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Rape Eroge Really Banned


After the previous confusion, Japan’s leading adult game classification body has bowed to feminist pressure and banned the sale and manufacture of so-called “rape” games.

The “ban”, initially invented by a broadcaster, has now been passed by the EOCS, the major censorship body for eroge in Japan, in the special meeting held to control the damage spreading from the Rapelay media fiasco.

The spineless wretches representing their various companies at the event were apparently resigned to their fate, and supinely opted to pass the ban, presumably in the hopes of averting legislative attention from politicians with nothing better to do in the midst of economic malaise. The meeting itself was an informal gathering, with no voting or otherwise.

Most concern apparently focused on just how far the ban would go (for example, banning BDSM completely as almost all fictional works of such incorporate rape), with some companies understandably concerned over what would happen to their products currently in development. Concerns centred on such crucial issues as whether monsters or tentacles would be problematic.

It is also thought that particular attention will fall on packaging (and titles), with the actual content perhaps not given such scrutiny.

Some discussion actually concerned whether the industry should drop the slightly euphemistic term for its products currently used, “bishoujo games”, in favour of “adult games” or similar, probably because the “beautiful girl game” moniker is inappropriate in the current climate of moral hysteria.

The details of the deliberations are provided by a member of the Abel Group who attended the event.

As previously explained in detail, the ban will only affect members of the EOCS group; this accounts for most companies in the industry, but as ample alternatives to classification at EOCS exist, the real effect may just be to cause a variety of cunning dodges within and without the organisation.

Notably, the EOCS previously banned games with loli or incest content, but this proved totally ineffective (perhaps as designed), whilst allowing the body to present a facade of “responsibility” (if appeasing moralists can be considered such) to those who might otherwise fret.

The current situation looks set to develop along similar lines, as long as certain interfering feminist politicians and international groups are placated into not pursuing more far-reaching legislation.

Were these elements to pursue a full ban in law, it seems unlikely it would end with just games, as clearly adult video and ero-manga would have to be subjected to the same criteria at some point (since the games in question are actually visual novels rather than games per se, and possess about as much interactivity as a book).

This would eventually end up colliding with actual novels if pursued with any consistency, so it seems a major Constitutional issue would then loom, as the Japanese Constitution is fairly protective of free speech. This is probably not the sort of easy victory feminist politicians on a “protect the children” ticket are looking to pursue…

Here is a timeline of events to recap:

An Irish rag on a slow news day picks up the story that importers have been selling Rapelay via Amazon. The theme is that the game encourages rape and is child pornography.

Amazon completely drops the product, including in Japan. Other retailers soon follow suit.

Feminist busybody group “Equality Now”, which organises spam campaigns to keep its members busy without actually having to deal with problems directly, targets the game, accusing it of human rights violations and telling the Japanese government it should be banning this sort of thing, like low crime paradises such as the UK.

The developers tell the foreign feminists to get lost.

Soon after the Rapelay developers cave in and completely remove the game from distribution.

Equality Now’s Japanese lawyer (the group has no presence in Japan) drums up anti-eroge media attention.

A Japanese diet member, an avowed feminist, picks up on the scandal and starts calling for a ban. Objections start with the opposition and minor parties and soon the ruling party jumps onto the bandwagon.

A “study group” is organised to decide how best to ban the games.

Broadcaster TBS falsely reports that the EOCS has banned the games.

The EOCS bans the games.

At no point at any time has any evidence that such games (which amount to illustrated novels) contribute to sexual assault been presented.

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  • 5 years late, but…

    If I remember correctly, when the first Grand Theft Auto was released, people tried to ban it because it would supposedly increases team crime rates. According to a certain U.S. organisation known as the FBI, however, there was a decrease in teen crime corresponding to the game’s release. Almost as if people who would commit crimes in real life were working their frustrations out in the game instead, but that can’t be right because games are obviously responsible for any evil decision anyone who knows they exist ever makes, right?

  • Anonymous says:

    First is GOD!!!
    Then comes the LAW!

    GOD preserves for all of us OUR fundamental right, that right is that we have freedom to do with our lives, a heaven or hell, so there is clearly no body’s fault when we destroy our selves.

    And then comes the LAW, and the most important fact about the LAW is the same for all of us, no exceptions!! THEN freedom of speech MUST be preserve for all our SAKES!, even if it is defective(AS HUMANS ARE), is better to have it, than not, so let there be Rape games, Hentai Games abortion and homosexuals, because is worst not having the option to CHOOSE!!!

    End of Discussion!!!

  • It's a fucking rape game. Hey I'm willing to back a lot of things, but if some company gets the fucking rape game banned oh wahh.

    I'm NOT going to fight the good fight for every dumb ass fucking piece of crap out there.

    • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

      true but if they start banning games now who knows where it will end up, people always complain about some genre or another, I’m against rape games but the thought of banning a game because someone doesn’t like it… imagine only ‘parent approved games’ on the shelf

  • I’ll admit it’s rape isn’t something I’d support but isn’t the gaming industry suppose to produce products for EVERY audience sure you cant make everyone happy but they’re games not real life. it’s like the debates about gore/slasher movies and violent videogames encouraging real life violence. this censorship is pointless. removing such a category will not stop people from doing it in real life.
    it doesn’t affect or degrade REAL women, do masochists complain if a dude is raped ( the guy in Fat Pizza ) no they don’t care unless somehow it hurts the guy (even then that dude is called a pansy)
    besides when will these feminists notice whats right in front of them WOMAN WHO HELP PRODUCE THE GAME lol a bit of an ironic complaint dont you think?

  • Harken Distall says:

    I love how people seem to miss the mark with pointless arguments like these. Focus on the reasons why people like Equality Now fight for equality, and not the internicine squbbles.

  • Anonymous says:

    rape and murder, which crime is worse?

    really, between eroge, representing rape/misconduct against innocent women and beautiful children and western FPS game which represent murder, war, and torturing of people, encouraging player to murder as efficiently and as artistically as possible,

    why was eroge more intolerable as opposed to murder training game?

  • Anonymous says:

    Woman have no right to ban those game from us they are made for man the way that man want it and like it. It’s stupid that they would ban any type of hentai game just some woman dont like it it’s not like they are going to buy it. They should worry about those fake rape porn that porn company make then some anime hentai game and it’s just a game nothing in it is true, when you molest a girl in a train dont expect her to just let you do it she will scream out and you will be beat up by the ppl around you and throw in jail.

    • Dark Evangelist (Male) says:

      Just who the hell you are, Sir…? Human, or animal…? :p . If you are animal, so, i will just agree that you may enjoy the porn, raping the girls, & making the girls just as toys & creatures, not as true women :p

      Well, do you ever observe the truth, Sir…? That indirectly, the percentage of rape increases highly because many people do what based on rape hentai for true, to this world…

      & I’m afraid enough that people’s soul of solidarity & socialism are still strong enough to banish the rapists to the jail & spread the unbeatable fear to them… In my country, yes, I’m still sure about my country’s people’s solidarity & soul of socialism. But, how about the another countries…? :p . Different places have different strength of law too

      I have collected some proofs that show about how weak the power of socialism & solidarity, & how amoral what men behave to girls is, in Live Video. Just contact me via email & i will show you how lowly men are… :p

      Yes, I’m a man… But I’m on girls side if talking about men morality… :p

      Wanna have a try to respect girls as true women, not as toys & creatures anymore, pal…? 😀 . Honestly that tastes delicious, more delicious than watching hentai & porn movies in fantasy world 😀 . try it…


      • Anonymous says:

        I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Well, so long as your newsletter has an editor besides you, because your comment was so poorly written that I’ve read it three times and still don’t know what your point is.

        BTW, most women have rape in their top 10 list of sexual fantasies. Their public stance on rape is similar to how most homophobes are actually homosexuals – they loudly decry the behavior because they get a sexual thrill from talking about it (assuming they’re not actually practicing in secret).

  • Anonymous says:

    little comment for all nubcakes here. acually women plays and watches eroge. just like men too.

    not to mention there is alot eroge made for women mostly. like yaoi etc.

    oh.. and have you checked newest posts here? like

    also like someone said here earlier. in cosmos there was that thing that most women in the world dreams about rape/rapeing someone.

    also yeah true too. why ban rape eroge? soon FPS and RPG will be banned too. then feminism will die? if all fantasies and dreams are taken away… who knows what happens. i bet there would come revolution or something. mass slaughter in *great justice* to get them back.

    this thing is abit same as those france sh1t heads are trying to ban *INTERNET* on whole europe and then spread it to asia etc.

    basicly its idea would be that all privacy would be gone. all unwanted sites banned. even to visit google you would have to buy *packet* that includes it.. so you woudl have to pay monthly extra fee just to use google etc.. you would have no privacy and couldnt get anything on internet unless *they* want.

    as far as i’ve seen… in future shall be time of revolution. atm people are banning alot stuff… and in future they will be either murdered to get those stuffs back or even might start world war.

    i can imagine lets say if internet would be *banned*… oh man.. guess how many anons are out there? those guys who decide internet shall be banned now! will be dead pretty quick and/or new people replace them and unban it.. same thing will happen with this eroge thing.

    like someone said. now rapists can claim the fault on banning eroge. after it happens few times or more people start to think *=/ lets give it back for greater good…*

    so what we learn there? feminists and other groups that ban stuff alot are doomed to lose in the end. you cant simply just *remove* something people desire. dream or fantasy about.

    • Anonymous says:

      “this thing is abit same as those france sh1t heads are trying to ban *INTERNET* on whole europe and then spread it to asia etc.”

      The shithead is the one saying such nosense as you’re doing right now.
      You’ve just manage the performance of having even less technical knowledge that the people behind Hadopi.
      Congratulations, it’s rare.

  • Anonymous says:

    This has less to do with condoning rape and more to do with encroachment on our right to free speech.

    I am just wondering why I always hear that mankind is becoming more and more immoral, and at the same time everywhere I turn some religious or feminist group is trying to take away my right to see, hear and write whatever I like as an adult.

    I’ve never played Rapelay, I am not an avowed lolicon fan and I haven’t really got any particular tentacle fetish. But that doesn’t mean the banning or limiting of such works doesn’t make me angry. Because sooner or later they will get to something I really do care about.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let me put this into perspective…

    The chance of both these events is equal.

    Event 1:

    *playes violent game on computer in which i kill fictional, human characters*

    *Thinks to self: “Well that was fun… hey i’ve got an idea. Why dont i go out and kill someone like i just did in this game?*

    *Goes out and kills someone*

    Event 2.

    *playes rape eroge on computer in which i rape fictional, human characters*

    *Thinks to self: “Well that was fun… hey i’ve got an idea. Why dont i go out and rape someone like i just did in this game?*

    *Goes out and rapes someone*

    As you can see, both events are completely unrealistic and simply would not happen. Now with this perspective you can see how petty this ban is. There will still be rapists when these games gone, likewise, these will still be murderers when other games are gone.

  • SagaraKaito1412 says:

    now what’s the next? I’m afraid that they will say: “Let’s ban human imagination and we must become some kind of plantae organism”.

    I don’t like rape eroge but doesn’t see any good reason in banning this kind of game, these censorship is becoming too ridiculous, is japan thinking in changing their political system to some kind of “communism” that censor everything?(I know what is communism)

  • If the EOCS member companies, their workers, and erogame lovers who are voters do not stand up to this, there’s nothing we (in the NA and EU) can do about this. And it really seems like they are just taking this lying down, wtf is going on? Does the feminist group have some naked photos of the EOCS or something? lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Now, why hasn’t GTA been banned yet?
    It’s afterall, promoting crimes, right?

    Oh and let’s not forget Mario, so people won’t go and jump off the roof thinking they would survive.

