banning of nekomimi but don’t care about the banning of prego. We should be against the banning of ANYTHING fetish, not just the stuff that we like. I love nekomimi and don’t care much for prego but it’s unfair to only defend one just because the other isn’t one of your fetishes. Having a fetish doesn’t hurt anyone unlike what the feminists are telling everyone, it’s how you let your fetish affect your life.

  • Anonymous says:

    So what about all those real girls that wear fake cat ears? Should they be force to remove their accessories? And how would you go about censoring real pregnant women? Would you force them to remain out of the public eye or require them to get abortions? You might as well kiss that dream of an increased birth rate good bye if you tell people that pregnancy is indecent.

  • Anonymous says:

    Though it pissed me off when they wanted rape and lolicon to be banned, I could at least understand why they thought it was bad. But taking away nekomimi and inumimi is going too far. What’s wrong with a cute girls having animal ears and a tail? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Fuck women’s rights! We tried to give you equality but that wasn’t good enough for you. You had your chance and you blew it.


  • grapefields says:

    We are reaping the fruits of a lack of an education in morals and spiritual formation. This censorship will stem such horrible weeds and allow the great mustard seed of well-formed consciences to grow.

    • In addition to what the two anons above said, I don’t get why people keep saying they can understand “getting rid of the prego”. Just what the fuck is so totally unacceptable about it? WHAT I ASK!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      When the Nazis came for the communists,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a communist.

      Then they locked up the social democrats,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a social democrat.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      I did not protest;
      I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews,
      I did not speak out;
      I was not a Jew.

      When they came for me,
      there was no one left to speak out for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      You really can’t have it like that. You can’t pick and choose. It’s the nature of free speech… if you want to argue for one form to stay, then you need to be prepared to defend them all.

      I don’t like “prego” either, but it is definitely NOT OK to get rid of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    ….please no……NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


    for short ^_^ please fucking stop ban or die or get laid,seriously..

  • I’m getting sick of this “for the children” mantra. In the old days way back before TV and internet children were exposed to all kinds of stuff that would be or probably already is banned today and they would be better for it when they get older. But now they censor and ban and try to protect the children from every thing, then they all grow up wanting to join the performing arts and fear to get a little dirty and are more feminine which is just wrong.

  • my…my… first rape now nekomimi and prego… Whats next?? entire fucking genre of eroge??? Man this is fucking bullshit. Feminist tries to ban all this because they bunch of old bitch that get no attention from man and they are fucking making this shit up so that man could actually pay more attention on them. Trust me guys, sooner or later u will see the headquaters of the feminist will be full of corpse if they start banning too much. Lets pray for this day to come.

  • Metalbunny says:

    Whatever feminists..just burn your fucking retarded brains out of your skulls already…
    PERVERTS INTO HENTAI AND GAMES..And you’re just going to release them from their inner cages that they have carefully created??? damn those feminists..DAMN THEM TO HELL…

  • Anonymous says:

    No matter what type of government freedom of anything can be a huge threat to those in power. Unfortunately power seems to easily corrupt and I fear due to the human condition those few in power will never live up to any thing but problems for the “individual”. -Just some anon on the internet.

  • I think you that letter is going to cause a problem. And yes this article was about a companies decision from fear of the media lashing out like they did on the rapelay issue.

    In truth, Nekomimi is not banned yet, but a censorship company has tried to censor nekomimi/non-human pregnancy out of fear. Yeah like others aid earlier. Remember its fear of the law.

    The worst thing we can do is get irrational about this. Though I think the eroge industry needs to have a bit more backbone. Illusion had some backbone at first with the RapeLay issue by saying “Mind Your own Business” but broke down to pressure.

    What needs to be focused on at Japan is the censorship associations and the Japanese politicians to protect the structured free speech you have.

    Besides its not feminists its RADICAL FEMINISTS, that started the snow ball. I’m male but I totally know that probably 70-80% of women are irritated as the men are about this fiasco. The few radicals causes all of you to look badly on women at a whole.

    Though has anyone noticed that its because of the feminists actions that the general population looks at feminism badly? And yet they complain about being ill treated? Aren’t they just causing us to be upset in the first place?

    Really the radicals need to grow some ears and eyes and the censorship associations/eroge industry needs to grow some balls over foreign radical groups who don’t practice cultural relativism.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m drafting a letter to feminist groups from an imaginary Japanese eroge company:

    Dear ______,

    Your plight has deeply touched us here at ________. As such, we have halted production on Castle of Rape III: Rape It If It Breathes, Don’t Touch Me There ~ Romantic Rape Fantasy II, Pregnant Catgirl Brothel, Dark Bondage IV: Not Done Until Bleeding, and our other titles.
    Instead, we have begun work on games which your organization could fully endorse, featuring themes of empowered women violently raping and impregnating men through the use of alien technology, empowered women torturing men to death, empowered women raping and enslaving men, empowered women brutally raping men, empowered women growing penises and using them to dominate men, empowered women having loveless sex with other empowered women for the pleasure of empowered women, and so forth.
    We hope to continue supporting your organization and its continued plight against the masculine oppression and objectification of women.

    Lead Animator, ___________

    Should I send this, Y/N?

