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Otaku Rage at K-ON!’s Sudden End: “Our Lives Are Over!”


The latest episode of Azusa anime K-ON! revealed that it was in fact the penultimate episode, and a collective scream of rage and anguish was immediately heard to issue forth from anime otaku’s major haunt, 2ch, with thousands of distraught posts in short order.

The ending they are so concerned about falls on the 18th, and there is much dissatisfaction at there being only 12 episodes and no sign of the next season.

A brief sample of their endless histrionics:

It’s too early, too early!

What the hell are they playing at flashing up “last episode” like that?

It’s unforgivable for an anime this popular to finish with only one season!

They’ve just stolen our reason for life…

When I saw that come up I was totally depressed.

Next season everyone will be fawning over some other moe anime anyway…

Speculation as to whether there will be a new season or a mystery 13th episode has immediately begun, though as yet no reliable information on the subject has come to light. Fans will doubtless be praying the anime does not turn into the next Haruhi

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