    • Well it is faaaar easier to fight little japanese games, because their creators do not have any real mean to fight back, rather than big firms like the ones that product GTA (and their sponsors)because they can pay very good lawyers and have power (and the fact that they are from US) on their side.
      As it was said in a previous post “EqualityNow” only want easy victories, or else their would be triying to “ban” slavery or forced prostitution in the countries where it still exist….

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a war of ideas and values; a war fought with words for the ultimate prize of laws that enforce those ideas and values. Are you going to fight like an unruly mob, or a disciplined army? EqualityNow has an advantage: they are already a formal organization whereas people posting here are posting as a mob of individuals.

    That said, although we are just a mob of people, we can still make a difference if we play it smart. Think of what end you are trying to create, for example:

    “I think this banning eroge is bullshit, so I’m going to do what was shown in the eroge IRL as an act of rebellion.” – Aside from you potentially breaking the law, EqualityNow will then point at you and say “See! This is the kind of person that supports eroge!”

    Another example: “These women are pissing me off. I’m gonna spam and rant against all the women I meet because every single woman is against me.” – First of all, not every single woman is against you. Not even most women; men and women are (for the most part) built to like each other.

    In any conflict, it is important to know who is with you, and who is against you – don’t go pissing off potential allies. I can guarantee that there are women out there that support freedom of expression. The real two sides of the conflict, in this case, are “Freedom of Expression” versus “Rape is bad.”, and the battlefield (not the war) is “Rape Eroge gets banned.”

    Most people who read this may see that there is merit to both sides; however people will differ in how they feel these values should be enacted. So, ladies and gentlemen: examine how you feel, and choose your sides – may the best side win.


    If you don’t do your part in the fight, you don’t have the right to complain.
    If you do fight back, fight back smart; don’t play into the opponent’s hands.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just wait and see the new statistics on japans sex crimes after the ban. If it goes up, the games are a good thing, keeping rapists off the streets, and keeps them home playing the games therefore all other countries should follow japan’s example.

    • yeah comone hit me more !!! Yeahhh I love you’re teasings…..
      I’ll just ask you if you’re really meaning what you’re saying, I’ve always been fair with ladies…. maybe you’re the one who is runnning straight into misandry!

  • … and thus, the western pigs finally did what the japanese feared the most: westernize japan into it’s core beliefs.

    and to think that the following quote really befits the occasion:

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

  • SankakuAnon says:

    I say we give them unwanted attention. One thing that came to my mind was editing their article on Wikipedia, or making them look stupid on the discussion section of it. Better yet, someone could make an article about them on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Sadly, I’m too lazy to perform such a task. I’ll assume some godly Anon will take up this role and lead the way.

  • Anonymous says:

    As is this is going to stop anybody. Like others have said it’s not by the law so there are alternatives, but even if it was banned it would just go underground. You can’t stop human desires; people will find a way to play rape, loli, incest, whatever games and there’s nothing extremist feminist group or other moralfags can do about it. Don’t like it? Your tears make great lube.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if it’s the law, as you said, it would just go underground. Hell, they haven’t been able to stop Child Pornography! They’ve just sent it underground into the hands of the ‘worse of the worse’ and put the children in question into a shitload more danger than they would have been in if we had just made child pornography and adults having sex with children legal and brought it out into the open!

  • Anonymous says:

    I play a lot of eroge, watch a lot of hentai anime, and read a lot of hentai manga. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Most of those include rape at some point (sometimes with tentacles) and it would be hard to find one that doesn’t include at least one loli (not always with rape). I’m still a virgin and have never wanted to rape someone. I also read guro.

  • Ahinigami says:

    Well, I dont play H game much but I must say I love lolicon and rape stuff (Well either 1 is ok for me) but It doesnt really affect much since there is so many H game out there to grab ^^.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can I point out that the hyperventilating alarmism in this article is totally unnecessary? The EOCS is an entirely voluntary classification. It is not legally required for a game to be sold and many alternate organizations exist. This “ban” is ultimately a token gesture. Most of the hardcore rape sim makers aren’t even classified under EOCS.

    • Anonymous says:

      “hyperventilating alarmism”

      A lot of the articles on this site are like that, I’m sure you’ve noticed.

      As long as a ban isn’t imposed by law, it seems there’s nothing to worry about.

  • How easy it is to “fight” sexual violence by banning japanese games (when there are more rapes in US….) when enveryone knows that there are countries where SLAVES are still been captured/sold/bought/”used”,where women can’t even choose who to marry with or even who to speak with…..
    I play those games, I’ve never raped anyone, never projected to do do, will definitly never do so….

    PS: loads of what is called “classical” literature sometimes discribes rapes…. the most well known are those like the writings “du marquis de sad” or “les liaisons dangereuses” written by Laclos, both are well known as beeing old and respectable novels of french literature….

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t call de Sade “respectable”. More like “infamous”. But yeah, the reasoning these organizations use for pushing bans on material they don’t like could just as easily be applied to other media, even novels. And since there’s no reason to believe that rape games lead the players to rape in real life, they have absolutely no ground to stand on, aside from appealing to most people’s shock at such material, even though it’s all fiction.

  • woopeeallan says:

    I wonder if it is the idea that feminist group nowadays get less sex because of the numerous porn on the net. 😀 or they are trying to make more rapist in order for them to get more votes on elections less male in a community higher chances for a female to get voted because of gender bias (which somehow do happens) 😀

    in japan its literally happening 😀 birthrate on the decline more porn etc etc 😀

    kinda sad that they have nothing much to do besides nag nag nag…. 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Jesus, what’s all the fuss about?
    Sofurin adds “rape” to it’s already long “advisory list”.
    Eroge companies who rely on rape titles leaves Sofurin and continue buisness as usual.
    Possible loss in sales for them will likely be countered by lower saturation since companies who stay in sofurin will make other stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    My understanding of the current situation is basically EOSC saying “Hey, we did what we could in our part. So leave us alone.” Whether eroge makers will follow suit really depends on how much of a backbone they have. Admittedly most of the titles with raep themes I played are pretty atrocious. Still, when I think of the next Rance game(in fact I don’t know if there is a sequel at this rate) which might not have raep in it, it makes me sad. Maybe it’s time to quit eroge altogether…

    – Simon Cowell of Eroge

  • This is becoming a bigger and bigger issue now. Why couldn’t they just let it go. More generic websites (i.e. sites that wouldn’t even notice this issue) are now picking this up. Is this going to be a slippery slope to screw us all?

    • Anonymous says:

      they’re skewed and twisted mentality says it happens “BECAUSE OF” all the rape eroge. so if they clean up and ban them all suddenly the world will be a better place. go figure.

  • HAhahahahhaahahahahaha I don’t believe rape games would ever be fully banned. Those crazy developers would find a way!!!!!! Remember, most of Japan’s income comes from games, anime and manga!!!
    If something or someone ever stopped the imagination goldmine from flowing…The Japanese economy would collapse!!!

  • Ignoring the war of whether rape games are good or bad for society, I think the one thing we can all agree on, is that those feminists should go just in the Nile, or Hudson Bay, or somewhere dangerous… like, seriously….

  • Gods, I hate feminists. Which should be saddening, since I am a girl…
    Either way, feminist or not, Japan shouldn’t be swayed like that just because some foreign group says that they’re doing something wrong. Especially considering that it’s one of the safest places crime-wise. xP

    • Anonymous says:

      I tend to agree with you as far as equal rights. but from what i have seen more often than not, unfortunately. A fringe radical group of a well intentioned idea is taken over and used for there nefarious plots in the guise of common decency etc… yada yada…

    • slayer545-sama says:

      Considering you are completely FOOLED BY THE STATS! Considering USA does all that! Considering being blind like this you did not know that. You should know that JAPAN IS THE WORST OF ALL PLACES! 50% is not even in the stats furthermore 50% of those stats ARE FAKES!


    • Anonymous says:

      I would consider those people to be extremist. While I have a lot of respect for feminists who strive for equal rights among men, those extremists are taking it way too far. What some people doing in their own privacy is making them upset, so they try to have it outlawed so nobody can enjoy it. That makes no sense to me. If I am not hurting anybody, why is it your business? I am sure there are more serious issues at hands that they just choose to ignore so that they can interfere with other people. Those people are not feminists but Nazis reincarnated as far as I am concerned.

      – Simon Cowell of Eroge

    • I wonder, would you be disappointed if there wasn’t mass rape in the aftermath of banning these games?

      Are you considering rape as an feasible option now that rape-games are off the table?

      Please, I’m curious.

      • I’m rather annoyed at the frequency this “argument” comes up at myself. Most people cling to it because it’s the easiest to understand; the implication that this basically declares all rape game “consumers” closet rapists seems to be lost on them.

        I don’t think there will be any significant increase in rapes because of this. Mainly because rape games are not yet banned for real, even if you seem to find great joy in imagining otherwise.

        If however, one day, they cease to exist, and all kinky porn along with them, then I can see some form of increase happen. Kinky porn and rape games are not being consumed exclusively by nice people. But even if one woman is raped because some sick fuck lost his outlet, isn’t that one woman too much? At least, that’s what I hear from pro-censorship people all the time…

      • Nochegame says:

        “I wonder, would you be disappointed if there wasn’t mass rape in the aftermath of banning these games?”
        -maybe but “mass rape in the aftermath” looks very erotic and funny for a eroge parody game xD

        “Are you considering rape as an feasible option now that rape-games are off the table?”
        -of course not! xD
        I’m curious to see the reactions and see the beginning of a serious scientific study of the effects of eroge in the society.
        the curiosity is killing me xD

  • Anonymous says:

    As far as rape is concerned, there’s no evidence that the games contribute to the crimes. No evidence that crimes can be prevented by the games either.

    And it all began when they named their game with such a catchy title RapeLay.

    As if they haven’t heard of what happened with Grand Theft Auto.

  • that timeline looks like something out of a don dellilo novel.

    rape or not, this is really an issue of free speech. if there were actual case studies presented then i might look at this differently, but it’s seriously just a media scare turned into an absurd truth.

    i’m a woman and i still can’t agree with this. rape isn’t even about fantasy anyways. it’s about asserting power over another person in a demoralizing way. these feminist groups need to understand what actual inequality and human rights violations are.

        • Just to set things clear, the site itself – – about/about_en.html states it has bases in New York as well as Europe and Africa, and according to the aforesaid Wikipedia article the original office was based in New York. So while contemporary speaking, Equality Now is considered a collective global organization, its original roots did stem from the United States. However, perhaps tags for Europe and Africa should be added rather than removing the United States tag as it still deems relevant to this article.

        • Per Wikipedia:

          “Equality Now is a non-governmental organization whose stated purpose is to protect the human rights of women around the world. The group provides an international framework for spreading awareness of issues and providing support to local grassroots groups working to address issues of concern to it.”

          … indeed, with all due humility, Artefact seems to be mistaken.

  • i really wish at this point of time…
    every rapist around the world will start drop a note after they finished doing it on their victim

    “Give me back my Rape game!!!”
    “I ain’t gonna rape you if only i had a game to play with”

    somewhere along those line…sooner or later…it will start give attention to the media that apparently, day by day, rape cased happened because the perpetrator cannot find a way to jackoff unless he play rape video game

    then we will suport the feminist group to allow rape game to save women

      • Anonymous says:

        True if a person is going to do something what’s to keep them from doing it to begin with. they tend to prefer the real of over the fantasy. my ex- studies this mentality in Serial Criminal Minds. So similar to the music causing the young to commit crime or suicide. even a U.S. Court threw that one out.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol i agree ;____; Twilight it worse because it’s actually making an impact on the minds of many young teenage girls. not only do they accept the type of relationships portrayed as ok, now they’re LONGING for them. I predict many teen girls tolerating abusive, controlling boyfriends just because meyer told them it was romantic and perfect.

      Rape-simulation games aren’t really mainstream.