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    Censorship has gone one step too far. This has yet to be banned but considering the feminazi ideology it is only a matter of time. This is what happens when companies give in to the power hungry pigs called feminists. Before this feminism wasn’t a completely horrid thing but rather a means for women to gain EQUAL rights…not the bullshit they are trying to pull. If they are forced to get rid of it I also say real porn and yaoi should be banned as well…after all it is only Equal. If 2D fans can’t have masturbation material (regardless of gender) then in order for there to be equality all porn should not exist either…which would effectively seal the fate of humanity. The fact that these (specific ones) are targeting “Censored” eroge is just stupid. Effectively the companies producing eroge should simply ignore the feminazis or go with other distributors and the like. It hasn’t been made illegal it is simply banned by one or more distributors which is a hit but not the deciding blow. The war for freedom of expression is far from over.

    Hail Hentai!

  • Wait, I don’t understand. Nekomimi I can sorta get due to bestiality and all, but…

    Banning pregnancy? That would make Clannad, an ALL-AGES GAME, not be able to be sold in stores if it were released today.

    …What the hell?

    (I guess it really is true that storks bring Japanese babies.)

    …Maybe it’s just nekomimi and pregnancy involving sex? I don’t know.

    • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

      nekomimi has nothing to do with bestiality. Bestiality is specifically animals. Feminists already believe that women are not animals (men as animals seems to be in debate for them). Nekomimi is a Woman not an animal by their own definition. Nekomimi is simply a woman with accessories simply with ears or a tail or some minor characteristics of an animal, but strictly not an animal. Hell half of the religion of shinto (amongst other religions) is based around the concept of personified animal spirits and the like. These feminazis have to fucking know about religions other than Christianity (we all know its most likely behind these nazis, as it was for the original nazis). Not to mention anime like Moonphase has nekomimi in it, cosplay and porn often have nekomimi, hell if this ban is actually put into effect (doubtful as even the feminists will have realized they went too far too fast…maybe) it could cause the feminazis opposition. The thing with these types of feminists is that no one ever puts up a fight. If someone can fight against them and win they will lose a large portion of the power that makes them to be a nuisance.

      The banning of pregnancy is just stupid as pregnancy means pro-life which most feminists are for. It doesn’t make sense. Either this eroge producer is being extremely overly cautious or the feminazis need to be taught a lesson on stupidity, arrogance, and tolerance….preferably in whatever manner works

      I think these feminazis are simply trying to further destroy Japanese economics and must have some odd deep seated hatred for the Japanese. To war.

      Hail Hentai!

  • magnus elden says:

    They should go home and go to bed.
    OR go back to school to get some sence beaten into their brains.

    Or even better, all could die from some decease that only attacks mentally ill and those without logical reason.

    • Really? I never had this impression. Or are you referring to kemonomimi in yaoi (which will not be affected, since only non-human heroines will be banned)?

      Maybe it’s a truly gender-independent thing…

      • I always had that impression with nekomimi, again maybe I’m wrong. I mean, they combined girls + cats = female fanbase.

        It would seem something that would be highly wanted by lesbian types, it doesn’t interest me so much, but my girlfriend is obsessed with them lol.

        Again I could be wrong, I’ve always seen girls obsessed with nekomimi, just like yaoi. v.v

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m seeing a lot of people say stuff like:
    “I don’t care about pregnancy, but WHY NEKOMIMI?”
    or the other way around…

    This is precisely the WRONG attitude to have. We have to reject and fight ALL censorship and free speech. Apathy towards certain genres being attacked is what got is here.

    People who are waiting in the wings now just because they don’t care about pregnancy or nekomimi themes are part of the problem. Yes, you.

    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

  • now they can go ‘women rights’ all they want but all they wanna do is fuck up our precious 2D porn – if it’s for women’s rights wouldn’t it make more sense to ban the actual beastiality first? Now that we’ll have lolis, BDSM, pregnancy and nekomimi banned all we have left is schoolgirls and disabled girls. And they will find a reason to ban those. Or maybe they won’t and they’ll ban it for no reason just like nekomimi

        • I think grapefields is just trying to show what kind of reasoning a feminazi (or religious fanatic, depending on the situation) would use to justify pregnancy-sex, which just as it sounds makes no sense.

        • vesper_nova says:

          So? what’s wrong with a a man and a woman reafuring their love for each other. that the man isn’t bothered by the fact that his wife/girlfriend has become large and carring his child in her. a child created by their feelings for each other. I see nothing wrong with that. if it leads to an outpouring of true emetion then let it be. I hear of stories where a guy gets a girl he says he loves preganted and when she becomes big with child, he no longer looks at here. I even here where there are some woman who are borthered by their late term look during pregancy. to have their lover say that their still hot enough/sexy enough to do while pregented is a big bost for them. I see nothing wrong in this. I bet with that argument you’ll says that using condoms is wrong to because it wastes semen

  • grapefields says:

    it only means that we are challenged to re-orient our lives to a Christ-centered one. Our emptiness needs to be fulfilled by being witnesses to Christ.

    Lord, I offer my life to you
    Everything I’ve been through
    Use it for your glory
    Lord I offer my days to you
    Lifting my praise to you
    As a pleasing sacrifice
    Lord I offer you my life

  • grapefields says:

    Another step to Akiba being conquered by the hipsters.

    I will sing forever of Your love, O Lord
    I will celebrate the wonder of Your name
    For the word that You speak is a song of forgiveness
    And a song of gentle mercy and of peace

    Let us wake at the morning and be filled with Your love
    And sing songs of praise all our days
    For Your love is as high as the heavens above us
    And Your faithfulness as certain as the dawn.

  • OK, seriously… WTF?!! At least the lolicon and rape ban had SOME small SEMBLANCE of logic (albet fake, at least they tried to pretend). What’s their reason for banning that?

    Seriously, some people over there are pretty screwed up… And if they aren’t, they SERIOUSLY need to get laid.

