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Media Invents Eroge Ban


The recent reports of an “eroge ban” in Japan appear by all accounts to have been (almost) entirely fabricated by the mass media, presumably a consequence of wishful thinking.

The previous version of events was that the industry group EOCS had opted to ban the manufacture and sale of “rape eroge”, which was portrayed as a complete ban, though it would only have affected members of that organisation.

This report was carried by major broadcaster TBS (above). However, no other news agencies carried the story (though there were many derivative reports), and a number anonymous commenters subsequently provided supposed insider details directly contradicting the story:

According to the EOCS:

1.    They received some enquiries from TBS about Rapelay a little while ago.

2.    They agreed to participate, but TBS broadcast its material edited in a way not agreed to.

3.    Another request for information came.

4.    Because of what happened earlier, they were refused.

5.    Yesterday the broadcast came out of nowhere.

Detailed information is apparently due to be available on the 2nd of June.

In summary, it seems the EOCS is set to meet to discuss a ban or some restrictions, but no firm actions have been decided.

It should be said of course that no official word from the EOCS is yet forthcomiong.

It seems possible that all this may actually work against those hoping for a ban, since the strong reaction against the supposed ban may illustrate to the EOCS the wisdom of resisting any depredations by censorship groups.

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  • If it turns out these motherfuckers were trolling I am going to visit them personally and they will not enjoy that. Come on, EOCS, do the right thing and keep them and us coming! (Keep us cumming? Oh ho ho~)

  • what are the chances of the organization members be actually be the ones making dark games (mink such and such) i mean…. looking at numbers this is the first time i have ever heard of EOCS

      • which i fiendishly forgot that its going to the legislation and that those talk will apparently be through voting whether or not they will stop making them so if they dont pass the vote we will still see them

  • The more bans they are the more people will do or use it. lolz
    Japan?? Japan’s never going to be deterred by anyone to stop making the craziest and hottest things I’ve seen in my life. No organization could make japan stop doing it’s stuff. Not the media, not the law and no less, the government could make them stop.

  • CanadaMann says:

    Officials: Ok we will make every eroge to be produced in within 500,000 copies.
    (1month later)
    Feminists: Not enough!! Our sisters are being raped!
    Officials: Ok we make it 200,000 copies.
    (1month later)
    Feminists: Still not enough!! Our sisters are still being abused!!
    Official: Ok we make it 100,000 copies

    (1 year later)
    Feminists: ……just do it.
    Official: We now make it 1 copy for each eroge.

  • CanadaMann says:

    You people are optimistic.
    You should indeed know that there is discrimination against eroge at all time in japan.
    No matter the news is true or not, you should start thinking how to not let crazy feminists proceed their evil plan.

    If you continue to be like this, one day you will suddenly see a news topic “Eroge totally banned in Japan”, without knowing why this happened.

      • Maybe he’s warning us that there won’t be any support from Japan and since this group comes from America (a powerful country) it’ll be easy for them to impose their ideals on other countries.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t know if the EOCS will listen to us gaijin, but for what it’s worth here’s the EOCS contact page with their email address:

          If you can understand Japanese, there’s also a web form to submit messages instead:

          We might not be able to make much of a difference, but let EOCS know that there are overseas gamers who support them and eroge, and do not want any more censorship.

        • CanadaMann says:

          Immigrant to Japan is very difficult.
          However westerners are always welcome to get a permanent resident identity in Japan.
          About ethnicity, I dont think you can change it….

          You do not have to be IN JAPAN or BEING A JAPANESE to support eroge industry.
          Since there were no historical record of a protest about eroge, the mass media will get heated up if some of you organise one.

          And, if some of you are a scientist or famous figure, it would be great for you to publicly support eroge.

          There are many “sex workers” protesting for their rights.
          In here Vancouver, there were some prostitudes protesting to get legalized.
          If you say you have “obvious reasons” that make you unable to publicly support it, then I should say, I have overestmated you.
          You should have leanrt out something from Gurren Lagann or OnePiece.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s right. International organizations with misguided ideas won’t back down. Honestly, it might be more effective for those working against a ban to call out groups like UNICEF and Equality Now and ask them why they aren’t instead directing more of their efforts towards curtailing female circumcision, or child marriage, or, you know, real-life rape, since they obviously have some spare time and resources.