      • Anonymous says:

        When women fantasize about abuse, it’s “romantic”, “liberating”, and “just a fantasy”.
        When men fantasize about abuse, it’s “disgusting”, “oppressive”, and “contributes to inequality”.
        F*cking double standards.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ehhhhhh…anon here, I posted earlier about how this didnt seem credible to me. It still doesnt, even after Michio pointed out the (one?) link that seems to go to a personal blogger/abel member, and yet still doesnt seem credible, even after reading.

    Im left with a sort of “I dont really believe it” but I can google for more info later I suppose.

    Oh btw, not condoning rape. Well, its like – the internet is decensitized to it for the most part anyhow, this is the wrong place to be a moral fag I think. Well, thats what Im learning anyhow.

    • Aw, come on. Moralfag is a subjective term; I’m a moralfag because I think that rape-games are wrong, shouldn’t be condoned or endorsed, and are detrimental to proper empathetic development. They’re moralfags because they believe in the ultimate pursuit of free expression, to which attempts at limiting are not only fruitless but are and should be abhorred and made light of as the thought processes of bigots and morons.

      Whatever type of moralfag you are, if you can’t fag here, where can you fag?

      Don’t let a raincloud troll discourage you from letting your view out. The internet is only truly desensitized if you stop making an effort to sensitize it.

      Please, if you so choose, make that effort 😉

  • “Notably, the EOCS previously banned games with loli or incest content, but this proved totally ineffective (perhaps as designed), whilst allowing the body to present a facade of “responsibility” (if appeasing moralists can be considered such) to those who might otherwise fret.”

    Maybe rape-eroges’ fate will be the same?

    I don’t know if in Japan the BDSM fandom is as strong as the loli and incest ones, so I can’t say if it will be the same, but if they banned games like that in the past to no avail, then maybe this isn’t going to have much results.

    “The current situation looks set to develop along similar lines, as long as certain interfering feminist politicians and international groups are placated into not pursuing more far-reaching legislation.”

    Which is why I think that the EOCS “banned” these games, to “calm” the feminists and let the flames vanish.

    Let’s see if this really will help to decrease the already low rape rate in Japan. o.o

  • So much for japan being the a country where perversion of any form is tolerated as long as it’s 2d. Truth be told, this feminist bullshit is sort of getting out of hands. Apparently, they want everyone to think their way, and they’ll automatically condemn you if you don’t, regardless of your innocence (Most haven’t done jackshit outside the realm of fantasy).

    That said, it’s almost as though feminists think they’re doing the world a favor by depriving sexual deviants of their source of release. This might help the younger generation, or it might not. The effects of a game are about as adverse as a video, so who’s to say that forcing sex is any less tolerable than murder? I don’t see anybody going apeshit over murder mysteries, or guro. Are all rape hentais/manga/fiction going to be banned next?

  • laws are meant to be broken. i don’t see why this is any different. give it a few more months and things should be back to normal once the media and government find something else to harass.

    • Which comes back to, just what are normal decent people doing, donating money to support such minority groups who can’t do anything more than to lie about their objectives and do something so.. lame.

      If anything, no women of the right mind would want those crazy old coots to represent for all women in the world.

  • Nice detailed post Artefact.

    Pretty much the only politically correct move EOCS had available to them.

    It’d be a much nicer world if reactionists and morals-abusing egomaniacs didn’t run countries and politics, but that isn’t going to change until we outpopulate them with androids.

    So for now the flames will die down and both sides will be able to point at some part of all this drama and say their side won.

    Game developers still have their alternatives available to legally create and sell what they want.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sure, a ban coming from a country known the world over for saying “we are thinking about it” for yes and “it may be difficult” for no. I guess in this instance “Ban” means “Evasive document with loopholes and workarounds”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see source mentioned at all. Only references to previous SC articles and some random blobs of text.

    Does someone have a link to an actual japanese article on this, or is this more weeaboo rage steering by SC?

    • My impression is a heaping helping of the latter. While I’m sure there are sources of this somewhere, I do not have.

      I will say the issue certainly hasn’t been helped by the injection of SK trolls. If whoever moderates this thread values the intelectuality of debate, they’d have removed that youtube link up there instead of letting /b/tard trolls run rampant over an Equality Now ad that doesn’t even -mention- the rape games.
      (though I must admit preventing trolling on youtube is akin to trying not to drop your rotten apple in the dirt.)

      I guess the TL;DR response to your question is that they’re not mutually exclusive.

  • slayer545-sama says:


      • And gender classifications continue to be the basis of your trolls kokopuke. Both women and men can be against fictional sexual deviancy, that’s cool with you. But only men can be the deviants?

        Perhaps your subconscious is begining to feel guilty for all this sexual disparagement you’re bathing in?

        I’m sure you’re still getting a thrill out of being on the “winning side” of all this infantile drama, but there must be some part of you still capable of feeling shame. I hope you listen to it one day.

        Also, the OP troll here didn’t even read the article. Rape games are still legally publishable in japan, just through other censorship organizations. This “victory” of yours is to lull your arrogant minds into the illusion you’ve actually accomplished something, while sexual deviancy still gets published where your focus isn’t.

        We use these tactics because they work on the sort of simple reactionist minds that began this prejudice campaign. Bigots aren’t exactly the brightest creatures on earth…

        • Freedom of Speech… women discrimination… I have had this debate with another person in another website but I had not the verbosity to keep on replying to their comments, so in terms of who had the last word, they won. I will copy Atma’s last comment for reference though, it was great.

          I embrace all fiction and freedom of speech, some people say freedom of speech should be regulated (which it is when it directly endangers society) and fiction should have limits. Go figure.

        • I’m sure he can copy and paste it when next this issue crops up again. It’s a good point, particularly because, as this thread shows, pro-censorship advocates can not see sexual deviants as human beings with legitimate needs. I honestly thought they could. I was naive.

          I do agree with her this is getting nobody anywhere. Though classifying someone whose group just succeeded in forcing a ban as “aggressors”, is not “name calling”. Nevertheless, they want to look like the good guys, so they will identify accurate classifications of their own actions as simple name calling, while they continue their aggressions. This is what’s called “being handled”, I believe. Psychological warfare.

          If you give in to them and speak nicely with them, they will reply nicely, while succeeding in banning and doing whatever they want. No different than if you give in to your emotions and try and appeal to them, to persuade them what they’re doing is unethical, they will still just reply nicely, while succeeding in banning and doing whatever they want. It’s a power trip, abusing majority in numbers, over minority in peaceful tolerance.
          But we wont see the real consequences of anything in a few years, because:
          A) Only one organization is banning sexually deviant games, any number of others will still be releasing them.
          B) Even if they do eventually get japan to ban deviant eroge, what’s already been published in the past will simply increase the illicit P2P traffic, as people who want the games will always be able to find them.
          C) Japan is not the only country in the world, others can make their own games, or japanese developers can get published where it’s still legal.

          Therefore no accurate statistics can be tracked for this kind of thing. Try as they might, succeed partially as they might, they will never be able to get the statistics they ultimately appear to be after. Just the bans…

          This was my first time actually speaking with someone with such passion for one immobile path to solve a problem, without regard for more peaceful alternate paths.

          So much compassion for one group of people it could theoretically be positively affecting (rape victims), yet zero compassion for the greater majority it would definitely be negatively affecting. It was disturbing, and I’m not sure what is the best way to help these sort of people empathize better with those their actions are negatively affecting. I’m no longer certain they even can :\

        • Mmmmkay.

          Well, suffice to say my parting remark is I still stand my beliefs and you still stand by yours; this is directed at LunarSD, Atma, Michio, Anonymous, anyone who has taken the time to post a tl;dr. This is, as everyone will hopefully agree, remarkably typical of such debate.

          I think the only point in posting repeated tl;dr while -knowing- your opponent will not be swayed is a hope that while your opponent may not agree with you, they will understand you.

          I see very little of that happening here.

          Maybe you don’t understand my position, maybe I don’t fully understand yours either. Communication has broken down to name-calling.

          So, I guess you get the last word, because I’m done here for now. It’s become an effort in futility for both sides.

          Anyway, we’ll know the real consequences in a few years or so.

        • I would reply to Kokopure, but I don’t even know how to begin.

          Call me arrogant ,but to be frank, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder for something else I can’t put my finger on… I don’t think your issue is with “rape games”, but with something else.

        • I have to agree with LunarSD here; your words are filled with nothing but anger and hate and a very large “holier-than-thou” attitude, flaunting your now overblown ego at ‘victory’ at us like the sore winners you are. (It’s not just the LOSERS who can act sore. A lot of us here are very articulate as you can plainly see.) You’re coming off as extremely argumentative and putting us down without letting us get a word in edgewise here.

          Can we talk?

          Remember when America completely banned alcohol, even going so far as to make it an amendment, only to have it completely backfire because of extreme underground movements and the fact that hindsight hit them like a brick shithouse and they realized how fucking stupid it was to begin with?

          That’s what will happen if you ban eroge of any kind; people will continue to produce them in some form, be it illegal or not. Have you seen Katawa Shoujo? It’s a very well made game made by everyday people like you and me. While that game does not involve hardcore ass-rapings and beatings and omg female brutality call the cops, it’s still the kind of quality we can count on from anyone being forced to produce while under the watch of the law.

          But really, while I support your right to support this, pushing for more bans and censorship is not something I can just ever agree with. If someone is 18 or older and they buy/play this game, they have every right to. They’re a legal adult and I’d like to think by that age at most people know the difference between right and wrong, fiction and reality, and are of sound mind enough to make decisions for themselves, everything from their future career, where to live, and even what porn they want to get off to.

          While you may not like rape, real or fictionalized, getting rid of it and trying to hide the fact it exists in any form is no way to solve our problems. You should be making people aware such things exist and get them to fight the real crime while letting them make their own informed decision about any fictional media that involves it.

          You don’t like it? Fantastic, I respect that. Don’t look at it then. There’s plenty of things I don’t like or agree with but let exist alongside me and support those that enjoy it. Roping people into bans and telling others what’s wrong and how they should feel about it and what they should do is a disgusting mentality; we’re no longer little children, still developing and learning, who need to be told not to put forks in electric sockets. Once we’re done growing up and learning, if you want to stick that fork in there, then do it with extreme gusto I say.

          I abhor real rape. Fictional rape and rape jokes and the like don’t bother me. I abhor real child molestation, but shota and loli are free to do as they please in my mind. They’re pixels, lines on paper, art of some form. Unfortunately, as well written as they can be, they cannot feel real emotions or exist in reality or feel pain or happiness ever. However, it’s obvious real people like you and I can, otherwise why would we be here right now arguing on the internet about such things?

          It’s real people that are being hurt; protect them, fight the real rapists. The pixels and drawings were set up that way for a reason; to get off with. Expend your energy and thoughts (as it’s obvious you’re full of ideas and energy from typing so much tl;dr as the rest of us here are) to a nobler, more real life cause. I could agree with you and get behind that then.

          But when you take away fiction? No. I’m sorry. You will never find an ally in me, no matter what it is you’re banning.

          Am I willing to march down to political offices with signs in my hand declaring how much I love freedom of speech and creativity, even if it includes fictional rape and have people label me as sick and deviant? Hell yeah.

          Am I willing to help people fight this and maybe perhaps learn to make their own games? Hell yeah.

          Would I martyr myself for such things? Hell yeah.

          It’s obvious people like you and I can never peacefully co-exist, Kokopure, even if we agree on things like real rape being terrible. But please, just as I have taken the time to peacefully discuss this with you, do try to think what it’s like in our shoes.

          Remember, what you like and support and maybe even your very self could very well be next, and who will stand up for you then?

        • “I’m afraid I’ll have to see if you’ve really wiped your hands with this tomorrow – my bed beckons.”

          When I read the things you write, it makes it very difficult for me to let the thread die off with the last points it makes being so apathetic to the community they are effectively defecating on.