  • All that censoring (including the mosaic censoring) goes against the freedom of expression; if you can consider these kind of drawings/games/visual novels as “freedom of expression” (e.g. in terms of art), then there’s no reason to ban these drawings/games/visual novels. Also no real people and animals are hurt during the production of these or similar drawings/games/visual novels; people, it’s fiction!!! The Japanese people (and otakus) must know their rights better.

  • Anonymous says:

    What the fuck, people? Are you all utter retards?

    This stuff is NOT banned. ONE newsletter from ONE eroge producer said that it MIGHT be banned in the future.

    And it it has FUCK ALL to do with the feminists, who were complaining about RAPE and said NOT ONE FUCKING THING about nekomimis and wouldn’t even know what the damn word means.


    • Well, considering rape and loli “might be banned” eventually came true, all but you can see the implications of a “hypothetical ban in the oh-not-so-distant future”.

      In other words, try not to fail that much.

  • What!? Did I read nekomimi will also be ban? Nooo!~

    This is bad why does these feminist group tend to shutdown every ero games they find dissatisfying I mean these are just games that can satisfy one urge when they need it.

    The producer might as well go onto an online model for future ero game release. Let’s hope that these feminist group does not win in Japan or else it will be a very bad news for Otaku.

  • wulfslove says:

    I hope that guys realize that not all women are like this. I’m female and I believe in women’s rights, however, they should be EQUAL rights. These feminazis are making it harder to get to that point and that makes me angry.
    I love porn and my fetishes run to monster/non-human girls and pregnancy/birth. I’m screwed.

  • I’ve pretty much given up of having a say on this matter. I clearly stated that this would escalate and it does. At this point meer words, statistical figures and factual evidence is not going to slow the snowball rolling. It needs to be smashed. Face it though, no politician would want to defend it (look at the UK over here with all the ‘Distasteful’ bans). They would be named instantly a misogynist, womanizer or a pedo. All it takes is a simple label, a word to the press(local and international) and you’re screwed. Because the masses (all around) are too stupid to figure out anything, they do say ignorance is bliss and that’s why hypocrisy goes so well with it.

    C’mon…Nekomimi and Preggo? Isn’t there actual people who wear “Cat Ears” in reality? And isn’t there Preggo porn too? How does that work? Allow real life Nekomimi and Preggo but not imaginary fictional characters? What’s next? Ban characters that have F+ oppai because of boob envy?

  • Anonymous says:

    its all a Japanese secret plot….

    1.get feminist riled up
    2.let them win
    3.ban eroge
    4.sell eroge in the underground market for ridicules prices
    6.profit more Gundams

  • I can’t add anything constructive like Atma or ArcheR did already. All I can do is shout for joy and wave the QFT flag for all I’m worth.

    Now, I’m making plans for the Great Catgirl Underground. Eat your heart out, Harriet Tubman.

  • I didn’t post in previous ban topics but its time to stand! IT IS TAKING TOO FAR
    I never saw any 2D Lolicon, Rape, Kemonomimi as a bad thing.
    This is part of Hentai genre, which is already amazing by giving you soo many things to choose… -Big breasted girls
    -Small breasted girls
    -Animal ears girls
    -Small girls (Loli – and here works the CUTE factor in case some people thinks we are a pedos – cut your balls with rusty razor please)
    I want to know. What kind of damage i do to the people around me when im quietly reading/watching lolicon manga. Do i hurt my 2 years old sister? Will i fell a strong lust while walking near the kindergarten?
    When i enjoy watching kemonomimi CG am i going to rape and impregnate my cat in next 45 minutes?
    When i read manga where pregant woman’s having sex (non rape) is that bad?

    The answer is NO!? Open Your eyes!

    Considering many thoughts around the world (especialy by those damn feminists) about Japan Hentai fans being a serial rapers, pedophiles, SM and fetish junkies!
    That God forsaken Bullshit!

    Explain to me, PLEASE maybe im missing something!? Why rape occurs so rarely in Japan comparing it to other countries (*cough* eg. Russia)?!
    Logicly 1/2 Japan citizen reading should be a Pedophile/Rapist but he isnt?!
    You still don’t get it you frekaing LAW assholes who just sit on those fat ass and know nothing about world?!

    That’s because they KNOW the border line between REAL and FAKE, 2D and 3D…

    If you took your time reading this, i really thank you.
    I hope my points might help saving the Hentai genres.

    • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

      Sadly it won’t mean a thing to the people on this board. Most of us already know this. Most of us here are far more intelligent than the feminists that need to read this. Sadly this won’t mean a thing to them. They do not care about anything other than furthering their power of women over men. It’s years of backlash for the past…recently though they’ve gone way too far.

      If they continue to ban I am not kidding I think we need to go to war. Hell we could constantly harass them or we could simply form a group against feminists in which are how basis of the group is to prove how the actions of feminism is unconstitutional.

      Good points sadly rather useless to make without action. Whose up for a war?

      Hail Hentai!

  • Feminists… I think they’re the Anti-Christ… They’ll start censoring things… Then start killing anime for anime girls represent cuteness and beauty. They’ll say its an insult to women cause men like them more. Then once anime is censored they’ll go for figures. Cause they’ll say that men are being irresponsible and have no right to put those up. Instead men should collect feminist figures to show love to women. Then the feminists would eventually kill the hot women. Cause they want men to treat women equally. Hot girls are insult to the feminists cause no one fucks them. Then… Then… Well… Its too horrid… I wont continue anymore…

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    Anyone by chance know where some of the feminist organizations responsible for wanting to ban eroge are located? I might just have to take a little visit…

    This is getting ridiculous. I have a few things to point out (not that any of these feminist pigs will listen to…trust someone who has tried).