        • Anonymous says:

          There was a site called which was up very briefly; it was supposed to organize resistance against this eroge ban. But now they took it down saying that it’s not necessary.

          I think they’re being too optimistic. Even if there isn’t a ban now, there may be one in the future, and we need to be prepared for it.

        • Anonymous says:

          There’s not a whole lot most of us can do, unfortunately. I don’t live in Japan and have no friends in the eroge industry or any influential political sphere in Japan. And most of us would rather not publicly support keeping stuff like rape eroge legal for obvious reasons, even if we think it should be protected.

          I don’t know, maybe a letter-writing campaign?

        • Dinosaurs got extinct.

          It’s true, this feminist group has the political power to be able to oppress without much fuss.
          I’m not well informed about what we could do, but I do agree with you that we should stop being so optimistic.

        • CanadaMann says:

          You mean, immigration?

          I meant, that Otaku should be alarmed that their hobby(eroge) is really lack of protection, is really fragile in a political fight.
          Feminists are now trying their best to destroy eroge industry. They have the Japanese officials’ support and now they got US’s support.

          What I meant support, is organizations, political support, famous scholars.

          Now eroge industry can be a DOG, and feminists are a WOLF.
          If you otakus keep to be optimistic, the WOLF will soon grow into a TIGER, or even a DINOSAUR. And then, you will have no resistance and eroge industry will be totally destroyed.

  • Anonymous says:

    It shows how ignorant some activists groups can be, especially when they try to socially engineer our lives. “Rape games will influence you into rape” without any hard numbers all this shows is a general distrust in the population.

    You can only judge others based upon yourself. I know that no matter how many rape scenes i see in a game or movie i will not rape someone in real life. Evidently these groups trust no one but the people that support their organisation.No law should be made based on distrust, unless you want a system where you are guilty until proven innocent.

    • I’ve been in recent debate with someone that could very well be part of this group. For this person it’s about discrimination of women, and how media depicting rape is misogynistic.

      Some people argue that rape games normalize rape in society, just as violent movies/games normalize violence and murder.

      I think bollocks, since I don’t feel any more violent than I am after watching all these violence and raping.

      • Anonymous says:

        Discrimination and hate speech is outlawed because they have a proven history of creating real-world harm. When white people discriminate and use hate speech against black people, it is almost always followed with real acts of harm.

        Rape games don’t have that historical evidence. The only people who really play rape games are otaku recluses. When otaku play rape games, real acts of rape do not immediately increase. In fact, most rapists are the kind of people who don’t even play any eroge, much less the even smaller sub-genre of rape games.

        • Anonymous says:

          Western society is afraid of sex. Read some Foucault. Ally that fear with a criminalized form of sex. There you have it.

          Come on, just remember de “Hot Coffee” controversy of GTA: SA. And that was just sex.

          Anyway, I think the discussions are useless. They can only apply their own point of view into the matter (like some on our side). We must act.

        • Discrimination can truly lead to harm, but this game is not going all out to get known in large communities and disturb them. Games are only accessible if a person decides to buy them, so they can spare themselves of them.

          That’s true, eroge doesn’t have any support in Japan.

          Personally I’m not worried about the games per se, but about how these will affect freedom of speech. I understand if they put a rating and made it hard to access for the public, but outright banning is not good.

        • You all see the point but you are acting nothing.
          If you continue to think “they won’t really ban eroge”, you will finally get a REAL BAN.

          Eroge has rape themes and Video games have murder themes(Assassin’s creed, GTA)
          However, Videogames have strong support in Europe and US.
          And Eroge DONT HAVE ANY SUPPORT in Japan.

          Continue to have chatters and you will never see any eroge in the future.
          This banning process may take some years, but after that you will have no games to play.

  • Canadamann says:

    I see more people apply insults to those Feminists, than those who truely discuss it.

    Have you people being affected by those women, to be more emotional rather than rational?