          …and you’re an asshole for presuming you know more about my life and decision-making process than I do.
          I think your writing says an awful lot about you as a person. None of it very good, as this example shows. I said you felt victimized by gender roles, I wasn’t getting inside your head putting words in your mouth. Here is another classic example of an idealist that re-interprets every objective element in their environment to suit their ego. It’s like a machine Objective[input]–>Subjective[output]. I absolutely never once cared enough about your life to want to know anything about it. Bigots do not make good friends.

          “My point is that while freedom of speech/expression is important, it must be limited in cases where the speech/expression encourages violence against an oppressed or culturally vulnerable group.”

          Of course if someone says “go out and rape” or “you must worship this god by blowing buildings up”, OF COURSE that’s speech that is actively encouraging violence and needs to be watched closely.

          But they are addressing the listeners, petitioning them directly to do specific things, which makes what they are doing NON-FICTION.

          That is very real propaganda, with no fictional elements.

          No form of fiction is that kind of speech. NOWHERE in any japanese eroge would they say something like “well, that was fun wasn’t it? Now go out into the real world and start doing this”.

          Is this your great argument that’s supposed to deflate everything I’ve brought up to this point?

          That fictional works are vehicles that encourage their viewers to act out what they read/watch?

          Then I do have something to cite for you. There is legal precedant that visual media is a vehicle for our protected speech.

          This is covered by a Supreme Court decision allowing motion pictures to be anti-religious:

          …The Legion of Decency called the movie “a sacrilegious and blasphemous mockery of Christian religious truth.”

          The case was appealed by film distributor Joseph Burstyn, giving the Supreme Court the opportunity to weigh in.

          “It cannot be doubted that motion pictures are a significant medium for the communication of ideas,” wrote Justice Tom Campbell Clark in the majority opinion. “They may affect public attitudes and behavior in a variety of ways, ranging from direct espousal of a political or social doctrine to the subtle shaping of thought which characterizes all artistic expression.”

          The Court concluded that movies are an important vehicle for public opinion despite “the fact that they are designed to entertain as well as inform.” Quoting its 1948 opinion in Winters v. New York, the Court noted “the line between the informing and the entertaining is too elusive for the protection of that basic right (a free press). Everyone is familiar with instances of propaganda through fiction. What is one man’s amusement teaches another’s doctrine.”

          “Quoting its 1948 opinion in Winters v. New York, the Court noted “the line between the informing and the entertaining is too elusive for the protection of that basic right (a free press).”

          Clark also noted public concerns that movies may “possess a greater capacity for evil, particularly among the youth of the community,” but said this could not justify private restraint. He did not rule out some form of community control in order to protect young people.

          With this ruling, the Supreme Court put American movies on the same footing as books and newspapers. It wiped out the system of prior restraint that had governed the film industry for decades.

          I want all peaceful niches to be allowed their happiness.

          You cannot call yourself a tolerant, empathetic human being if you do not wish for all peaceful, victimless niches their happiness.

          I’m not arguing opinions. Every point I’ve made fully accounted for 360 degrees of peaceful subjective opinions. Pro-censorship is not a peaceful subjective opinion.

          I’m defending the people whose art and community you will continue choosing to defile. You are the aggressor. You are raping what they love enough to create and enjoy together. You are choosing the path of the predator here, it’s on your hands. That is all this comes down to.

        • Kokopure, please correct me if I’m wrong: the reason behind your desire to ban rape games is that the theme they focus on is morally wrong, and because real people are raped every day, so people shouldn’t play games about it?

          “And there is no place for it in civilized society.”

          You acknowledged yourself that there are women enjoying these games. Let’s put aside for now how common this is. Do you consider them uncivilized? The desire to be tied up, you said yourself that nothing is wrong with that, is ultimately about giving up control and being dominated. Not all women who like BDSM might enjoy sex while in bondage, but many (if not most) do. If you consider this particular target audience socially well-adjusted, healthy contributors to civilized society, then by extension those games do have a valid reason to exist in civilized society (namely, to entertain them). Let’s say all men who get off on them are sick fucks, rapists and misogynists, they rightfully disgust you and letting them consume these games is morally problematic at the very least. That still leaves that small number of women who can easily justify their enjoyment of those games. It’s called a niche market.

          I’m not trying to justify rape games using women as a shield, I just used this particular example hoping that you might be able to relate to it more.

          Saying simulating rape in games has no place in society is a bit hypocritical when at the same time thousands of consenting adults live out this fantasy every day. Isn’t simulating rape with real people even worse than computer games? Or are you going to argue that females have the right to indulge in those fantasies, but males do not because males thinking about rape is uncivilized?

          I’m not used to making moral arguments, and it’s a bit hard for me to put into words what I’m trying to say here, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from. (no pun intended, really)

        • So let’s start out, then.

          “Actually I’d say it’s a solid hit right on the mark, as I never mentioned molestation. You do feel victimized, victimized by gender roles”

          ….now, what the fuck. Are you seriously trying to tell me what I went through in my own life?

          You never mentioned molestation specifically. You said “suffered at the hands of men”, which I took to mean you assumed I’d been molested or raped. So, no, your mark is -way- off, and you’re an asshole for presuming you know more about my life and decision-making process than I do.

          “It’s also still called bullying, which you selectively choose not to address whenever it comes up. Not that you could address it, without engaging in a little humility yourself, so I suppose that can’t be helped.”

          Um. The last few posts I’ve made have been quite attentive to how both of us have good points to make and neither of us are complete morons, and that there are indeed two sides to this issue. If you keep accusing me groundlessly of bullying you, I may have to revise that position, which would be a shame.
          I ‘selectively choose not to address’ the bullying, because it’s being made up, and I’d rather focus on the -actual- points being made.

          As for “selective ego-centric empathy”… If that’s what it’s called, I’ll take it over whatever fancy term you have for the lack of empathy you’re exhibiting.

          “Do I need to cite Japan’s diminutive rape statistics for you? ”

          No. You need to provide evidence that the cause of the minuscule rape statistics is the prevalence of rape-games.
          Correlation does not imply Causation.
          -And it never will-.
          The reason it’s redundant is because idiot anonymice resort to that factoid when they don’t have a -real- point to make.

          “You write that you find rape and the very idea of it disgusting, but you’re engaging in “thought rape”, which I find just as disturbing as the real thing.”

          That’s just so mislead that it’s… honestly, I don’t know what to do with that. ‘Thought Rape’ is not only made-up and inapplicable in this situation (-fantasizing- about rape is not outlawed), but to compare it to something that’s used as a tool of suppression, dominance and terror against woman the world over is… ignorant, selfish, and/or malicious. Pick any or all of those.

          “You’ve admitted you know that gender roles exist, that they are part of our cultural/ancestral heritage, in our brain-wiring.

          Knowing this, you continue to want to take away the only peaceful outlet these instincts can have, in fiction… I just don’t know how to respond to this. It’s definitely not a valid logical argument to make.”

          Please, for the love of god, tell me I read that wrong. Because it -seems- as though you’re taking ‘gender roles’ to mean ‘men rape, women are raped’. Is it an intrinsically male instinct to Rape? I -highly- doubt that it is wired into the minds of males to rape as ‘ancestral heritage’.

          Anyway, your entire argument above has several very gaping weaknesses.

          One. It relies entirely on the fact that rape-games are the only thing preventing the players from engaging in rape resulting from sexual frustration, which is not only a depressing thing to think, but is also something you have no evidence for. I repeat, Correlation does not imply Causation.

          Secondly. You have one way to prove yourself right, and that is by finding yourself some statistics showing that the rape-games -do cause- a decrease in rape. However, there is a -much- easier way to prove you wrong.
          It’s called waiting.

          In a year or three, if rape rates -don’t- skyrocket, what will your response be?

          “Banning fiction is no different. You are causing undue pressure by attacking the problem from the wrong area. You are making the problem MUCH worse.”

          You mean ‘will have made’, assuming you are right, which obviously I do not.

          As your final point, you label me an idealist.

          To which I reply, damn-fucking-right I’m an idealist.

          And I think I may actually be starting to realize why you seem incapable of treating me as anything but an irrational troll, whereas I have no problem treating you like a flesh-and-blood opponent.

          Your point is that freedom of speech/expression is an undeniable right, that must be protected lest we dissolve into thought-policing and oppression of minority views.
          My point is that while freedom of speech/expression is important, it must be limited in cases where the speech/expression encourages violence against an oppressed or culturally vulnerable group.

          In my opinion, my point is more important because I feel the safety of human beings is more important than providing jack-off material to horny Japanese people.
          (I do this while conceding that your point is well-founded.)

          In -your- opinion, your point is more important than my point because -my point does not exist-. It’s something I made up, am confused about, or are otherwise incapable of understanding fully.
          Thus, your only recourse is to pretend that I’m a moron. Even when you know I’m not.

          Ultimately, it doesn’t seem to matter ‘who makes a better point’. I think my point better because I believe it overrides your point. You think your point is better because -I don’t have one-.

          It’s therefore impossible to act as though we’re on equal footing.

          I’m afraid I’ll have to see if you’ve really wiped your hands with this tomorrow – my bed beckons.

          Sleep tight.

        • @Kokosaur
          All this attention you’re giving “rape” as the only important issue here is unbalanced.

          Frankly, the concern of an unmitigated growth in thought-policing is far worse than rape. I’ll donate to the least-appreciated, most important causes, thank you much.

          “Swing and a miss. I’ve never been molested, sorry; my viewpoints are wholeheartedly from a logical standpoint.”?

          Actually I’d say it’s a solid hit right on the mark, as I never mentioned molestation. You do feel victimized, victimized by gender roles (the “caveman bash head, have mate” kind). That seems to be the very core of your entire argument. Males who don’t like aggressive sexual inclinations are in the very same position, btw.

          “It’s called empathy. Rape disgusts me. Material that glorifies it and allows it to flourish as an erotic assistant towards sexual gratification, likewise, disgusts me. The fact that it is primarily consumed by a male audience, as the first two, disgusts me. And there is no place for it in civilized society.”

          It’s actually called “selective ego-centric empathy”, since you’re only being empathetic to the group which is the most like you, the group whose well-being most affects you IRL.

          It’s also still called bullying, which you selectively choose not to address whenever it comes up. Not that you could address it, without engaging in a little humility yourself, so I suppose that can’t be helped.

          “Stop the rape, and the rape-games will be a nonissue.”

          Cold-hearted, planned rape comes from mental problems no one can solve, and have nothing to do with sexuality. Sadists exist everywhere, and I’m sorry I can’t do a damn thing to stop them from being born with brains like that. But I don’t take out my feelings of being unable to stop sadism by harassing video game developers.

          Hot-headed rape that someone commits comes from sexual frustration. Rape fantasies exist to channel someone’s desire to release their sexual frustration in the privacy of their own home.

          They are the perfect solution to mitigate rape. Do I need to cite Japan’s diminutive rape statistics for you? Surely you’ve seen them by now? The number of times Japan’s lower rape rate has been cited is becoming incredibly redundant. Almost as redundant as its opposition.

          If you choose to band-wagon along with this fiction-intolerance campaign, realize your efforts are decidedly pro-rape. And that I’m doing a better job battling rape than you are by helping to maintain a peaceful outlet for those who need it.

          BTW, no, I’ve never played a rape game myself. The desire to rape stems from a desire to aggressively control others. I’m not as interested in bothering others as groups like EN and pro-censorship fiends.

          You write that you find rape and the very idea of it disgusting, but you’re engaging in “thought rape”, which I find just as disturbing as the real thing.

          “The solution is ultimately in the hands of your gender, not mine.”

          You’ve admitted you know that gender roles exist, that they are part of our cultural/ancestral heritage, in our brain-wiring.

          Knowing this, you continue to want to take away the only peaceful outlet these instincts can have, in fiction… I just don’t know how to respond to this. It’s definitely not a valid logical argument to make.