    1. Oddly enough the eroge showing pregnancy are actually useful to the community. Unlike all other eroge that has sex constantly with no consequences these games actually do. Most eroge do not even use contraceptives so games where the girl (assuming you’re not playing some odd eroge with male pregnancy) gets pregnant actually does more good than harm as it tells about the “dangers” of unprotected sex.

    2. Nekomimi banned in eroge? This can’t happen. There is absolutely no reason for it. It does not even insult the female species. It does no harm at all. It’s not just the females that have animal-ears but also the males in some eroge have them as well. Nekomimi is constantly in anime, constantly in cosplay, it is a freedom of expression/speech. The eroges do no harm it doesn’t even promote any type of bestiality. Nekomimi is the least of the problems…look at furry for example. This is just getting ridiculous.

    3. I say the eroge companies need to flood the markets with as many eroge as they possibly can before they are either all banned or to make a point to the feminist whores that they will not stop just because they want it so.

    4. Exactly what is there to gain with banning eroge in the first place. It’s not like someone who is completely in love with 2D characters will all of a sudden take a look around and see “oh there’s an fugly woman I’d like to fuck”. It doesn’t happen. The internet has more than enough hentai that this type of thinking will never happen. Eroge even with a ban will not disappear. It will find the internet as a safe haven and the era of download eroge shall grow.

    5. If this prevents Lightning Warrior Raidy III from coming out I will NOT be happy.

    6. The fact I even bothered with this. The fact the feminists are even considering banning something in a different nation. The fact that this thread even exists is ridiculous. Friends I say we fight.

    “Gentlemen I like war. Gentlemen I love war. So I ask you gentlemen and ladies, do you want war?”

    Hail Hentai!

    • Ukonkivi, you’re missing the crucial point here.

      While we appreciate your repeated efforts to help people realize feminists weren’t immediately at fault for the censorship troubles the article details, there is no question it happened because of the censorship campaign that they incited.

      Welcome to the Law and Psychology of political cause and effect.

      They’ve created a climate of fear and moral uncertainty (the hysteria stage will come during a voting season, the official hunting season on deviancy). Inside this climate, it becomes easier for censorship laws to get passed, which we all know are forthcoming.

      Meanwhile, Eroge companies wont take risks on sexual deviancy, because they never know if the themes they start spending money creating art/content for today, will be banned tomorrow.

      Plain vanilla “missionary position” Eroge will be a company’s safest bet, so that’s what will saturate the industry. Deviancy of any questionable nature will reduce to a tiny flicker of what it once was, even without official criminalization legislation.

      Please take this lesson home with you.
      The branch of Feminism that chose to begin the censorship campaign already understands this, and would absolutely adore the reaction you’re having.

  • Anonymous says:

    hmm sarcasm…
    what’s next? ban all 2d involving lolis? then H things involving public sex? exhibitionism? sex toys? S&M? cosplay? swimsuits? sukumizu? buruma? leotards? knee-socks? sailor fuku? panchira? androids? baths or onsen? or ban it when the characters have H-thoughts?
    hmm what’s more? they want to arrest individuals who talk, write, think or dream H / ecchi things too?

    just what direction is the world heading to?
    such a harsh reality.
    they really want to ban all fictional ecchi things that much?

    and then they’re gonna end up with the only H genre being allowed is “a one heroine game where you’ll have to date then marry the girl and go to H-mode ‘only once’ then she’ll be pregnant and have a child then start a family you’ll have to adopt a pet if you want something with animal ears.the end”

    just hopefully some desperate politician/s will come out… and a time will come when unnecessary bans similar to these will come to an end.

  • Digital distribution can save our games
    But then you must fairly pay for downloaded game

    And… guys are you americans? I always consider that USA man is knowing their rights. So get you asses up and fight in any way you can!

  • If people are concerned enough, why not rally protests against radical feminists? If possible organize a rally in Japan or something. Sitting here, raging and complaining won’t do anything.

    Petitions are always best. Seriously though, if you’re concerned about it take a voice. My friend, his sister (who is also into Visual novel games) and I already sent in email complaints to Equality now.

    By the way We did not go out of our way to defame them or call them names. We just pointed out about the 2d industry, the economy situation and what is really important right now.

    So those who are outraged by this should take up arms both in the US and in Japan and stop this nonsense through petitions, rallies, etc. Non-violent of course.

    And you know what if there were a good number of females joining in the rally i think the feminists would shut up about the ban.

    • wulfslove says:

      As a female that thinks any censorship is wrong and that banning rape, non-human women and pregnancy from eroge will seriously interfere with her schlicking schedule, I’m certainly going to be doing more research on this and sending letters, signing petitions and emailing as many people involved in this as I can. This kind of free-speech destroying movement should be exactly what women who want equality should fight against. I don’t want to live in a world where either sex has all the power, men and women compliment each other, and I believe that we NEED each other. This fighting over dominance is dragging us down as a species.

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re right…

      but sadly the ones who will get in the way would usually be mothers, housewives, probably female guardians and old/middle aged women who probably can’t have sex anymore… specially if have connections to the government or the media.

      if the government is more concerned about the economy and see immorality in fictional things as a minor issue which no need paying attention to… that could be good.

      but if fictional morality wins… then life just sux.

    • 2nd Amendment gets Pwned says:

      well that would mean people who want to lift the ban will get public exposure. basically people will see the group who wants to play their ero games in peace. if your image means something to you then there will probably be some difficulties obtaining supporters. having internet supporters isnt the same as having supporters who can actually go out and protest rather than people just complaining on a forum or chatroom.