    What we need to fight these unfair bans, is not “WTF, damn”, but something scientific and something solid.

    We should take action, rather than chattering.

  • Canadamann says:

    What I see here is stupid women using the cover of FEMINISM to destroy FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    There are SOLID EVIDENCE showing that Japan(a country with lots of rape games) have a low rape rate, comparing to US(with almost no rape games) have a high rape rate.

    What logic do FEMINISTS hold?
    It is not morality, nor equality, but INSANITY.
    It is “nonsense”, which drives Japanese to do all these bans.

    If anyone want to organize a protest, I will ultimately support you.
    If you are in Vancouver, I may join your parade of protest.

  • Well they start banning rape eroge but they didnt banned boy slave eroge. What is this? sexist? So this means gals get to play bondage game and guys dont get to?? I dunno bout what you guys think but i think this is so fucking unfair. Trust me with all the banning the world will just get fucked up and more real case will happen in the near future.

  • Then I’ll wait till the 2nd of June to make a more elaborate comment.

    But if this is indeed a manipulation of mass media… I can’t say I’m surprised. xD

    I hope that the outcome will be positive in some way. =)

  • Anonymous says:

    the whole thing about a game normalizing rape is stupid to begin with. I think those feminists believe men are all rapists and a little push from a game,… no the game is responsible for turning someone into a rapist.

    I say we shouldnt find excuses for real rapists, no game is responsible for what they did. I have killed millions of humans inside a video game, and the thought of shooting with a real weapon disguts me. If you want i can play as many rape games as someone wants me to play… As a normal human being that feels for those in need, i couldnt even imagine doing this in real life.

    No theres no rapist in me that waits to gets out. There is not, and should never be an excuse for criminal behaviour. Saying a game is all that is needed to push someone to do something that horrible to a person, isnt this normalizing rape? …

      • Well, death is death, while rape in a sense is like torture. Animals kill animals all the time. It is the extended suffering that bothers people.

        Killing someone is simply wanting to end their existence. Torture/rape/etc. is about making the person suffer for a very long time.

        • Two possible reasons for this last comment CanadaMann :

          You’re gay and quite the women hater at it
          You’re obviously single, frustrated, have been rejected many times or just not very gifted with your contacts with your female counterparts.

          This can be easily solved, but i suppose most people here had already understood this point

        • CanadaMann says:

          I am not going extreme.
          What I have done is seeing the root of the problem, and something deep inside females.
          They have a tendency of being shallow, emotional, irrational, comparing to male.

          This results that they use the cover of Feminism
          (which if you are against, you are blamed for lacking MORALITY)
          to do what ever they want. And this “what they want” is sometimes very badly decided and organized.
          I mean, would cause serious problem if this “what they want” is materialized.

          If you continue to be like “everybody in a group is different, thus we can only blame the only one who made a mistake”, nothing can be solved and people will spend millions of hours doing meaningless things which will not change a shyt.

        • @CanadaMann: I’m not siding with anyone on this matter, like I said in my previous post, I’m trying to see the “big picture” of this.

          I’ve noticed that you tend to generalize an entire group for your argument, In my opinion, that is wrong (mind you, it’s just an opinion).

          Shuu said so, there are feminists out there that must be as angry as you are with all these news, maybe MORE than you, because people start to see them ALL like a bunch of extremists.

          If a human commits a mistake, then by your same argument, humanity is to be blamed on it’s ENTIRETY.

          Why must an entire group pay for the mistakes of a few of them?

          Btw, blaming it’s nice for a while, but if you’re so concerned with this issue, then try to do something more productive and act. ^^

        • I’m a bit worried about your hatred towards females. They are not the enemy, the radical feminists are. They might be the loudest of the bunch, but they are not even the majority among their sisters.

          I once witnessed an online discussion between radical feminists and sex-positive feminists who were on the defensive justifying their preference for BDSM. It was when one of the sex-positive ones wrote “SUCK MY STRAP-ON IN HELL!” when I realized just how awesome feminists can be.

        • CanadaMann says:

          You seem to have sympathy towards feminists and religious people.