          If your kitchen sink starts blowing water out of it, do you plug up the faucet head as if that would solve the problem?! It would cause the pipes to explode from the pressure!

          Banning fiction is no different. You are causing undue pressure by attacking the problem from the wrong area. You are making the problem MUCH worse.

          *sigh* Look, I can’t help you think more logically. Study Physics or something. If energy is welling up someplace, it needs an outlet. Please learn with your time, rather than troll like this.

          “If rape were not such a real and ever-present problem, there would be little reason to ban games glorifying it. There would be no interest in stopping the problem, because the problem would already be gone.”

          Here’s the worst flaw in your argument. Rape is not the kind of problem that can ever be totally removed.

          Its sexual aspect is a vestigial instinct from the past. Its sadistic aspect is likewise impossible to solve.

          Why don’t we “completely eliminate hunger and poverty” as well?

          Answer: BECAUSE THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE. We can, however, work to reduce it.


          You clearly have a mission “stop rape” in mind, and refuse to settle for “provide an outlet to reduce rape”. You’re an idealist, not a pragmatist (“the philosophy of considering practical consequences and real effects to be vital components of meaning and truth’).

          I’m wiping my hands of this. Idealists can only learn from themselves, as they color whatever objective points they hear to fit into their subjective goals.

          Perhaps given another 10 years you will look back on this and realize where your approach was flawed, lacking both objectivity and compassion for the niche that “disgusts” you.

        • Swing and a miss. I’ve never been molested, sorry; my viewpoints are wholeheartedly from a logical standpoint. I’m not saying emotional decisions don’t have their place, nor am I saying I don’t make them. But this isn’t one of them.

          No, I say that women are shat on upon men because, frankly, they are.

          It’s called empathy. Rape disgusts me. Material that glorifies it and allows it to flourish as an erotic assistant towards sexual gratification, likewise, disgusts me. The fact that it is primarily consumed by a male audience, as the first two, disgusts me. And there is no place for it in civilized society.

          So next time you jack off to a girl being raped, know that somewhere, that -is- happening.

          Now to get to your actual points:

          “It’s like being the victim of a theft, and responding by becoming a theif, to “balance” things out…”

          Dunno about you, but I watched Robin Hood as a child.
          In all seriousness, if you’re taking some issue with the way EN is handling themselves, the best way to change their mind would be to offer to help them in a way that suits -both- your goals. AKA, offer to be a missionary to the Middle East to educate women about safe sex and rape, which -both- of you would agree is a cause worth pursuing.
          Organizations are made up of individuals, after all.
          In metaphore:
          You’re not going to stop the EN train from running over your precious games if you stand in its way. You -might- persuade the conductor to take an alternate route to where you feel the train is best headed, if you’re on-board said train.

          Because, as I feel from your post, you don’t hate feminists. You hate their current actions, but not their over-arching goals. Thus, I’m sure you could find common ground.

          “Someone has to learn what’s at the core of human nature to fall into these instinctual pitfalls.”
          If indeed that Someone is you, please program said androids not to take pleasure in forcing their will on an unwilling individual, nor fantasize about doing so.

          If everyone’s becoming a victim, you, as a male and the classic, stereotypical initial abuser (in tradition only), hold the key instrumental role of fixing the problem, rather than preserving the status quo.

          Surely it seems as though the women are fighting back. If you’d prefer there to be no fighting at all, then reign in your end. If rape were not such a real and ever-present problem, there would be little reason to ban games glorifying it.
          There would be no interest in stopping the problem, because the problem would already be gone.

          TL;DR version:

          Stop the rape, and the rape-games will be a nonissue. The solution is ultimately in the hands of your gender, not mine.

        • Alright, I’ll keep biting, but this will be the last one for a while.

          You seem to make it clear from your narrative you’ve suffered at the hands males in your past, or you wouldn’t feel as if you’re being shat upon by them.

          I feel for you, many of us, male and female alike, have terrible memories of being victimized by some jerk with too much testosterone. Mind you, I also know what it’s like to be psychologically victimized by jerks with too much control-obsessive estrogen too. EN and this banning drama are just a random iconic example of instincts being allowed too much influence, this time being doled out from a female majority.

          But your personal experiences that have led you to feel females are being more oppressed than males has nothing to do with fiction. Your talk of Africa and our human ancestry of unbalanced tribal gender roles is something grounded to the real world. Is this distinction so difficult to make?

          Both my sisters and brother are semi feminists as well, in the sense we don’t want any niche to be discriminated against. That includes both females (like you), and fiction (like so many eroge).

          I’m just curious if you understand that your response to feeling shat upon IRL by males, is to join some fanatic legions that are shitting back. Siding with these bans on speech/fiction, it’s fighting fire with fire. Nobody wins. Everyone’s becoming a victim.

          It’s like being the victim of a theft, and responding by becoming a theif, to “balance” things out…

          As I said previously:
          “How can pro-censorship be a form of respect when it is intrinsically an aggressive stance made to ban both the art it is illegalizing, as well as cause undue suffering to the community it involves?

          It is a ‘first strike’ counter measure against the peaceful speech of your opponents, equating it to simple bullying.

          It is the very definition of disrespect.”

          I respond to your posts because I have a vested interest in the psychology behind discrimination, as a researcher in AI, cognitive and neurological science, where I’ve decided to spend my energies in life. I want to ensure the evolution of AI escapes falling into the same pitfalls of waspish associativity that human prejudism stems from.

          Bold-faced discrimination, basic racism and sexism, are much easier to understand. They follow relatively predictable hierarchical patterns.

          But these recent topics of banning fiction, charging people with obscenity over drawings, and so forth… it is a much deeper form of discrimination, attacking thought itself, which the masses appear to feel is OK.

          It’s as if, in this politically correct atmosphere, and post witch trial era, people are looking for a new way for it to be OK to attack each other based on their differences. So they have come up with attacking ideas, and the people who have them, rather than physical traits (gender, colors, etc.). It is a burgeoning evolution in prejudism, and both sad and illuminating to watch as it matures.

          Someone has to learn what’s at the core of human nature to fall into these instinctual pitfalls. To learn the nature of why it occurs the way it does, and to come up with viable solutions that can counteract the evolutions of intolerance for years to come.

        • Ah, sorry. My apologies for trolling.

          … “This “victory” of yours is to lull your arrogant minds into the illusion you’ve actually accomplished something, while sexual deviancy still gets published where your focus isn’t.”

          …Yes, excuse me for trolling.

          Anyway, I would hardly consider this a definitive ‘victory’ for either party. As you said, and I wholeheartedly expect, the rape-game scene will not disappear, merely go underground. In this sense, your side is the winner. In the other sense, it’s no longer legal.

          So no, I’m getting no big thrill out of this, infantile or otherwise.

          And whoever said I can’t feel shame? There are parts of me I’m ashamed of, and parts of me I don’t flaunt. That sure as hell doesn’t make my opinion any less valid, and I’m sure as hell not ashamed that I stood up for my belief that rape-games are not productive in the slightest and only hinder proper wiring of the human brain, just as you’re not ashamed of your belief that this is -solely- a matter of free speech, and my position is the same as a book-burners, an overreaction to a threat that doesn’t exist outside my own mind.

          The problem is that you think you can win by belittling my stance until I crawl back into whatever hole I emerged from.

          I’m told constantly “Why do you respond to that troll? They’re not gonna change their view, you’re just wasting your time. You’re a moron. You should be focusing on persuading people you have a chance against.” Now, if I may make the bold assumption that you are told similar things about confronting -me- about an issue I am quite obviously not going to change my mind about, it becomes pretty damn obvious that this is a matter of -opinion-, not uselessness or random acts of trolling on either of our parts. You are defending your position on this issue, as am I. You, however, are being an asshole about it, taking offense personally. I dare you to find something I said that can be taken as ‘all men who play these games are rapists’, or ‘you personally are a rapist.’

          And I’m sexist because there’s a difference between women and men. One’s sick of being shit on, and one’s doing the shitting. If you don’t think so, move to Africa. I’m sure everything’s fine there.

          Neither of us are morons, and neither of us are majorly or irreparably deluded. If you can’t bring yourself to see -me- as a logical human being, that’s entirely your own issue. But clearly, you are not Anonymous troll bait.

  • Its obvious a bunch of moms and feminists some where had ALLOT of time on their hands.

    Actually, since these “fictional” rape games are so bad – why don’t we ban ALL rape related things all together?

    Lets see… Lets pull all the movies to date with ANY rape scenes in them – anndddd…. Lets jail anyone that any women thinks is raping them with their eyes that might be giving them a weird look….

    Yes, you can do this feminist groups out there… I know you can!

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking busy-body feminists with nothing better to do. Seriously, there is no fucking causation
    between rape fiction and rape in real life. That’s like saying we should ban GTA because it suggests criminal activity, promotes prostitution, and disobeying the law. This shit is retarded. I’m going to play Doom and shoot up my school now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking busy-body feminists with nothing better to do. Seriously, there is no fucking causation
    between rape fiction and rape in real life. That’s like saying we should ban GTA because it suggests criminal activity, promotes prostitution, and disobeying the law. This shit is retarded. I’m going to play Doom and shoot up my school now.

  • Damn ancients. It’s a GAME – a PC video game, for that matter. It’s the person/rapist who must be punished, not the game.

    If I’m not mistaken, most (if not all) perverts grew up in families with an outdated, close-minded POV on sexual intercourse

    These feminist women are nothing more than those who didn’t have a very good experience on their first time, hence they came to the conclusion that all women also do not experience a very good first time…

  • wow… just… wow… i cant believe the delusional “feminists” won this one…

    i swear, these “feminist” groups are as stupid as the super conservatives of the USA… instead of looking at their own society and problems… they decide to harass others for things they dont even understand… the same way that socialism is demonized… i swear, we need to do something about the retardation of society, its too bad that destroying such groups as Equality Now would be only a temporary solution, though it would be a benefit to society since they dont actually fight for true equality. through the power of knowledge and the complete banning of conservative religion, we can create a better world in the long run, unfortunately, the majority of humans are not smart enough nor have a strong enough will to venture into the unknown.

  • Anonymous says:

    Booo feminists.

    Anon is too tired to think at the moment, but isn’t this like banning a game on principle rather than an outright ban? Some games are advertized that way (Manhunt, Postal… etc)

    I don’t think much will change. Just like the fact that you have to censor stuff exists, but there’s no actual definition of how much so a poor job would still legally be censored (very little blurring/black like that doesn’t obscure everything).

  • Anonymous says:

    How about rather than just posting comments on here, or on youtube, send a proper email to

    Not a death threat or anything, but a well written rebuttal.

    Or do what they did, send emails to Illusion and government officals saying you support freedom of speech and that these games should not be banned.

    We should get some sample form letters like they have as well. I wrote an email to Equality Now, however it’s probably not a good basis for a form letter…

  • mechwarrior says:

    There’s a high level of hypocrisy when it comes to games. Ultra-violence is fine (Manhunt, MadWorld), but similar levels of sexual violence isnt.

    Thats to say that sexual violence and physical violence arent equitable. That sentiment is dangerous. It sets up an inequity between different kinds of violence. In the end, the freedom of speech is subverted (even though there are still plenty of books and porno movies about “fantasized rape”), while at the same time making a distinction on violence where there shouldnt be one.

    Virtual violence should be fine in all medias, whether interactive, or not, not just physical violence. Id like to point out that a lot of practitioners of BDSM are usually completely socially well-adjusted healthy adults.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another example u reminded me: many years ago the government tried to ban some war games cus of their violence, and at the same time, on the games’s website there was advertise saying “Bored of games? get real action! Join the army NAO!”
      Whats even worse, i SAW one of those advertise 3 years ago….. WTF?!
      Cus killing people u dont know at all cus your country says so is okay?

    • Anonymous says:

      “Id like to point out that a lot of practitioners of BDSM are usually completely socially well-adjusted healthy adults.”