  • Seems like the producer being too cautious. If there really was a nekomimi ban, there would be no end to the protests and the hikkikomori would probably actually walk out into daylight to join them.

  • Anonymous says:

    This seems to be a calculated attack at everything fetishy coming out of Japan. They’re targeting and picking off genres starting with the most indefensible and then moving towards mainstream. I have no doubt that eventually they’ll get to a genre that someone will actually have the guts to defend (maybe hetero vaginal), and whether or not they succeed in holding that ground, we’ll have lost so much.

    I’m not going to blame anyone, because I had just as much opportunity to stand up and do something–anything–even just rallying others or forming a counter-protest. But look what we’ve let them do to us. Rapelay may not have been your cup of tea, fine. Nekomimi or pregnancy might not matter to you either. But just wait. They’ll hit you where it hurts too.

    • Skribulous says:

      When the Feminazis came for the rapists,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a rapist.

      Then they locked up the lolicons,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a lolicon.

      Then they came for the yaoi,
      I did not protest;
      I was not into yaoi.

      Then they came for the hentai,
      I did not speak out;
      I was not into hentai.

      When they came for anime,
      there was no one left to speak out for me.

      (with apologies to Pastor Martin Niemöller)

  • hey, I WANT MY HUMAN RIGHTS. There’s nothing freaking offensive about nekomimi and pregnancy, no social problems arising from them, NOTHING! This is far WORSE than banning rape, this is BANNING FOR THE SAKE OF BANNING! I don’t want my world to become fascist! Don’t you hate Hitler? He was fascist. If people want to ban innocent fetishes, then they want to become HITLER!


  • Anonymous says:

    The politicians, may they rot in hell, seem to have forgotten a truism of media:

    Give the people what they want.

    Not the government; the PEOPLE. What happened to the days when governments got overthrown when they gave their people crap?

    • Anonymous says:

      Feminist will only accept 3P if it’s all women. Then it is a beautiful, empowering thing.

      But if there’s a penis in there, get the fuck out, women are being treated as tools, patriarchal assault, baww bawww bawwwwwwww.

  • Arc-II-J1 says:

    I just know that they’ve taken a couple steps too far and that all Otaku and the like should rise up and put them in their place. Feels like one of the few ways to do it is become an army and just kill them all, but thats my opinion. Feel free to think of any other viable solutions to make them shut the fuck up and let us have our own freedom of fetishes, ya know?

  • Anonymous says:

    Only found fake files on Share…But Norn games are pretty passable so not missing anything there. The wise thing for them to do was to not say anything. But instead they chose the worse option possible. If you show signs of backing down, the female nazis will go after you like wolf pack. Because of what they did the whole kemonomimi genre is in peril, including one of my favorites いな☆こい!(a bit bias there since I love Whirlpool games) and classics such as うたわれるもの. Norn…what have you done?(besides small, passable games)

    – Simon Cowell of Eroge

  • Gerberman09 says:

    If this cenorship sit goes on the femist will get more and more power hungy then try to get rid of regular porn then i will have to nuke some one…..the world is slowly turning into the book: Fahrenheit 451.

  • ugly american says:

    All those upright ,decent people did exactly what they did in the U.S. They sat down and watched all the questionable material to decide if people could be corrupted by watching this material . After hours and hours of watching they decided that watching it would corrupt everybody that came in contact with it. Of course they were not corrupted by it, some how,I guess.
    U.S. television can air commercials in which the husband is a dumb bastard, but it is discrimination if the wife is stupid.
    We even have bumper stickers that say “It’s not OK to hit a woman!” But none that say “It’s not OK to hit a man!”
    I’m all for feminist rights as long as everyone else has them too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, don’t forget this:

    Norn is part of the CSA, the other group that regulates games.(Not the one that banned rape games)

    This does not mean that ALL nekomimi(And other non-humans) is banned, only the ones that are regulated by the CSA…

    Besides, Companies like Navel will put up one hell of a fight if this occurs…

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually I don’t think it has gone that far yet, Norn is predicting that a ban MIGHT happen. But since they probably have a presence in the governing body and know the inside details. So a ban may very well be on the way. Even if that’s not the case, it’s classic example of self-defeating prophecy that would become a nail in the coffin. Talk about wisdom from our predecessors: “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

      – Simon Cowell of Eroge
      (And I don’t if elf ears are included in the potential ban. You were referring to Shuffle! right?)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, lets ban all non-humans from any work of fiction. Dracula? Fuck that shit, can’t have demonic shit like vampires.

    How the hell is banning my robot ghost wolf loli imouto going to help me respect women or make women more “equal” (cough)?

    It’ll prevent real life cases of ghost rape!

  • Anonymous says:

    You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! You took avay from me all my life and now you want to take my soul?! Ill give it to you on a golden plate with only one wish…give us back nekomimi erogen.

  • NotAnonymous says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Next thing we know, true-love will be banned. Then all hentai, and then etchi shonen manga, and then regular porn, etc. Japan is turning into a communist country.

    Why does this have to start with my favorite otaku pastime: visual novels?

    • Anonymous says:

      true-love will be banned you are not well informed, is the first thing that got banned, first Feminazis victory, now men can only get married if they represent a good source of income

      • NotAnonymous says:

        While I’m not sure I understood everything correctly since your message was hard to read, I really find that a little unbelievable. (at least currently) If that was true, ALL eroge would now be banned. And I really doubt ridiculous marriage rules like that actually exist in Japan. (that is actually sexist, and is the kind of thing feminists WOULDN’T want to happen)

        Source please.

