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45% of Japanese Women Cheat on Partners


The latest in a long series of unflattering survey results shows Japanese women can apparently be trusted about as far as they can be thrown, with a not inconsiderable 45% of them admitting in a survey that they have cheated on a partner.

However, 37% of them reported being cheated on at some point, so it seems that this untrustworthiness runs both ways.

When asked just what it is they considered the point at which cheating started (when done to themselves at least), the number one concern was “holding hands” with 37% considering this infidelity, “because lovers do it”, and “holding hands has a deeper meaning even than H or kissing.”

The next most unfaithful act was “being alone together”, at 20%, as “without a good reason drinking together is already cheating” and even “because it doesn’t feel right”.

The third start point for infidelity was said to be “kissing” at 18%, since “kissing can’t happen without affection” and “from here on it is serious.”

9% thought exchanging mail and phone calls was the beginning of cheating, and 8% listed “H” as being the point at which cheating occurs.

These results stemmed from online surveys of the members of a woman-oriented site, and with no detailed methodology apparent they should of course be taken with a grain of salt.

Even so, it is hardly a reassuring picture, especially considering the rather mercenary tastes of Japanese women with respect to their money providers…

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