      Make that 99.9% of BDSM practitioners and I’ll agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

    • CanadaMann says:

      Some people will say that, well men are suitable to some jobs and female to the others.
      Then, does fashion design matter a nation’s fate?
      How about fighting a war?
      Does teaching(teachers) make the society more safe and stable?
      How about policing?
      the answer is?

      Actually I simply see that the human world is built on science, but there are almost no notable female scientists(except Ms.Nightingale & Curie,etc)
      The noble prize simply shows this clearly.

      • The problem is that females were denied education until only recently (historically speaking). Of course there haven’t been many noticeable female scientists. Today, our overall technological development doesn’t allow for fundamental breakthroughs in science anymore, every scientific progress happens in small steps nowadays. So not only do we not have any noticeable female scientists today, we don’t have noticeable scientists at all anymore.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey CanadaMann, I’m just as pissed off about these femnazis as you are, but i dont really appreciate you tryin to bash the entirety of the female population. Especially when you clearly are an idiot.

        • CanadaMann says:

          Denied Yes,denied
          In the past, ordinary people were denied to have political power.
          Only those with money or a gang or mercs can eventually get a governer position, except you are of royal or noble families.
          What did they do? Revolutions, coups and take-overs.

          How about women being suppressed by men?
          What have they done in more than 10,000 years of human history?

    • CanadaMann says:

      And people are still emphasizing “Lady first”.

      Then why not like this:
      Go for war? Ladies first!
      Go catching criminals? Ladies first!
      Go programming? Ladies first!
      Go high-tech? Ladies first!

      ???It becomes strange
      When you make ladies go first to fight a war, they will blame you for unfair.
      When you recuit police officers, you never get more women than men.
      And, there is never more female programmers than male ones, and the same in robot-making or inventions.

      Continue ladies first, and we human will never have a program similar to the Matrix, or no people can see a cyborg like Batou, or a robot like gundam or spaceships like Nadeshico.
      We are doomed

      • “Go programming? Ladies first!
        Go high-tech? Ladies first!”

        At least these two points I can debunk using my own experience. Out of the ~500 information technology students at my university, almost half are female.

        There are countries with mandatory military service for females, and police forces of most countries have many females among their ranks.

        Your Nadesico example reeks of failed logic especially, considering the ship’s captain…

        • CanadaMann says:

          Yes Yes Yes
          Your personal experience can represent the whole world
          Yes Yes Yes

          It seems that you are thinking like a female:
          Despite facts and statistics, only your feeling is the truth.

  • It’s kind of an acquiescing, but not really.

    If it goes like it says within the article about loli and incest, it’s not really going to change anything. If it gets out of hand to the point about revoking Japanese Constitutional rights then there’s something to worry about.

  • Oh noes. I watched the whole series of dragon ballz. Now I think I’ll go powerup and blow up cities by lifting my index and middle fingers together.

    I also played lots of h-game with mature themes like rape and loli. After many years of playing that stuff lets look at my rapage achievements board. Zero what how can this be?!?!?!

    Seriously I watched more baby blue tv shows on regular cable that have more violence towards woman + rape + psychotic themes Raws in English compare to childish japanese themes that are so unrealistic.. Like male harem, etc.

      • NotAnonymous says:

        Okay, I guess I should have worded that better: Rape is a big part of otaku porn culture and has been considered legal for years. (though there have been stuff like “banning” loli games…) For a country that isn’t completely controlled by the government (like China; no offense), I find this sickening that the game developers don’t do anything when they (should) have the right.

        Personally, unless ALL rape is banned, this won’t affect me much, as the only rape in (most) of my eroge is a small part of the game. However, this isn’t fair to those that enjoy games like RapeLay and want to be someone else in a fantasy world. It is just one step closer to other forms of media getting censored.

  • Anonymous says:

    All Men should unite and urge the ban of

    Baby showers – Sounds like a conspiracy/cult to me and offends me potential baby eating involved..
    Purses – Can horde illegal drugs and weapons
    Nipple piercing – Its a potential weapon to choke men during sex
    Lingerie – Has the ability to turn into a weapon and used to choke men to death
    Bra – Same as above
    Makeup – Hides women ugliness and lieing is a crime.
    Titties – using these to get what they want is a crime. EQUALITY NOW!
    Dildos – Potential weapons to choke/endanger mankind.
    Crying in anything – A murderous intention and should not be allowed.
    Babies – Men can’t have em so women shouldn’t too EQUALITY PLEASE, we should only be cloning
    Dollhouses – Lets them gain ideas on how to destroy a family/house what not.

    And anything else women like.
    Hell lets ban imagination all together.

    • Anonymous says:

      They must be really happy!

      They use rape games to make the local government bow in but it only starts with that. Next is to use childporn to put a ban on internet.

      All they have in mind is to get the means of shutting down the flow free information.

        • so true
          they hate the games and only are bitching about the names or pictures that show rape happening

          so just repackage, dont put the word rape in the game’s advertisements then they would never know

          well till people make a big deal out of it and then they somehow get there attention cause all they have is time since they cant solve anything that matters

    • SilverTide says:

      Lol, they don’t consider that sexual harassment ever occurs to men. It’s a crime against women. Christ.
      Arguing with them is almost pointless since they side with their “feelings”.
      A message to all the feminazis out there: I’m sorry. Statistics don’t give a shit about your feelings. Japan has less rape than your own countries which you’ve already managed to screw up beyond repair.
      I’ll only believe that equality has been achieved when half of all the homeless, half of all the garbage workers, half of all the toilet cleaners, half of all the lawn mowers and half of all the window washers are women.
      Time for you to stand up and fight for equality.

  • Anonymous says:

    If they ban rape, crazy otakus will actually go out on the street and rape people. Seriously. If they can buy 898 items of the same sort because it’s relevant to their interests, then they’ll probably do this as well.

  • Amazon sells “American Psycho”, a book that children are banned from buying here in my country. They also sell Nabokov’s “Lolita”, Henry Miller’s catalog and the Marquis de Sade as well. All these could be easily purchased by a child online.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is just a self-implemented ban. Hopefully the industry can lay low until this blows over (and I hope that happens), instead of being legally banned. We’l just have to see how far this goes.

    This is so shitty, considering this is all on the fault of for allowing some idiot to sell adult content over their site.

  • Well japan still won’t face an increase in crime rate becouse of this,only rape games are banned and not other forms of hentai and they have enough to satisfy many.

    Anyway why don’t i hear anyone in japan actualy protecting their hentai,it’s not like the population is so small with hentai and freedom speech interest.

  • now id ever wonder what companies are under EOCS anyway looking back this is not really going to work unless EOCS has those companies that now has a bandwagon so yeah more likely the companies i have been looking for should still be alive

  • Anonymous says:

    i personally love simulated rape porn and rape hentai. it just really turns me on. however i have no desire to ever do that to real person. i love and respect women way to much to ever do that.

    though saying rape turns me on and i respect women would probly cause a feminist to have a seizure.

    unless they are going to come and confiscate all the rape material out there in reality and on the internet, this whole thing is fail.

  • i believe if something as surreal as a video game (in this instance) or lolicon art or raep manga or any of that stuff is incitement enough to the purveyor that they then go out and recreate such phenomena, then they can’t have really been in a fit mental state anyway… After all, i read Saiyuki and it doesn’t make me go out and eat Buddhists or throw MahJong tiles at people.

  • SankakuAnon says:

    C’mon people. We should fight fire with fire. If water represents passiveness then screw fighting with that shit. They like spamming with mail until the otherside waves the white flag, I say we do the same to thing to them.

    I figure since they have that youtube vid embedded on their site, if they see that it has at least 20 000 views or so with as much negative remarks about the stupid shit they pulling, we just win in general.

    This threat is worse than scientology, so let’s get cracking.

    We can voice our hate here until some godly anon organizes the masses for an orchestrated assault.

        • Ooh, bold.

          “Failed the last few thread arguments” <— from your point of view.

          “laughing in the home of your self-proclaimed enemies.” <— In the last thread you said -you- had a life outside, too. You might notice that all -my- responses come in the dead of night, which is, you know, when I’m -not- living my life. So if this is your home, then, well, the html is just lovely, I really must find out who does the wallpaper.
          (And I never said anyone here was my personal enemy. So if you could find a quote from me where I, myself, proclaim these posters as my enemies, that would just be fantastic.)

          And, please, I do not troll you. I have never trolled you. I troll people in need of a good trolling. You make points! Random youtube commenters make very few. I do not get a thrill making fun of my opponents, unless I view said ‘opponent’ as unworthy of being worth my serious attention. You are not such an opponent.

          Yes, I’m sure I don’t play rape games in my spare time, because playing rape games whilst lobbying for their illegality is beyond ridiculous. I also don’t think trolling and rape-fetish go hand-in-hand as personal traits.

          However, you’re absolutely right: I absolutely and unabashedly seek attention. I have a point to make, so attention is actually beneficial to me, strange as that is.

          And you rarely fail to respond to one of my posts :3 So my thanks to you for allowing me to clarify some of my points as needing.

        • Hmm, still the usual shallow trolling and attention seeking I see. You haven’t yet learned empathy for others, it’s still just ego, ego, ego.

          Failed the last few thread arguments (here, and here), so now you just resort to this sort of impish derision.

          I assume you have a life off the internet, go do that. Unless you really are as disturbed as the role you’re assuming here, laughing in the home of your self-proclaimed enemies.

          Bigots and bullies, there really is no reasoning with brains as deeply entrenched in hatred and spite that they actually get a thrill out of making fun of their opponents.

          Are you sure you don’t actually play rape games in your pass time?

          All this trolling would seem to suggest it’s in your nature…

        • “Kokosaur (5 minutes ago) Show Hide
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          Reply | Spam
          Okay, okay, you’ve made your point, Sankaku. Now get the hell back to planning YouPornTube or whatever else it is you do besides getting your kicks berating an organization that’s -doing something-.

          Before you complain about how they’re ‘misusing donation money’ and ‘not targeting the real problem’, take a moment to realize that you’re doing even less than that. High and Mighty, you are definitely not.”


        • equalitynowyt was probably just some random YouTube channel EN made to redirect drama/comments from where it could actually be seen.

          It had less than 100 views when all this eroge ban crap began weeks ago.


          I like how every time someone posts the equalitynowyt YouTube channel, they neglect to direct people to the only EN YouTube video that has over 100,000 views (where what you write would actually be viewed by people):

  • can we get together to ban romantic comedies
    cause honestly everytime im forced to watch one it feels like the movie is raping my mind

    can we also banned extremely overweight women wearing skimpy outfits cause that is raping my eyes

    lets get everything banned ban cars cause they might lead to death eventually maybe

  • DenkouNova says:

    “Objections start with the opposition and minor parties and soon the ruling party jumps onto the bandwagon.”
    It’s always like that. Opposition parties bash on anything on the spur of the moment to get attention. If the cause gets popular and taken by the media (whether it has a real effect on society or not), the ruling party gives in and accepts, whether it’s stupid or not, to keep the satisfaction rating up for the next election.

    If only people in general were more informed and looked into the depth of things instead of just judging a situation by looking at headlines, that wouldn’t happen…

  • I’m torn on this, on one hand I think all rapists should have their dicks ripped off, shoved up their asses then deep enough down their throats to kill them and all those who like to look at rape material should be kicked in the balls repeatedly for about 48 hrs.

    However, I’m afraid how far this may go. First rape, then fetish, then all hentai, then echi until we are left with a bunch of american hacked up pokemon clones.

    Well at least we may see more non-rape hentai/doujin by the skilled artists that draw that.

  • This only means that EOCS will not certify any games with such content. I wouldn’t be surprised that some manufactures will go over to the other group (I forget it’s name at this time) or go the DLsite route to release such games.