          Yes, every case and every matter are complicated.
          We cannot just blame one side when something bad happens.
          However, we should always seek the worse side, the side that holds more “wrong factors”.

          And at this case, we blame Feminists.
          I personally cannot have sympathy towards them, because I have a strong hatred towards “the shallowness of females”.
          When a group of people who do not have enough wisdom, but still forces their wants to be materialized, I will stand against them.

        • Wait a fucking second. We’re trying to trivialize the ENDING OF A HUMAN LIFE versus a rape?

          They both fucking suck on the same level. If you get murdered, you’re DEAD, you lose the ONE thing that you have no control over, and some asshole was an asshole enough to STOP it. You stop living, everything you ever worked for, everything that you were trying to do is GONE. PEOPLE DIE WHEN THEY’RE KILLED.

          Yes, while you’re raped your sense of security is violated and you lose all trust in other people, BUT LOTS OF EVENTS DO THAT TOO. But guess what, you’re still fucking alive, you still can overcome that.

          You can’t exactly take back a murdered person. We kinda don’t have the ability to bring back people after they die from being murdered. When you’re raped, you may lose a lot of things and you might get fucked up, but provided you have a good support structure around you, you CAN recover. It’s difficult yes, but so is recovering from a lot of other traumatizing things.

          I’m kinda disappointed we’re having a discussion of how rape can be worse than murder. They’re both equally as bad for different reasons. Please don’t trivialize murder – that kind of shit happens every day, as much if not more than rape does, the loss of human life should NEVER be trivialized.

        • No, I’m not talking about morals or profit, I’m talking about something bigger than that.

          But it’s ok, I agree with you that it’s a complicated topic.

          And who knows who started all this, the news here, like on every site, are subjected to a margin of error too, that’s why I don’t want to blame all on the feminist side.

          This usually happens with religion too, someone does something and boom, every religion it’s at fault, it sucks, etc.

          And if psychology is going to be applied at the matter, I would have to analyze every aspect of the persons involved. I can’t form a solid argument by just reading this on a site where I, most of the time, like to relax. xD

        • CanadaMann says:

          Ok you are now talking about if people desire “a highest level of morality” or just “profit”.
          Let’s not to do it, because it is really complicated.

          The case we are dealing is that there is discrimination in japan, AGAINST EROGE.
          It seems that the news is false, but we should think about the psychology here.
          If nobody hates eroge, there will be no such news as “rape games banned”.
          Why did this false news occur?

          It is ultimately the Feminists’ desires.

        • lol, I’m not going to justify human actions, I’m just trying to see the “big picture” here.

          If humans could live without hurting each others interests, then wars wouldn’t exist like you say.

          But we have two world wars, a lot of violence, bans, rapes, homicides, suicides, mindless violence, nuclear weapons, etc. all around the world… sure, humans CAN be the best but, do they want to be the best?

        • Canadamann says:

          Killing = necessary for human
          Rape =/= necessary for human

          This is just pathetic philosophy.
          Why did we have communism which tried to give everybody fairness?(although it failed)
          Human is the best creature on earth and we should hope human to do better, which means HUMAN CAN LIVE WITHOUT WAR.

          I don’t care those military maniacs’ thinking.

        • That nonsense it’s called point of view. xD

          In my opinion, the reason why rape-games are being targeted instead of death-games is simply because killing in games is more “popular”.

          Besides, you have a military power in almost every country, you don’t have a “rape-squadron”, so my point is “killing” is sometimes a necessity for humanity, and if you banned some of these games it would surely put mankind on a “hypocritical light” of sorts (much more than this ban).

          A lot of kids must surely like all the: “pew, pew, pew” and decide to become a soldier only because of that. Perhaps it sounds like a stupid thing for some, but it has the same principles that playing with dolls has, to become a good mom in the future.

        • Canadamann says:

          Killing is milder than rape?
          What nonsense it this?

          After the rape you can do tons of other works.
          But after being killed you only go into dust.