        • “…now men can only get married if they represent a good source of income,”

          “And I really doubt ridiculous marriage rules like that actually exist in Japan. (that is actually sexist, and is the kind of thing feminists WOULDN’T want to happen)”

          Hence the women among us raging that they’re not representing feminism.

          As for the ridiculous marrage rules…well, basically it’s all over this An examplesite. However, I doubt that the origins are merely from contemporary times: The latter among the examples above seems to imply that this predates recent movements.

  • anonymous says:

    are u fuckin kiddin me? how fucking retarded could u be. What is the god damn point for banning 99% of hentai? Those men over there need to fucking grow some balls and not let stupid shit like this go on. Boohoohoo maybe ur wife wont give u none tonight but oh fucking well, u got some of this good stuff to help u through it ;).Honestly i thought asian women were supposed to be hella smart, but i stand corrected. Let world war three begin /facepalm

  • Cirrostratucat says:

    This… This shall NOT be allowed. Just the thought of Nekomimis being banned is already a blasphemy! They are going too far this time. SCREW THEM! They used to said that “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned” rite? HELL! This time they WILL truly feels what is HELL’S FURY like when our beloved Nekomimis is in danger!! F**KK!!

  • I just noticed something:

    “non-human heroines and themes of pregnancy and impregnation”

    I noticed how these self-imposed rules mostly apply mostly to female characters. That’s all that gets pushed by the feminists. Apparently “equality” is about only women not getting hurt. If they’re going to say depictions of rape cause rape to happen and need to be banned, then they should be a bit more “equal” and push for it on both sides of the gender line. They’re just betraying their twisted, almost supremacist leanings when they jump on these topics and only push when it comes to women.

    It sickens me so much that those developers are bending so easily. I’m not really that into eroge, but I believe strongly in free expression and this sort of suppression only angers consumers, stifles creators, and does nothing to actually solve the problems they use as an excuse to force this kind of censorship.

    • >>If they’re going to say depictions of rape cause rape to happen and need to be banned, then they should be a bit more “equal” and push for it on both sides of the gender line.

      Fucking this.

      I’m a girl. I completely disagree with all the bans going on and believe in freedom of creative expression and such, even as it applies to porn, even if some of the subjects are not things I would get off to myself.

      True feminism is lost to the ages from whence it came. A true feminist, nay, a true human being would want equal punishment and treatment regardless of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and such. If a woman does something dumb as fuck, she should be punished to the full extent of the law just as men are. No getting off lightly. And no trying to ruin others’ fun, especially if the people depicted are 100% not real and never will be.

      You don’t judge people by what’s outside; it’s if they’re a good person or a complete and utter bastard that you should draw the line.

      And it goes for something as small as a porn game, too. Don’t like it? Don’t play it. Let us play it if we choose to. Go after the real crimes already. If you want to ban a certain aspect, make sure all depictions are banned, be it man on man, girl on girl, girl on man, man on girl, or even some herm combo rape, not just what you think makes you look bad.

      They’re selfish, hedonistic women inflated on their victories and I wish they would stop. They’re making us sane people look terrible just by being the same gender as theme even when that shouldn’t even count in the grand scheme of things.

      I’d ask if we all could just get along but apparently that’s impossible at this point. I’m ready to fight this all the way.

      Ugh, these posts make me repeat myself too damn much, but these are points that need to be repeated. It’s a volatile topic and someone has to talk calmly while the rest rage.

      (Though trust me when I say I understand your anger)

    • That comment makes no sense.

      “None of you care that something you don’t do doesn’t affect you, but now it’s affecting your games, so you care.”

      Fucking. Duh.

      We’re not talking about right to marry. We’re talking about expression and censorship. This is the internet – we all fight for our freedom of expression here. If you don’t think this is censorship or that it’s wrong, get off.

      And, no, we don’t care that men who take young wives go to jail. Because they should. We don’t try to hurt children. Even the lolicons on this website make a very simple distinction:

      2D and 3D.

      We’re not going to hurt a real person. The laws in place to protect them aren’t something we plan on breaking. The 3D women and children don’t have anything to worry about from us.

      We do, however, want to express whatever we want. As soon as 2D starts getting treated with laws that apply to flesh-and-blood people, then we’ll starting yelling. Because it hits us right at home.

      Your comment is below moot. It is senseless. No, we don’t care that appropriate laws are in place to protect children. We care that inappropriate laws are censoring entertainment we enjoy and some of us even make.

      • Anonymous says:

        No,they shouldn’t be going to prison, those men. The fact is that it is the GIRLS RIGHT to consent or not consent to sex, and the man’s right to ask them, PERIOD AND DONE WITH, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

        That’s the bottom line here: pedosexuality is normal, the only ‘harm’ that is caused by it comes from people telling the ‘victims’ that they should act ‘victimized’, etc.

        • Despite most children not having the maturity to understand when they are a victim or what it is they are consenting to in most of cases.

          …Whatever. That’s your pet topic. You can argue for that one, and I’ll argue my freedom of speech.

          Your comment is still bullshit.

          We don’t care about “pedosexuality” because we’re not pedophiles. We do care about our right to expression being suppressed. You can’t ask someone to care about something that does not affect them…

          And especially not me since I think you are a sick fuck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Quoted for fucking truth.

        We don’t care about what’s going on with those 3D pigs. Why attack us, was there a recent massive rape on real life catgirls or something? I’m not understanding what the hell purpose this serves at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      You understand the pregnancy ban? Really? Wow, they really have got to you.