    While I don’t support such games, I have no issues with those who do. I really feel that this whole situation stinks of the Thought Police from Orwell’s 1984 . . .

  • SilverTide says:

    As a single bachelor who intends on staying that way as well as accumulating wealth, I’m free to live in the country of my choice. If it gets too oppressive here in Japan, I’ll just take myself, my business and my money with me to a country that has more freedom.
    A loss for Japan.
    When tourism starts dropping they’ll only have themselves to blame.

    • I dont think tourism is gonna stop because eroge games are getting ban – i went to japan 2 times and it sure wasnt for a eroge game. Personally – went to meet a penpal who introduce me to some ladies who i took to my hotel and turned them out :p i just go for the japanese women

    • No, my Anon friend… they’ll hate the interfering assholes who coincidentally share the same space on this rock we live on. I’m sure some Japanese counterparts know and understand that even WE are beset as much as they are by all this bullshit.

  • In this world we live in, which is the worst crime?

    1. Leaving a dog in a hot car?
    2. bank robbery?
    3. Murder?
    4. Assault?

    More than likely it will be the #1 – Dog in hot car!

    Because it HAS been proven that people will defend, Protect, and support a animal (first) verses a human.

      • I will disagree with that…

        People have been charged with a death of a dog in a hot car… it depends on the State I guess..

        I was just making an example of how people view things… and what people see as more important.

        Simple list as to not make it too complicated.

        • @Kokopure

          I respect your views and all points made.

          Yes, ALL on the list are wrong and – yes – many have been charged with the crime.

          However, I *have* had (many) a heated discussion over this…

          That (some) think that a Hot Dog (no pun intended) is more important than a human.

          and as you stated, all on the list are cruel and are punishable.

          As far as I hanging around the wrong type of people.

          No, I have lived a long time and have seen the changes in society since I have been around, both the good and bad.

          Unfortunately, in my field of work before I retired, I have seen the worst that mankind can dish out, and its amazing how it has changed throughout the years.

        • Sorry, I pick #3 too.

          “People have been charged with a death of a dog in a hot car… it depends on the State I guess..”

          People’ve been charged with all four of the things on that list, because they’re all wrong. Animal abuse is wrong, but it’s not -more- wrong than killing someone.

          If you seriously think that most people would say the death of a dog in a hot car is more morally reprehensible than killing another human being, maybe you’re hanging around the wrong folks ._.

  • copypasta from the forums

    Sounds like the easiest ban on Earth to work around; our eroge will continue to thrive in some form. I am completely not worried about this situation at all, even if it means we only get download only doujin style releases from now on. This will be about as successful as their incest ban I predict.

    Just remember fellas – this girl is on your side. I feel your pain.

    • CanadaMann says:

      Passive resistance….
      This does not make any damage in this battle.
      When you fight a BOSS in a RPG with only dodging,
      you will finally be killed because the BOSS does not stop attacking you.

      And in this case all eroge will disappear.

      • “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

        And we all obviously have the will. The game makers and the doujin scene and such shall continue to thrive. As long as there is a need to fap, we shall create material for it.

        Only when you believe you are beaten do you go down. I know I won’t give up the fight, not even if they martyr me for it. And you must be willing to fight as well or we’ll get nowhere.

        We must stand tall as a group and defend our eroge!

        …god this sounds like the worst motivational speech ever

        • Anonymous says:

          Sir, your analysis would indeed be correct. However I like to think there is still hope among all this. Besides EOCS there is also CSA, even though they are not much different. As far as I remember, one of them allow uncensored butt hole but disallow incest and loli, and vice versa. Since this ban is only effective on EOCS members. I am guessing CSA might see a rise in memberships in the future, assuming CSA doesn’t follow in EOCS’s footsteps.

          – Simon Cowell of Eroge

        • I don’t think so. Eroge companies join the EOCS for a reason. It’s precisely because of cases like these. The whole premise of the EOCS is to take all the flak should one company ever be attacked for one of their games. If their game has been rated by the EOCS, they can just point fingers and think of ways to avoid the criticism next time. Japanese developers are spineless wimps. No company, not a single one, will go doujin to publish risqué games. It just won’t happen.

        • You should try playing Katawa Shoujo demo, i think its pretty good, and seems that every1 is talking here that all rape will deseace. But i though that it was only ban from 1 group. This means if big companys ban all rape visual novels, then small ones specializing for only rape eroge will show up. This could even make rape eroge even interesting and higher quality

        • CanadaMann says:

          >support the makers
          is, simply buying the products?
          >speak out openly
          is, what, are you a member of a NGO or something?
          >check to make your own
          ok you mean western-styled eroge?
          sorry I cannot support this…
          You see my ID as canada, but I am asian and only live in canada
          I really know what difference is between asian p0rn and western ones

        • We continue to support the makers when they change venues, we speak out openly against acts like this and see what we can do to possibly get our voices heard and get this checked and maybe overturned, and maybe even learn how to make our own.

        • “As long as there is a need to fap, we shall create material for it.”

          This belongs on a “Rules of IRL” list or something.

          Rule #1: If there is a need to fap, we shall create material for it.

  • Wow…..Hentai, Art, and Porn just took a big hit.
    To ban something that is simulated without specific language, will spread into other media form of “rape”.

    As much as i respect feminists, there are extremes to any opinion and stance, and it will obviously have HUGE effects, because these poeople arent using facts anymore, they’re not protecting anyone,
    Something being banned because a group “doesn’t like it” is the most obviously case of a slippery slope.

  • You dont have to support loli/rape eroge, but you do have to support the freedom in which to tell these sordid tales of fiction. That is all they are, sordid tales of fiction.

    Censorship is the bastion of people who have nothing better to do then make up their own rules and force them on those they could care less about.

  • this is so retarded on so many levels it’s not even funny, so… games like CSS,CoD4 L4D and countless other games that encourage killing others are fine, but rape games arn’t for some reason, GTA got a slap on the wrist by being labled from 13+ or whatever to a M 18+ rating and where as GTA has been proven to encourage violence IRL.

    Maybe it has something to do more with being able to chase down a woman and rape her having more convenience then walking in to a bank with a knife and stab a few people and rob the place.

      • Hudabigbadwolf says:

        Heh, this reminds of the “Hot Coffee” mod for GTA. Made me lol, heartless murder, killing, grand theft auto-ing, etc are all fine, and then you come to the part with CONSENSUAL sex, and guess what? Everyone riots about it. It really baffles the mind…

  • They’ll ban mini-skirts next. And soon enough you’ll see only girls in monk-like suits in games. How about burqa too? Or maybe they should be looking like 3d cubes just to be sure no one can see that it’s actually a girl. If you see a girl you obviosly can think something dirty and that’s unacceptable.

  • Anonymous says:

    All started because someone felt so offended by Rapelay he/she/it wanted to ban it…
    Im Annonymous 😀 so i ll confess i played Rapelay just cus of the boobies, and i thougt it would get consensual at the end… but felt disgusted and turned off after seeing the girls cry and stuff…. but thats all, i didnt trolled the game or anything, just uninstalled it.
    I only hope this ban doesnt gets too far :/

  • Just a lurker says:

    So PLEASE ban my Sid Meier’s Civilization for genocide and Need For Speed series for promoting dangerous behaviour, and The Sims for promoting adultery…

    …and then ALL video games – for violence, of course.


  • msgundam2 says:

    there still going to be made no mater what. I wonder if they’ll come out with a list of banned games. I wonder if Koihime Musou, School Days ,and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia and any ather Fates are going to banned.

  • This is kinda like banning games like Grand Theft Auto or other violent games…. Just making it more likely for these kind of crimes to happen in real life, instead of the possible threats aiming their ‘lusts’ at the games.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, fact is, that might actually be true. It has been postulated that people who play GTA and other ‘socially-negative’ games are actually MORE likely to be law-abiding than other people are.

        • Anonymous says:


          It has been “proven” by non-peer reviewed unscientific tests run by people with agendas.

          Legitimate tests, which use accepted scientific methods – and publish all their data and findings for peers to review (and dispute), have so far been inconclusive at best.

  • CanadaMann says:

    It also seems that people only know complaining.
    Nothing detailed, nothing constructive, nothing effective, and nothing philosophical is being discussed.

    Even this thread continues with a million replies, nothing will be changed.

  • damn!! even they ban this kind of game… but out there got plenty of pornos vid wat!! then why just discrimination on gamers only.. do they do a research to prove most of rapes are actually play this kind of game??

    why not teach them other useful technique how to escape from to being rape…

  • Palmtop Tiger says:

    If these devs just change their titles and box art, and not content, for the purpose of seeming to comply, is a sly idea. Because will the feminists actually play the games to check the content?

    • @ Palmtop Tiger:

      Ndeed, you took the words right out of my mind.

      “Would they”? ~ the feminists ~ check (every) game to see of the makers complied? ~ I think not.

      I would assume that the makers would stock (lets say) a few copies of the ~ “complied version” ~ just in case they were checked at random.

      Rape (no matter what kind) is wrong and should be punished and dealt with severely.

      ~ and if someone took an idea/premise from a game, placing it as fact and reality, then that person has some serious fantasy/reality issues, which need to be looked at.

      No one can really determine what goes on/in a persons mind and what triggers the emotion to cause such an act.

      I feel that its the media, in addition, to those groups who like to control, place fear, and feed conspiracy ideas into people heads that need to be watched closely, because they are the ones doing the raping.

      • CanadaMann says:

        Few hundred years ago,
        Thinking that “May the God not exist?”
        You are not supposed to have that in your mind.
        You get killed.

        What’s now?
        You are not supposed to have anything related to raping in your mind.
        Your products get bannes and your hobbies get destroyed.

        However, what is the first situation being considered?

        And the second?
        It’s called “Civilized people’s morality and FEMINISM”

        One day I would get killed

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, there has been such a thing as freedom of speech. I support pedosexuals and adults and children having sex, and the few boards that I have been banned from for that, once I bring up “First Amendment, bucking for a lawsuit!” they rescind 9 times out of 10 the banning in question.

          There is such a thing as ‘free speech’, you just have to have the COJONES like I do to push for your free speech rights to be honored.

  • Now i would really love to Curb Stomp them and smash their face on a concrete floor.. Both those feminists and possibly the EOCS too, for being total pussies who let themselves easily stomp by those self-proclaimed protection idiots.

    Enjoy your RL raep, b*tches.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, but “Equality Now” says that is because rapes just aren’t reported in Japan! So those ‘low, low rates’ don’t mean anything!

        Now, that is SHEER STUPIDITY that I said above, but unfortunately, that is what EN actually believes.
        The fact is that most ‘rapes’ are more drunken sex or women pushing a man too much and then getting sex that they don’t want. They have to start taking responsibility for that and realizing neither one of those things are rape, and get used to that fact.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, they could have at least put up a fight. Hopefully there are plenty of loopholes to use for these companies. I personally dislike rape themed games, but this is seriously bullshit.

  • CanadaMann says:

    I am tired of explaining how optimism can ruin OTAKU PRODUCT.
    Now you guys get this.

    Guro games are not banned, slaughter games are not banned, zombie-eat-human-brain games are not banned.
    But rape games are banned.
    Yes you otakus are lazy, yes you are shy to publicly support eroge.

    Should you continue to be like this, EVERYTHING THAT OTAKU LIKE WILL BE BANNED.

      • Anonymous says:

        Big deal…. I support children having sex with adults, and I haven’t been labeled a ‘sicko’.

        In fact, most people after hearing my point of view, actually AGREE with me!

        The fact is that until we stand up and shout, we are going to be like the homosexuals were until about 20 years ago: with no rights.

      • CanadaMann says:

        Copernicus for his stupid theories,
        Einstein for his crazy formulas,
        Russel for his unfaithful atheism,
        Franklin for his disloyal independent theory.

        Get a thousand excuses to show you are a coward,
        but only one reason is needed to be a hero.

