Comment on Life-Size Gundam RX-78-2 Completed by バカも一芸:

How long until a crazy tourist fights his way to the cockpit and tries to ‘claim the new Federation mobile suit in the name of the Principality of Zeon’?

Just fyi, if anyone wants to pay for my airfare, I’ll totally fucking do it. No kidding.


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  • C76 Comiket Cosplay Sexier Than Ever:
    Heh, someone actually cosplayed Tomodachi. Fucking epic. (Wrong hand though, man.) I’ve seen pics of people wearing a cardboard cutout warai otoko mark as a mask… I want to make one that actually has the moving text. I can totally do it, too.

  • Sexy Zettai Ryouiki Vipper Gallery:
    I had already guessed they were all guys, heh. It seemed highly suspect. :P

  • robot super color comic:
    I really need to catch up on this. I have volumes 1-4 and the limited edition volume 6 of the Japanese version… I’m a big fan of both Range Murata and Yoshitoshi ABe. (The books reside on my shelf full of Range Murata’s artbooks and doujins)

  • Fault!!:
    I’d play tennis with her. :3

  • Anime Studio Recruits Slaves by Blood Type:
    Source on the pic? I like it. :D Also, on a related note, A Positive. (Of course, I’m also 28 and can’t draw worth a damn, lol)


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