      I don’t know if you realize this, but pregnant women (3D, real life) fuck all the time. In fact, some of them actually feel more horny during parts of the pregnancy than anytime before.

      If there’s one thing that a human being has to go through that is purely feminine… the most womanly thing… it’s pregnancy. And, in my opinion, artwork of sex with a pregnant woman illustrates a deeper connection between the partners–a love of fertility, nurturing, life, etc. I cannot fathom for one second why a self respecting feminist would want sex with a pregnant woman to be censored–these are the very same banshees who demand the right to breastfeed in public.

    • OMFG! Nekomimi too…

      I wish i had the ability to shoot AIDS beams from my eyes, so that i could eradicate all these feminist cunts.

      But since i don’t, i just have to go fap at something else & hope that my imagination doesn’t get banned.

    • This is true. As soon as you retaliate or put up a fight they use it against you to prove their point.

      ‘Look! He is attacking us because he has played all these games that degrade women’

      They do it to other women who don’t agree with them, they will make you feel like a worthless piece of shit and say you aren’t being a real woman. Which is what makes me sick, they are the real bastards here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, that’s true with the anti-homosexuals, the anti-pedosexuals, etc.

        Anyone who tries to take away the rights of another person is a bastard, whatever your justification. Pedosexuals are included in this, because it is A HUMAN RIGHT to be able to ask ANYONE if you can have sex with them and their right to say “Yes” or “No”.

  • Anonymous says:



    And that, kids, is how World War Three got started. When the Otaku got their hands on nukes and the coordinates of the Feminazi sekrit headquarters.



      And that, kids, is how World War Three got started. When the Otaku got their hands on nukes and the coordinates of the Feminazi sekrit headquarters.”

      censorship on the internet is getting pretty close to critical mass right now! many sites that used to have an ‘you must be over 18 to view this’ now have the ‘this content has been removed for pathetic reasons
      if Otaku intends on start WWIII over censorship then I’d better get ready

    • As much as this comment is being facetious, I agree with it. This is going to backfire because as spineless as the developers in Japan are, the otaku are much different.

      This censorship is going to very quickly push the limits of the consumers – the otaku – and some of the creators (who are also otaku) and they will lash back. This sort of censorship merely shows that intimidation can allow you to stop anyone from saying what is their right to express. And they’re not even attempting to handle this intelligently. They’re pretty much banning all fetishes in general.

      Frankly, I don’t like rape. I don’t think it really is entertaining or exciting, but banning depictions of it needs to at least have some concrete rules down otherwise the ban will just be twisted into suppressing anything someone doesn’t agree with or like, as they are doing now.

      Kemonomimi? Are you fucking with me? “Non-human?”

      If anything, by their logic, depictions of sex with non-human characters would make you want to then do that with non-humans in real life. Since that moves the focus away from the human females feminazis are so worried about, I would think banning it is the opposite of the solution for them. I don’t care if the pseudo-logic I just typed makes no sense. This ban is just as senseless.

      It doesn’t matter. This ban is already creeping and overstepping its boundaries. It’s being pushed too hard and it WILL break. And the otaku will help push it so it breaks faster. This will not last.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder if they include games like “Shuffle!” in this ban, since most characters in that game are also “non human”, but without animal ears. Will they also ban “elven-like ears” soon?

        • The ban is not about bestiality or inter-species sex in general. It’s really just what it says. Eroge rated by the CSA may not contain female kemonomimi, aliens, elves, spirits, ghosts, deities, goddesses – everything humanoid and female that isn’t a human.

          And yeah, it’s really that ridiculous.

        • Anonymous says:

          They really need to specify what “non-humans” they are talking about. Just because something isn’t human doesn’t mean that they are not on the same level as humans (or higher). The the thing that separates real humans from other animals is intelligence. If there were more intelligent species on Earth then would it be wrong to have relationships with them? What about all those stories with humans having sex with gods (like in this game)? Gods aren’t humans so would it still be wrong even though gods are higher beings than humans?

          Beastiality is a human having sex with an animal but a non-human character shouldn’t be classified as an animal if they are intelligent.

        • Being honest, I don’t find certain genres of action moves exciting or entertaining either. Jason Statham makes me want to vomit my testicles.

          It’s all a matter of preference. I’m sure it’s plenty entertaining for you, but it’s not my thing. If you bring it into real life and do that to someone, I’d kick your ass three times over, but I will defend your right to have that preference in eroge.

    • It’s a fetish…just like any other. I personally find it sick, but I am no one to judge, as we can’t control our fetishes. To each his own, how dare they take this from us?

      That’s like banning footjob porn…

      Pretty soon a war will erupt between feminists and an angry community of otakus. I will standby with sword and bow…

      • Given the context I presume she’s having sex with the same guy who got her impregnated in the first place. I thought that was pro-feminist idealology- that women are still women when they change shape a little.

        I just fail to see how a ero romance with visuals is bad because it shows exactly what romance is supposed to lead to.

        • Who knows? Maybe if all eroge were missionary position only, they’d have less objections?

          But it’s not about pregnant women having sex. It’s about the fetishistic attraction to a pregnant woman that probably got this banned. Since only women get pregnant, it’s sexist to objectify them based on solely that.

          …Despite objectification being the cornerstone of every. fetish. ever.

          Whatever. We all know if an eroge had a man get pregnant, they wouldn’t give 1/100th of a shit.

        • Of course they do. But the need for pregnant sex to be in eroge, is because some people have a fetish for it. Like I said, if you want to notice things in my comment then please notice all of it.