        • CanadaMann says:

          Well dont get confused that my life target is just defending eroge.
          This is too little, however this has some relationship with very big topics, such like the nature and necessarity of censorship, why females tend to be less rational, etc.

        • CanadaMann says:

          I am really just a student.
          What I can do now is forming a demonstration, a protest.
          If I do not get enough people, I shall wait.
          And my long term plan is to prove academically that these stuff are of necessary existence.

          However, I only see comments saying that defending eroge are sick and shameful.

        • Anonymous says:

          You sound like quite some one ready to defend our right, how about you go defend loli stuff if you’re as brave as you say? Don’t forget loli are banned in Canada and I haven’t heard yet any one raising to defend it.

        • Einstein was neglected for a phd twice because they thought his work on thermodynamics was stupid. People thought he had a learning disability or was even retarded when he was a kid.

          People fought relativity quite a lot since nobody wanted to accept that maybe Newton was wrong.

        • A coward? I prefer the word “practical” in this case. Why don’t you go out there in front of national TV news for an interview to talk about how supportive you are of “Rape Games”? LOL

          You’ll just be laughed at and ridiculed. If anything, being supportive of this stuff will just worsen the problem, because then it gets brought to the attention of loud, vicious soccer moms everywhere.

          Have fun being zerg-rushed by a bunch of crazy-eyed bitches after showing your support for this.

        • CanadaMann says:

          It also seems that people only know complaining.
          Nothing detailed, nothing constructive, nothing effective, and nothing philosophical is being discussed.

          Even this thread continues with a million replies, nothing will be changed.

      • Well, Leon has a point. Writing “Rape Eroge Really Banned” when technically they’re not is kind of sensationalist. I fully acknowledge that a healthy dose of polemic is in order considering the circumstances and possible implications of this “ban”, though.

        • Anonymous says:

          Miroku72, the fact is that most of those people who are so willing to enforce their ‘morals’ and points of view on everyone else are also usually not adhering to those ‘morals’.

          Fact is that most of the most outspoken people against pedosexuals are pedosexuals themselves, and are using it as a smokescreen to hide their doinking of children.
          Same thing for homosexual haters: they are homosexuals themselves, and are using their outspokenness against it to hide them having sex with someone of the same sex.

          It’s time to realize that most of these people are the WORST kind of hypocrites imaginable who are ‘do as I say, not as I do’ types of people.

        • Actually I did read the whole post. I’ll admit some of the subtler meaning behind it was lost on me, but not the gist.

          Still…. it’s depressing to think about. There are much more worthy pursuits in life than trying to force your own morals or points of view upon others, as the loudest objectors of rape eroge (or pornography in general) have been doing.

    • Storm Wing says:

      Equality Now is just a bunch of faggots. Not womens. I haev some respect to gays & transvestite as long they don’t ask me to join “their world”, but annoying fags ike EN?? FUKK IT!!

  • Again… rape is a violent crime, not wholly motivated by sexual desire. It is the result of wanting to dominate someone, not because you have an overactive libido.

    If you’re going to go out and rape/kill someone from playing a video game, you have some deeper psychological issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      BZZZZZT! WRONG! The fact is that rape is VERY motivated by sexual desire from what I have seen. Most of them men who rape are people with VERY high libidos or with normal libidos who are not ‘getting any’ from any female.

      That’s true with the pedosexuals who rape as well: we made them ‘illegal’, so the rape rates went up DRAMATICALLY with children and teenagers.

      It’s time to realize that rape IS linked to sexual desire and is EXTREMELY RARELY linked to ‘someone wanting to dominate someone else’.

    • I’ve met some guys who swore off sex. They are some of the most psychologically unbalanced individuals in existence.

      Sex…. the act itself……. releases feel-good endorphins which lower blood pressure and other factors which could cause significant problems later. Physical problems too, such as an increase in overall aggression and cardiovascular problems also.

      Taking away *harmless* outlets for sexual frustration makes it more likely you’ll see actual rape being carried out more and more.

      I wish people were less short-sighted. My dick has one eye and IT can see the long-term effects of banning this stuff better than any of those self-serving polichickens and foaming-at-the-mouth feminazis ever could. ><

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s an irrelevant argument in my opinion, just as valid as “Perverts may use game as an alternative, but you can’t say that the games don’t make them sicker as they sink deeper into their dirty fantasies.”

        both arguments completely miss the point, which is the “you don’t ban the bible” argument

      • Right. I prefer sitting at home, jacking off with my Tenga while looking at 2D, instead of going out and chasing whores for sex. Apparently this makes me a loser, but hey, enjoy your STDs, HIV, emotional complications, and pregnancy. I’m not sure when it became “cool” to get laid.

        I’m waiting for a serious relationship. I don’t desire sex at all. Until then, I have a healthy sex life with my hand.

        • imo, having a lower libido lets you think beyond your dick when dealing with the opposite sex.

          You say that you end up single that way? Well, maybe it’s because that’s far more logical.

        • While I have no problems with how you may pleasure yourself, it’s important to remember that frequent masturbation lowers your libido, thus making you less inclined to actually pursue a serious relationship. It’s a lot easier for a guy who is unaccustomed to deep relationships to fall back to masturbation for his sexual urges than to pursue sexual relationships with another person, and while it might be safer in theory, it can also be a serious inhibiting factor in your love life.

          I’m not trying to urge you to stop doing what your doing; however, it’s important to understand that the safety net you create for yourself by doing this can also be a serious problem of procrastination.

        • I can agree with that one Michio, the STD and pregnancy thing is what makes me off it the most. I can’t even find a girl worth talking to anymore. Thank god for healthy releases ^_^

  • … this whole matter is just retarded. What the feminists should be focusing on is preventing ACTUAL rape, and not caring about these games. By removing such games, it may actually contribute to a higher rate of rape cases, as if you ban something, then the more likely people will want to do it. Perfect example is underage drinking. I highly doubt this will work, and it will only screw up the industry.

    I hope it’s true though, that they are only saying it, and not going to actually remove the rape content. Though I’m not saying I’m a fan of rape eroge’s, I’m just pissed off that they are actually caving in to pressure from a bunch of idiots with nothing better to do. It’s like having a whole in your ship, and instead of trying to find ways to stop the leak and plugging up the whole, you are worrying whether you will have enough food supply to allow you to survive for the rest of the month.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are not the only one. The fact is that the United States and the rest of the world has totally been sissified by these radical feminists, who REAL motive is to make just being a man illegal sometime down the road.

      Let’s be real here: most radical feminists are man-hating dykes! That’s a bottom line thing here, most of them are simply man-haters and should be dismissed out of hand.

      • Octovixen says:

        Yeah i like rape eroges too, and guro and other stuff, big deal.

        I hate those feminists too, they only make to see our genders as assholes and stupid and weak, everything what they deny or want to fight over off.

        I really hate that’s the reason of banning eroges… feminist…

        anyway, yeah rape it’s a lower act, i know it’s a issue, but banning rape eroges? withouth any real proof? :s it’s kinda sad and makes me worry.

        • “Hatred only breeds more hatred. It all just feeds on itself.”

          – Kei “Edge” Nagase
          Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

          I agree with Octovixen. Banning rape eroges without any proof is causing me to wonder if the U.N. is being controlled like a puppet.

        • I was asking for your personal opinion on their acceptability, which I of course completely disagree with again. But thanks for answering anyway.

          “[…] which could potentially cause problems if the female fanbase acts up. I actually didn’t anticipate that outcome, so thanks for alerting me to that possibility.”

          A large number of girls voicing opposition to the ban would be a setback indeed. Seeing your sweet victory endangered? =P

          Well, I don’t think the “law” (again, this is not a law) will cover yaoi at all. Actually, I’m 100% certain it won’t. No “equality” group ever complained about yaoi rape. One of the measures discussed by the EOCS was to never mention “rape” and “girl” together within the title of a game. Other directives will likely follow a similar principle. I’m sure you can see where this is heading.

          Unless some feminist group explicitly complains about the rape of males in Japanese boy love games (would they?), yaoi will be given free reign. Not that I mind. Any game is acceptable to me, and I think it’s only fair that all the dominant girls out there get their fun too. After all, I don’t have to play it.

          The thought of raging legions of fujoshi laying waste to the land should yaoi rape get banned one day is pretty amusing though…

        • “But essentially, I would say that although the effect may not be exact, it’s still not helpful. The casting of rape in a positive light, even (or should I say ‘especially’) in a product with a very high female fanbase, will have the effect of belittling the severity of the crime of rape in said consumers’ minds.”

          What the consumer consumes does not necessarily reflect their views.

        • Shuu:

          “One thing I’d really like to know: as a radical feminist, what do you think about the shitload of yaoi rape games out there that are so popular with the fangirls?”

          Firstly, as a lesbian, these games hold no sway over me personally. I’d say that they perhaps don’t have the same effect as RapePlay would on a male audience, since statistically (in the US, at least) 98.9% of those arrested for rape are male (source: )
          Again, this is only a statistic from the US, as I’m not sure which Japanese governing body is responsible for collecting such information on Japan (or if I could even read it).

          But essentially, I would say that although the effect may not be exact, it’s still not helpful. The casting of rape in a positive light, even (or should I say ‘especially’) in a product with a very high female fanbase, will have the effect of belittling the severity of the crime of rape in said consumers’ minds.

          That is my personal opinion.

          If you were asking what I think the law will cover, then yes, I think that the new law will cover yaoi games as well, which could potentially cause problems if the female fanbase acts up. I actually didn’t anticipate that outcome, so thanks for alerting me to that possibility.

          Anyway, I guess we’ll see in time anyway.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m a girl and I enjoy Rape and other such Eroge as well. It’s all about fantasy and submission.

          The sickos are the people who confuse fantasy with reality. I know plenty of people who enjoy video games of all types and they certainly don’t find themselves with the ergs to go and make those things a reality. They know better. Games are for escape. When you’re done playing you put it away and come back to reality.

          And there are of course plenty of messed up people out there who Don’t play these games and still manage to have plenty imagination to commit all sorts of atrocities.

        • “My exact point was: Women do not like rape games as -much- as men”

          Well, that’s how I perceive it too. I can’t really argue with that. (It just sounded to me like you were completely neglecting that girls can enjoy them). I think that the greatest chunk of this gap can be attributed to the fact that most women still don’t play computer games (also my perception, I can’t back this up with anything, but I’m sure you’ll agree). But with Wii & Co. introducing a lot of female people to the thought of playing games on an overpowered calculator, that gap might start to dwindle in the future.

          Now, would you be so kind to answer that last question in my post (the one yaku answered already)? I’m really interested to hear your opinion on that.

          Also, thanks to Artefact for rescuing my 4th pathetic attempt to please the spam filter…

        • @shuu: I’ve played both Enzai and Absolute Obedience (yaoi games) that depict rape and they’re just as hot as rapelay.

          For me in fiction, everything goes because it’s not real and any sensible adult human should know how to separate fiction from reality. That’s why I never complain when guro and other fetishes I’m not partial to pop out on my face, as long as they’re fiction (drawings, writings, sculptures, games…)

        • @Shuu
          “In one study of college-age women, over half had engaged in such fantasies…”

          Excellent link.

          “Accounts of women exploring the fantasy of raping men are usually confined to feminist literature or fetish communities”

          LOL! They’re causing all this drama just because they want to Dom to our Sub >_< I wonder how many of them actually are getting off from all this…

          Good to see you in one of these discussions again, Shuu ^_^ (and I always enjoy what long-timers Chris/Michio/Atma have to say)

          I like how this time around it seems the majority of commenters are taking a more thought-out rational approach to things. Even those who don’t like the content of what’s being censored, still have to admit victimless fiction/speech is an important protected right.

          SanCon is doing its part to help raise awareness of these topics, as well as to keep the general anti-censorship think tank well oiled.