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Giant RX-78-2 Gundam Night-Time Ops


As per its design specification, the titanic 1:1 Gundam recently erected in Odaiba has had its lights activated, making for an astonishing night-time spectacle, images of which can be seen below.

Several videos of the now fully completed life-sized Gundam have also gone online in recent days as the number of visitors to the site grows in anticipation of the planned July 11 unveiling, and these too make interesting viewing.


Its head has begun moving. All that remains is for the smoke to be added.

The good source.


These two videos are particularly high-quality and do a good job of showing the magnificent juggernaut in all its mecha glory, much to the appreciation of would-be tourists…

This first one is the better of the pair, even including an appropriate soundtrack to the visuals, as well as giving both day and dusk views of the Gundam (the shooter apparently spent several hours worshiping at the site):

This much shorter video is less grand, but does give a good view of the final construction work being applied:


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