          I “PERSONALLY” find it sick…
          “I am no one to judge…”
          “To each his own…”

          In no way am I bashing, flaming, criticizing, judging, or insulting anyone. I merely stated “MY” opinion on the matter. For that case, I don’t care much for nekomimi, but nonetheless I’m still outraged.

  • I’m honestly out of intelligent things to say now. Truly, my mind, she hath been blown. We live in a coward’s age.

    This better wind up being fake or my level of cynicism is going to skyrocket into oblivion. Can nobody say no anymore?

    brb hating everything

  • Toshihero says:

    It’s well beyond banning ‘offensive’ and ‘abusive’ material. Looks more like they’re just going for censoring anything fetish-related now. What the hell do neko/inumimis have to do with the violence of rape and abuse towards women? I’d say the answer is ‘nothing at all’.. ok, unless its a neko/inumimi girl being raped.. I guess that could be feminazi’ed just as good as the last rape-related eroge bit.. but seriously. How is neko/inumimi offensive? I got it, they’re so cute, it offends me in some genuine and unnatural way. Yes. That’ll do (obvious sarcasm is obvious). -_-

  • a nony mouse says:

    This old shtick, for those not familiar with the meme, is that somehow any portrayal of women with non-human features somehow dehumanizes all women and therefore must be banned.

    And yeah, this really is just that fucking stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      “somehow any portrayal of women with non-human features somehow dehumanizes all women”

      If they actually watched some anime, they’d see that many nekomimi are goddesses or kitsune, who are wise or have supernatural abilities, and often dominate or manipulate their human male counterparts (sometimes by acting naive or seductive, but it’s revealed in the end that it’s the male who is actually the naive one). They aren’t dehumanized, they are raised above male humans in status.

    • Yeah, I was going to say something about why they actually think this is a valid reason. They are basically saying it is dehumanising and degrading them to the value of an animal.

      Wow. Honestly, there are plenty of MALE characters that are non-human in these games and in works of fiction but you don’t see them bitching about that.

      I don’t see how pregnancy fits in here except maybe that they think being pregnancy is equally degrading… which makes no sense.

      Ugh, makes me ashamed to be a woman. They make this difficult on the rest of us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Uh….. most feminists DO believe that pregnancy is degrading. Have you not READ some of the stupidity on the feminists web sites? They DO hate pregnancy and the ‘travails a pregnant woman must go through’….. newsflash, jackasses: THAT PART OF BEING HUMAN! (booming voice for the stuff in capital)

        • I assumed they considered it degrading for those reasons. But since I hadn’t read it specifically I wasn’t going to go touting it as truth. Clearly by what I said I wasn’t being ignorant Anon, I was just saying that personally as a woman I didn’t understand how it was degrading but I assumed that feminists believed that.

          People freaking out like you just did to me are why women become feminists. Thanks for being a jackass.

        • I have to agree with this. Seriously look this stuff up, people. You’ll get a great idea of how they think when you hear what feminists today have to say about pregnancy – specifically impregnation.

          It’s scary how they think, especially since they do so much to avoid reality in many ways. They apparently can’t stand the actual creation of human life because only one gender was blessed with it.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    This is ridiculous! First they banned rape games (which could in fact result in more real raping instead of reducing it)…but Nekomimi and other animal-eared girls too!? What are they trying to do? Make us become ‘a cat is fine too’…for real!?

    If that really happens, people can kiss their ‘much anticipated’ Strike Witches 2nd series goodbye.

  • What… The… Fuck??

    Ok if they wanna justify banning because of rape themes, whatever; a disillusioned person might find it alright, but banning non-human characters?? where the hell is the justification for that crap?

    Nekomimi has nothing to do with women discrimination, this is completely retarded.

  • so does that mean inuyasha is going to be banned? holy crap later they’re gonna ban sex in general, let girls fuck the guys instead, no imagination what so ever
    its women like these that pick on men who cant have real sex, now they wanna take our fake sex too?

  • Censorship and morally narrow-minded idiocy knows no boundaries. When those opposed are forced uncontested onto the wrong side of “good” and “evil”, logic and lucid thinking are lost concepts.

  • Ok…..this is going too far now. The bloody politicians in Japan better stop whining and putting their tails between their dickless balls and start firing back. I mean, the people in the government have power, for crying out loud. Are they letting these extremists decide how things like this are supposed to be run? What’s next? Banning Queen’s Blade and the like as well?

    • First they came for the hoodies, and I did not speak out – because I did not wear hoodies.
      Then they came for the miniskirts, and I did not speak out – because I did not wear miniskirts.
      Then they came for the trenchcoats, and I did not speak out – because I did not wear trenchcoats.
      Then they came for my clothes – and there was no one left to speak for me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah I remember that; isn’t that the poem that talks about how the Nazis were coming for the Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies. Then finally they would come for you but no one would be there to speak for you.
        This really is a nice quote to explain the chain of events that will take place, probably (the domino theory did not work out keep that in mind). If we are to stop our rights from being taken away we have to act even if we disgust, abhor, or abominate what they are banning. Thanks for the reminder of the poem though and also my $0.02.

    • I wouldn’t say its, the only thriving industry, and its only partial of the industry you have to take in other parts that are related to the field. like someone said this is probably a small percentage of money lost. because if it was making that much then the people behind this would be getting paid better then the crap they getting now.

    • I suspect their agenda is to cut away at Japan’s economy bit by bit. Soon all of japan produce will be ban and the sad part is that japan will be nag into it. Its pretty simple fiminist wants to cornor the market on pussy you can’t have your 2d anymore.