          Women just NEVER TRAIN THEIR SPIRITUALITY, to be able to overcome a rape experience.
          It is psychology, nothing to do with “rape is worse than murder”

          However, a crime is a crime.
          And games should have nothing to do with it.
          What feminists do is SUPPRESSING FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
          And this is nothing to do with morality of criminology.

        • Anonymous says:

          > There is far more cruelty in your average rape then in your average murder.

          I don’t think you’re aware that in real life, the vast majority of rapes are not the “psychotic kidnapping stranger” incident. Rather, it’s the “trusted acquaintance applies emotional pressure”, or “college frat guy takes advantage of drunk female who isn’t thinking straight”. That’s one reason why rape is so underreported all over the world; you were right when you said that sex is an act of great trust, and the vast majority of rapists exploit that by using tactics that aren’t “cruel”, leaving even the victim doubting as to whether or not she was actually raped.

          Let me make clear, I do not want to trivialize rape. Rape is a truly awful thing. However, the truth is that the “cruel psycho-kidnapping stranger” is mostly just a cinematic stereotype, meant to shock us in the same way that cinematic murder used to shock us (but we’ve become desensitized to violence). In reality, the vast majority of rapes are not as cruel as murder or torture, which is why so many rapes still go unreported everywhere. If it was so obviously cruel, it couldn’t be so easily ignored.

          We need to keep realistic, accurate ideas of what most rapes actually are in real life, if we are to successfully prevent them from happening in real life.

        • Anonymous says:

          Judging what is worse death or rape is not the point of the discussion.

          There will be many people who think death and rape are on the bottom of this scale you try to introduce and if we start to ban one thing there is no reason why we shouldnt ban the other.

          In fact, just look at the penalty for rape and murder. Even law thinks murder is worse. So according to law, if we ban video game raping, video game killing should be banned first.

          Another point if view: Maybe rape for some, is worse then death. But for a family it would be much worse to lose a member. But i have to say, comparing this is rather hard and i dont want to even think about this.

          Well i made my point.

        • It’s not really weird. Death is an end, the suffering is over. Rape, not so much.

          Again it is intent. You want the person to suffer and continue to suffer for a long time. Think of the concept of putting you out of your misery.

          There is far more cruelty in your average rape then in your average murder.


          Good point, I never meant to imply animals don’t rape each other, it’s just (arguably) not as common and instinctive (intent).

          I guess I should make a distinction there.

          First degree murder is very cruel (intent), what I was mainly referring to was 2nd degree and wars, random shooting etc. The intent is different.

          Rape/torture/1st degree murder, all are about nothing more then cruelty and self gratification. they all rank about the same.

          On the other hand someone killing someone in the heat of the moment or snapping on going on a rampage is not as bad since the intent is not the same.

          You also have to realize sex is in essence a very intimate experience and one of great trust. Rape violates that.

          Either way ending someones life is not quite as bad as making them suffer for the rest of it. The whole closure/moving on bit.

  • I’m starting to wonder if the ultimate goal of all this “ban the fiction to help the cause” hysteria is simple exposure.

    Perhaps these political groups calling for bans just want to milk mainstream media’s predisposition to give crazy attention to video game violence/simulation/etc. topics, so that their name and cause gets more public attention?

    Are we simply being used as a vehicle to help focus attention on feminist groups, japan’s political scene, and so forth?

    You have to admit it’s pretty hard to make whatever cause one stands for receive public attention…

    • Anonymous says:

      (real) Rape = bad

      Bad = Away from me hurr durr

      Rape games = played by otaku

      Mass japanese media = otaku are the blame for everything wrong in this country

      Foreigners feminazis = Nooo, Dai-Nippon can’t have its great image affected to the whole world because of the otaku!

      Opportunity by the media to crush otaku with mass hysteria, Japanese public fear/hate of otaku, plus Japanese pride/shame/honor/image values and concepts = What is happening now

    • That’s even worse! lol. Guess I’m kinda the opposite. I only play eroge games that have a good storyline so the ban doesn’t really affect me since games like that can still be produced, just without the sex. Sales may be down without the sex scenes though. Also, doesn’t change the fact that a ban on eroge is wrong.